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  • Mike Flynn: QAnon Is A CIA Disinformation Campaign Created By The Left

    11/29/2021 4:42:57 AM PST · 17 of 26
    David Chase to Erik Latranyi

    I thought Flynn was the Hero of the Q Followers……….


    Lin Wood has fallen, now General Flynn rejects them.

    Anons should take out a “Help Wanted” ad.

    “Wanted, a somewhat creepy conspiracy theorist with a knack for riddles that can’t be solved. No experience needed pay is based on number of clicks to a web-site.”

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 9:33:12 AM PST · 181 of 191
    David Chase to bagster

    Dog groomers don’t have medical licenses.

    Dental Hygienist do but I was listing off professionals that pertain to the subject at hand.

    I put myself even more than on par with many. But not all.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 9:28:31 AM PST · 180 of 191
    David Chase to bagster

    Yeah……..real Doctors.

    Do you mean the one that believes demons and aliens are getting women pregnant while they sleep?

    Or the excellent and well versed Dr. Tenpenny that claimed the vaccinated would all drop dead in 3 months after being vaccinated, or no, she changed it to 6 months, oops no it’s this fall (which ends next month) or now is it a year??

    Tenpenny who claims people become magnetic and are effected by 5G transmissions.

    Or this Doctor who hasn’t been heard from now for days and is seriously ill. He knows people are talking about him but can’t post a single “I’m ok” on Social Media?? Ivermectin failed him apparently.

    Do you mean those Doctors??

    You can have those Doctors……..I’ll take my chances with my dog’s vet before those quacks any day.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 9:16:01 AM PST · 178 of 191
    David Chase to SheepWhisperer

    Doctors are Not the only exclusive Medical Professionals that have Licenses to Practice Medicine.

    You ignorance of the matter shows me you’re way out of your Wheelhouse and don’t have a clue.

    Nurses (nurses aides also)
    E.R. Techs
    Respiratory Therapist
    Home Health Aides
    Physical Therapist


  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 7:40:30 AM PST · 172 of 191
    David Chase to bagster

    You only have “smack down” victories in your own mind.

    Replying to a comment doesn’t mean you win…… means you tried.

    You participation certificate (frame ready) is in the mail.
    Thanks for playin’.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 7:32:17 AM PST · 171 of 191
    David Chase to humblegunner
  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 7:11:17 AM PST · 170 of 191
    David Chase to deport

    “ There isn’t anything wrong with Boys Ventilated Draws... BVD”

    No, but Bagster’s are vented in the back……..😉

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 7:00:19 AM PST · 169 of 191
    David Chase to SheepWhisperer; Mom MD; gas_dr; Kozak

    Talk about examples……….

    You don’t have your facts correct, but that’s not going to slow you down.

    I’m not a Doctor, nor have I ever claimed to be a Doctor.

    Yes, let’s insert Alinsky into the mix……..I’m sure Fauci and Hitler aren’t far behind.

    But you make a demand of Mom MD, and gas_dr that make no sense and won’t validate anything.

    Instead of seeing a redacted Diploma or License you want to include their Employment and Practices.

    I question your motives.

    Anti-Covid-Vaccine people have made very serious threats against Medical Professionals. From Litigation to violence. I even saw someone wanting to hang them for being pro-vaccine. All over the internet nutcases have been turning against people that one day (it’s going to happen) they’ll NEED to turn to for help.

    And you want the Hospital where they work and the location of their Practice. I wonder why?

    I explained to you using a Drivers License as an example of how difficult it would be to show a Medical License, you twisted that example into no one is questioning someone’s driving expertise.

    I think the benefit of revealing credentials Do Not out weigh the risk of safety.

    I encourage all Doctors to keep private and protect their information.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 5:38:57 AM PST · 165 of 191
    David Chase to SheepWhisperer

    Ha ha!

    “Straw man”……..yeah, that favorite term you Q followers use when someone makes a valid point that you don’t like.

    Well, straw man, tell me, if you don’t like what anyone here is saying and don’t believe their creds, ignore them.

