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Posted on 03/07/2003 9:29:59 AM PST by smokegenerator

MY DEFANCE - RADOVAN KARADZIC, Dejan Lukic, "Knjizevna zadruga", Novi Sad

Let there be justice, even if the sky must come tumbling down!

In this article we will bring some minor segments of the book by Radovan Karadzic titled "My defence". We will endeavour to present to our readers portions of other written works as well. Notwithstanding the laws that protect the author's rights we will adhere to limited segments of the published tex


Albrightism, in whose arms Hague court was nurtured, had ventured so far a field that Anthony Lewis (himself a Jew), columnist for "New York Times", called for volunteers to stand under the flag of "World - Muslim - Jewish Phalanx" in struggle against the Serb evil. Anthony Lewis, as a distinguished personality of the Jewish corps in America, had a strong interest to demonize Serbs in his columns. Priority in the American policy was to obtain an Arab-Israeli peace. Serbs were just what the doctor ordered in that ingratiating play towards the Muslims. While the Pentagon, State Department and the National Security Council in Washington laboured on political and military support for the new Jewish allies in Bosnia, the hyenas in the media got their opening and went on the offensive against the Serbs.

The media centres, directly engaged in the propaganda war, enjoyed an unrestricted secure zone of activity where they had at their disposal all the versions of electronic and written word. The scene was prepared for Albrightism to hatch a host of media monstrocities the likes of Ed Vulliamy, Martin Bell and Maggie O'Kane in Brittain, and Roy Gutman, John Burns, Christiane Amanpour and Peter Jennings in America. They all earned the glory of reward on falsehoods and reporting without the proffesional balance. Two from the list, Roy Gutman from the "Newsday" and John Burns from the "New York Times" became the recepients of the Pullitzer prize for the reportings that later were proven to be fabricated. Roy Gutman was rewarded for concocting the story of the concentration camp in Omarska, from his hotel room in Zagreb, in August 1992. John Burns got his Pullitzer prize for reportings from Sarajevo. Those were one sided, evil, most often repulsive and heart wrenching stories that catered to the taste of the plebeian TV mentality. Burns is the hero of one story about the "Serb felon" (so named prior to the court judgement), otherwise mentally overburdened, Vladimir Herak who allegedly described to him the horrific crimes he committed on the innocent Muslims together with his friend Sretko Damjanovic.

The tale, John Burns wrote, echoed like a detonated bomb throughout America. The story, together with its "mannequin skeleton" from Trnopolje, Fikret Alic, dramatically inhibited the White House attitude towards the war in Bosnia. London's "Guardian", the paper of Ed Vulliamy, in March 1997 when the media falsehoods, out of Bosnia were becoming subject of the still shy scrutiny, got the attack of impure conscience. It announced that two "dead men" whose corpses were being sought, and whom Burns had subsequently mowed down at the "Serb Felon's" expense, were in fact alive and well. The Guardian's reporter from Sarajevo, Karyn Coleman, talked with Sretko Damjanovic in the Sarajevo's Central prison. Together with Herak, Damjanovic was sentenced to death in 1993 for the "genocide and war crimes against the civilians". As a Washington correspondent at the time I had the information that the State Department, on the strength of Burns' writing, sought from the Muslim authorities in Sarajevo to have the court proceedings widely publisized. At the same time Warren Christopher was at odds within his surroundings in the State Department about whether the Serbian - consequently - Karadzic's "crimes be officially declared as genocide. Christopher, relying on the information of his diplomats, whose observations were somewhat more objective than those of the media reporters, was in a dilemma whether to put an official mark on Karadzic's and Miloshevic's deeds as "genocide" or, as until now, have them in the domain of "bordering on the genocide". This apparent nuance was very important, for on it rested the essence of the forthcoming indictment against Karadzic, Mladic and other Serbs in general.

During that time, in the White House, in the Council for National Security, madam Albright was continuously calling on Christopher. The Council President, Anthony Lake, supported Madeleine Albright, US Vice-president AL Gore likewise. Madeleine Albright used the report written by Burns, about the "confessions" of Herak and Damjanovic, obtained under extreme duress and torture, to persuade Christopher fanning it under his nose. Christopher relented, the genocide won. The remaining task was to transform the "genocide" into the official strategy method of Karadzic's policy, which Ms Albright has carried out admirably. In due time to that will be added the senseless indictment of rape as part of the strategic policy of Karadzic's state. Let us return to the Sarajevo Central prison. There, the "Guardian" reporter describes (March 1997) that Damjanovic's ribs are protruding beneath the skin akin to those of Fikret Alic in Trnopolje, and that on his back and arms he has deep scars. "Many of his teeth were knocked out, he still urinates blood, and his health is critically damaged". Further text states that Damjanovic was captured in 1992 after becoming disoriented and inadvertently wandered into the Muslim territory, that he was beaten and tortured until he "confessed" to have killed seven Muslims. His (Damjanovic's) lawyer has now succeeded in finding, alive and well, two of the seven whom the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, John Burns, did not sufficiently kill off with his story. "The court proceedings on Damjanovic's trial were a farce. In time when every one wished to punish the Serbs, chances for a judicious judgement were minimal" lamented the Guardian" after five years of unparalleled satanization of the Serbs.

Gloomy games

When Margaret Tatwiler officially launched the term "ethnic cleansing" from the State Department and when the propaganda drive Misty Depths attributed it exclusively to the Serb side, Serbs lost one of the most sizeable propaganda battles on the Balkan battlefield. We ought to congratulate Alija Izetbegovic and Haris Silajdzic for the skill with which they had utilised the chance that was offered to them. American lobby and PR firms "Hill & Knowlton" and "Ruder & Finn" worked out, painstakingly the detail of the text, which Izetbegovic and Silajdzic repeated in the style of Prussian discipline wherever they found themselves to be. No one, probably, until now, did not utter in such time span the words "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" that many times as Haris Silajdzic. In America, all the Television screens and newspaper columns were open to the Silajdzic fantasy. Silajdzic unrestrictedly poured out figures that came to mind, as "facts", about the Serbian eviction of Muslims. He started off with two hundred thousand Muslims murdered, sixty thousand Muslim women raped and seventeen thousand Muslim children butchered. As a Washington correspondent at the time, I noted only once did someone (this time the CNN) invite the representative of the Yugoslav embassy to appear together with Silajdzic. As soon as he heard and realised that his "facts" could be challenged, Silajdzic threatened not to appear. The appearance of the Serb side was cancelled. Haris Silajdzic felt at home that evening, there was no one to oppose or question him. Any possible difficult questions from the audience were filtered by the CNN.

