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  • Coronavirus: Japanese tour guide who met Wuhan travellers again tests positive

    02/26/2020 9:03:11 PM PST · 30 of 45
    drunknsage to crz

    What were they up to? The same thing other scientists were up to. Performing extremely risky Gain of Function studies in the hope of creating a cure and selling it.

    The idea that this was created as a weapon doesnt fit. Viruses dont make very good weapons. They mutate, are impossible to control, and their use would be an attack on the world as well as yourself. Even Japan knew this in WWII hence why the Emperor shelved their plan to use them against the US.

    China loves money. There is far more money in creating cures than in creating bioweapons. There are two things the Chicoms are known for: Recklessness and greed. Whether its trying to smuggle Ebola out of Africa, smuggling SARS out of Canada, stealing god knows how many patents out of the US, or damn near breaking the internet with their hacking, China makes big moves for big gains.

    The number of coincidences and the anecodatal evidence pointing toward that lab in Wuhan is overwhelming. China’s reaction, the scientists working there and their previous experience, the fact that lab has 4 previous containment failures, and COVID-19’s details make it more likely than not that China screwed up big time. We were all warned about the risks of Gain of Function studies. Google it and see the timeline for yourself and what scientists were saying. They were predicting a scenario just like this.

  • Coronavirus: Japanese tour guide who met Wuhan travellers again tests positive

    02/26/2020 8:34:06 PM PST · 24 of 45
    drunknsage to RummyChick

    I can explain.

    COVID-19 appears to be able to use existing antibodies to itself or other SARS like virus to gain easy entry into cells. So once infected, a person is not only more likely to get the virus again, they are now even more at risk to serious issues.

    China has delt with SARS in the past and it may explain their high mortality rate and these cases of reinfection.

  • Leftism’s Destruction of America

    06/30/2019 5:03:56 AM PDT · 5 of 12
    drunknsage to HighSierra5

    Leftism is indeed a lie.

    One of the things Ive always respected about the Right, or at least Conservatives, is their clarity when it comes to their intent. There’s no hidden agenda. When a conservative stands against abortion it’s because they are against the killing of the unborn, not because “they want to control women’s bodies.”

    Being a centrist, I’ve never identified as a conservative. Despite the difference in politics on a few issues, I’ve always preferred this site and conservatives in general over the Left. I’ve been lurking and occasionally posting in the comments since 2002. Never once was I booted out for having a difference of opinion. Sure ppl argue, but it’s never become tribal.

    I used to defend the Left. Not anymore. Y’all were right.... about a lot of things. The biggest thing You were right about, and I was wrong, was gay rights / trans rights and how soon the pedophiles would show up demanding to be “accepted”. I used to think that was insane. I was wrong.

    I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for awhile so I thought I would drop it here. There are more things you all were right about but there’s no point in detailing them all. The main thing I hope you all to know, despite being a filthy fence sitter, when push comes to shove I’m on your side. The Left have truly exposed themselves as the maniacs they are.

  • Aircraft Parts Maker ASCO Severely Hit by Ransomware

    06/13/2019 9:50:08 PM PDT · 15 of 22
    drunknsage to bigbob

    Sure there is! Because money! Private vlans require planning, equipment, and maintenance... all of which is costly.

    The swiftness at which you blame the IT manager shows just how ignorant you and most others are regarding technology. The IT manager has to have their budgets and proposals approved and often get their hands tied by management, aren’t given the resources they need, but then are quickly blamed when things fail.

    Technology now will be obsolete in 5 years. That means the equipment, the procedures, and policies you put in place today may not be sufficient in the near future. Is there any other industry like that? Is there any other line of work that demands constant and continuing education and planning? What do you think happens when management changes, people are replaced, and companies experience downturns? Small problems can slowly grow into unfixable nightmares. I’ve seen a few. In a perfect world IT is given the resources they need, they hire the right people, and do the right thing. Unfortunately that is not reality.

  • Aircraft Parts Maker ASCO Severely Hit by Ransomware

    06/13/2019 8:54:59 PM PDT · 12 of 22
    drunknsage to Junk Silver

    Yes, clearly.

    While servers, both physical and virtual, are backed up, workstations aren’t. Few companies do. Instead, they store their work related data on network drives which are backed up with the servers. Those network drives become the pathway for infections like cryptoware to spread across an organizations desktop and server environment. Every one of those desktops will have to be reimaged with its operating system and that takes a massive amount of time, especially if an organization isn’t running an enterprise deployment system.

