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  • Presidential Message on the 75th Anniversary of the Trinity Nuclear Test

    07/16/2020 12:51:14 PM PDT · 11 of 15
    Aqua225 to Aqua225; BuffaloJack

    But as they say, hindsight is always 20/20 :)

    Those were different times, and different pressures on development of the weapon.

  • Presidential Message on the 75th Anniversary of the Trinity Nuclear Test

    07/16/2020 12:50:04 PM PDT · 10 of 15
    Aqua225 to Aqua225; BuffaloJack

    More interesting though, if everyone hadn’t been so hot to trot on getting a nuke, it turned out to be much cheaper to use “dirt” (natural uranium metal) in a appropriate manner, and make plutonium.

    Plutonium results in smaller devices, and regular old Uranium metal could be turned into Bomb Grade Material.

    Even better, Plutonium was separable chemically in relatively simple reactions, further reducing the cost.

  • Presidential Message on the 75th Anniversary of the Trinity Nuclear Test

    07/16/2020 12:46:27 PM PDT · 9 of 15
    Aqua225 to BuffaloJack

    Me thinks you are believing some post-revisionist history.

    A nuclear explosive leaves a human-timeframe-defined indelible mark on the planet.

    I have heard of no such thing for Japan.

    Additionally, the Japanese didn’t have the industrial know how at the time, besides the physics knowledge.

    Sciences that did not exist before, outside of nuclear physics, were established, and the technologies based on that science were fully matured within the project scope, many related to the refinement of Uranium and extraction of fissile isotope U235.

    Japan had neither the resources, treasure, or industrial knowledge to match that.

    At the time, that was the limiter. Most knew it could be done, but no one knew how to make enough material to make it happen for a basic gun style bomb.

  • The Only Way to Stop Socialism is to Decentralize the Internet

    06/22/2020 9:15:12 PM PDT · 20 of 26
    Aqua225 to Roman_War_Criminal

    A one man website cannot be kept online. It will get hacked.

    Antifa is made up of the hacker generation. If your site gathers viewers, it will not be allowed to stand.

    I have wondered how FR itself stays online with such a small staff continuously attempting to attack it. Granted a lot of money is donated to it, perhaps JR has some good secondary security staff on hand as well.

  • Are We Woke Yet?

    06/22/2020 9:10:15 PM PDT · 62 of 72
    Aqua225 to noiseman

    There is no “threshold of significance”.

    BLM has corporations in their back pocket.

    If we speak out, guess what? We get fired. No ammo, no food for our families, etc.

    At least at the moment, they can wreck some monuments, and we get to keep preparing for a very real incursion on our family’s safety.

    Maybe the Republic will die with a whimper, but maybe it died some time ago, when we all started living on debt, and not being able to provide for our families without living in the machine.

    The Bible speaks of the world economic system. This may be it... and guess what? There is no escape except for The Risen Savior! And many don’t believe in Him.

    Lately, watching all of this go down, that is my only hope. My President of choice is already neutered. I will vote for him again, but in reality, he has no power in this government. The government is now a entity of its own that cannot be controlled by ANY elected official.

    So yeah, I am fine with our visible history being trashed, to the extent I will not be risking my wife/kids defending dead monuments.

    Hey even the Oath Keepers took an oath for the Constitution, not to protect the nation’s monuments. Can’t fault them either!

  • Someone, Put a Stop to This!

    06/20/2020 6:51:07 AM PDT · 58 of 115
    Aqua225 to stars & stripes forever

    The reason nothing is done is because most of us have jobs.

    We are not the retired wealthy.

    Most of our companies would fire us for doing anything to oppose the mob.

    For now we CAN vote. It’s all we can do to not endanger our families.

    I never have seen this mentioned here.

    Now some will call this dishonorable, but I do not. The jobs are what keeps our families fed. You lose your job over Opposing SJCs in certain industries you won’t work in that industry again. And when that industry is knowledge industry, you are truly screwed.

    No one is l locked and loaded or Whatever.

    We will defend our own blood and property, but why lose it all over a flash in the pan or some statues?

  • Absurd: NYC Contact Tracers Not Permitted to Ask Sick Patients if They Attended a George Floyd Protest

    06/15/2020 9:59:00 AM PDT · 3 of 32
    Aqua225 to rktman

    Another useless government program!

    That will eventually become organized and become a thorn in free people’s lives.