Thus no one succeeded in asking (not then nor any other time later) Haris Silajdzic on who counted those two hundred thousand dead souls, and who was statistically present when the Serbs, in macho style, raped sixty thousand Muslim women. For if they had raped them then there should appear somewhere up to thirty thousand little janissaries. They, however, don't exist. In the book "Blue berets - what I really saw in Bosnia" the eyewitness of the events, French headquarters officer Francoise, (page 104) records: ...The most horrific rumour about the rape as the war weapon of the Serbs, has spread in all directions very fast. Twenty thousand victims soon grew to forty then sixty. Dreadful bidding. UNPROFOR investigated those figures for a long time in an attempt to gather every detail of information. Then the conclusion would settle on a still frightening figure of ten thousand rapes". To make certain that Serbs don't hold the sad monopoly in this practice, the subject of rape will become the point of investigation for the editor of French Television (France 2), Jacques Merlino. In the weekly "L'Poan" of 13th March 1993 he writes that after the appearance of such dramatic numbers of alleged Serb rapes, first the phase of horror ensued followed by a phase of doubt and ended by the phase of despair. The phase of horror started in November 1992, and lasted until January 1993. "It started with the rumours, followed by official statements about 20 to 60 thousand Muslim women that were raped by the Serbs. The period of doubt came about as soon as logic dared to ask its question about the veracity of those figures and the reason for its sudden appearance. Now (1993) we are in the period of despair: all those in France, who are taking interest in Yugoslavia, know that those figures are false, because they don't have any serious investigation to their credit. Everyone knows, alas nobody dares to say it. It is difficult to take a step back." The rumours started towards the end of 1992 and spread with unusual speed in order to reach and be tabled at the European summit in Edinburgh on the 11th December that year.

The government leaders, of the states, gathered in the Scottish capital were disturbed with what they heard and decided to form a commission and send it to Croatia and Bosnia. Former British diplomat, Ms Anne Warburton, president of a college in Cambridge, is appointed chief of the commission. The commission is consisted of six women amongst them the renowned French personality Simone Veil. Ms Veil goes to Zagreb staying there only four days (from 20th to 24th December) analysing the questionnaire text reports of a poll team. On the eighth of January, in Brussels the report was ready for the media release at a press conference.

The day before the press conference however, a serious disagreement takes place between the members of the Commission. Simone Veil points to the weaknesses in the investigation counsels caution and expresses surprise at "poisonous" stance of the German representative in the Commission. The voice of Simone Veil is ignored and Anne Warburton meets the press. Anne, actually, expresses a degree of caution, but estimates that 20 thousand Muslim and Croat women were raped. That figure immediately is circulated throughout the world via TV and radio stations. French "Liberassion" publishes the headline: "Systematic rape: report that accuses the Bosnian Serbs". "Figaro" is a little more cautious, putting everything as conditional. While heating the sword, two pages with a photograph, of three women crying, are published. The heading: "Like these three, 60 thousand women were raped by the Serbs in Bosnia." American press did not lag behind "Newsweek" uses the figure of 30 to 60 thousand raped and completes its infor-mation with an official report from the Muslim Commission and the Muslim Ministry for Internal Affairs! "As if these two institutions that are parties in the conflict and isolated in Sarajevo, can have any credibility", remarks Merlino. The numbers used, however, circumnavigated the world before anyone could read the report of the European Commission.

The confidential report finds, as Ms Warburton will personally admit, that the whole mission was limited to questioning only Muslim women. The Serb women were left out. The report further states the sources on which it was based: religious Muslim and Catholic elders, representatives of the Muslim and Croatian government and non-government institutions, local and worldwide.

Not one direct testimony from raped women was registered! The second commission named by the UN, under the leadership of Tadeusz Mazowiecki published its investigations and tabled it at the Security Council on 10th February. Its report mentions in the vicinity of thirty testimonies from the immediate victims of rape - Croatian, Muslim and Serbian. Commission reports, of 19 pregnancies that were the result of rapes and uses the criteria that one pregnancy occurs per one hundred rapes (on basis of what?). Thus the figure of 12 thousand rapes on all three sides combined. The whole sad farce that itself borders on a special evil deed of the so called International Community, was depicted in a few words by the Frenchman Jerome Bony who, for the TV program "Special Correspondent", went on a personal investigation in Tuzla, which was particularly highlighted in both reports.

In the TV program on 4th February 1993 Bony reports: Some 50 kilometres before Tuzla I was told: go to the hall of the town's Sport's Centre, there are 4 thousand raped women. 20 kilometres from Tuzla the number of raped women came down to 4 hundred. 10 kilometres from Tuzla there were only 40. When I reached the point in question, only four women accepted to confirm being raped...." Western media horizons were pro Muslim without any obvious limits. Therefore, Alija Izetbegovic was able to manipulate the "ethnic cleansing" and "rapes" to his satisfaction, because the Western public was conditioned to believe that such blasphemy was taking place. He went so far as to, for the purpose of demonizing the Serbs, order his own people to "ethnically cleanse themselves from some regions. The aim was to, with the rest of the satanic tricks, such as the bread queue incident in the Vasa Miskin St, the massacre on the Markale Market in Sarajevo and the Srebrenica, evoke the Western military intervention. I grant him, he succeeded in that.

The manner in which Alija Izetbegovic worked will be revealed in the document confiscated by the Serbian intelligence. It contained the directive issued in January 1993 to Muslim population of Trebinje.

"SDA (analogus for "Party for Democratic Action") Trebinje, 52/93, 20.01.1993. Directive for moving from Trebinje. As the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming more complex every hour in terms of security, particularly following the acceptance of the Geneva documents by Karadzic and his cliche in Pale, it is necessary, in order to achieve the aspirations of all the Muslims in preserving and strengthening our state B&H, to urgently undertake the measures in the region of Trebinje Municipality: 1. Through our activists to impel all Muslims, with the emphasis on the wealthy and the reputable, to leave Trebinje as soon as possible and move to Montenegro. 2. Property, movable and real estate, partly to be sold and if possible leave in the care of the prior CHECKED (for loyalty) SERBS and known friends of Muslims, who are opponents of the renegade Karadzic's policy. 3. NO RESTRAINT OF PRESSURE AND APPLICATION OF FORCE TOWARDS THOSE WHO DO NOT OBEY THE DIRECTIVE IS RECOMMENDED. 4. Following the arrival to Montenegro make connection with the SDA Muslim clergy and our people in the Liberal Coalition of Montenegro, where you will receive the instructions for further actions. Every one of our religious centres in Montenegro will be of assistance, and the brothers in Tuzi, Podgorica, Plavo, Rozaj and other places in Montenegro are expecting you. All your property will be compensated when we reach our aim, and your sacrifice will be recognized and valued, and that is what the Muslims of the world expect of you. Respectfully, sellam alekum Sarajevo, 20.01.1993. SDA Secretary Hasan Cengic".

