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Trump blames Kasich for economic collapse, NAFTA (Lehman Bros scandal, NAFTA)
03/12/2016 10:06:14 AM PST · by jimbo123 · 12 replies
The Hill ^ | 3/12/16 | Lydia Wheeler
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday blamed rival John Kasich for the economic collapse and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). “Kasich was a managing director” at Lehman Brothers, Trump said at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday. “He was right in there dealing with the big boys, all the people who dealt the horrible decisions." Trump ripped Kasich earlier this week for his time at the investment bank, claiming that the Ohio governor “helped Wall Street predator Lehman Brothers destroy the economy.” “He voted for NAFTA,” Trump said Saturday.

Was NAFTA Really So Bad for the Economy? Will NAFTA Come Back to Haunt Hillary Clinton?
09/30/2016 4:32:46 AM PDT · by expat_panama · 95 replies
The Fiscal Times ^ | September 28, 2016 | Janna Herron
...Trump called the trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States “the single worst trade deal ever approved in this country” during the first presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year, Bernie Sanders leveled a similar criticism, calling it disastrous when debating the former secretary of date... ...But whether NAFTA has been good or bad for the U.S. economy depends largely on who you ask... ...NAFTA “means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't support this agreement,” then-President Clinton said in 1993. Fast forward more than two decades later and NAFTA...

Trump takes victory lap after NAFTA deal [NAFTA replacement]
10/01/2018 8:53:40 AM PDT · by yesthatjallen · 101 replies
The Hill ^ | 10/01/18 | JORDAN FABIAN
President Trump on Monday took a victory lap after his administration secured a last-minute deal with Canada to salvage the three-nation North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Surrounded by top administration officials in the White House Rose Garden, Trump called the re-worked agreement "the most important trade deal we've ever made by far." The president said it fulfills his campaign pledge to replace NAFTA, which he called "perhaps the world trade deal ever made." "Today, we have kept that promise" he said. "Truly historic news for our nation and indeed the world." Trump claimed the deal validates his hard-line stance...

EPIC Battle – NAFTA Round Two Begins in Mexico NAFTA
09/01/2017 4:49:20 PM PDT · by HarleyLady27 · 3 replies
Conservative Tree House ^ | Sept. 1, 2017 | Sundance
No current events have as much impact on the lives of ordinary paycheck-to-paycheck Americans as the NAFTA trade negotiations. Every person in the U.S., our children and the lives of following generations, are impacted by the ongoing economic battle. The consequences are epic in proportion, yet the MSM insufferably avoids discussion.

Anyone Know What Is Going on With NAFTA
03/30/2017 2:31:23 PM PDT · by maxtheripper · 7 replies
Forbes ^ | Mar 30 2017 | John Brinkley
Trump Administration Makes A Surprising About Face On NAFTA A draft letter to Congress from acting U.S. Trade Representative Stephen Vaughn suggested that the Trump administration might soften its approach to negotiations with Mexico and Canada....... In its current form, the letter is essentially “an attempt to make NAFTA more like the TPP,” said Simon Lester, a trade expert at the libertarian Cato Institute. “The persistent U.S. deficit in goods trade with Canada and Mexico demands that this administration take swift action to revise the relationship to reflect and respond to new 21st century challenges,” the letter said.

NAFTA 2.0 and a Return to Focus
10/04/2018 8:07:14 PM PDT · by jfd1776 · 4 replies
Illinois Review ^ | October 3, 2018 A.D. | John F Di Leo
Bringing it in just under the wire, negotiators representing Mexico, Canada, and the United States announced a new trade deal, to be named the USMCA, on Sunday, September 30, enabling the replacement for NAFTA for which many have long clamored. With the agreement to switch to this new program, the three nations are taking some steps – however small – back in the direction of the goals that Free Trade Agreements have always promised to support, but which have been largely forgotten in the quest for their side effects. Free Trade Agreements, in fact, are not designed to reduce taxes...

08/15/2018 9:23:23 AM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 9 replies

The giant sucking sound was real and it benefitted only the top 20% of Americans. The illegal issue was supposed to get better instead of worse. China was lured by Nixon/Kissinger to exploit the Sino/Soviet rift. Now they're closer to Russia with the 20% benefitting even more. Invading Iraq cost us $1 trillion + 4k American lives, very few of them amongst the 20 percenters. These big issues of the day were pushed by REPUBLICANS and benefitted a lot of Democrats, especially the Clintons. They ran with it once the table was set. Trump was elected because the voters got...