  • Rand Paul announces 'Justice for Breonna Taylor Act' barring No-knock warrants

    06/14/2020 8:25:22 AM PDT · 13 of 44
    Aqua225 to RandFan

    Other than MS, FB, Amazon not selling face recognition SW until there are federal protections, this is one more good thing to come out of this whole mess.

    They will never stop stupid or violent cops from being stupid or violent, since they are a sample of the population. To be clear I am not picking on cops. However, things like this can help get control of our overpowering of our police, which I do believe it a real solvable problem. The problem occurs when you get this small subset of cops that is a cross section of the negatives of our population, and combines them with the powerful tools developed by SW engineers to make it hard for anyone to hide in plain sight.

  • Police impose a 5pm curfew on Black Lives Matter protests in London and promise violence 'will not be tolerated' after last week's violent rally — as leaders cancel march amid fears of clashes with pro-statue protesters [UK]

    06/12/2020 11:28:02 PM PDT · 7 of 14
    Aqua225 to Olog-hai

    “Stop! Or I’ll say STOP again!”

    Guess the quote, it was about British police :)

  • (BLM) Protesters block all lanes of I-40 in Winston-Salem

    06/10/2020 9:59:09 PM PDT · 59 of 59
    Aqua225 to Ciaphas Cain

    If we could depend on Apple to actually support their customers, we could just ask to be rerouted around any ongoing protests :)

    There is going to be a huge market for internet services for conservatives once somebody figures out how to do it right.

    The biggest problem is the “ruiners”. The folks who ruin advertisers desire to be on the platform (real racism, horrible pictures, etc.).

    These companies are at the mercy of their advertisers, not protestors or shareholders. The advertisers pull their stuff because one of their customers experiences a grievance, and then that company has to crack down.

    The only way around it is to start a utility type service, where you are paid to maintain the services. However, this then means folks aren’t going to make money on their videos, and the content producers WILL NOT come.

    It’s a harder problem than most people recognize, and it is not a technology problem.

  • Trump Tweets about Situation in Seattle

    06/10/2020 9:25:45 PM PDT · 89 of 143
    Aqua225 to glennaro

    BUT, authoritarian law and order will throw gas on this whole thing.

    Let the people who created the situation, and who are attempting to tempt Trump into a bad action, deal with it.

    They can explain to their voters what happened. They honestly don’t want to give up power, but Trump is going to put them in a corner with inaction.

    The alternative is that he forces them on Twitter, Facebook, News Networks, etc. LIVE and they ask him for his assistance and state the clear guidelines they are authorizing. He can come back with whether the terms are amenable or not.

    Force them into TOTAL TRANSPARENCY.

    So often these goons request stuff on the backside, then poke fun in public.

    Signed contracts, baby!

  • Trump Tweets about Situation in Seattle

    06/10/2020 9:20:00 PM PDT · 83 of 143
    Aqua225 to Toespi

    I don’t believe that for a moment. They can only take hold in blue strongholds that have that bent.

    For example, I live in NC. Though Cooper is the governor here, I seriously doubt the legislature would let it fly. Laws would be passed, rebellions put down, with veto overrides.

    And Cooper would be out on his rearend come November, guaranteed. How that guy got in anyway, is a total mystery.

  • Trump Tweets about Situation in Seattle

    06/10/2020 8:14:39 PM PDT · 25 of 143
    Aqua225 to deadrock

    I hope so. If he really takes action, I think it will be a political disaster for him.

    Some will say he is suppose to be our leader. But this is still states rights. It is not endangering the entire nation. Let antifa kill the area, then people can see what giving into those militant millennials will buy you in the end.

  • Exclusive: Tesla's secret batteries aim to rework the math for electric cars and the grid

    06/08/2020 11:06:41 PM PDT · 62 of 89
    Aqua225 to roadcat

    Yep, Ford should have had battery cars on the road, even if they weren’t “hot stuff”, so they could be learning about building the nice stuff, by monitoring the low end stuff already shipping.

    Now they are attempting to ship electric trucks and electric cars to compete at the Tesla highend, and in the end, it’s all basically junk.

    If they don’t get the F150 electrified, and done correctly, Ford will die just like GM.

    BTW, GM is dead, it just hasn’t quit emitting cars yet.

    Though I do love me a C8 Corvette... I just doubt they will live long enough to ship many of them, unfortunately. And it should have been electric, no matter how much I may love the sound of a V8.

