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La Raza Lawyers in fact affiliated with La Raza
06/05/2016 2:56:13 PM PDT · by jessduntno · 49 replies
La Raza Lawyers of California ^ | Today | La Raza Lawyers of California
Even as he contends that Trump has a right to challenge Judge Curiel, Alberto Gonzalez writes "Curiel is, reportedly, a member of a group called La Raza Lawyers of San Diego. Trump’s aides, meanwhile, have indicated that they believe Curiel is a member of the National Council of La Raza, a vocal advocacy organization that has vigorously condemned Trump and his views on immigration. The two groups are unaffiliated, and Curiel is not a member of NCLR." HOWEVER: La Raza Lawyers of California is most definitely affiliated with La Raza. He's a member of the La Raza Lawyers of California...

The Truth About ‘La Raza’
06/08/2016 9:56:55 AM PDT · by Nifster · 37 replies
Human Events ^ | April 7, 2006 | c norwood
..."For law-abiding Americans without knowledge of the dark side of our current illegal immigration crisis, all this is unfathomable. For those who know the truth about the “La Raza” movement, these demonstrations were a prophecy fulfilled. It is past time for all Americans to know what is at the root of this outrageous behavior, and the extent to which the nation is at risk because of “La Raza” — The Race. There are many immigrant groups joined in the overall “La Raza” movement. The most prominent and mainstream organization is the National Council de La Raza — the Council of...

The Donald & The La Raza Judge
06/07/2016 5:30:53 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 47 replies ^ | June 7, 2016 | Pat Buchanan
The Donald & The La Raza Judge Pat Buchanan Jun 07, 2016 Before the lynching of The Donald proceeds, what exactly was it he said about that Hispanic judge? Stated succinctly, Donald Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a class-action suit against Trump University, is sticking it to him. And the judge's bias is likely rooted in the fact that he is of Mexican descent. Can there be any defense of a statement so horrific? Just this. First, Trump has a perfect right to be angry about the judge's rulings and to question his motives....

Trump and the La Raza Judge
06/08/2016 10:52:25 AM PDT · by HomerBohn · 28 replies
Barb Wire ^ | 6/8/2016 | John Biver
It’s big news that The Donald has publicly complained about the judge in his Trump University court case and he referred to the judge’s race. My question is — so what? The reason that so many people think that the American judiciary is somehow above the political fray is a mystery to me. Haven’t people read the U.S. Constitution? Haven’t they read what our founding fathers had to say about the judicial branch? Evidently not. Why do people think judges are a royal priesthood, a holy nation and above reproach? It can only be due to the absence of a...

Exclusive: The Truth About ‘La Raza’
06/07/2016 11:14:08 AM PDT · by xzins · 31 replies
Human Events ^ | Friday Apr 7, 2006 | cnorwood
Article from 2006: The nation’s television screens many days recently have been filled with scenes of huge crowds carrying the colorful green and red flag of Mexico viewers could well have thought it was a national holiday in Mexico City. It was instead, downtown Los Angeles, Calif., although the scene was recreated in numerous other cities around the country with substantial Mexican populations. Hordes of Mexican expatriates, many here illegally, were protesting the very U.S. immigration laws they were violating with impunity. They found it offensive and a violation of their rights that the U.S. dared to have immigration laws...

So will Bernie denounce La Raza?
03/12/2016 7:32:50 AM PST · by rktman · 20 replies ^ | 3/12/2016 | Russ Vaughn
Since this protest was taking place in Chicago and appeared to be well organized, it would seem unlikely that a few Hispanics carrying Mexican flags just happened to wander onto the scene. I'm more inclined to believe that an inquiring Fox reporter might have discovered that they were professional protesters from a militant Hispanic organization, perhaps La Raza Unida or, considering the protesters' youth, MEChA, both movements that advocate Hispanic racial superiority and separation and are entrenched in Chicago's large Hispanic minority. Of course, the leadership of these organizations, and certainly the protesters, will deny that they are racist, but...