By the time of Hasan Cengic's forwarding of the directive to his compatriots in Trebinje, the war in Bosnia was raging for months. Muslims in the Trebinje region, who incidentally comprised fourteen percent of the population there, were living in relative peace, without any pressures or application of force from the Serb side. The pressure came from the Muslim leadership. As will be the Markale market, the bread queue etc. become political manipulation from sick minds in an attempt to cause the outside intervention against the Serbs, so was the order to their compatriots to leave Trebinje in order to attach the ethnic cleansing tag on the Serbs, serving the same aim. Going, thus far as to threaten to use force against those who become deaf to the directive. Muslim leadership, knowing in advance that America and the Islamic 'Hallifat' will compensate for all the property to the participants of this psychopathic game with people, sends the word, to those who comply, that their sacrifice will be remembered and valued. The sacrifice is not local, it is global, that, sacrifice "is expected by the Muslims of the world". Perhaps the most important fact in this document is condensed in those few words in which the circumstances for the Muslims are worsening and are becoming more "complex", because Karadzic and his followers have accepted the Geneva peace recommendation (!).

The war in Bosnia was indeed brimming with the episodes, straight out of the arsenal of sick political minds. It started with the massacre of the bred queue in the Vaso Miskin street in Sarajevo, where the UN experts determined that there is literally, no ballistic possibility that the projectile was fired from the Serb positions around the city. The then commander of UNPROFOR general Lewis Mackenzie recalls the scenario immediately following the incident. "My men told me that there is something in the Muslim claim that does not fit. The street was blocked off just before the incident. As soon as people were allowed to enter and line up in the queue for bread, the members of the press appeared, albeit keeping the distance. The explosion occurred and the media was already present that very moment on the scene."

November 11. 1994 London "Times" reported the following information: "In Sarajevo, colonel Jacques Lascevae, from the UN forces, stated that the investigation was conducted on three mortars that struck Sarajevo on Tuesday. It was established that one was fired by the Serbs the other two were fired from the portion of the city that is in government (Muslim) forces control. Although the officers of the UN forces did not wish to give out the details, it stands to reason, from the available facts, that the members of the Bosnian army deliberately targeted their own people in order to attract international sympathy. Several UN officials during the war pointed to the fact that the Bosnian government fires mortar shells on its own people for reasons of gaining the sympathy from the International Community."

General Mackenzie realised in the very beginning of the war what was taking place as far back as June 1992 when his statement attracted attention that: "If I were successful to convince them to stop killing their own people for the CNN, (publicity) we may have had the peace long ago". The bread queue differs from the Markale massacre only in the number of casualties. The incident occurred on 5th February 1994. On the 11th of that month, the reporter of Channel 4 on French television Bernard Volker reports from reliable sources that the cause of the massacre was the mortar fired from the Muslim positions. He pointed that such report was officially presented to the international mediator Lord Owen and to the presiding conference for European security and cooperation and from there it was passed on to the relevant foreign ministers. The testimony of the Western reporters who refused to cater to the American scenario, is not bound to be considered in the Hague court, but the testimony of former Western alliance's commanders in Bosnia and Herzegovina will at some point in time become historical fact. Beside Mackenzie, commanders: Philip Morion, Francis Briquemont, Michael Rose and others, confirmed, in various circumstances, atrocities of the Muslim elite on its own people.

Former Chief of Staff of the French army, admiral Jacques Lanksad, said, for example, that the Muslims are responsible for the highest number of eighteen dead and three hundred wounded blue berets in Bosnia (later that number will rise to fifty dead). Thus, the 6th February 1994 dispatch Agence France-Presse reads: "The Chief of Staff of French armed forces admiral Jacques Lanksad warned against the "simple ideas" (in Bosnia), such as the military intervention against the Serbs or lifting the arms embargo in former Yugoslavia. Stating the example of the "simple ideas" the admiral emphasised that the largest portion of 18 dead and three hundred wounded is the deed of Muslims, although the French troops on duty there are for the reason of protecting the Muslim population." The dispatch was "killed off" by a complete media blockade. It was only published in "Imanite" on 7th February. March 12 1994 colonel Lergie, commander of the French battalion in Bihac, issued the announcement in which he calls on "local population" following the murder of brigadier Stephan Diebrill by the Muslims, not to fire on the "UNPROFOR" soldiers any more. In his daily order to the soldiers of the battalion is stated among other things: "Another one of our servicemen has fallen carrying out his duty, he was killed by those whose security he came to preserve." In 1995 a book appeared in Paris written by Laure Adler, former adviser to the late French president Francoise Mitterrand. On page 175 the title "Parting year" Mitterrand talks of his reason for being against the French intervention in Bosnia. At one point he states thus: The truth is that they (Muslims) strived from the very start towards the internationalisation of the conflict, and if need be provocation. But to find today a new archduke (Ferdinand of Hapsburgh) is much harder than in 1914." Mitterrand then added: "Several days ago, Mr Boutros Boutros-Ghali (UN General Secretary) told me that he is sure that the mortar shell that fell on the Sarajevo market place was the Bosniak's provocation."

Unfortunately, Mitterrand is no longer amongst the living to confirm to the judges in Hague what Boutros Boutros-Ghali (who had the reports of the OUN experts) had told him. Boutros Ghali's claim, however, was dismissed by Madeleine Albright. Archives on the East River are under lock and key. From the French side, on the other hand, comes another crown proof: "I remember the attack on the central market place in Sarajevo, which was the cause for the first bombing mission of the NATO alliance in its history. Today I am compelled to reveal that I listened to Edward Balladier, (the then president of the French government), Francois Leotaire (minister for defence), Allan Zhouppe (minister for foreign affairs), and two very responsible generals whose confidence (request for anonymity) I don't wish to betray, one after the other state the same thing. All told me that they are convinced that most of the killed and wounded French soldiers in the UN blue berets forces in Bosnia, were the victims of the Muslim sniper fire. Furthermore: that mortar shell, which fell on, the central market place in Sarajevo (Markale) was fired by Muslims. But that would mean that they have caused slaughter of their own people, I retorted in horror? Aa, answered Mr Balladier without hesitation, but Muslims moved NATO with that act. This is what Juan Daniel, the editor of Paris "Le Nouvel Observateur" wrote on 31 August 1995, who had not the least propensity towards Serbs. In the same article, Daniel, remains loyal to himself: " The fact that the Markale mortar shell was Muslim, does not alter in the least my stance towards the Muslim cause."