    Ransomeware attacks come in through a number of different vectors. Hackers scan for open ports on the firewall and look for ways in. Port 3389, the default Remote Desktop port, is a common one where a hacker will run a brute force type attack searching for a working login combination using automated bots.

    Another method, the most common, is the users. They will get phished via email, click a malicious link, or go to a compromised site. Hackers will often run ops for months, gaining information on employee emails, organizational structures, etc, looking for weak points.

    The bottom line, companies need to invest money in Infosec. Users need to be trained and regularly audited for good security practices, leadership needs to onboard, and services like dark web monitoring for user account information need to be invested in.

    I work in infosec and most companies don’t take security seriously. If you run a business and you don’t, you’re a moron and it’s going to cost you. You either spend money now or you spend exponentially more later. It’s not some guy in a dark room hacking your network anymore. It’s one person, potentially even a team, in control of thousands of automated bots roving around the web looking for holes and gathering data on you, your network, the companies you work with, and your employees.

  • Jihadis Jailed: Five Extremist Muslims from New Mexico Compound Arrested by FBI

    09/02/2018 3:55:47 PM PDT · 55 of 56
    drunknsage to henbane

    Ive been investigating this case since the “training children as school shooters” headline went national. I thought I smelled fake news and what I found was abysmal and inconsistent reporting. This first thing the stuck out to me was the repeated reference to “court documents” yet none were provided in the original AP story or the reprints despite NM being an open records State.. Many of the articles I found ran with the original AP headline yet in the body of the article it claimed there were attacks being planned on multiple gov agencies.

    So far I’ve managed to track down a few official court documents and this case is hands down one of the craziest I have ever seen. At this point I don’t know what to make of any of it and I think I may be the only person out there doing any real digging. All anyone in the media cares about is generating their clicks and getting their paychecks including a number of youtubers and figures on twitter.

    I was planning on making a video today with the info I have but I’ve decided to back out. I don’t want to put out fake news and every time I get a handle on things the story shifts. I’m considering putting up a post here to see if anyone wants to help research or at least see some of the actual prosecution documents.

  • Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges

    08/20/2018 6:29:41 AM PDT · 11 of 65
    drunknsage to cuban leaf

    I follow this guy on youtube and he discusses the mound builders quite a bit.

  • 5 Ugly Truths About Women That Young Men Need to Recognize

    07/24/2018 2:24:34 PM PDT · 112 of 223
    drunknsage to RinaseaofDs

    Same happened to me. Caught my ex cheating and she bailed for her highschool sweetheart. Is what it is. Thankfully we have shared 50/50 custody and we get along. I took the brunt of it but I made good decisions and took care of myself.

    This YouTube channel should be mandatory for all men and boys

    I’m 39 and have been single two years. I have little to no interest in dating, especially the women my age. Most are either in the process of dumping their husbands for a bigger better deal, they are single craving children and have slept around for over a decade, or they are single moms with too much baggage and little to offer.

    Never settle! Never. Work on yourself and be the best version of yourself you can build. Settling is only setting yourself up for failure later. Be realistic, but worry about YOU (and your kids) first.

  • Russia Vetoes U.S. Bid for Probe That Would Lay Blame for Syria Chemical Attacks

    04/10/2018 4:55:01 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    drunknsage to Clutch Martin

    Very unlikely. From the images I’ve seen it doesn’t look like Sarin or VX. Those leave obvious signs in victims. This looks like possibly chlorine gas.

    Chlorine is a poor choice for a weapon. It disperses too quickly and requires high concentrations to be weaponized which makes it unsuitable for use in munitions.

    I haven’t dug much into this recent attack and looked at the evidence provided so far. The important things to look for are the claimed delivery system and the victim symptoms. Was this building shelled or hit with an air strike? Who has control of this area? Were the buildings multi story and how many areas were hit? What are the locals claiming? These details will go a long way to pointing you in the right direction.

  • Man warns pet owners after fish tank releases 'second deadliest' poison, hospitalizes 10

    04/05/2018 7:44:16 PM PDT · 26 of 30
    drunknsage to BenLurkin

    Xenia don’t produce Palytoxin. They aren’t even in the same family of coral that produce it. Palythoa and Zoanthus produce the toxin and only a few species of it does. Article is a load of BS.

  • Editorial: Plague of opioids

    03/20/2018 1:03:52 PM PDT · 5 of 66
    drunknsage to calvincaspian

    Fentanyl is the leading killer and it’s produced legally along with a host of other drugs that kill even more people every year through Adverse Drug Reactions. Is big daddy Gov going to go after their pimps in big Pharma? Don’t hold your breath.

