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  • Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer's protein from the brain

    07/01/2016 2:15:34 PM PDT · 127 of 145
    Aleya2Fairlie to Ketill Frostbeard

    Your supposition is that everyone relies on “substances” for a good time. It will most likely come as a great surprise or a complete disbelief to you that some people derive the same pleasures and even greater “highs” on sunsets, birds singing, and any number of other blessings free for the taking by everyone, no “substances” required. Poor you if you aren’t so blessed.

  • Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer's protein from the brain

    07/01/2016 12:18:01 PM PDT · 122 of 145
    Aleya2Fairlie to Ketill Frostbeard

    “Where did you get your M.D. degree?”

    It doesn’t take a mental heavy weight to recognize self inflicted idiocy.

  • Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer's protein from the brain

    07/01/2016 11:52:59 AM PDT · 116 of 145
    Aleya2Fairlie to ek_hornbeck

    Actually I’ve been close to both. Those with Alsheimer’s were sick through no fault of their own. The pot smoker’s were voluntarily stupid and in denial. Pot smokers, like all addicts will defend their habit against all reason.

    The current “science” whose findings inspired this article is nothing more convenient results for a new money making venture. If only weed supporters and smokers could be the only victims of impaired surgeons, bus drivers, etc., etc.

  • Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer's protein from the brain

    07/01/2016 6:19:59 AM PDT · 5 of 145
    Aleya2Fairlie to RummyChick

    I’ve been personally close to a few heavy pot smokers in my time. Given a choice, I’ll take Alzheimer’s disease. At least it hasn’t yet been proven to be self inflicted. La La Land is La La Land, no matter how you get there. This is the most inventive excuse I’ve seen so far for The Weed. If it’s so effective, put it in a pill. It seems to get a lot less interesting in that form for some reason.

  • Donald Trump’s Alt-Earth—Where America Is Poor, Weak, and Terrified

    07/01/2016 5:53:25 AM PDT · 19 of 36
    Aleya2Fairlie to upchuck

    “You can’t make it up—there’s a 25 percent or so chance that an unhinged demagogue will be America’s next commander in chief.”

    Considering the fact that the definition of “unhinged demagogue” has been changed by the Liberal Left to mean someone who believes in free speech, free enterprise, personal liberty, freedom of association and all the things we used to enjoy as Americans; I do so hope and pray that it comes to pass. At this point, my vote is for the “unhinged demagogue” over the America hating, globalist Left. My children and grandchildren’s future depends on it.

  • Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump's convention

    06/27/2016 7:11:57 AM PDT · 67 of 116
    Aleya2Fairlie to upchuck

    Good! THIS election isn’t going to be about politicians and their lying, farcical platforms anyway. It’s about us! The RINOs couldn’t tell us what to think in the past year so why should we want to listen to them spout any more Liberal leaning garbage? I’m sure Trump can fill up the slots with people who really have something to say.

  • Clinton Opens 12-Point Lead on Trump as Two-Thirds See Him as Biased (POLL)

    06/26/2016 8:48:41 AM PDT · 97 of 133
    Aleya2Fairlie to John W

    It’s possible. A dumbed down population that has virtually no political or historical knowledge, addicted to mind numbing garbage and social media is a much bigger threat to America than even terrorists. As I look and listen to what’s going on in this country, I think we just might be finished.

  • This Friday, Russian lawmakers will vote on some of the harshest legislation in post-Soviet history

    06/25/2016 6:07:54 AM PDT · 26 of 42
    Aleya2Fairlie to ameribbean expat

    It seems that some have lost sight of the fact that “freedom” doesn’t mean freedom for anyone and everyone. The real freedom to life and pursuit of happiness for the individual requires clear laws and boundaries for all.

    There’s a muddle of misconception about “freedom” nowadays that’s leading to complete chaos and anarchy. Somebody has to make the decisions about what “freedoms” lead to the national good. Obama and his Administration have been making theirs for almost eight years now. They have certainly not been for the good of America as we know it and especially not for Christians. My freedoms and peace have almost come to an end because of the “freedoms” that a lawless America hating President has given to everyone opposed to the things I hold dear.

    One thing hasn’t changed. Every one of the scum that Obama and his minions have given authority to act as they chose regardless of whom they offend will find that their freedoms (and more) will end at my property line. Perhaps that’s the true meaning of freedom but it comes with a steep price that most people today are unwilling to defend.
    What kind of “freedom” is unbound by any laws? I’ll tell you. It’s the pure, unadulterated inclination to do evil.
    We’re watching it play out right before our eyes but some want to turn away and act as if it isn’t happening rather than take steps to stop it. History repeats.