No, Mr. Trump, NAFTA Was Not a ‘Bad Deal’
05/05/2016 9:30:43 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 94 replies
National Review ^ | May 5, 2016 | Tim Kane
... Trump promises a return to tariffs. He also promises a wall with Mexico, penalties against profitable American companies, skimming foreign remittances, and more. Trump does not mince words, and you have to respect his forthrightness. What each of these solutions has in common is a heavy-handed government that imposes its will at the price of consumer freedom. What right does a White House staffer have to tell you what you can buy and the extra price you have to pay if you choose the wrong product? Your freedom to trade — to buy what you want — is what’s...

Don’t Try to Blackmail Us on Nafta, Mr. President
05/11/2018 5:23:40 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 43 replies
Wall Street Journal ^ | May 10, 2018 | Pat Toomey
The Trump administration will soon unveil a “new” North American Free Trade Agreement. U.S. trade negotiators have sought, among other things, to limit its duration, impose new domestic content requirements on certain products, and weaken investor legal protections. Even with these protectionist features, congressional Democrats are unlikely to vote for President Trump’s Nafta 2.0. He will need the support of pro-trade Republicans like me to ensure passage of any new agreement. To pressure us into voting for an agreement that diminishes free trade, some in the administration suggest offering a grim choice: either approve a diminished Nafta, or the president...

1993 NAFTA signed into law
12/08/2016 4:03:41 PM PST · by Kid Shelleen · 8 replies (This Day in History) ^ | 12/08/2016 | staff
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed into law by President Bill Clinton. Clinton said he hoped the agreement would encourage other nations to work toward a broader world-trade pact. NAFTA, a trade pact between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, eliminated virtually all tariffs and trade restrictions between the three nations. The passage of NAFTA was one of Clinton’s first major victories as the first Democratic president in 12 years–though the movement for free trade in North America had begun as a Republican initiative.

Why NAFTA Is A Job Creator, Not A Job Killer
12/09/2016 12:59:45 AM PST · by expat_panama · 46 replies
Investors Business Daily ^ | Dec. 8, 2016 12:04 PM ET | GARY SHAPIRO
President-elect Donald Trump's stance on trade deals assumes unbalanced international trade agreements are domestic job killers. In the election, that won him favor in broad swathes of the country where globalization seems irrelevant, and foreigners and Washington alike are viewed with suspicion. So, what will happen to established trade agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), when Trump takes office Jan. 20? When NAFTA was finalized more than two decades ago, Ross Perot infamously predicted it would create "a giant sucking sound" of jobs leaving for Mexico. Since then, NAFTA has been blamed for our county's trade...

How critical NAFTA is for Mexico
02/02/2017 1:57:03 PM PST · by davikkm · 4 replies
IWB ^ | Viraj Shah
NAFTA, since its inception has been one of the most controversial trade agreements in the world. In its essence, it was bound to create some disturbances and radical shifts in the economies of the three nations- Canada, USA, and Mexico. However, NAFTA is now mostly discussed because of a seemingly unavoidable trade war between Mexico and US, an unfortunate event for regional and global trade if it happens. President Donald Trump has repeatedly spoke about building a wall along the Mexico border that would keep illegal migrants from Mexico away. Trump is right in suggesting that Mexico has taken more...

The New NAFTA Is Exporting the Same Old Bad Habits
04/11/2019 8:44:52 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | April 11, 2019 | Veronique de Rugy
Trade agreements have been greatly successful at lowering trade barriers around the world. But they're not without their flaws. Each agreement, in practice, tends to retain some counterproductive protectionist policies and may even export some bad policies. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), or "new NAFTA," is no different. As soon as President Donald Trump got into office, he threatened to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement. He imposed metal tariffs on steel and aluminum for the stated purpose of forcing Canada and Mexico to renegotiate the 25-year-old trade agreement. The result was the USMCA. Assessing the impact of...

