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  • Fix education now: 8-point checklist for reforming public schools

    01/02/2021 6:52:16 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 44 replies
    Renew America ^ | Nov. 18, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    If our irresponsible media would do its job, if our politicians and community leaders would be more involved in ending the great national embarrassment, if parents would understand what's going on in the classroom and become so angry they won't take it anymore, we could have better schools in no time. Here is a dirty little secret that deserves your consideration. Most of the problems in the public school are caused by deliberate human actions. Not innocent human error as when somebody pushes the wrong button. No; think of the situation where somebody cuts a plane’s fuel line.George Soros said...
  • K-12: Errol Flynn and Appearances Can Be Deceiving

    11/09/2020 7:14:04 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 20 replies
    Renew America ^ | Oct. 27, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Errol Flynn is probably the most famous and beloved Hollywood star of all times. He's been dead 60 years. But a gushing fan on a tumblr page recently needed all these superlatives to describe him: “Errol Flynn, the most charismatic, talented, magnetic, handsomest, compelling, captivating, charming, delightful, enigmatic and fascinating man ever alive!” He was dashing, tall, a natural athlete. A friend noted that no one ever took a bad picture of Errol Flynn. Six-foot-two,190 pounds, good boxer, excellent fencer, skilled dancer, he loved sports and especially sailing. He was Captain Blood and Robin Hood. He played many a military...
  • Teachers feeling guilty. A good start

    10/07/2020 3:03:49 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 30 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | June 8, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Summary: It's better for everyone if teachers understand what they're doing wrong, especially where reading is concerned.. In an article explaining why children can't read, a teacher made this extraordinary statement: "I still struggle with a lot of guilt.” You almost never see this sort of confession. Teachers rarely acknowledge responsibility. Typically they are cocooned inside official policies. They're expected to agree with administrators, principals, superintendents, bureaucrats, and professors who preside godlike above them. Teachers may be using inferior methods. They may be dispensing hokum all day long. In their dealings with parents they may be lying. But they don't...
  • K-12: Why do they hate Cursive so much?

    09/22/2020 3:32:45 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 106 replies
    Renew America ^ | March 29, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Cursive has been controversial for years. The striking thing is that the Education Establishment feels really, really strongly about cursive. They hate it! But why are they so emotional? One professor of education stated emphatically: "Teaching cursive handwriting is an outdated waste of time." A second professor of education, quoted in the New York Times, was equally dogmatic: "Districts and states should not mandate the teaching of cursive. Cursive should be allowed to die." You are hearing the imperious voice of an impatient Education Establishment. They do not want to discuss pros and cons. They want to have a funeral...
  • Phonics Starter Kit -- for parents, teachers, and national leaders

    06/06/2020 7:01:07 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 36 replies
    Renew America ^ | May 18, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Sad to say, the Reading Wars continue in the USA. Millions of children are made to memorize sight-words, a proven road to illiteracy. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of websites, continue to assert things that are the opposite of truth. For example, we are told that English isn’t a phonetic language and students have no choice but to memorize the vast English language one sight-word at a time. Nonsense, as Rudolf Flesch famously explained in his 1955 bestseller "Why Johnny Can't Read.” Why does this destructive charade go on? The official experts continue to disorient the public with incorrect theories, fake research,...
  • K-12: The Most Appalling Things About Today's Students

    04/08/2020 6:30:52 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 50 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | March 23, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Our schools claim to teach sophisticated topics such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, the meaning of math, social emotional learning, and dozens of other buzzwords. Truth is, the schools hardly bother to teach even basic skills and foundational knowledge. Simultaneously, children are indulged and excused, which encourage the least desirable personal traits. All of which explains the answers left by teachers (on an internet forum, Quora) when asked this question: what are the most appalling things about students nowadays? “One of the big things that disappeared over the years from teenagers is common sense. Teens would do something really stupid,...
  • K-12: Betraying Karl Marx