    Only a moron is going to hand over the information you require, then just like the Leftist, it won’t be good enough and you’ll want more.

    Oh noooo, no one is asking where they live or other private info…..LMAO

    Just name
    Work place
    Practice location
    Did you want the hours of business too?

    You see… proved me right, and I thank you for that.
    Nothing they give will be accepted because you’ll want more and what you’re asking for is already idiotic.

    BTW I’ve already provided all of the information you think you need to verify me.

    But you don’t pay attention unless is a Q drop.

  • Chad Read Shooting: Evidence Supports Manslaughter, Not Justification

    11/28/2021 5:28:39 AM PST · 28 of 62
    David Chase to House Atreides

    I ask myself…….would I have done the same thing under the same circumstances?

    Going outside with a weapon to confront someone who is “bitching” and not vandalizing, or harming anyone is stupid and asking for trouble.

    The shooter wanted the man off his property.
    Ok, I have trespassers all the time on my property. Hunters, campers, etc. should I shoot them? Or call the State Police if they fail to leave?
    None have refused to leave so far.

    I carry a concealed weapon myself and if I’m home and on my land I open carry because of bears, Elk, wolves, etc.

    I don’t unholster my weapon at the sight of trespassers.

    Call the cops, give them time to arrive.
    Let the angry man carry on with his grievances.

    2nd Degree Murder with the option for the Jury to take it down to Manslaughter.

    Did the shooter even call the police himself?

    Yeah, yeah, property owner rights and 2nd Amendment……I get it, I’m for it, but trespassing and complaining is not a capital offense in this country.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 3:53:05 AM PST · 159 of 191
    David Chase to SheepWhisperer

    That’s entirely up to them.

    There are problems however.

    What proof would be accepted??

    I could post my Medical License but it contains confidential information.
    So I could black the info out, then it would be called fake.

    It would be like me asking you to prove you are a Licensed Driver.
    How are you going to that?
    With a redacted picture of your Drivers License?
    It would need to be so redacted that it wouldn’t really confirm anything.

    I do have pictures of me at work over the years.
    However if I post those, then Bagster will get his BVDs all up in a bunch and claim I’m bragging…….

    As I’m a handsome Lad in uniform.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/28/2021 3:34:30 AM PST · 157 of 191
    David Chase to bagster

    My goodness…….so much to unpack with this comment.

    And you wonder why I write diaries.

    Speaking of and asking about the Nurse is indeed relevant. Stop pretending like it isn’t,

    The Nurse is the Source. The Source should be qualified and verified.
    Something you and your peeps don’t like to do when the Thread or Post is favorable to y’all beliefs.

    As far as the what I prefer statement………I pretty damn sure everyone here would prefer a well trained a highly trained College Educated Nurse over a 6 week nurses aide course “nurse” on how to take vitals (Blood Pressure, Temp, pulse, respirations, bed pan duty)

    You see snobbery, others see logic.

    I’m not sure if you pre-twist your Fruit of the Looms up in a bunch before you read my comments of if they end up that way after you read them.

    You keep saying “We”…… if you are part of a group. Q
    I think you are nervous to stand alone so you need backup. Q

    I stand alone and don’t need to ping a bunch of frighten or paranoid people (Q) to come to my aid like you and your Cohorts (Q) do on a regular basis.


  • Lin Wood Goes Off the Deep State Deep End, Accuses Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell and Stop the Steal of Grifting

    11/28/2021 3:14:04 AM PST · 101 of 101
    David Chase to bagster

    “ Two things wrong with your statement.

    a.) You assume anybody listened to Lin Wood.

    b.) You assume that the democrats actually got more votes than the republicants. They did not. That election was stolen too.”


    Coming from a Q Follower I would expect the word “Assume” not even be part of your vocabulary.

    It doesn’t matter if people listened to Wood or not.
    What matters is his attempts to throw the election.

    He attempted to encourage people Not to vote as a form of protest.
    I don’t have exact numbers as to how many followed Wood in that cause.
    But I do know Wood pushed that.