Ready for Julián?(Think la raza)
01/23/2016 6:58:40 AM PST · by rktman · 20 replies ^ | 1/22/2016 | Edward-Isaac Dovere
At home, Julián Castro's been spending more time reading and watching television in Spanish, trying to get his speaking skills up to speed. On the job as Housing and Urban Development secretary, he's been carefully working the levers in Washington, with coaching from Bill Clinton and a twin brother who's a popular and up-and-coming congressman himself. Starting Saturday, he'll be out on the trail for Hillary Clinton in in Nevada, Iowa and Maine. He's plotted his rise carefully, studying and strategizing with a clear goal in sight. But if Clinton picks him to be her running mate, it'll be more...

The Donald and the La Raza Judge
06/06/2016 10:12:49 PM PDT · by pissant · 55 replies
Townhall ^ | June 7, 2016 | Pat Buchanan
Before the lynching of The Donald proceeds, what exactly was it he said about that Hispanic judge? Stated succinctly, Donald Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a class-action suit against Trump University, is sticking it to him. And the judge's bias is likely rooted in the fact that he is of Mexican descent. Can there be any defense of a statement so horrific? Just this. First, Trump has a perfect right to be angry about the judge's rulings and to question his motives. Second, there are grounds for believing Trump is right. On May 27,...

La Raza Rebrands as ‘Unidos US’
07/10/2017 5:05:20 PM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 52 replies
Breitbart ^ | 7/10/17
The National Council of La Raza announced that it will change its name to UnidosUs, AP reports. President Janet Murguia described “La Raza” as an outdated term that did not resonate with its members. AP exclusively translates “Raza” as “the people” in its report. However, the term can also be interpreted as “the race,” which carries a suggestion of zero-sum ethnic conflict. According to the AP: The National Council of La Rafa announced that it will change its name to UnidosUs, AP reports. President Janet Murguia described “La Raza” as an outdated term that did not resonate with its members....

Exclusive: The Truth About ‘La Raza’
06/07/2016 5:53:37 AM PDT · by Pelham · 69 replies
Human Events ^ | 4/7/2006 | C Norwood
Is the National Council of La Raza itself a racist organization? Regardless of the organization’s suspect ties, the majority of its members are not. When one examines all the organization’s activities, they are commendable non-profit projects, such as education and housing programs. La Raza defenders usually respond by calling anyone making these allegations “a racist” for having called attention to La Raza’s racist links. If they are unwilling to admit past misdeeds, they can at least state — unequivocally — that they officially oppose the racist and anti-American positions of MEChA, and any other groups that espouse similar views. Through...

Trump, the La Raza Judge, and the RINO's
06/07/2016 3:27:58 PM PDT · by Behind the Blue Wall · 34 replies
Vanity | June 7, 2016 | Behind the Blue Wall
Apologies for the vanity, but for me, this episode with Trump, the La Raza judge and the RINO's running for cover perfectly encapsulates why Trump is the GOP's (and thus America's) only hope right now. The people using this incident to jump off of the Trump bandwagon are about the stupidest most idiotic people currently walking the face of the Earth. EVERYONE knows that judges can be biased based on their background and heritage, MOST OF ALL the LEFT-WING media/Democrat Party who are supposedly clutching their pearls in shock. The judge in this case has already clearly demonstrated his bias...

La Raza, far from radical, seeks civility
06/14/2016 6:00:48 AM PDT · by artichokegrower · 52 replies
San Jose Mercury News ^ | 06/13/2016 | Victor R. Garza and Noe Yaocoatl Montoya
As we watch the daily media coverage of the presidential campaigns, Americans should shake our heads in shame: Shame in knowing that a presidential candidate has resorted to the use of racism as his main platform, in order to fuel the fears and hatred among his supporters.

Standing up to La Raza Racists in Los Angeles
10/08/2016 4:11:13 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | October 8, 2016 | Arthur Shaper
Los Angeles County was once a red area. Ronald Reagan won LA in 1980—but it was a squeaker. 1984 was better. Of course, Reagan wiped the floor with Mondale across the country. The last time a Republican Governor won LA? Pete Wilson, 1994, running on a platform of stopping illegal immigration. The 2003 recall didn’t do much for GOP chances in Los Angeles. The majority voted “No!” to the recall, but wanted Schwarzenegger to be the next Governor. Now, Los Angeles County has turned into a cesspool of illegal immigration, the lynchpin for Democratic dominance (besides the Bay Area). Poverty...

