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  • RNC Routes Angry Phone Calls to DNC

    08/05/2009 9:25:48 PM PDT · 68 of 92
    ClancyJ to ChildOfThe60s

    Proves they don’t care what the public wants - just wear them out and let them slink home.

    With that mindset (Obama has this too), we need more action to stop this. When our views mean nothing, our actions need to remove those people in office. Get ready for 2010 and the elections. There must be massive numbers voting them out no matter how much the dems user voter fraud.

  • Bush Quietly Saved a Million African Lives (Yet he is being criticized by both the left & the right)

    08/04/2009 7:26:39 AM PDT · 26 of 219
    ClancyJ to ohioWfan

    Me too!

    I get so very tired of that cloud of worry over my head nowadays.

    I knew the country was in good hands with George Bush.

  • Constitutional crisis looming ?

    07/30/2009 10:01:02 AM PDT · 28 of 29
    ClancyJ to RC2

    Right - because the heart of America states are the ones that are prosperous, know how to run a government and are not afraid of God.

    So, if they then want to join, they join under our constitution, our laws, our leadership and the Washington mess can handle fewer and fewer people.

    Maybe then Obama’s administration will not need ways to “kill off” its population with rationing healthcare, aborting up to age 2 and the demented. They can just sit around and be “elite rulers” who show their ignorance and third-world country worship all over the world.

    We will live our lives as Americans and keep America for our grandchildren.

    I know it is a pipe dream - but do we just sit back and allow America to be destroyed? We created America once, maybe God would be with us to create America again.

  • Constitutional crisis looming ?

    07/30/2009 9:03:42 AM PDT · 26 of 29
    ClancyJ to RC2

    Fortunately my state is great. Of course I don’t monitor Texas as close as I do national, but my senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn are wonderful and true.

    And Gov. Perry is saying Texas will not participate in the new health plan because it will bankrupt us.

    I am looking more and more favorably at succession as the answer.

    How can we change corrupt Washington - the corruption is rampant and good representatives are swallowed up? We can’t fight the media.

    So, sucede and form a smaller America with good government, a good constitution. Maybe other states would follow suit and we could band together cleaning up what is being done to America. Let Obama have Washington, NY, Calif. and Fla. and let him set up his socialistic empire, cap and trade, health care killing off the weak, those “not having comprehension” (babies below 2 and the elderly). Let him try and survive with those that voted for him.

    But, I want the America of the heart of the country. I don’t want the elitist east - I’m satisfied with the likes of a Sarah.

  • Obama’s Science Czar: Babies Aren’t Human Until They’ve Been Socialized

    07/29/2009 2:56:39 PM PDT · 56 of 135
    ClancyJ to Jay777

    Well we can joke about this all through the threads.....

    But, this proves we are confronted with pure evil in Obama.

    Any president that would allow a man such as this anywhere near his office, much less in his administration, is evil himself. This proves it.

    I don’t care what the liberal community choses to believe about a fetus. They are evil and want the right to kill others children.

    I am not so dumb as to accept their definition of a person no matter how many “authorities” claim it is true. It is evil, it is a lie, it is satanic. How in the world could a man thinking like that win a government position? No way unless the government wishes to have the power to abort and kill the “unwanted” babies. Changing the definition of personhood is their means to sway opinions.

    Hitler is on the move in America and it is satanic.

    Get hold of your minds to keep your sanity. No matter what they bring us - God will win in the end and we will win as long as we stay faithful to God.

    Choose who you will follow - God - or Satan.

  • Constitutional crisis looming ?

    07/29/2009 2:47:19 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    ClancyJ to RC2

    Well, I sure agree with not meeting defeat. Just afraid people thinking everything will be ok will not realize the truth - that they have to take action now rather than living in land.

    Glenn Beck is on now on Fox - great point - Change Blindness.

    Look at a picture, then take it away and remove something from the picture. Most people looking again will not notice the missing item. This is what Obama is doing. Divert people to another issue and when they return to the first issue - they will not realize something has changed.

    So much is being thrown at us. All the while czars are being put into place, actual communists, people that believe abortion is ok up to 2 yrs and people over 65 have end of life counseling. Middle eastern groups are being invited to be part of his administration.

