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To: astoundedlib


You have responded to me both in public and private; I hope you do not mind that I respond to you in public, but some of what I say is "general-education" material around here, and because I did invoke the mods.

I did not call you delusional, or an idiot. I did say your arguments are intellectually weak, but that does not mean that you are incapable of making stronger arguments.

However, it appears that there is a little bit of a cultural gap between us. Being made aware of it, I'll be a little less presumptuous of what you should know.

I recognize that what Americans consider forthright and honest comes across in many cultures as blunt and crude; and, contrarily, what many other cultures consider mandatory respect comes across to Americans as manipulative or passive-aggressive, especially when the rest of your conduct does not demonstrate that same respect. I have many immigrant friends who took some time adjusting to America, where people say what they mean; and I know George Bush comes across as a cowboy for the very same straight-talking that makes many "red-state" Americans love him so much. In fact, real Americans LIKE cowboys.

What I refer to in your case is that you always say, "Good morning sir" and "Best regards." As a sincere gesture of respect, that is very well appreciated. However, you suggested that I "took pride and joy bashing on movies," the way "we used to maybe in the 3rd grade." When that level of disrespect is shown, then all the niceties are received as insincere or ironically disrespectful.

"Passive-aggressive" refers to conduct which is made to seem polite, passive, or peaceful, but which actually has an aggressive intent. In some countries, such as France, it is seen as diplomatic. In America, it is seen as weak, underhanded and dishonest. I'll admit to being aggressive; what I faulted you for wasn't being aggressive, but being passive-aggressive.

As for the purpose of this web site:

The world is full of sources of liberal perspectives and viewpoints, and frankly, most of us are sick of it. It's not all about having the same point of view: there are many flavors of conservativism, and many sources of disagreement among conservatives. And we love a good debate over thesee issues. But most of us are simply sick of hearing the same smarmy, smart-ass liberal crap over and over again. We don't come here to read it.

Not every argument here is necessarily logical or cool-headed. We do take fun in being a little smart-ass towards liberalism, or even, occasionally, gloating. But as I commented in front of the admin, if you are going to take a liberal point of view, it had better provide a uniquely insightful approach; we come here because we are sick of liberals, and like to have some honest discussions among ourselves, without having to put up with the same old boring liberal presumptions.

31 posted on 05/19/2006 11:02:45 AM PDT by dangus
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To: dangus
Thanks a lot Dangus! This is a great explanation! Well be ensure that the above "why so many people..." had a tongue in cheek kind of humor...A bit crude and of bad taste but like you saw, some people answered with great post making me understand why some are simply bashing without necessarily taking pride in it... That was my bad!

And be sure i am always sincere in my forms of politeness (always), but i can have a weird way to express myself, as i am not yet perfect in English and i understand that...This is why you don't see me posting direct insults against people, i don't believe in that...

Also i should change my nick because it leads to confusion! "Astoundedlib" stands for astoundedliberty...should start to write some stuff in my account information!!

As for the passive aggressive thing, i am a business man...i deal everyday with the US, and i can tell you guys are the best for that, and that is actually one of the best strategy in the sales world, so somehow, even if some might not like it, it's a way to express yourself in a right way.

As for the purpose of this site, if you take a look at all of my post you will find that i am actually "open minded"...By that i mean that if somebody gives an irrefutable arguments, i will now give it a lot more thoughts and accept it...So i might give as much pro conservatism argument as much as dems or libs...As the typical Canadian, i am not one sided in politics and i don't judge somebody over his political belief (not saying here it is better this way)

So there you go, and like i said i hope we might have interesting peaceful debate in the near future!

Best regards.
45 posted on 05/19/2006 1:06:22 PM PDT by astoundedlib
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