Does La Raza require IDs to attend their Conventions, etc?
06/07/2015 3:02:18 PM PDT · by NoLibZone · 21 replies ^ | June 7 2015 | NLZ
Does La Raza require IDs to attend their summits, conventions, etc? The issue is coming and we need to publish all liberal activities that require ID.

GOP Luminaries bashing Trump thereby endorse La Raza
06/08/2016 5:11:20 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 53 replies ^ | Lee Cary
Did Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell do their La Raza homework before calling Trump a bigot? It appears they may not have. Or worse, they’ve done their homework, but chose not to factor in the nature of the organization named La Raza. Jerome R. Corsi, in WND posted an article entitled “Judge, Law Firm Bringing Trump U Case Both Tied To La Raza.” It begins: “The federal judge presiding over the Trump University class action lawsuit is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a group that while not a branch of the National Council...

(La Raza Jefa) Trump’s speech was nothing to applaud
03/02/2017 3:09:01 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 31 replies
The Hill ^ | March 1, 2017 | Janet Murguía, President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza
Last night, President Trump had very little to say to the Latino community, and what he did say wasn’t good. Clearly he has taken some of the criticism he has heard to heart. He did not shout during his speech or talk about “American carnage,” but spoke in a calm and gentle way. He made nods to the Democrats and talked about working in a bipartisan manner. Yet his moderated tone and soft overtures do not make the policies he champions any less harsh. They are still the same policies he has been touting since the beginning of his campaign,...

VID - Enormous La Raza Caravan Headed to USA, Like a Rainforest Ant Army
04/11/2019 7:01:26 AM PDT · by gaijin · 37 replies
Twitter, Alaskan Nationalist ^ | April 11th, 2019 | Author
A Caravan of over 10,000 illegal immigrants has departed Honduras, headed north to the unwalled, porous US border. Illegal immigration across the southern border for 2019 is over 100% higher than 2018, with over 100,000 migrants intercepted by the Border Patrol last month alone. 95% of caravanes are male and in their early twenties. Drone footage last one minute shows the enormous caravan stretching over undulating hills, snaking through dense jungles and forging rivers like rainforest ant armies, with no families in sight. GOP donors lobbying for low-wage labor are reluctant to stem such movements, while the DNC regard them...

Phoenix Mayor Gives La Raza Ally $2.4 Mil Before Leaving to Run for Congress
05/22/2018 11:30:31 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 19 replies
Judicial Watch ^ | May 22, 2018
Before resigning to run for Congress, the mayor of America’s fifth-largest city gave a political open-borders ally millions of taxpayer dollars to complete a job in an area it suspiciously has zero experience in. Under the shady deal, the radical La Raza group Promise Arizona (PAZ) will receive $2.4 million from the city of Phoenix to conduct “Business Assistance” during construction of a light rail extension. Some Phoenix City Hall insiders believe it’s a payoff by the outgoing mayor, Greg Stanton, to support his upcoming congressional run. Stanton, who will resign on May 29 , and PAZ Director Petra Falcon...

The Company With The Contract to Shelter Illegal Kids Is La Raza
06/20/2018 10:35:10 PM PDT · by CaptainPhilFan · 75 replies
None | 6/21/18 | A Blind Woman
It's late, I'm exhausted, won't get back to this before 9AM, BUT .... Southwest Key Programs is the entity that holds the contract to "shelter" illegal immigrant kids. They have taken down their website today and replaced it with a generic info page. I looked up The Board of Directors, not easy but doable, and found that every one is connected to La Raza. What the effing hell. Does this make libs happy? Or not?

Julian Castro: La Raza’s warrior against America now runs HUD
09/16/2014 9:53:41 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 14 replies
Coach is Right ^ | 9/16/14 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
No one can be certain if the amnesty fever that gripped the Republican establishment has passed, or if the conspirators are just laying low and waiting for their next chance to stab us in the back. What is clear is that during the height of their self-induced mental paralysis over amnesty, Republicans in the Senate lined up to kiss the ring of Hispanics when they confirmed Julian Castro as the new Housing and Urban Development Secretary (HUD). They struck us last July 9th and now America has another vicious enemy in Barack Obama’s Cabinet. Castro has jumped from being the...
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