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Some Notre Dame Students and Faculty Outraged by Proposed Campus Chick-fil-A
Fox News ^ | 7/13/21 | Michael Ruiz

Posted on 07/17/2021 6:28:50 PM PDT by marshmallow

Notre Dame students and faculty outraged by proposed campus Chick-fil-A, claim fast food option isn’t inclusive enough

A group of students and faculty at an elite Catholic university say they don’t want Chick-fil-A to open a restaurant on their Indiana campus because of the restaurant chain’s frequent donations to Christian groups.

Roughly 180 University of Notre Dame students and faculty have signed an open letter calling on the school’s Campus Dining division to nix the proposed new shop.

The movement gained steam after two undergrad students wrote a letter to the editor to the Observer, a college newspaper, titled "Keep Chick-fil-A away," Campus Reform reported Monday.

The letter writers, Tilly Keeven-Glascock and Joey Jegier, accused Chick-fil-A of donating millions to "queerphobic groups," which they said include the nonprofit Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And they objected to owner Dan Cathy’s personal donations to organizations like the National Christian Charitable Foundation, which they alleged "funds hate groups."

Fox News reported in 2019 that Chick-fil-A said it would no longer donate to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army because of similar criticisms and had cut off other groups as early as 2012.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Catholic; Current Events; Moral Issues; Religion & Culture
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To: marshmallow
The latest from Notably Dumb.
41 posted on 07/17/2021 8:46:09 PM PDT by reg45 (Barack 0bama: Gone but not forgiven.)
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To: lodi90


42 posted on 07/17/2021 9:16:33 PM PDT by ptsal (Vote R.E.D. >>>Remove Every Democrat ***)
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To: Do_Tar

Bizarre ain’t it?

43 posted on 07/17/2021 9:24:37 PM PDT by lasereye
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To: Do_Tar

If you understood the rot in most “Catholic” universities, you wouldn’t be surprised.

ND’s god is not God.

44 posted on 07/17/2021 9:33:22 PM PDT by redgolum (If this is civilization, I will be the barbarian. )
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To: marshmallow

180 people out of a total of nearly 13,000 students (I don’t know the amount of faculty, staff, professors etc). So that’s probably around 1% when you include non-student “faculty”. 1% of any large group of people will gripe about something.

Squeaky wheels really do get the grease it seems. But this is blown way out of proportion. 180 people complain and it’s national news, syndicated on social media platforms and cell phone news services? This is getting more play than the people killed in the flooding in Europe.

45 posted on 07/17/2021 9:56:57 PM PDT by monkeyshine (live and let live is dead)
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To: marshmallow

We need a list of the 26 faculty who signed this BS letter/petition.

looking for a couple of the old Marxists/Hanoi Lobby members who are associated with the Kroc Institute, which is rapidly becoming the center of Marxist activities at Notre Dame.

One such professor is David Cortright, identified in the March-April 1998 issue of the neo-Marxist Rev. Jim Wallis publication “Sojourners” as

* former executive director of SANE ( A Citizens Committee for a Sane World) which later merged with the “Nuclear Freeze Campaign”, a heavily communist influenced organization.

* is president of the Fourth Freedom Forum

** identified as the executive director of SANE (as of 1982;former as of 1998) and “a founder of the US Peace Council (an identified KGB front chapter of the Soviet-created World Peace Council); a former G organizer at Fort Bliss; IPS protégé of Marcus Raskin (the Marxist co-creator and leader of the marxist-funded Institute for Policy Studies); and “staffer of the Center for National Security Studies, a leftist “think tank” against American national defense policies. (p. 170, “The War Called Peace: The Soviet Peace Offensive”, Rep. John Ashbrook, et al, Western Goals, Inc., organization and publishing company).

* Participant in “anniversary” celebrations/forums concerning Hanoi’s conquest of Indochina (a joint venture of something like the 40th Anniversary Celebration/Committee re the liberation of So. Vietnam, a joint venture with the Kroc Institute and NYU’s DC campus, plus a similar event in 2021.