It is very enlightening to learn, what Piere-Marie Gallois, father of the French nuclear strike force has to say, in a few words about all this in the Belgian daily 21 February 1994: "What is the purpose of this conspiracy? Is it possible that the Western governments are accepting without hesitation the game of deceit? Is the German currency (Deutchmark) that powerful, and the hunger for oil that contagious, that the Western democracies agreed to commit crimes against humanity? They stand by the formula: fire on your own people and accuse the enemy for it in order to have him earmarked for public cull."

Commander Francis, general staff officer (Blue berets - "what I actually saw in Bosnia", pg. 106/107) writes: "Bosniak's had realised very quickly on their part that the poisoning (of the already tense atmosphere) in this war, by way of deceit and trickery, will be the vital weapon. Consequence of this is well known: May 27 1992 three mortar shells exploded in an pedestrian area in Sarajevo, where a queue had formed in front of a bakery. Seventeen dead and one hundred fifty wounded. Who fired the mortars? Serbs. Everyone knows that. Except blue berets whose chief of staff, Canadian general Lewis Mackenzie writes in the book "Peacemaker - road to Sarajevo": Bosnian leadership condemns the Serb mortar attack. Serbs talk of a planted explosive. Our soldiers tell me that there are details that don't fit. The street was blocked just before the incident... Two years later, 5th February 1994, new massacre: The explosion kills 66 people on the Markale market place in the Sarajevo's city centre, but this time as well Blue berets refuse to confirm the thesis about the Serb fired projectile and talk of the explosive device activated from a distance. Four days later NATO finally issues an ultimatum to the Bosnian Serbs. Nothing here is impossible, one would have to see in Sarajevo, Muslim sniper firing at Muslims, less than a hundred metres from the UNPROFOR headquarters, in order to give the impression of Bosniak's despair and preparedness to provoke in the hope to cause the intervention of the multinational forces against the Serbs."

I accuse

One cannot put a full stop on the Hague chronicle, without a word about the so-called "Jewish factor". Jews - moral aside - cannot, from the viewpoint of Realpolitik, be blamed, following the interest of David's state in the Middle East, for entering the American scheme of demonization of Serbs. For us, Serbs, in the meantime, that entry was fatal.

Jewish factor in the Balkan play is a complete affair. There is, however an anthological document that summarizes it and brings it under a brilliant illuminating light. In the book titled: "The truths about Yugoslavia are not all for telling", by Jacques Merlino, there is the interview with James Harf, director of the American lobby firm "Ruder & Finn". The firm was, engaged by the Muslims for promoting their propaganda. Part of the interview, which I consider to be relevant to the anthology of our time, goes as follows:

Merlino ... But what are you most proud of in your work? Harf: The success of turning the Jewish opinion on our side. This matter is exceptionally delicate. As you know, president Tudjman (of Croatia) was very careless in his book "Wastelands--The Historical Truth". Because of that book he could easily be charged with anti-Semitism. On the Bosnian side, the things didn't look much better. President Izetbegovic declared himself a little too much as a Muslim fundamentalist, in his book "Islamic Declaration". Add to that the marked anti-Semitism of the past. Tens of thousands of Jews were exterminated in Croatian concentration camps during WWII. Thus, all reasons were there, for the intellectuals and the Jewish lobby to be adversely disposed towards the Croats and the Bosnians. Our task was to turn the things around.

"This is how: Between the second and fifth August last year (1992) "Newsday" published the story about the camps. We grabbed it in flight. It was then that we skilfully deceived three Jewish organizations: "Bnaj Brith Anti Defamation League", "American Jewish Committee", and "American Jewish Congress". We also suggested that they publish a short announcement in "New York Times" and to organize a large protest march in front of the OUN building. It worked: "Bringing the Jewish organizations into the play on the side of the Bosnian Muslims was a bull's eye hit. After that, all we had to do is to plant a picture of Serbs as new Nazis into the media and public in general. It was a complicated task, nobody knew what was going on in Yugoslavia, and to be honest, majority of Americans were trying to figure out in which part of Africa is Bosnia situated. Then suddenly there was an opening opportunity to push through the story about good and bad guys. As you can see we won the round by aiming at the right target - Jewish. The Press soon changed its tone and vocabulary, expressions like ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, etc. appeared. All that hints to the Nazi Germany, gas chambers, Auschwitz... An emotive charge with the media become so overpowering that no one dared to contradict it for fear of being accused for revisionism. We really did hit the target right in the centre with that aim."

Merlino: Maybe, but at the time, between 2nd and 5th August, you had not had one proof for your claims. All you had were the texts published in the "Newsday" (Roy Gutman) reports. Harf: Our task was not to check the veracity of the information. We are not even equipped for something like that. Our task is, as I said earlier, to speed up the flow of information suitable for our purpose. That is what we did, in this, as in every other case. We never said that there are concentration camps, we only emphasized that "Newsday" had published such claims. Merlino: But, that is a big responsibility. Are you conscious of its magnitude? Harf: We are professionals. When we have a job we work to its completion. We are not paid to moralize. And if the controversy does swing in that direction, our conscience is clear. If, perhaps, you wish to prove that Serbs are the innocent victims, go right ahead - you'll be there alone!!!" That is how the Serbs, from proven Jewish allies and friends, became, Nazis and enemies. By unconditional acceptance of the media trash, in which the non-existing concentration camp in Trnopolje (for example) is compared with the Auschwitz, Jews did not preserve the value of their holocaust, on the contrary, they degraded and trivialised it. Jewish tragedy has been downgraded. Jews in Yugoslavia knew the truth, but they did not raise their voice. Absently they tied the lace under the table. Still, it is not too late. The chronicle you have read was about the Man and the Judge. It is about the "atrocity". About lies and the truths. These were not lines against the Muslim people. Muslims in Bosnia are, after all, mainly Serbs (and Croats) who at some point in history replaced the cross with the half-moon. The misfortune of the Muslim people in Bosnia is that its leadership, at a critical time in history, has committed the crime against peace before committing crime against humanity. The leadership high on religious fanaticism and obsessed with a dream of a Muslim Caliphate in the midst of Christian Europe, Muslim people deserve better. The drama of the Serbian people, on the other hand, is the drama of the personality of Radovan Karadzic. He was in command post during the key period in history of the Serbs on the left bank of river Drina. He offered peace only to be ignored each and every time. He signed the Lisbon agreement, only to see it annulled the following day by Alija Izetbegovic (himself a signatory), immediately after the telephone conversation with the American ambasador to Belgrade. Thus, he (Alija) led the way into the fratricidal war, into crime against peace.

Today, however, Karadzic is the outcast sought by the International court for war crimes. Will he end up there? Or, is he afraid that the "International Community" could capture him and force him to face the Hague prosecutors?