    It’s like attempting to have a baby…….might not get pregnant with an attempt but still, people got screwed in the process.

  • (Vanity) Scam Avoided

    11/27/2021 3:51:44 PM PST · 23 of 123
    David Chase to ThunderSleeps

    I never answer calls I don’t know.

    If it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

    I ignore all calls no matter caller I.D. info or area code as that can be altered with an app.

    Of course, the calls I suspect as B.S. never leave a message, most never call back.

  • Lin Wood Goes Off the Deep State Deep End, Accuses Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell and Stop the Steal of Grifting

    11/27/2021 3:44:02 PM PST · 65 of 101
    David Chase to Jayster

    Name ONE Democrat Lin Wood has attacked??

    Lin Wood has been a Democrat his entire life and claims Trump was the first Republican he voted for.

    Lin Wood encouraged the Republicans in Georgia NOT to Vote as a form of protest but instead it hurt the Republicans running and tilted Congress more to the Left.

    Lin Wood has made many outrageous claims. Every claim seems to try to out do the previous and every claim is against Republicans.

    Lin Wood was fired from his own Law Firm and is now being sued by them for stealing, embezzlement.

    Lin Wood was fired by Nick Sandman, and Kyle Rittenhouse for the same reasons……..profiting from their cases and not providing proper representation.

    Lin Wood ran for office in N.C. And Trump backed his opponent.

    The Whitehouse locked Wood out.
    They distanced themselves from him from the beginning.

    Meanwhile Twitter was busy during the pre and post election of banning or censoring Conservative comments, and conspiracy type post, election fraud etc.

    Yet, Lin Wood was never banned as he encouraged Republicans Not to vote at all in Georgia. Lin Wood wasn’t silenced while he went on and on with calling for the hanging of Mike Pence. Twitter never banned Lin Wood when he claimed there was a shoot out in Germany between White Hats and Black Hats.

    Lin Wood was allowed to continue to attack Conservatives and/or Republicans (there is a difference as we know.)

    Why did Twitter allow Lin Wood to continue to post unhampered?

    The Q followers hail Lin Wood as their Hero.
    Apparently his conspiracy theories are better than nothin’ now the Q is no longer around.

  • Help Emergency

    11/27/2021 3:24:16 PM PST · 20 of 31
    David Chase to Recovering Ex-hippie

    It’s gone now.

    But I missed it……..what exactly did you post that had you so alarmed??
    A repost would be helpful.

    I mean, for those of us that missed it………

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/27/2021 2:14:21 PM PST · 150 of 191
    David Chase to bagster

    “ Dude. We get that you were a male nurse. That don’t make you any kinda expert on the vax,”

    I’m asking about the nurse and not even mentioning vaccines.

    Nurses aides often look like nurses and some even pretend to be nurses.

    As for me, prefer the College Educated babes, not the tech school chicks.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/27/2021 8:23:29 AM PST · 86 of 191
    David Chase to MayflowerMadam

    “ Like AIDS, I think. Most don’t die from actual AIDS, but the diseases acquired because the immune system was diminished.”

    You are correct. I was a young Paramedic when HIV began to wildly spread throughout the Gay Community, early 90s.

    When HIV turned into full blown AIDS, they would get AIDS related Pneumonia, various Cancers, Organ failures, etc.

    It was quite awful getting runs to people’s home with AIDS and they knew and we knew they going to the hospital for the last time.

    I was Detroit EMS………so many were young Black Men in their early 20s dying a horrible death. Very sad.
    Yes they sinned, but they were good young men not into gangs or dope.
    Many had college and a career path.

    I’m a sinner too, as we all are.

    Then it was weird, seems like one day, it was gone, except it wasn’t but there were treatments for it. Like the kind Magic Johnson was receiving.

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/27/2021 8:09:57 AM PST · 82 of 191
    David Chase to Deaf Smith

    Yep. You called it correctly.

    People are so crazy sometimes. LOL

  • Hospital Spikes Caused By 'Vaccinated': Eyewitness Report

    11/27/2021 8:08:00 AM PST · 80 of 191
    David Chase to dinodino