...NAFTA, which is under renegotiation right now, has been a bad deal for U.S.A. ..
03/05/2018 4:14:02 AM PST · by SMGFan · 60 replies
Real Donald Trump twitter account ^ | March 5, 2018 | President Donald Trump
We have large trade deficits with Mexico and Canada. NAFTA, which is under renegotiation right now, has been a bad deal for U.S.A. Massive relocation of companies & jobs. Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum will only come off if new & fair NAFTA agreement is signed. Also, Canada must.. 6:47 AM - 5 Mar 2018

Lessons From 20 Years of NAFTA
03/25/2016 7:00:22 AM PDT · by central_va · 14 replies
HuffPo ^ | 3/8/16 | Stan Sorcsher
We did trade wrong. We could have had a good trade policy that increased trade and raised living standards. We could export more soybeans, airplanes and software, and protect the environment around the world. We could have low-cost goods and encourage democracy, respect for human rights and improved working conditions.

Gormley: Canada outplayed on NAFTA
08/31/2018 6:07:58 PM PDT · by Candor7 · 52 replies
Saskatoon StarPhoenix ^ | August 31, 2018 | John Gormley
At first glance, it is easy to chalk up the train wreck that is the NAFTA re-negotiations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bad luck. But in politics, there’s an old saying that you make your own luck. And there should be some tough questions asked and accountability demanded on how it all came to this: a last minute “take it or leave it” ultimatum for Canada to sign a trade deal seemingly reached between Mexico and the United States while Canada watched from the sidelines for five weeks. Two years ago, when a populist presidential candidate tapped into NAFTA as...

Hey Trudeau- Make the NAFTA deal now!
08/29/2018 11:31:53 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 28 replies
Canada Free Press ^ | 08/29/18 | Mitch Wolfe
If Trudeau does not capitulate and do a deal with Trump this week, Trudeau will engineer a made-in-Canada recession which will adversely affect thousands of Canadian families Trump is not the bully here. Stop blaming Trump for being Trump and standing up for America’s interests. That is what American presidents do. The problem lies once again with Trudeau’s arrogance and incompetence. The delay in Canada reaching a NAFTA deal with the U.S. and the foreseeable imposition of U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada is all Trudeau’s fault. Trudeau could have avoided this situation months ago Our best loss (and...

Trashing NAFTA: Protection or Prosperity?
02/22/2017 5:13:32 AM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies
American Thinker ^ | February 22, 2017 | Alan W. Dowd and Fred McMahon
President Donald Trump has vowed to renegotiate NAFTA, which he calls “a disaster.” But before he tears up the trade deal and walls America off from the world with a manmade mountain of tariffs, let’s take a moment to take stock of why NAFTA was created, what it has achieved, and what the U.S., North America, and the world might look like after NAFTA is gone. President Ronald Reagan sketched the outlines of NAFTA in 1979. The idea of a free-trade zone stretching from the Yukon to the Yucatan was so important to Reagan that he made it a central...

On NAFTA, Canadians wonder if they’ve been outmaneuvered by Trump
08/29/2018 7:31:51 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 103 replies
WaPo ^ | 29 Aug 2018 | Alan Freeman
OTTAWA — Shortly after his election in late 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared “Canada is back,” promising a renewed Canadian presence on the world stage. Trudeau has taken political hits since then for minor lapses, such as a luxury family holiday visit to a Caribbean island and an ill-fated trip to India, but his biggest challenge, just a year before Canadians go to the polls, has come from the leader of Canada’s longtime military ally and economic partner. Now, Canadians worried that their government has been sidelined in crucial trade talks and may be forced to back down on...

Canada Wants to Make Nafta More 'Progressive'
08/14/2017 2:29:05 PM PDT · by RightGeek · 26 replies
Fox Business/Dow Jones ^ | 8/14/2017 | Paul Vieira
Canada will enter talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with a goal to seek exemptions from Washington's Buy America directives, and push for stronger labor and environmental standards in the pact. Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland on Monday provided broad outlines on what Canada's bottom line on Nafta renegotiations, which begin in earnest on Wednesday in Washington. ... She said local-content provisions, such as Buy America, "are political junk-food -- superficially appetizing, but unhealthy in the long run." Ms. Freeland said Canada also wants to make Nafta more "progressive," through tougher labor and environmental standards. On the...
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