"I don't think about that. I am perfectly relaxed. I am an innocent man. I believe in God." "There is no man in the whole wide world who could not be captured. You can capture and kill anyone. For my persecutors would be much wiser to kill me than to allow me to go to Hague, for in Hague they would have a great deal more trouble with me."

Radovan Karadzic does not dismiss going to Hague. The moment the Court for war crimes ceases to be the toy of the American politics. When the levers of the Security Council, who illegally established Hague Court, are no more. When he can have the confidence in the fair, and just process and the impartiality of Hague Court. When Izetbegovic, Tudjman and other major players who committed the crime against peace are called upon.

Why not, in that case I would be prepared to put myself at anyone's disposal."
In the meantime, he has decided not to remain quiet at the bark of every dog in the village. He has got the right to defend himself, and the arguments backed by documentation to accuse.

"If I go to Hague, it would sooner become accusation than defence. Various Lords, General Secretaries, Presidents, Ministers and many others, will have to appear out there in the clearance. Before there is a hearing about war crimes, about which I have clear conscience, there will have to be a judgement on crime against peace."

Let there be justice, even if the sky must come tumbling down.

London, July 1997


August sixth 1945 an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Three days later another hit Nagasaki. One hundred thousand people died and more than twice that number was wounded. In Nagasaki alone 45 thousand civilians died from one single bomb. Forty seven per cent of buildings in that city were levelled to the ground. Neither Hiroshima nor Nagasaki, were on or near the battle lines. They were the habitat of men, women and children.

Sixteenth of April 1986, at two in the morning, American F-111 bombers dived in attack on the Muamar El Khadafy's residence in Tripoli Libya. For reasons of my professional duty, at that particular time I was only a few hundred metres from "Bab El Azizia" quarter and the army barracks where Khadafi resided. American aircraft attacked to kill. In the dead silence of the night, when the laser guided bombs started to fall on the Bab El Azizia complex, in the dormitories next to the "terrorist" they came to bury in the rubble, was his wife and children - Arub, Sejf, Aisha, Hamis.....

Siege and bombardment of Sarajevo are, likewise, amongst the main pillars of the Hague indictments against the Serb leadership in Bosnia. The indictment is, like the Hague court, an American deed. With one bomb America wiped out one hundred thousand innocent civilians in Japan, and with a cluster of laser bombs tried to murder the children during their sleep inside the private house in Tripoli.... Sarajevo in its overburdened past came as an custom made firing range for the grandiose state of the art exercises, sprouting as a moral redemption. As, it so happens, it was America who rallied the world in a cynical crusade of revulsion against the Serb "strangulation" of Sarajevo.

Alas Sarajevo, teeming with Muslim army, was neither a helpless Hiroshima nor Khadafy's private house. Sarajevo was a military fortress armed to its teeth. The weaponry thundered out of Sarajevo engulfing the Serb positions and villages around the city with the mighty firepower as far as the Serb capital Pale. According to one UNPROFOR's document in Sarajevo, from 19th October 1994, approximate comparison of forces and weaponry in the eight kilometre radius around Sarajevo was as follows:

- Muslim and Croat forces: 28 000 soldiers armed with heavy weapons: 17 mortars 82mm, 4 mortars 120mm, 2 howitzers, one antiaircraft and one recoilless cannon.

- Serb forces: 17 500 soldiers armed with heavy weaponry: 4 mortars 82mm, one mortar 120mm, one howitzer and three cannons 105mm.

Number of "provocations" registered by the French detachment in the composition of UMPROFOR inside the region of its control, in the period from 1st to 16th Nov. 1994:

- Serb shells 17 (28,5%)

- Muslim shells 26 (53,1%)

- Unidentified source shells 9 (18,4%)

From the "aesthetic" point of view firing the Serb artillery from the surrounding hills onto the city, is a sad example. From that viewpoint nothing easier than to weave a damning indictment in Hague court that Karadzic is targeting the innocent civilians in an innocent city. The facts, however, stood lined up in a very different order, and in sharp contrast to the practice of the "in thing" of eye for an eye, in which Muslim idol Naser Oric become decorated and received wad of cash for military achievements. His so called achievements consisting of multiple beheadings, multiple brain spilling and burning hundreds of Serb houses in Eastern Bosnia. In the same sick manner that Alija Izetbegovic, used the events of Markale, the bread queue, Srebrenica, Trebinje, did he apply the meaning to Sarajevo . President Francoise Mitterrand confirmed to us that Muslims forced the internationalisation of the Bosnian conflict from the very start, even - as he puts it - at the price of "provocation".

Sarajevo was a provocation. Massacre of their own civilians took place invariably, before some significant international gatherings and enabled the Muslim side to, without any consequences, sabotage the peace talks and secure the West's support. Even the Paris "Monde" who never favoured the Serbs, remarks 4th January 1993: "The city is full of recurring stories that the politicians deliberately prevent the International Aid from reaching the population in order to publicise the suffering of the masses and thereby bring about the military intervention". General Philip Morion states in the same paper on the same day: "Bosnian Presidency is inciting the battles for which it knows that it has no chance of wining, but are inclined to attract International attention". In Sarajevo there were at any given time between 15 and 50 thousand Muslim fighters who were attempting to take Serb portion of the city, bombarding severely that part of the city including our surrounding positions (explains Karadzic). General Mackenzie, answering the question of the local reporter, said that as a soldier he has never seen before any army positioning their artillery on top of the hospitals and children institutions. They (the Muslims) bombarded us from any position imaginable, said Karadzic. They had two troop carrier trucks on which mortars were secured and thus carried throughout the city. They would open fire from a position then run to another to repeat the salvo. We did not respond until they would come close to our positions. This Karadzic's statement is confirmed by general Michael Rose, in his interview for the Paris "Le Nouvel Observateur" on 26th April 1995, in which he confirms that Muslims repeatedly fired out from Sarajevo to provoke the Serbs and to accuse them for breaching the ceasefire. "It is my belief, that Bosnian (Muslim) government thinks that it has the right to undertake any military action from which it can benefit. If, as a result their own people suffer, so be it." In answer to the question, has he got any proof for his words the general added: I saw recently in Sarajevo Muslim snipers kill two (Serbian) girls who were crossing the road not far from the frontline in the Grbavica quarter. Naturally, two minutes later Serbs responded with a mortar salvo on the city. In actual fact the Muslims played the provocation card. In Sarajevo there is a lorry loaded with two mortars, which moves from place to place along the entire length of the frontline. It opens the fire and then it disappears. I protested several times about this lorry but got the answer that an uncontrollable group is in question. Really? On one occasion one of our observers succeeded in filming the lorry. Soon after, however, a policeman took the registration number plates off it. The problem is that the Muslims don't take any notice of any of that.