  • ‘Spanking kids is why US is more violent than Germany’

    06/20/2016 6:10:01 AM PDT · 15 of 112
    Aleya2Fairlie to Olog-hai

    Once again we are asked to suspend common sense and the clear evidence that can be seen. Look around at the shape this nation has come to since the “permissive parenting” theory has been in effect and then tell me which way was better.

    Social Engineers have to perpetuate themselves and create a need for their “services” They’re using your children to do it. It takes ten social workers and “behavioral experts” five years to try to correct one problem that used to be handled in five minutes with a judiciously administered spanking and the promise of another if there was no improvement. It’s part of what made the Greatest Generation” great.

  • The Outrageous Attack on Conservative Christians After the Orlando Massacre

    06/20/2016 6:00:50 AM PDT · 9 of 16
    Aleya2Fairlie to Kaslin

    “4) forgiveness and mercy are offered to all, homosexual and heterosexual alike.”

    Christian have largely failed because of their efforts to remain politically correct and still profess to uphold The Word. Of course forgiveness and mercy are offered to all. The thing our cowardice and fear of the mob prevents us from doing is to tell the truth about what one must do to obtain that mercy. We have to accept the gift of forgiveness through Christ and make an effort to live accordingly; which homosexuals especially are unwilling to do. It is Christians who are misleading them into thinking that the Mercy of The Almighty is for all, regardless of what they do. The key is repentance and, as Jesus said “Go, and sin no more”, not “Go and sin some more. It’s okay.”

    If forgiveness and salvation were automatic we’d all still be in the Garden and Jesus would never have had to die. Disobedience is death eternal and it’s time Christians started telling the truth instead of cowering in fear of a tyrannical government. Of course, it will be labeled hate speech, just like professing Christian beliefs to a Muslim is considered “hate” and worthy of a beheading. We’re to preach The Word in its entirety. Remember what it says will happen to those who leave things out or add things.

  • (Vanity) The End Game of the American Republic

    06/18/2016 5:20:07 AM PDT · 43 of 62
    Aleya2Fairlie to bkopto

    “That Bath House was elected the second time was the head shot to the nation, the coup de grace.”

    I agree completely! As sad as it may be, America is beyond repair and has been since that time. That’s because We, the People have kept hanging our hopes on Washington and its politicians when it’s we that have let our freedoms and our nation be destroyed. No one of us wanted to interrupt our convenient little worlds by bucking the pc world of politics and government in our daily lives. When they passed laws that required us to give up freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom to do business with whom we want and where, most of us folded and followed their edicts like sheep to slaughter. When the educational system started trashing, changing and belittling our history and heritage, we let them because we didn’t want to upset the rotten apple cart. Now they want to disarm us and, little by little, we’re falling in line. Welcome to the results. I’m not leaving myself out of this because I’ve done the same. I took the benefits my Father gave me by fighting in WWII and squandered them. Now I’ll pay the price that I was unwilling to pay before.

    Donald Trump as President will change nothing unless the American People stand up and demand that he represent us instead of a bunch of deadbeats and foreign interests. Government is our servant not the other way around. We forgot that.

  • What will it take?

    06/16/2016 10:02:48 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    Aleya2Fairlie to Sean_Anthony

    I’ve already faced the fact that Americans will sit and fiddle with their phones and watch Hollywood news until the trucks come and haul them away. History repeat.

  • If Islam is a Religion of Violence, so is Christianity

    06/16/2016 9:53:27 AM PDT · 28 of 93
    Aleya2Fairlie to Biggirl

    Equivocating about right and wrong in order to appease devils is what got us to the point we are today.

  • Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming

    06/15/2016 5:52:04 AM PDT · 89 of 116
    Aleya2Fairlie to b9

    “The women in Muslim garb are always in groups at Sam’s Club. I shudder to realize what their children are Probably being trained for.”

    The Muslim “Perfect Day” for America is fast approaching.

  • Orlando Attack Is Nothing Compared to What Is Coming

    06/15/2016 5:46:09 AM PDT · 87 of 116
    Aleya2Fairlie to wbarmy

    “Local citizens putting guns in their pockets and purses and returning fire when one of those idiots screams Allahu Akbar. That will turn this off. And the local Imams will suddenly decry the violence and hate.”