    03/25/2020 6:42:48 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 7 replies
    New Right Network ^ | Feb 5, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    As John Dewey revolutionized the US education system with Karl Marx’s ideas, dysfunction entered the system. Chalk up another failure at the hands of the Progressive revolution. -- In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx demands: “Free education for all children in public schools.” Marx wanted to eliminate unfairness. Presumably, he intended working-class kids to have whatever upper-class children had. In effect, he intended for everyone to attend a good prep school. That is still something that hasn’t yet happened.Enter the Edu-Swamp What went wrong? Why has our Education Establishment betrayed Karl Marx? Rivers of money flow towards public schools. The...
  • K-12 is a land of mystery

    02/17/2020 2:35:04 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 17 replies
    Renew America ^ | Feb. 10, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    For those who enjoy a good puzzle, K-12 education is more intellectually entertaining than most people imagine. Classrooms are full of convoluted theories and mystifying methods. Probably the teachers themselves can't explain the reasoning behind approaches that are used almost universally in American public schools. Chat with friends who are smart and successful. Try to find even one who can explain Sight-Words, Prior Knowledge, Multiculturalism, Constructivism, Reform Math, or Common Core Math. Why are Geography, History, and Science so often slighted? What justifies the hostility toward memorization and academic content? Can anyone understand the paradox of most students getting A...
  • The War against Children

    02/03/2020 6:03:09 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 14 replies
    American Thinker ^ | January 9, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    American public schools, by all the usual metrics, have steadily declined for a century. Was this inevitable? Or is there an evil plot aimed at our students? The larger pattern is clear. Each year, traditional education has less influence on public schools. Meanwhile, the theories and methods generally called Progressive grow more dominant. Progressives insist that their ideas are superior. What we know for sure is that they are taking over, like killer bees flying up from Brazil. Another thing is clear. Our Education Establishment is brilliant at concocting attractive jargon and clever marketing slogans, even for the most destructive...

    01/12/2020 8:14:49 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 15 replies
    New Right Network ^ | Oct. 30, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Looking away from sinister Jeffrey Epstein and horrific truth’s easy, but denial is dangerous, like the malfeasance within public schools, doesn’t just go away. People Don’t Want to Know the Truth, Even When it’s Undeniable Lionel Nation, a lawyer and radio host, argues that Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes are so staggeringly repulsive that most people won’t be able to deal with them. Better to look away. (Nation speculated in August that this aversion may save Epstein. Now that Epstein is officially dead, this aversion may save his friends and accomplices.)In a video, Lionel Nation explains the power of extreme evil. Most...
  • Book Review: "Women in Combat; Feminism Goes to War"

    01/04/2020 3:38:37 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 30 replies ^ | Dec. 29, 2019 | Mike Ford
    Some time ago, I had been asked to look over the final, pre-publication draft of a book, written by a friend of one of my West Point classmates whose father just happens to be a Medal of Honor recipient. More on that later. I made note of some things and informed the author. Below is my review of the final, published book. The book, Women in Combat; Feminism Goes to War, is written by Mark C. Atkins, a self-described, “failed Marine” (I checked; He has an Honorable Discharge) does what few folks today have courage to do, call out the...
  • K–12: Phonics Is Winning

    12/05/2019 4:42:33 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 54 replies
    American Thinker ^ | Oct. 25, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Important Ed News /// Phonics is winning, finally, at long last, after 85 stupid years, after 50 million functional illiterates, after one of the most stubborn subversive schemes against common sense ever to brutalize a country. Finally, the one correct way to teach reading is again embraced as the one correct way to teach reading. Go ahead, shout "OMG." The fix has been in for so many dumbed down decades that many people may have given up hope. You may think this is now crazy optimism on my part. But I will show you some signs that things have suddenly...
  • Why so much depression in our public schools?

    11/18/2019 3:16:11 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 56 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | Nov 5, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Someone asked this question on Quora:Is there a flaw to the American school system? Why do so many teens have depression? Why don’t people do anything about it?My answer: Okay, let’s suppose you’re a ninth-grade student in the school system. What are some reasons you might feel anxious and depressed? First, you sense from the early grades nothing very serious is going on in your school. People never really learn to read. They don’t know any geography, any history, any science. Many students can hardly add and subtract. People sometimes think that taking it easy is a good idea. Yes,...
  • K-12: What explains our failing, flailing public schools?

