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New York Post ^ | 2/07/03 | NILES LATHEM

Posted on 02/07/2003 1:20:07 AM PST by kattracks

Edited on 05/26/2004 5:11:41 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

February 7, 2003 -- WASHINGTON - The United States has extensive proof of communication between Iraqi officials and an al Qaeda-affiliated group - but has been reluctant to reveal the information because of its sources, The Post has learned.

A stream of intelligence links Saddam Hussein's government to Ansar al Islam, which wants a Taliban-style government in Kurdish northern Iraq, sources said.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Front Page News; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: abuwail; alqaeda; ansaralislam; cigarette; cigarettes; hezbollah; hussein; iraq; ricin; saddamhussein; seneca; smuggling; wael; wail; wmd

1 posted on 02/07/2003 1:20:07 AM PST by kattracks
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To: Lion's Cub
2 posted on 02/07/2003 1:30:05 AM PST by piasa (Anyone got a pacifist pacifier?)
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To: kattracks
Figures they'd get to the Seneccan tobacco operation one way or the other...
3 posted on 02/07/2003 1:41:42 AM PST by ApesForEvolution (This space for rent (Not accepting bids from the United Nations))
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To: kattracks
***U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT: "WORLDWIDE CAUTION Public Announcement" (Click Here Now to read the complete text of this Worldwide Caution notice.) (February 6, 2003) --- A SNIPPET FROM THE WORLDWIDE CAUTION:

"The Department of State reminds Americans that U.S. citizens and interests are at a heightened risk of terrorist attacks, including by groups with links to Al-Qaida. Terrorist actions may include, but are not limited to, suicide operations, assassinations or kidnappings. While conventional weapons such as explosive devices pose a more immediate threat in many areas overseas, terrorist use of non-conventional weapons, including chemical or biological agents must be considered a growing threat. These individuals and groups have proved that they do not distinguish between official and civilian targets. Because security and security awareness have been elevated within the United States, terrorists may target U.S. interests overseas. Private Americans should remain vigilant with regard to their personal security and exercise caution.
Attacks on places of worship and schools, and the murders of private American citizens and other westerners, demonstrate that as security is increased at official U.S. facilities, terrorists and their sympathizers will seek softer targets. These may include facilities where Americans or possibly other foreigners are generally known to congregate or visit, such as residential areas, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, hotels, outdoor recreation events or resorts and beaches. Americans should increase their security awareness when they are at such locations, avoid them, or switch to other locations where Americans in large numbers generally do not congregate. There is a possibility that American citizens may be targeted for kidnapping or assassination."


***An Informative Discussion on regarding an article by - Spokesperson's Unit dated January 19, 2003: "AL-QAEDA IS A DANGER TO THE FREE WORLD" (updated 020603)

4 posted on 02/07/2003 2:01:48 AM PST by Cindy
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To: kattracks
"A stream of intelligence links Saddam Hussein's government to Ansar al Islam, which wants a Taliban-style government in Kurdish northern Iraq, sources said. And a member of Ansar al Islam's ruling council, Abou Wa'el, has been identified by al Qaeda captives as a present or former Iraqi intelligence agent, said the sources."


***INSIGHT On The News online: "AL-QAEDA OPERATIVES STILL ACTIVE IN IRAQ" by Kenneth R. Timmerman (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "An Islamic group with ties to al-Qaeda continues to operate in northern Iraq where it receives aid from Saddam Hussein's intelligence services, Iraqi opposition officials in Washington and London told Insight in recent interviews. The group, called Ansar al-Islam, is led by an Iraqi Kurd named Nejmeddin Faraj Ahmad (also known as Mullah Krekar) who trained with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in the 1980s.") (020403)

*** "MULLAH OMAR URGES JIHAD AGAINST U.S. WAR ON IRAQ" by Hasbanullah Mutawakel, IOL Correspondent (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Peshawar, December 18 (IslamOnline) - Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar exhorted Muslims on Tuesday, December 17, to prepare for Jihad against the United States if it unleashes a military offensive against Iraq. In a statement published in the Pakistani Mashraq newspaper, Mullah Omar stressed it was time for the Islamic nation to stand in the face of world atheism and to attack American interests worldwide.") (121802)