One of these was “The Kroc Institute Conference on the Vietnam War”, 2015, which featured Cortright on Panel 7 (roundtable), The Anti-War movement, identifying him as Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies, university of Notre Dame”.

He was described as a “Vietnam-era army band member turn GI resistor, active in communist front organizations during and after the war”, in “Our “Pre-Sponse” - A Supplement to the Kroc Institute Conference on The Vietnam War” in the series “Then and Now: Assessing the Critical Lessons” published as one of the “yellow books” history books of “Vietnam Veterans for Factual History” (

There is more on Cortright at both and

46 posted on 07/17/2021 10:02:53 PM PDT by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: marshmallow

Proof most college students are morons...They hate chik fil a for anti gay,yet their college has been pro abortion for years.... Obviously being anti gay is worse than butchering black babies....

47 posted on 07/17/2021 10:11:25 PM PDT by Hambone 1934 (Dems love playing Nazis.....The republicans love helping them)
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To: marshmallow


48 posted on 07/17/2021 11:31:08 PM PDT by aquila48 (Do not let them make you care! Guilting you is how they control you. )
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To: dljordan

We live in such a rich country/society that people actually have time to get worked up about this.

Best comment ever on the CFA controversy. Huge language warning, but funny as could be.

URL shortener used because of language in the URL (!).

49 posted on 07/18/2021 2:53:16 AM PDT by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: FreedomPoster

lol....nice rant!!! On point.

50 posted on 07/18/2021 3:13:42 AM PDT by mad_as_he$$
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To: marshmallow

Commies ...

51 posted on 07/18/2021 3:26:32 AM PDT by GOPJ (Pentagon Commies flying covid infected illegals around the country - 'smallpox in blankets'...)
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To: FreedomPoster

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?
But honestly, I wonder how the writer really feels about it?

52 posted on 07/18/2021 3:27:48 AM PDT by jimjohn ( Donkey Kong.)
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To: marshmallow

Maybe if Notre Dame was an actual Catholic Catholic school this wouldn’t be happening, but not to worry Father Jenkins knows where his money comes from and it’s not from the signers. The question is already settled and CFA gets its store on campus.

It probably won’t be far from the “Rudy” LDS temple look it up) and the Sodomy Club meeting room.

53 posted on 07/18/2021 5:38:32 AM PDT by jmaroneps37
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To: FreedomPoster


54 posted on 07/18/2021 6:17:07 AM PDT by dljordan (Slouching towards Woketopia)
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To: marshmallow

Insanity is spreading. Some people just have no life.

55 posted on 07/18/2021 6:32:25 AM PDT by apocalypto
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To: marshmallow

180 University of Notre Dame students are queer who knew sounds like their at the wrong university.

56 posted on 07/18/2021 8:02:16 AM PDT by Vaduz (women and children to be impacIQ of chimpsted the most.)
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To: Vaduz

Buttigieg isn’t on the national stage had it not been for Notre Dame students and faculty.

57 posted on 07/18/2021 8:04:52 AM PDT by dfwgator (Endut! Hoch Hech!)
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To: dfwgator

It shows how infected their mind is such a horrible lot.

58 posted on 07/18/2021 8:39:41 AM PDT by Vaduz (women and children to be impacIQ of chimpsted the most.)
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

Here’s the list:

Letter to Campus Dining on Chick-fil-A

Dear Campus Dining,

Before we get to our request, we wish to thank the Campus Dining leadership for your work creating a quality dining experience for students during a global pandemic. You went above-and-beyond this past year, adapting the dining halls to meet CDC and University guidelines, providing impressive themed dinners, and making an excellent vegan line in the dining halls.

As you continue to improve Notre Dame’s on-campus dining, we wish to make our voices heard on an important issue. On May 12, the Campus Dining Instagram announced that leadership is considering the fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A as part of a new retail dining master plan. While a large portion of the student body would approve of this decision, we hope to show that many of us oppose the addition of Chick-fil-A.