    WE are being destroyed and people are involved in “change blindness”. So, I can’t agree with “all will be ok” because “all is being set up for destruction as fast as can be done”.

    Another point - “who is creating medical care, who is bringing forth all this change?” Obama goes out and promises anything ...... but the real players are infiltrating our government and putting in legalese that will remove all of our freedom rights and give full power to the socialistic government they are creating.

    All is not alright. How do we fight it?

  • Constitutional crisis looming ?

    07/27/2009 4:40:38 PM PDT · 22 of 29
    ClancyJ to RC2

    The country IS being destroyed by a bunch of politicians right now.

    Obamacare is nothing to worry about? Cap and trade? Ok for Iran to have nukes?

    End of life counseling for those 65 and older every 5 years?
    Rationed healthcare?
    A close advisor to Obama who writes that the demented and those below 2 can be aborted since they do not have ability to comprehend? Nothing to worry about?

    Seems like the same mindset seen in Germany as Hitler was setting up concentration camps and slaughtering people. Never saw the Germans complaining. It took America to go in there and clean that up.

    I’m glad you have a positive attitude - but - sitting by and doing nothing while you have the chance and encouraging others to do the same is almost like democrat tactics to deaden the knowledge of the peons. Sounds like the media to me.

  • Constitutional crisis looming ?

    07/27/2009 9:05:36 AM PDT · 17 of 29
    ClancyJ to RC2

    If you are not willing to fight for what is wrong now - what makes you think you would fight to correct wrongs in a new government.

    Sounds like excuses to do nothing to me.

    Another - “Teach the GOP a lesson” move that gave us Obama, healthcare denied to senior Americans, a socialistic America. Not quite worth the gamble to me.

    Get real - If we lose America, we will not get it back. God was with us in the creation of America and God may be fed up with what we have done with this country.

  • Obama's Healthcare Fiasco Making Him Sick

    07/25/2009 11:09:38 PM PDT · 39 of 41
    ClancyJ to Robert A. Cook, PE

    Not the media - the subversive radical underground orchestrating the massive takeover of America and the destruction of her economy.

    The media are merely propaganda peons using talking points.

    Look at George Soros, and any that would gain if America were weakened. Follow the corruption giants, follow the forces wanting the wealth of America fed into their pockets.

    They are at work.

    Just my opinion. Something far more sinister is going on.

  • The One - The End Of America?

    07/25/2009 10:56:49 PM PDT · 14 of 23
    ClancyJ to billsgottago

    I know this is off the charts, and a radical idea .......


    I am beginning to see the only solution is succession from the U.S. by at least Texas (my state). Why let Obama ruin America for all of us. It might be hard going it alone, but at least we would have a sane government, we could go broke working to save our America (although much smaller) than allowing America to be taken over from within our own government and destroyed.

    If a few states followed suit, maybe they would band together and recreate a smaller America free from the terrors of Obama’s view of America.

    Let Obama have New York, California, Florida and let him pay for their free benefits to all except the working taxpayer. At least he would have to come up with the money from the non-workers, non-Americans and Texas and others of like mind could forge ahead keeping a government based on the constitution.

  • The One - The End Of America?

    07/25/2009 10:49:24 PM PDT · 12 of 23
    ClancyJ to theFIRMbss

    Not really. We have never had a president trying to take down America as we do now.

    A Marxist as President - quite something to worry about with a country filled with stupid people wanting everyone else to pay for their needs.

  • The One - The End Of America?

    07/25/2009 10:47:24 PM PDT · 11 of 23
    ClancyJ to billsgottago

    I agree. I had just mailed that same letter to my email list. Very well done. Surely people can understand that.

  • A RINO weasel strikes again

    07/24/2009 8:27:23 AM PDT · 12 of 12
    ClancyJ to Republic of Texas

    He is playing McCain politics.

    Sell your vote for payoffs. A power play for him to show how much clout he has. Of course, he forgets, he can’t fool the conservatives which is why McCain lost and he will lose in the end.

    Wonder how much power the dems gave him to stab us in the back again. So nice to know you have people who will cave to the enemy when things get really hot for the enemy and their agenda.

  • The leftists KOS kiddies reply to my March on Washington post

    07/18/2009 3:56:14 PM PDT · 56 of 93
    ClancyJ to cripplecreek

    Greater good?