    10/30/2019 9:34:29 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 56 replies
    New Right Network ^ | May 25, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    The whole point of American education was preparing people to pursue their interests, and their version of the American Dream. This blueprint has faded. Many kids today don't learn enough to have vivid, inspiring dreams, nor do they master abilities needed to fulfill dreams if they had any. Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew to the street with a map of the world and the challenge, "Point to a country and name it." Many people could not name even one country, even though the USA was in the middle of this map. At Notre Dame, Professor Patrick Deneen concluded that many...
  • Education: Why has cheating become an epidemic?

    10/14/2019 4:17:13 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 34 replies
    Renew America ^ | June 27, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    (A look back. This article was first published seven years ago. The public didn't know this sort of information, but you can be sure the people running education knew everything. Did they move to fix things? No! Everything got worse and more reckless until the big cheating scandal broke this year and we had the spectacle of athletic coaches accepting bribes to say that kids played sports they had never played. K-16 in America has become increasingly corrupt.) ––––––––––– Pundits routinely assert there is a cheating epidemic in American education. A few statistics can confirm the extent of the problem....
  • K-12: Illiteracy can kill us

    09/30/2019 8:09:56 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 11 replies
    Renew America ^ | Sept. 12, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Every time I hear about an industrial accident or a Navy ship catching fire, I wonder if the real cause is that the workers can’t read the manuals. On the good side, we have a stampede of wonderful new gadgets and apps to play with. On the other hand, that means many new instruction books to comprehend and many features we never figure out. An instruction book for even a thirty-dollar item can go on and on. Personally, I wing it a lot. And I can read. What happens to all the people who can barely read? They are accidents...
  • Fixing K-12: How We Can Do It

    09/09/2019 6:51:13 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 16 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | August 7, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Many practical people say the situation is hopeless. The Education Establishment controls the country’s public schools with an unyielding grip. Unfortunately, these educrats seem to be socialist ideologues. (That’s not surprising as their Godfather—that is, John Dewey—was a socialist ideologue.) They are obsessed with social engineering, not academic gains. The school is for them a laboratory where they can design the brave new child that will populate their Brave New World. Whether these new children can read, write, or do arithmetic does not seem to be a major concern. Just as unsettling, our Education Establishment has created a far-reaching support...

    08/19/2019 8:26:06 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 30 replies
    New Right Network ^ | July 1, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Few people have the opportunity to create bold new fake pedagogy. This is an elite, exclusive world. Fake means something guaranteed not to work. You say you teach reading but the kids are illiterate. You say you teach history but your kids don’t know Ben Franklin from Ben Affleck. You say you teach general knowledge but your students can’t find Washington DC on a map of the US. Who can get away with swindles like these? Well, of course, members of our very own Education Establishment can get away with anything. But not ordinary people. Fair warning, this fake-pedagogy business...
  • The Idiocy of the Latest Educational Framework [it's Socialism In Action]

    08/03/2019 5:36:56 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 5 replies
    American Thinker ^ | July 27, 2019 | Professor Jeffrey Ludwig
    [Professor Ludwig analyses developments in New York State to show what our Education Establishment probably wants to do everywhere. Scary.]America's education system is driven decade after decade by a never-ending stream of jargon. Left-wing educators seemingly never get tired of reproducing their pap in schools of education and not-for-profit organizations. Their jargon continuously reconfigures and is infinitely creative in saying the same thing in different ways; decade after decade educational jargon expresses educational models that produce fewer and fewer diligent, capable, informed, goal-oriented students. The successive models since the 1890s can, in a general sense, be called "progressive education." These...
  • Do Social Justice Warriors Fight for the Right to Read?

    07/16/2019 4:17:56 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 8 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | March 28, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Here’s irony for you. Many who claim moral superiority for themselves are guilty of aiding and abetting educational inferiority for everyone else. When they assign themselves a fancy title—Social Justice Warrior, no less— are they then excused from further concern for fairness and justice? The far-left is always posturing as morally superior, as better than everybody else, but in fact they focus on policies that narrowly advance their ideological goals. What happens to ordinary people along the way doesn’t seem to be a big concern. Let’s consider education. Do Social Justice Warriors make any special contribution in that area? Seemingly...