***An Informative Discussion on regarding a FRONTPAGE article by Jonathan Schanzer, THE WASHINGTON INSTITUTE FOR NEAR EAST POLICY: "ANSAR AL-ISLAM: IRAQ'S AL-QAEDA CONNECTION" (January 17, 2003)


THE NEW YORKER - FACT: A Reporter At Large: "THE UNKNOWN" by Jeffrey Goldberg (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Intelligence officials told me that the agency also takes seriously reports that an Iraqi known as Abu Wa'el, whose real name is Saadoun Mahmoud Abdulatif al-Ani, is the liaison of Saddam's intelligence service to a radical Muslim group called Ansar al-Islam, which controls a small enclave in northern Iraq; the group is believed by American and Kurdish intelligence officials to be affiliated with Al Qaeda. I learned of another possible connection early last year, while I was interviewing Al Qaeda operatives in a Kurdish prison in Sulaimaniya. There, a man whom Kurdish intelligence officials identified as a captured Iraqi agent told me that in 1992 he served as a bodyguard to Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's deputy, when Zawahiri secretly visited Baghdad.") (February 3, 2003)

5 posted on 02/07/2003 2:15:16 AM PST by Cindy
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Britain and Germany yesterday announced new arrests of suspected al Qaeda members who may be plotting new attacks to capitalize on the Iraq crisis.

B-- b-- bu-- but I thought those countries were supposed to be filled with Surrender Monkeys who don't give a damn about stopping these people! And that we were to rename French Fries at all fast-food outlets! And call sauerkraut Liberty Cabbage! And demolish that silly green statue that the French bastards insisted on putting in New York harbor!

{/sarcasm OFF}

So, is their assistance to be disdained? You don't sign on to The Great Crusade, then (per, say, John Podhoretz of the "New York Post") your help in any other respect is not wanted, and you are to be subjected to insults?

Hookay, Paris and Berlin, let 'em go.

6 posted on 02/07/2003 2:34:55 AM PST by Greybird (One-fourth German. Proud of it. We helped build this country. Get used to it.)
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Whoops, that was Britain (along with Germany), not the French, as well. Still, I'm tired of all this pissing on the French. Anyway, a good moment to change my tagline.

And to mention my late uncle, one-half German, Col. R.O. Mitterling (USAF, Ret.), whom the U.S. Army Air Corps turned down in 1939 due to his surname. Flew 25 Spitfire missions for the ungrateful Brits in the Royal Air Force.

And my other late uncle, one-half German, Lt. E.S. Mitterling (USA), who defended French soil and his American buddies -- those who weren't riddled with Panzer artillery fire -- in the Battle of the Bulge, and nearly died in it.

Stop the dumping on the Germans and the French. The best among them may have come here -- and are tired of the pissing contest going on -- but those that were left weren't slouches, either. Nor are they now, their pusillanimous leaders (who know neither hot nor cold) notwithstanding.

7 posted on 02/07/2003 2:44:53 AM PST by Greybird (One-fourth German. Proud of it. We helped build this country. Get used to it.)
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To: Greybird
"So, is their assistance to be disdained? You don't sign on to The Great Crusade, then (per, say, John Podhoretz of the "New York Post") your help in any other respect is not wanted, and you are to be subjected to insults?"

WHAT "assistance"? Arresting Al-Queada members on their own soil has zip to do with supporting the US--its a hypocritical action protecting their own citizens, not supporting the US in protecting "its" citizens.

"Stop the dumping on the Germans and the French. The best among them may have come here -- and are tired of the pissing contest going on -- but those that were left weren't slouches, either. Nor are they now, their pusillanimous leaders (who know neither hot nor cold) notwithstanding."

Horse manure. Those immigrants are AMERICANS, not French or German. As to those who are still in the "Vaterland", I don't note any mass demonstrations SUPPORTING the US. Screw'em.