We believe, as we wrote in The Observer, that there are a multitude of reasons to oppose Chick-fil-A: its anti-LGBTQ+ activism, reliance on animal agriculture, and lack of accommodations for students with special dietary needs, to name a few. Bringing Chick-fil-A to campus would run contrary to Notre Dame’s commitment to inclusion and desire to create good in the world. So, we ask that you remove Chick-fil-A from your considerations and instead consider other additions to our retail dining.

Students at other universities, such as NYU and Northeastern, have made headlines in their attempts to block Chick-fil-A. We have no plans for such a large-scale disruption; rather, we wish to resolve this concern before it transforms into a larger controversy. Thank you for considering our request, and we hope that this is the starter of wider dialogue on how to fulfill students’ desires while also considering the ethics of what we consume.


Jim Moster, 2022
Tilly Keeven-Glascock, 2023
Joey Jegier, 2023

Gretchen Andreasen, 2021
David DeBacker, 2024
Claire Bass, 2024
Katie Bugyis, Faculty, Program of Liberal Studies
Rachel Walsdorf, 2022
Shea Aquilano, 2023
Emma Dudrick, 2022
Mackenzie Pittman, 2024
Samantha Bader, 2022
David Phillips, 2021
Julia Nebiolo, Alumnus
Adelaide Lammers, 2023
Zoë Case, 2022
Farah Khashman, 2023
Samuel Bosio, 2022
Anna McDonald, 2023
Julia Thomalla, 2024
Rebekah Olson, 2021
Cassandra Van Etten, 2023
Anna Rahn, 2024
Payton Oliver, 2024
Anna Hartmann, 2024
Carolyn Nagengast, 2023
Sadie Richardson, 2023
Lillian Witte, 2022
Joshua De Oliveira, 2022
Anna Gazewood, 2024
Elizabeth Gregory, 2023
Claudia Patterson, 2022
Nora Tucker, 2022
Thanh Nguyen, 2023
Mary Menger, 2025
Chase Cummings, 2022
Matt Heilman, 2023
Anna Rask, 2022
Erin Markel, 2022
Gwen Mattingly, 2021
Clare Hyland, 2022
John Edward Mariano, 2022
Seaira Knopoff, 2022
Grace Gasper, 2023
Laurel Clements, 2022
Susan D. Blum, Faculty, Anthropology
Cheri Smith, Library Faculty
Denise M. Della Rossa, Faculty, German and Russian
Carolina Arroyo, Faculty, Political Science
Catherine Bolten, Faculty, Anthropology and Peace Studies
Christine Becker, Faculty, Film, Television, and Theatre
Karen Graubart, Faculty, History
Gretchen Reydams-Schils, Faculty, Program of Liberal Studies
Shahina Shahina, Graduate Student
Jason Ruiz, Associate Professor and Chair, American Studies
Steve Fallon, Faculty, Program of Liberal Studies and English
Elaine Carter, 2022
Lionel M. Jensen, Faculty, History
Zachary Bergman, 2024
Ian Rentschler, 2024
Clark Powers, Faculty, Program of Liberal Studies
Atalia Omer, Faculty
Sarah McKibben, Faculty, Department of Irish Language and Literature
Hank McNeil, 2024
Richard Herbst, Staff, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
Mary D’Angelo, Faculty, Department of Theology
Madeline Whitney, 2022
Bella Niforatos, 2022
Ryan Elkins, 2024
Claudia Francis, Staff, Political Science
Phil Sakimoto, Faculty, Incoming Director, Sustainability Minor