  • Exclusive: Tesla's secret batteries aim to rework the math for electric cars and the grid

    06/08/2020 11:02:40 PM PDT · 61 of 89
    Aqua225 to marktwain

    Pro-electric car here.. however, the category of motors is very different.

    Your pool motor has a relatively low horsepower rating, only accelerates 2 times per day (one positive, one negative), and has a very well defined load envelope.

    The induction and permanent magnet motors used in electric cars are a different beast. During hard acceleration, over 400 hp, mechanical, is developed by a very small induction motor, that cannot possibly shed the heat continuously, generated by various losses all motors are subject too.

    Tesla motors do have liquid cooling, but the waste heat generated has to be carried away. Welcome to limp mode.

    Additionally, there is the stress of being driven by an inverter. No matter how well designed the inverter, or the motor, there are harmonics developed by interaction of the inverter carrier signal and the actual drive frequency being synthesized for the motor’s input.

    This is why if you dig around in Tesla forums, motor replacements are not uncommon. Worse than gas/diesel replacement? No idea from here.

    Gasoline motors over the last 2 decades, at least from the big 3 and the Japanese manufacturers, and Korea, can sustain long full throttle runs (under load, not just spinning free at high RPM), and hundreds of hard acceleration cycles (also fully loaded). We just have gotten good at the art.

    BTW, a industrial 400hp motor that is equivalent to your pool motor (400hp mechanical output, continuous), would weight 2400+ pounds. But the power output is rated *continuous*.

  • China ‘considering plans to genetically-modify soldiers to make army of Terminator-style troops’

    06/02/2020 11:48:05 AM PDT · 11 of 28
    Aqua225 to Roman_War_Criminal

    So what? They will still be meat. We’ll have ai drones that will whip them into submission.

    Meat puppets is so 2040. Ai drones are 2060.

  • Abounding Lawlessness - Signs of the Last Days and the Lord Jesus' Return!

    06/02/2020 6:57:00 AM PDT · 5 of 22
    Aqua225 to The Ignorant Fisherman

    Why is it every generation calls their era of lawlessness the era of Christ’s return?

    Sure this could be it, and like the virgins, we should be prepared. But by mathematically law, a future event is always getting closer...

    But really, what we are seeing happens a lot in other countries.

  • Mayor Durkan denounces Trump’s "threat" to send troops to Seattle

    06/01/2020 10:39:38 PM PDT · 65 of 86
    Aqua225 to MAGA2017

    Trump should NOT get involved. Initially, I thought, he should.

    But the more I think about it, he should not. The left wants this, let them have it. Let them wreck their own precious cities.

    When all business has fled, they will come begging the Federal Government for bailouts & loans. And I will ask my Congress Critters to not approve a single on and ask my President not to sign any such law into existence, unless they want to abolish abortion, reinstate all gun rights, etc. Which won’t happen, so they will not get bailed out. That’s my view...

  • Two officers hit by vehicle as Buffalo protest turns violent outside police E-District (Video)

    06/01/2020 10:31:45 PM PDT · 21 of 22
    Aqua225 to Starboard

    I think that will start a war. I am pretty sure it will start a war.

    I personally don’t want to see the boogaloo. I can do without...

    The only thing they are wrecking are their own cities! Let their mayors and other politicians figure out how to deal with it. Most of those politicians love this crap because they think “muh stop trump plan!”.

    Also, let them figure out how to pay for it when all these small business don’t come back, and they leave these people with no tax base to do anything better for their cities.

    I REALLY don’t understand freeper’s hard driving desire to see this ended. Trump’s best play is to let it burn out, and let these mayors deal with it.

    And if you live in a city affected, you should just leave. Your property values are NOT going to recover after this for a long time, if ever in your lifetime. Cut your losses and get out. It will NOT ever get better, because your fellow citizens don’t have a desire for things to be better.

  • NYPD second-in-command rips Central Park ‘Karen’ over ‘disturbing’ incident

    05/26/2020 1:59:52 PM PDT · 30 of 61
    Aqua225 to AnotherUnixGeek

    I don’t think he was being a douche (and no, I don’t do this, I live on a railroad, and enjoy all sort of wildlife, and it all taunts my dog :)).

    It is a great tactic, and it was good he was recording as well. Why should a person respecting the rules always be at the disadvantage of the violator, if there are simple solutions that don’t impact anyone else’s rights?

    Now if she allowed the dog to take the treat, and the dog died, and it turned out the treat was poisoned, then yeah, criminal douche in that case.

    But that was nothing like what happened.