    I fully agree. However, Obama and his minions, including Hillary, are getting way ahead of this. Americans, for the most part are so indoctrinated with the stupidity that has addled their brains through the educational system and the media, that they will give up if the “laws” are changed. They haven’t yet figured out that the survival of this nation is under attack by its own government and the highest office of the land. It was Americans who lawfully put a born and bred Communist, America hating Muslim in the Whitehouse. What chance do the rest of us have against that kind of stupidity?

    I’m not a sitting duck by any means but I know I’m outnumbered.

  • What Christians Can Do in the Wake of Orlando (in response to what the Left says we must do).

    06/13/2016 5:59:07 PM PDT · 6 of 24
    Aleya2Fairlie to sagar

    Hell is not going to be empty. We’ve been told who will be there and why. I never cease to be amazed that Christians won’t do what Christians are told by The Word of the Almighty that they must. The Good News is only good for those who repent and accept Jesus. For those who don’t it’s bad. We’re constrained to tell it nevertheless. Being politicly correct
    amounts to wishing evil doers Godspeed. The Word forbids it. Even ministers have stopped warning about the consequences of rejecting The Son, choosing Satan’s original lie instead. “Thou shalt not surely die.” Mercy is not promised to those who reject Christ but rather eternal punishment. The Bible is the ultimate “hate speech” against the evils that are all around us today. I’ll take my chances by following it rather than man made “laws”. I fear Hell more than any earthly prison and The One who can put me there more than any earthly judge.

  • Right and Wrong Reactions to the Tragic Massacre in Orlando

    06/13/2016 5:52:54 AM PDT · 20 of 43
    Aleya2Fairlie to Ophiucus

    “There is no gun problem in America. There is a failure of culture to enforce basic, civilized behavior. There is a purposeful destruction of family and community by the Left problem.”

    I’ve noticed that all the forces of evil are joining together in their efforts to force their corruption on America. We and our children are being bombarded with media swill that’s intended to make us complicit in the destruction of everything we have always held dear and to sink just as low as the lowest of them by supporting them. Sadly, for the most part, I see it working very well.

  • Orlando Jihadist Was Radicalized By Prison Trained Black Panther Marcus Dwayne Robertson

    06/13/2016 5:35:37 AM PDT · 57 of 65
    Aleya2Fairlie to Rennes Templar

    I can see a positive in all the alliances being formed among Muslim extremists,(which includes all of them by some standards), the Black Panthers and their followers, the LGBT movement and Liberal Democrats. Their motives for grouping themselves as opposition to standards of behavior and freedoms that have made this nation a great one is that they think they’re constructing an unstoppable machine to force their deadly and ungodly standards on all of us.

    The time is upon us when we’re going to have to take a stand. All this lumping together will make the sorting so much easier. It is to be hoped that Our Lord will return before we have to make that decision. Other than willingly sacrificing what’s left of our freedoms and seeing our families ravaged by acquiescing to pure evil, I don’t see any way out except through.

  • Clinton retakes national "lead" over Trump (ZOT!)

    06/10/2016 5:43:50 AM PDT · 33 of 58
    Aleya2Fairlie to Utmost Certainty

    “Trump’s down big among independents—it’s the judge thing. Why didn’t he just say ‘La Raza’? Frustrating.”

    If the American public and the voters can’t understand that kowtowing and bending to the wishes and wants of foreign interests, illegal invaders and sexual deviants is a death knell for America and every thing it’s ever stood for then we’re done anyhow. Trump has gotten this far by speaking hard truths that most Americans are too cowardly to voice.
    Since most Americans are too cowardly to back him up when he does, it doesn’t look good for America as we have known it.

  • 9th Court of Appeals - "No constitutional right to concealed carry"

    06/10/2016 5:33:08 AM PDT · 98 of 114
    Aleya2Fairlie to Veracious Poet

    The push is on to disarm Americans. The dumbing down and stupefying of the American public has been so successful that I have grave concerns that this is going to work. Who is it that can’t see how artfully our enemies are executing their plans? It’s the media doped, hedonistic, intellectually challenged dolts that have been created by decades of slop fed to them daily by money mad advertisers and media pundits that will allow this to happen. I’m afraid that there are more of them than us who know that when we’re disarmed we are dead as a nation.

    I wouldn’t be afraid to say that a huge number of Americans couldn’t even read what John Locke said in 1690 much less understand it. The same goes for the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Our younger generations can name the ex-wives, children and stats on just about any Hollywood celebrity but can’t name the Vice President of the United States. Just whose army is going to fight for our rights and our liberty now? It’s about time to be figuring that out.