8 posted on 02/07/2003 3:30:31 AM PST by Wonder Warthog
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To: Greybird
I may have German and French anticedents (and I do) but I am 100% American.

If Germany and France don't want to be pissed on, they should quit behaving like a pissing pot.

9 posted on 02/07/2003 3:36:11 AM PST by happygrl (the Germans had a temporary relapse in good sense; with the French, it's terminal)
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To: kattracks
Everyone should check out the following lawsuit on Find Law

Ashton, et al. v. al Qaeda, et al.: Complaint (PDF) Lawsuit claiming a 9/11 link between Iraq and al Qaeda. Sept. 3, 2002

The file is in slow loading .pdf format, but it is an interesting read. Some excerpts:

39. Upon information and belief, there have been numerous meetings between IRAQI Intelligence agents and high-ranking AL QAEDA terrorists to plan terror attacks. Once such meeting occurred in 1992, when ZAWAHIRI (EGYPTIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD leader and AL QAEDA officer) met with IRAQI INTELLIGENCE agents in Baghdad, IRAQ over several days. An IRAQI serving with the TALIBAN who fled Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, was captured in Kurdistan and has corroborated this meeting and confirmed that IRAQI contacts with AL QAEDA began in 1992.

During the early 1990s, Sudan’s Sheikh Hassan al-Tourabi of the Islamic National Front arranged meetings between BIN-LADEN and IRAQI INTELLIGENCE officials. BIN LADEN met with FARUQ AL-HIJAZI, an IRAQI INTELLIGENCE agent in the Sudan who would later head IRAQI INTELLIGENCE for SADDAM HUSSEIN. BIN LADEN again met with IRAQI INTELLIGENCE officers in 1994 and 1995 in the Sudan. At these meetings, BIN-LADEN and IRAQI INTELLIGENCE secret service director FARUQ AL-HIJAZI agreed to work together on terrorist projects directed against the U.S.

55. From 1996 until 2001, BIN LADEN with the financial and logistical support of OMAR and others in the TALIBAN and IRAQ and IRAQI INTELLIGENCE, created, supplied and operated at least five training camps in order to create an “Islamic Foreign Legion” capable of attacking their enemies throughout the world. These camps trained men from 15 nations in guerrilla warfare, terrorist activities, rocket warfare, demolition and bombing, including the use of mines, grenades, TNT, nitroglycerine and plastic explosives. Classes were also given in “how to kill a policeman” and “traps, murder and terrorist moves.”

57. In February 1997, BIN LADEN publicly expressed his support for IRAQ in its conflict with the United States stating:

“The hearts of the Muslims are filled with hatred towards the United States of America and the American president for American conduct towards IRAQ.”
59. IRAQ upon information and belief, agreed to supply arms to AL QAEDA and provide AL QAEDA with access to and training in the use of chemical and biological weapons and agreed to instruct AL QAEDA terror trainers at its Salman Pak camp in Baghdad that contained a Boeing 707 used to practice hijacking. IRAQ also agreed to supply AL QAEDA terrorists with new identities and passports from Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.

60. AL QAEDA agreed to provide protection from political opponents to IRAQ and SADDAM HUSSEIN, and to commit assassinations and other acts of violence to create instability in regions of IRAQ, particularly Kurdistan, to assist the regime of SADDAM HUSSEIN. AL QAEDA further agreed to provide trained terrorists, assassins and martyrs to carry out terror attacks in concert with IRAQ against their common enemies, including the United States.

64. Between April 25 and May 1, 1998, two of BIN LADEN’s senior military commanders, MUHAMMAD ABU-ISLAM and ABDULLAH QASSIM, visited Baghdad for discussions with SADDAM HUSSEIN’s son -- QUSAY HUSSEIN -- the “czar” of IRAQI INTELLIGENCE.

65. QUSAY HUSSEIN’s participation in those meetings highlights the importance of the talks in both symbolic and practical terms. Upon information and belief, as a direct result of these meetings, IRAQ again made commitments to provide training, intelligence, clandestine Saudi border crossings, financial support and weapons and explosives to AL QAEDA.