In the mentioned interview to the "Le Nouvel Observateur" titled "They wish the war to continue", General Rose further adds: "On seventeenth of September 1994, we counted in excess of two hundred (Muslim) artillery shells fired. Unacceptable. It was only two days before Izetbegovic was to leave on his trip to Washington for talks on lifting the arms embargo.... I went into his cabinet to show him the trace of projectiles, which shows that they came from his troops. He was shocked and immediately picked up the telephone to order commander of the army General Rasim Delic, to stop the bombardment. Two hundred projectiles! Bombardment of such proportion could only be coordinated from the highest in command.

Karadzic says that his army commanders did not need his orders to respond to Muslim provocations, they had the right to respond when fired at. Thus, the contention that he (Karadzic) personally ordered the bombardment of the city of Sarajevo is not correct. "A refugee from Sarajevo tells us that in the city they would run to the shelters as soon they heard the Muslims fire at the Serbs, for they knew that within ten minutes the Serb response will come.... Provocations, provocations, provocations. Always with one aim: to get the International intervention..." Where from did the Muslims fire? There is hardly a place from where they did not: from the Koshevo hospital grounds, from school rooftops, from the rooftops of private houses, and so on, and so forth. During the talk with Karadzic and the generals in the army of Republic Srpska I hear the same words: "Not one Serb fired mortar shell would have fallen on Sarajevo had Alija not been firing at us" They don't have to believe all this in Hague. But they should believe their own eyes: Serb portion of Sarajevo is in ruins compared with the Muslim sector. If Bash Charshia - as they like to call it - is Beirut (which it is not), then Grbavica is Stalingrad. If Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic should go to Hague because of the Muslim Beirut, will Alija Izetbegovic, Ejup Ganic or Sefer Halilovic go there because of the Serb Stalingrad? And while we are at the point of comparison and double standards, Sarajevo's Beirut is - as Karadzic would say - "Disneyland" compared to the Mostar's Dresden.

Philip Morion, Lewis Mackenzie, Francis Briquemont and Michael Rose have on several occasions pointed to the Muslim atrocities on the Serb, as well as their own, population. They, used veiled warnings - along the line of Mitterrand's words - that Muslims are working on maintaining the siege of Sarajevo as long as possible in the hope that it will bring the Western military intervention. The statement of general Briquemont that "Serbs never bombed Sarajevo as much as the Croats did Mostar" is now famous and very true. I will borrow the sentence from Paris writer and publicist Komnen Becirovic: "For the Hague judges, all the evil deeds committed are attributable to the Serbs and their leaders, as if Tudjman never cleansed Kraina of Serbs, or Izetbegovic never cleansed Sarajevo, Bihac, Tuzla, Mostar. With the attitude of hiding the Muslim and Croat atrocities on Serbs, the Hague tribunal is participating in crimes against humanity, thus against the very law it pretends to uphold. The Hague court can judge the Serbs, but "It" will be judged by history. Sadly, the history is made of spent present.


The gold mine of Hague indictments against Karadzic is Srebernica. It contains all the ingredients: The genocide, breaking the International law on war practices, ethnic cleansing, attacking the United Nations safe haven... The story of Srebrenica unavoidably, starts with the tale of the United Nations "safe haven". It is already a historical fact today, that in the so called "safe haven" of Srebrenica, thus, the territory that, under the United Nations charter should have been demilitarised, there were at the time of its fall into the hands of Mladic's army, nine thousand armed Muslim men members of four brigades (180, 181, 183, 184, plus one in Zepa) from the 8th operational group, Second corps of the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with its command post in Tuzla. Carrying out armed operations inside the so-called "demilitarised zone", Muslim forces killed 1260 Serbs. Since the territory was never demilitarised it thereby became a "safe zone" for Muslim combatants, and a strong military base for the eighth operations group of the Second corps, Srebrenica was a classic front.

Any allegation that the Serb command attacked and (in July 1995) captured the UN "safe haven" is plain hypocrisy and cynicism. After the decision that Srebrenica be demilitarised, and the weapons be placed under the UN control, commander of the Second corps of Muslim army, Hazim Sadic, sends the directive, under the number 015841 to the Operations group of Srebrenica in which he states the following: "Make sure that all the light weaponry, artillery and the munitions be evacuated outside the boundary of the demilitarised zone. Assess the necessity of removing a certain quantity of weapons to a safe place, place where its inconspicuousness will not be compromised. Not, one bullet, nor any, usable artillery item is to be handed over to the UNPROFOR. If there are heavy weapons, which you cannot pull out with the unit, do everything possible to hide it securely away, and if that is not possible 'only then' hand it over to the UNPROFOR control."

Not only that the weapons and munitions were not handed over, they were not even moved to an inconspicuous place, but used freely for military operations against the Serb forces and civilians in the vicinity of Srebrenica. During the 1994 and the beginning of 1995, few months before the town's fall into the Serb hands, the affairs within the Muslim command were highly tense. Commander of Srebrenica Naser Oric, himself a war criminal, a felon and a profiteer, had instituted his own brand of terror which led to some serious conflicts inside the command structure. Officers Fahrudin Alic, assistant commander of the Srebrenica command and major Huso Halilovic, commander of the 283rd Srebrenica brigade, wrote to Alija Izetbegovic and the chief of staff of the Muslim army, Rasim Delic in which they accused the commander of the tactical group, Naser Oric of intimidation, corruption, crime and poor interpersonal relations within the units. Oric intercepted the letter and the assistant commander for the security of Srebrenica Bektic Nedzad sent on the 11th November 1994 to the district military prosecutor's office in Tuzla criminal charges No. 130-13-101-/92 against the two officers. They were charged with "betraying the military secrets to the enemy" with the emphasis that the letter had to go through the UNPROFOR to Sarajevo, and the articles that are not directly addressed to the UNPROFOR are most often checked by Serb forces on their territory.