Cheryl Snay, Curator, Snite Museum of Art
Fred Dallmayr, Faculty, Philosophy and Political Science
Patrick Kelly-Dutile, 2022
Cassidy Ferrell, 2022
Valerie Sayers, Faculty, English
Debra Javeline, Faculty, Political Science
Anne Bax, Staff, Keough School of Global Affairs
Joey Guerra, 2023
Ryan Lynch, 2023
Abby Hickey, 2022
Corbin Hite, 2024
Adam Toland, 2024
Sarah Reidy, 2023
Mikaela Murphy, 2022
Mariana Silva, 2021
Gabe McKenna, 2023
Alyssa Sutanto, 2023
Rachel Johnson, 2024
Darlene Catello, Faculty, Dept. of Music
Aoife Scannell, 2022
Austin Hanley, 2022
Mae Harkins, 2024
Jason Springs, Faculty
Leslie L. Morgan, Library Faculty
Lauren Stark, 2023
Sameera Mathias, 2024
Nathan McKnight, 2024
Julia Ruelle, 2024
Perin Gurel, Faculty, American Studies
Hannah Rafael, 2022
Eric Bugyis, Faculty, Program of Liberal Studies
Nicole Lies, 2024
Christine Cox, Assistant Director for Programs and Strategy, Liu Institute
Sara Ferraro, 2022
Melissa Berke, Faculty, Dept. of CEEES
Mary Rozembajgier, 2024
Zygmunt G Baranski, Faculty
Suzanne Wilson, Staff, NDI
Molly Schrock, 2023
Jose Manriquez, 2023
Kaitlyn Donton, 2024
Cate Cappelmann, 2022
Jacob Stogiera, 2022
Mauna Dasari, 2021, PhD Candidate in Biological Sciences
Danielle Farag, 2024
Emily Nonnamaker, PhD Student
Nicholas Andrysiak, 2023
Makira Walton, 2022
Brendan McFeely, 2023
Alyssa DiPaolo, 2022
Julia Ruelle, 2024
Tom Purekal, Program Director, Pulte Institute for Global Development, Innovation and Practice Division
Rachel Hartmann, 2024
Carly Barbera, PhD Student
Kate Connolly, 2020
Helena Kleiner, Graduate Student
Taylor Erickson, 2024
Hallie Butterfield, 2022
Luis Elizondo, 2023
Justine Biscay, 2024
Michael Lee, 2022
Kaitlyn Stankiewicz, Program Coordinator, Gender Relations Center
Joshua Swanson, 2023
Yewon Oh, 2024
Dinuka Cooray, 2020
Lillian Montabon, 2023
Owen Richey, 2023
Lilly Olsick, 2023
Rhetta Eubanks, 2021
Emilio Arellano, 2020
Tara Henry, 2024
Grace Straughn, 2024
Sushrut Ghonge, Graduate Student
Alena Coleman, 2022
Grace Vomacka, 2024
Shannon May, 2022
Kassandra Arias-Parbul, 2024
Olivia Pasinski, SMC, 2024
David Henry, 2024
Ashton Weber, 2022
Aiden Summers, 2022
Odalis Gonzalez, 2021
Luzolo Matundu, 2024
MaryKate Drennan, 2021
Allison Cutri, Graduate Student, 2023
Enzo Ambrose, 2021
Angelica Ketcham, 2023
Kathleen Meyer, 2022
Cecilia Ocampos, 2024
Max O’Connor, 2022
Maddie Czerwiec, 2024
Elizabeth Moison, PhD student, 2025
Carly Sherman, Graduate Student
Pace Ward, 2026
Marissa Plante, 2021
Ian Van Dyke, PhD student
Ashley Burk, Graduate Student
Abigail Ocobock, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Orry Marciano, 2021
Kaitlyn Barbour, 2022
Katarina Jamsek, 2021
Nora Lavins, 2025
Bridget Schippers, 2024
Julia Ysabel Santiaguel, 2024
Justine Hulbert, 2024
Linh Oliver, 2024
Molly O’Toole, 2024
Kayley Schacht, 2022
Daniel Gatewood, 2024
Michelle Kwok, 2024

59 posted on 07/18/2021 7:29:55 PM PDT by Fedora
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