66. IRAQI INTELLIGENCE officials met with BIN LADEN in Afghanistan several more times. A second group of BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA operatives from Saudi Arabia were then trained by IRAQI INTELLIGENCE in IRAQ to smuggle weapons and explosives into Saudi Arabia and other countries, which they later accomplished in an effort to carry out future terrorist acts of violence. A third group of BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA operatives received a month of sophisticated guerrilla operations training from IRAQI INTELLIGENCE officials later in the Summer of 1998.

67. Despite philosophical and religious differences with SADDAM HUSSEIN, BIN LADEN continually sought to strengthen and reinforce the support he and AL QAEDA received from IRAQ. In mid-July 1998, BIN LADEN sent Dr. AYMAN AL-ZAWAHIRI, the Egyptian co-founder of AL QAEDA, to IRAQ to meet with senior Iraqi officials, including Iraqi vice president TAHA YASSIN RAMADAN. Upon information and belief, the purpose of this meeting was to discuss and plan a joint strategy for a terrorist campaign against the United States.

69. During the July 1998 visit ZAWAHIRI toured an IRAQI military base and nuclear and chemical weapons facility near al-Fallujah in IRAQ and upon information and belief, observed training by IRAQI INTELLIGENCE officials of AL QAEDA operatives at the al-Nasiriyah military and chemical weapons facility in IRAQ.

79. Following the December 1998 air strikes on IRAQ, SADDAM HUSSEIN dispatched FARUQ AL-HIJAZI to Kandahar, Afghanistan in order to meet with BIN LADEN and plot their revenge.

81. To demonstrate IRAQ’s commitment to BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA, HIJAZI presented BIN LADEN with a pack of blank, official Yemeni passports, supplied to IRAQI INTELLIGENCE from their Yemeni contacts. HIJAZI’s visit to Kandahar was followed by a contingent of IRAQI INTELLIGENCE officials who provided additional training and instruction to BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA operatives in Afghanistan. These Iraqi officials included members of “Unit 999,” a group of elite IRAQI INTELLIGENCE officials who provided advanced sabotage and infiltration training and instruction to AL QAEDA operatives.

82. At that meeting, upon information and belief, BIN LADEN, AL QAEDA and IRAQ agreed to join efforts in a detailed, coordinated plan for a protracted terrorist war against the United States.

84. IRAQ maintains an advanced chemical and biological weapons program and is one of only three countries in the world producing a highly developed weaponized anthrax. Some time during or after 1998, IRAQ agreed to help BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA develop a laboratory in Afghanistan designed to produce anthrax.

85. In addition to the al-Nasiriyah and Salman Pak training camps, by January 1999, BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA operatives were being trained by IRAQI INTELLIGENCE and military officers at other training camps on the outskirts of Baghdad.

86. In January 1999, IRAQ began reorganizing and mobilizing IRAQI INTELLIGENCE front operations throughout Europe in support of BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA. HAQI ISMAIL, believed to be a member of the IRAQ’S MUKHABARAT Secret Service, left IRAQ to train in an Afghanistan AL QAEDA camp. ISMAIL was believed to be a liason between IRAQ, the TALIBAN and AL QAEDA and was rewarded with a position in the TALIBAN Foreign Ministry.

103. On July 21, approximately six weeks before the September 11 th attacks, IRAQI columnist Mulhalhal reported that BIN LADEN was making plans to “demolish the Pentagon after he destroys the White House.”

104. Mulhalhal’s July 21 article further informed that BIN LADEN would strike America “on the arm that is already hurting.” Upon information and belief, this references a second IRAQI sponsored attack on the World Trade Center. This interpretation is further bolstered by another reference to New York as “[BIN LADEN] will curse the memory of Frank Sinatra everytime he hears his songs.” (e.g., “New York, New York”) identifying New York, New York as a target.