    Do they really think the government will not use the same tactics they are putting in place against them?

    Do they really want to kill off their parents for their money? Do they really want their children to kill them off for their money?

    Do they enjoy being mind-numbed peons? Do they really believe they are the “elite” who will rule the peons? Do they really want the state to tell them what they can eat, what they can buy, how long they can live, if they can have medical care?

    Only idiots would wish that instead of freedom. Which mean, they and the “elite press” are the most stupid people in the world to trade in America and freedom for their right to be peons at the mercy of a government that only considers how much they are worth to the state.

  • The leftists KOS kiddies reply to my March on Washington post

    07/18/2009 3:49:51 PM PDT · 49 of 93
    ClancyJ to TurtleUp

    Obama “intends” to bring ruin to America’s economy. He “intends” the poor to stay poor, he “intends” the uneducated propaganda believing peons who believe his claims, to stay uneducated, propaganda believing peons.

    We are seeing America disappear and those idiots are too stupid to realize they are wanting freedom, and the best lifestyle in the world to disappear.

    What a claim to fame for them. They voted in Obama and helped him destroy their own future and the future of their children and grandchildren - all because they hate and want what the “rich” have and don’t want to work for it.

  • The leftists KOS kiddies reply to my March on Washington post

    07/18/2009 3:45:38 PM PDT · 46 of 93
    ClancyJ to Jim Robinson

    Proud to know you Jim and proud that you won the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award for

    Those people are ignorant, believe propaganda and hate and are only looking for a way to get something without working for it. They relish taxes to “get from the rich”. Too stupid to realize that taxes on the rich, mean the rich do not get profits, cut jobs, or move to other countries to run their businesses.

    They forget - if they work at all - somebody running a company hires them - not the local Acorn employee.

    Hate that you have to get involved in their grade school bully fights.

    They are far, far beneath your status.

  • Free Republic Sows Chaos at Daily Kos Over Huffington Post Palin 'Retardation' Article

    07/05/2009 12:23:43 PM PDT · 64 of 93
    ClancyJ to Philo1962

    So interesting ...... “cost effective”

    Who will be determining “cost effective”?

    What does the “cost uneffective” one get to say about its designation?

    What recourse does the “cost uneffective” one have?

    Who does the “Cost uneffective” one feel is not “cost effective”?

    I personally do not think congress is “cost effective”. Afterall, they are hired to write legislation to make laws - yet they cannot find time to “read” written legislation.

    I would think that would call for being determined not “cost effective” or merely utterly worthless and determined to be fired.

  • Free Republic Forces Huffington Post to Pull Offensive Sarah Palin Article

    07/04/2009 7:10:13 AM PDT · 224 of 271
    ClancyJ to retrokitten

    You are right - pure trash.

    Shows you the kind of people that are on that site and have led us to the destruction of America for our and their own children.

    They are the deformed.

    An attack on Sarah and her family is an attack on the values we hold dear.

    But, I can guarantee, I will never be a part of that kind of stuff.

  • Maybe She Got Tired of the Full-Court Press (and maybe she got tired of idiots in the press)

    07/03/2009 9:49:36 PM PDT · 48 of 63
    ClancyJ to tobyhill

    A Sarah strikes fear in the hearts of GOP politicians as well as the dems.

    We have do nothing politicians that cave, that sit and take all the perks, enjoy legislating without reading, enjoy the perk of legislating without having to live under the legislation, who think they are the ruling class. Sarah is not of that make-up.

    They know the woman has the conservative roots, and they do not want conservatism. No wonder they fear her.

    They do not want her messing with their gravy wagon.

  • Sarah Palin Breaks The Mold Again

    07/03/2009 9:29:18 PM PDT · 24 of 38
    ClancyJ to Piers-the-Ploughman

    With Sarah on our side we cannot lose.

    She may be the leader of the conservative movement we have been watching for. As that powerhouse, she can rally the masses, call Obama and the dems on their agenda, speak directly to the people, promote other candidates in all the states and, if meant to be, eventually run for president.

    Mark my words - the woman will do things. We have had Rush to teach conservatism. We have the talk radio hosts. And, we have Sarah to use her talents in any number of ways to draw attention to the corruption of Washington, to point out the truth, and to build a new conservative party.

    Let’s turn her loose and support her so she does not have to fight alone.