  • "Son of Blackbird": Boeing Reveals Hypersonic Concept That Could Replace SR-71

    01/12/2018 1:43:36 PM PST · 73 of 126
    drunknsage to kosciusko51

    Not true. Every leading edge of the aircraft was made of plastic, at least on the A12. The main structure was titanium. The surface was almost 1/3 lexan composite.

  • Legalizing Marijuana is a Terrible Idea

    11/05/2017 8:22:06 PM PST · 119 of 143
    drunknsage to Missouri gal

    Lol “linked”

    Cute weasel word. Tell us more about this link.

  • This Is What Koenigsegg's Record 278 MPH Nevada Speed Run Looked Like Behind The Wheel

    11/05/2017 8:03:08 PM PST · 50 of 78
    drunknsage to Gman

    Not necessarily. Saw a Nissan GTR crash at over 250mph and the driver survived. He had extensive injuries, but he lived.

  • Las Vegas police shift timeline again in concert massacre

    10/13/2017 8:38:45 PM PDT · 88 of 100
    drunknsage to Meet the New Boss

    lol it’s Hotsos and it’s used by hotels to schedule and track maintenance for their engineering depts.

    A couple of things to add. I’m an IT director at a resort /hotel. Everything this guy did on the network, there are logs of all of it. When a guest connects to the wifi, I can tell where they’ve been, what rooms, what floors, based on their device MAC address moving around my wifi network. If this guy had visitors in his room and they were on wifi, there’s going to be logs and time stamps. In my system, the logs go back 30 days. I can see what applications a device is running.

    I would love to know what system that hotel is running. Very likely Cisco or Cisco meraki and I bet there’s valuable info out there the police could be missing.

  • Convicted rapist granted joint custody of victim's child

    10/13/2017 2:15:45 PM PDT · 10 of 17
    drunknsage to DoughtyOne

    Men are routinely made to pay with nobody around to enforce their right to see their child. In Texas, its a Felony to interfere with custody but good luck finding a cop or state attorney willing to enforce.

  • Paddock bought a high-powered rifle that has not been found.

    10/05/2017 12:12:51 PM PDT · 20 of 34
    drunknsage to marktwain

    Oh noes an Atheist!

  • 'He was just a guy. Something happened, he snapped' -Las Vegas shooter's brother says family is (TR)

    10/02/2017 6:54:51 AM PDT · 172 of 289
    drunknsage to ThePatriotsFlag

    People that snap kill people or kill them selves. This is a statement.

  • Documentary -'An Open Secret:' Hollywood Pedophiles

    10/01/2017 4:14:01 PM PDT · 61 of 78
    drunknsage to Rastus

    I don’t think there is a single reason anyone does anything, let alone behavior like this. For some it may be a power trip. For others it may be a fetish. The fact that so many abusers were abused themselves isn’t a minor detail. Sexual abuse might be one of the most damaging experiences a person can have. It’s an awful subject to discuss and worse to study.

    Did you notice how you used gendered terms throughout what you wrote? One of the real blindspots we have in our culture when dealing with this subject is how we treat pedophilia as if its gender specific. As someone who was abused as a child by a female, I can assure you it isn’t. Female pedophiles get overlooked and often their behavior gets dismissed. It happened with the girl who abused me.

    Remember Anders Brevik, the Norway shooter? His mother allegedly abused him for years. His father fought repeatedly to get custody of him and lost.

    It’s hard to see the truth when you put something up on a pedestal. Whether it be a female abuser, a church leader, Hollywood, or politicians, nobody wants to believe people are capable of doing something so horrible.

  • Hackers could program sex robots to kill

    09/11/2017 11:07:43 AM PDT · 45 of 63
    drunknsage to Gay State Conservative

    It’s sad really. Men have grown so tired of women’s endless blame, nattering, hypergamy, misery, and demands they’ve decided to replace them. It’s genius. Men know you can’t change women and society doesn’t care so they’ve done what men always do. They’ve created a solution.

    Th double standard are also hilarious. Women have their sex toys and battery operated boyfriends and they are proud of them. I don’t need no man! Meanwhile a man who does the same is considered pathetic.

    The future is looking bright. Between sexbots and male birth control, women are losing their grip on the one power they’ve always had over men, men’s sexual needs. Men are creating their own sexual revolution and the harpies can’t do anything to stop it. Sexbots won’t fill the need for companionship, emotion, or the positive benefits of a healthy relationship with a woman, but it will force an equal playing field and hopefully bring women and men back to the bargaining table. The male pill alone will drastically reduce abortions and out of wedlock births and free an entire generation from the toxic prison of single mother homes, family courts, and state run welfare programs.