In Bektic's summons, we were particularly interested in the following passage: "In the letter, the real state of the affairs inside the 283rd IBLB (brigade) is described, as well as the details for the TG (Tactical Group), (details) which, in this way were exposed to the foreign factors and the enemy, to whom there is constant denial by the Muslims, that there is army in Srebrenica. Had those details reached them a difficult situation for the enclave would arise". Everything therefore, is clear. The high ranking officer in the Muslim army personally confirms that the Enclave was not demilitarised zone. To UNPROFOR and the "enemy" there is continuous claim that there is no army in Srebrenica. And yet there is and in huge numbers (nine thousand to be exact), well equipped with the weapons and munitions which they never handed over. They were situated in "safe" secret locations. For his part, colonel Avdo Palic, commander of Zepa, sent following coded, highly classified message to Enver Hadzihasanovic, brigadier general and the assistant chief of staff in Kakanj: "Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1st light brigade Zepa, No. 180-132/94 Aa-gum, 29.12.1999. DEFENSE OF THE REPUBLIC MILITARY SECRET STRICTLY CLASSIFIED Sir general! If it is at all possible during your next drop of MTS (material and technical supplies) by helicopter onto our territory, I beg of You to send me additional thirty uniforms for the brigade's command, few pairs of boots and army insignia and soldier ID booklets, if that does not present excessive burden at this point in time. I would like to use this opportunity to wish You and Your associates a happy new year, soldier's luck and much success." Commander colonel Avdo Palic A 31.Dec No. 180/141/94 also strictly confidentially informs the command in Kakanj: "On our part everything is done successfully, according to Your directive , the cargo was unloaded speedily, dropped on a secure place, all traces removed. UNPROFOR saw the helicopter enter the zone and reported to its commander in Zepa that three helicopters had landed in the vicinity of Zlovrha, probably because of the circling during the landing. I have taken all the necessary steps to prevent the UNPROFOR from doing anything detrimental to us and will further inform You on that matter in due course. This location for heliport was recommended to You by brigadier Oric Naser. I will pass on to You all the suggestions for these activities to be carried out outside the zone some 5 to 10 km in the future. All details of what has arrived and been handed over to me I will send to You as soon as I receive complete statement. Do not worry, the worst is over..."

With the weapons and munitions that were never handed over to the UNPROFOR Muslims carried out sizeable military operations from and within the "Safe Haven". As we will see from other intercepted and confiscated documents, those actions had a twofold strategic aim: To continuously inflict losses upon the enemy and (more importantly) to tie considerable Serb forces to the Srebrenica region in order to ease the pressure on other fronts, primarily Sarajevo. "Srebrenica was not at any time a safe haven", Karadzic states categorically. If there are those that don't believe him and the series of documents that attest to that, then they will have to believe the former General Secretary of the United Nations Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who on several occasions admitted and confirmed personally, to Radovan Karadzic that Srebrenica indeed, is not a safe haven. Boutros Ghali, on more than one occasion, admitted that Srebrenica is in fact a Muslim fortress and that the Serb inhabited villages are subject to continuous attacks from Naser Oric's soldiers. "In the last few months of enclave's existence, every day at least one Serb would die as a result of Muslim attacks. The total number of Serbs killed is 1260. The UN and the Holland's commander of the International forces unit in Srebrenica know those figures well. Muslims never had any intention to have the Srebrenica region as a demilitarised zone. It was of vital strategic importance for the Muslim army to continue the attacks out of Srebrenica. That meant that we had to maintain a large contingent of army there rather than to transfer them to engage their forces in Sarajevo."

Many books have been written about Srebrenica in the West. Not one told the truth of how the enclave fell. Neither did Karadzic, as is widely reported, order the attack for the city's capture, nor did the enclave fall as a result of general Mladic's command preconceived plan. In the interview to the Dutch reporter Rob Siebelink (May 1997) Karadzic maintains that he did not give the order for the towns capture, nor was it necessary to do so. "I did not give the order nor was it necessary to do so. There was a standing order for counter-attack in response to their actions and provocations out of the enclave. The directive was also standing to disarm and disband the Muslim forces inside the enclave. This is how the events unfolded at the start of July 1995. We went into counter-attack and suddenly there was an opportunity to enter. That, as it would later become evident, was Izetbegovic's ploy he (Izetbegovic) had ordered his troops to abandon Srebrenica. There are several factors that attest to that, and it was also confirmed by his representative in Srebrenica Ibrahim Mustafic. He stated: Alija Izetbegovic had issued the order to abandon Srebrenica to present the world with the desired picture that the Serbs have broken the rules of safe haven...

... That definitely was not a planned attack. Nor did we have the means of bringing fresh troops there. Our problem always was that we had to fight with very small number of troops at our disposal on a very long frontline. Srebrenica had nine thousand Muslim troops inside the enclave. I needed at least forty thousand men to stand any chance of dislodging them out of there. We did not have such numbers of fighting men. When we took Srebrenica we were as much surprised as anyone else. Their attack simply gave us the chance for counter attack, but the military success we owe to Mr Izetbegovic. It was unexpectedly easy. Had the Muslims not abandoned the enclave we would not had the ability to capture it. That, from a military point of view, was impossible. When we entered the city there were no Muslim soldiers at all, only the civilian population and the Dutch unit of the UN force. Izetbegovic was severely criticized for this from his own people. He actually handed Srebrenica over to us to give cause for the military intervention against us. In that he succeeded..."

I know, that because of this, I could be seen as an apologist for the Bosnian Serbs. I am aware that some of the things done are horrible. But the press has the moral obligation to report objectively. The media has adopted the rhetoric: We have got to do something, let us bomb the Serbs, and arm Muslims. A British soldier saw in front of him three Croatian children whose throats were slit by the Muslims. "Shall we wish that Muslims get bigger and longer knives." Voice of first sergeant Thornton was published in small font, inconspicuously buried in the flood of other articles about "Serb atrocities" depicted as "systematic war strategy". Like Srebrenica, other enclaves were hives of military activity. From inside each of these enclaves moved the Muslim offensives with the blessings from the West. Each offensive was hidden by, a nebula of media disinformation. "Residents of Zepa, also, dwell, in the nightmare because of the Serb bombardment. Femine, bombardment." The information from the Western media factories, rarely report of hundreds of casulties. Finally, French contingent gets the task of saving the place (Zepa). Breaking through the Serb net, their helicopters manage to land in Zepa. Colonel B. who is in command of the operation is surprised: His men will evacuate at the most fifty wounded, mostly military personnel. On the streets of the town Blue berets unsuccessfully search for any traces of famine. And colonel B. realises that he, by the looks of things, paid the prize of a big (media) trick. One year later, Serbs are attacking Gorazde, declared a Safe haven like Tuzla, Zepa, Sarajevo and Bihac. Death casualties are counted in the thousands. Mayor of Gorazde continually sends SOS messages over the amateur radio. When, finally, Blue berets succeed to reach the town their commander general Rose is surprised at the ease the Serb tanks had broken through the Bosnian army defence lines. Alas, the world is only interested in the fate of the "great martyrs" inside the town, while some vital information passes unnoticed. Particularly the information that the "thousands of casualties" are in fact barely reaching hundreds. Or, that the town's mayor was sending his pathetic SOS messages from a very safe place behind the Serb lines..." (Francoise "Blue berets).

Director of the analytic division at the Royal Institute for political studies in London, Jonathan Ayle, offered his analysis of the Gorazde phenomenon during the debate published in the "Independent" 6th May 1994. Media influence is the only effective means the Bosnian Muslims have at their disposal and as the main victims of the current war, their endeavours to that effect are understandable. Alas, as every UN delegate in Bosnia knows, Muslims are not blameless party as they are trying to present themselves to the Western media... Without allies, Bosniaks naturally resort to the traditional battle tricks. That, however, does not mean that the Western governments - who are well informed about these tricks - should behave as if they weren't happening. That kind of participation compromises the UN activity in the region. For example, last month Brits sent the RAF plane to evacuate many wounded from Gorazde. The UN representatives on the ground, however, could not find sufficient number of wounded to warrant leaving the plane. A sacred silence was imposed on this episode. There was a need for emergence of a courageous Western leader who would say that Bosniaks went too far with inflating tragedies. That between reality and what is served to us by the media is a great frustration of each and every one of us who is dealing with Yugoslavia.".


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To: Destro; joan; DTA; DestroyEraseImprove; Fusion; Kate22; Seselj; Grizzly Adams; getoffmylawn; ...
Right from the Man's mouth, his own words and this man with honor sets the record straight.
2 posted on 03/07/2003 9:34:17 AM PST by smokegenerator ( ---- Serbian Cycling Challenge for the Children of Serbia)
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To: smokegenerator
This is history no one wants to know about; especially with America on the verge of initiating one of the greatest military campaigns of history. The people do not want to feel uncomfortable in the cheering (or jeering) the coming war.
3 posted on 03/07/2003 12:28:17 PM PST by jackbob
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To: jackbob
What are you talking about? "the greatest military campaign"? what, against a 4th rate military power whose greatest achievement is to see which unit surrenders the quickest? Great achievement, or how will the spin go down in the history books? This is a cake in the park walk campaign, even the Argentenian or Mexican Army can defeat the Iraqis.
4 posted on 03/07/2003 1:29:42 PM PST by smokegenerator ( ---- Serbian Cycling Challenge for the Children of Serbia)
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To: smokegenerator
O.K. I'll agree. If we have to kill one half as many people in this Iraq war as we killed in the last one, then it won't be a great campaign. Likewise, if it takes half as long to win it, or 20% of the property destruction it took in the last war, then it won't be a great war campaign. Heck if it takes us 72 hours to do it, it won't be a great campaign. But I think we are going to do it in about 24 hours, leaving most of the Iraq army and infrastructure in place still ready to put up a minimal military defense, with very few deaths on either side. If we do that, then it will make it a great military campaign.

On the otherhand, I did not want to take away from the excellent article posted here. I'm sure when all the dust settles, one will be able to find that similar distortions of truth and out right lies, used against the Serbs, were also used against Iraq.

5 posted on 03/07/2003 10:40:00 PM PST by jackbob
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To: jackbob
But, But! If the US leaves the Iraqi military infrastructure intact and immobilizes the Republican Guard, etc... and we do it with minimal civie casualties in 72 hrs, then I will say it was a great campaign. I would give about a year or so for the propoganda dust to settle and clear before evaluating the divide/conquer strategy to start emerging.
6 posted on 03/08/2003 4:48:11 AM PST by smokegenerator ( ---- Serbian Cycling Challenge for the Children of Serbia)
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To: smokegenerator
Thank`s for posting this.Where is your friend BalkansVet?
7 posted on 03/08/2003 7:40:49 AM PST by branicap
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To: branicap

and where is your buddy, hoplite? Maybe we overwhelmed them with superior morality?

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To: smokegenerator
I suppose that Hopie is awaiting his orders from his superiors in his Propaganda Unit how to deal with me!I expect that British Special Branch will storm my flat and shoot me for taking the piss out of that moron!
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To: smokegenerator
10 posted on 03/09/2003 2:54:20 AM PST by branicap
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To: branicap
Just copying word for word what the title was written. May have been their typo mistake.

He's the type when ganged up on, will take his toys and go home to never play again. Balkansvet, he is a simpleton.

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To: homeagain balkansvet
Hey, brate! How will you prosecute this innocent man?
12 posted on 03/09/2003 1:41:06 PM PST by smokegenerator ( ---- Serbian Cycling Challenge for the Children of Serbia)
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To: smokegenerator
I no longer argue with extra-chromosome Milosevici. Kiss off.
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To: homeagain balkansvet
So, we Serbs have defeated the mighty mouf of JAG. That is supercool down, hoplite down, and you...

That is 3, and a few more to go that will have learned you can not defeat the truth. The truth eventually supercedes lies, and it has shown. Cao! Bye-bye, buh-bye, auf weidersehn, audios amigo.

Now, which flavor lipstick do you prefer for your lips?

14 posted on 03/09/2003 3:05:48 PM PST by smokegenerator ( ---- Serbian Cycling Challenge for the Children of Serbia)
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To: smokegenerator
No, I just don't have time to re write what I know in to words of one syl la ble for your be ne fit.
15 posted on 03/09/2003 3:24:34 PM PST by homeagain balkansvet (I'm a 30-second bomb! I'm a 30-second bomb! 29!.... 28!....)
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To: homeagain balkansvet
When you lie, you know you are wrong. When you have a conscience, you have no strength to write nor fight. Congratulations on being human, brate!

In case you didnt know it, I am also a poet, if you didnt know it. Radovan said that to me after we listened to some Vanilla Ice after we finalized our "final solution plan" for those innocent Jihadians of Sarajevo. OHHH NOO, persecute me mr attorney man... ohhh, I am sorry. I do not want to hurt your feelings as I do not know what it feels like to be disbarred from the attorney practice. Will you suggest a fine attorney to represent the man?

16 posted on 03/09/2003 3:32:15 PM PST by smokegenerator ( ---- Serbian Cycling Challenge for the Children of Serbia)
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To: smokegenerator
Johnny Cochran. He has experience in getting murderers freed. Now bugger off.
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To: homeagain balkansvet; smokegenerator

Such a passion and style!You BVet are really a nice guy.And have a nice vocabulary,too!

BTW no coments on the very true article?No?Not interested,I guess.A few days ago,I have asked you a few questions in a very friendly manner,but ...You`re to bussy I suppose,to share with us your expiriance from Bosnia.Must`ve been some top secret mission.Where was your base?Bocinja Donja,maybe?

BTW Stop the count down.Be free to explode any time!

18 posted on 03/09/2003 4:40:04 PM PST by branicap
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To: homeagain balkansvet
Tell us, how will you prosecute this man? I will defend his honor as the proof is on you to find guilty.
19 posted on 03/09/2003 5:39:29 PM PST by smokegenerator ( ---- Serbian Cycling Challenge for the Children of Serbia)
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