105. Mulhalhal further indicated, “The wings of a dove and the bullet are all but one and the same in the heart of a believer.” (Emphasis supplied) This appears to be a reference to the use of commercial aircraft as a weapon. The information was reported in an IRAQI newspaper who’s editor-in-chief serves as secretary to UDAY HUSSEIN’S Iraqi Syndicate of Journalists. The article expressed IRAQI admiration and support for BIN LADEN’s plans and its appearance in the newspaper would clearly have to be endorsed by SADDAM HUSSEIN himself.

106. All IRAQI news media is strictly controlled and censored by the government of SADDAM HUSSEIN and is under the direct oversight of UDAY HUSSEIN. Various members of IRAQI intelligence work at and control the content of each and every newspaper published inside IRAQ.

107. The information contained in Mulhalhal’s published statements were known prior to the events of September 11 th , and that Mulhalhal has ties to IRAQI intelligence, demonstrates foreknowledge of the planned attacks by BIN LADEN and indicates support by IRAQI co-conspirators.

110. According to U.S. and foreign intelligence officials, in the spring of 2000, IRAQI INTELLIGENCE agents met with September 11 th pilot hijackers ZAID SAMIR JARRAH and MARWAN AL-SHEHHI in Dubai, UAE in order to advance the hijacking of U.S. aircraft to commit terrorist acts. Not long after the meeting, AL-SHEHHI entered the United States on May 29 and JARRAH entered on June 27, to begin preparations for attacks.

133. Instruction documents on an artillery weapon known as the “Super Gun” were found in AL QAEDA camps when they were captured by U.S. forces in the winter of 2001-2002. IRAQ is the only state known to have purchased and assembled the super gun, a weapon so large it must be constructed in segments. It has a range of several hundred miles.

Also...check out the info at the following links:

Rice: Iraq Providing Shelter, Chemical Weapons Help to Al Qaeda

Ansar Al-Isam: Iraq’s Al-Qaeda Connection

Salman Pak: Iraq's Smoking Gun Link to 9-11?

PBS - Info on Salman Pak

Saddam killed Abu Nidal over al-Qa'eda row

New evidence links Saddam, bin Laden

Arafat-Saddam-Bin Laden Links Surface

Saddam and Osama: A Long History

Saddam 'sends troops to help bin Laden men'

Iraqi Funds, Training Fuel Islamic Terror Group

Alert by Saddam points to Iraq - 23 Sep 2001 Article

Mounting Evidence of Iraqi Link to Terror Attacks

Iraqi defector tells of terrorist training camp

Will Iraq be the Next Target?

Al Qaeda linked to Saddam

10 posted on 02/07/2003 6:46:39 AM PST by ravingnutter
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To: kattracks
YAHOO! News - Photo Gallery: "Suicide Bomber" (NOTE: Click on any of the numerous thumbnail photos to get THE BIG PICTURE.)

YAHOO! - News Articles - Search Term: "BOMB"

YAHOO! News Articles - Key Word Topic: "MISSILE"

GOOGLE Search Term: "AL QAEDA"
GOOGLE Search Term: "AL QAIDA"
GOOGLE Search Term: "AL-QA`IDAH"
"" (includes TALIBAN news)
"" (Suggestion: Do not click on -- may contain virus/bug)
GOOGLE Search Term: "TALEBAN" - Discussion Forum - Topic: "JIHAD IN AMERICA"
***ISLAM - Arts and Entertainment: "RAPPER, PARIS, UNLEASHES A 'SONIC JIHAD" by Ali Asadullah (January 8, 2003) - Discussion Forum - Topic: "JIHAD"
GOOGLE Search Term: "JIHAD"
GOOGLE Search Term: "GIHAD"
GOOGLE Search Term: "E-JEHAD"
GOOGLE Search Term: "EL JIHAD"
GOOGLE Search Term: "EL JEHAD"
GOOGLE Search Term: "ISLAMIC JIHAD" - News Discussion Threads - Search Term: "ISLAMIC JIHAD"
GOOGLE Search Term: "JIHADE"
GOOGLE Search Term: "JEHADE"
GOOGLE Search Term: "JIHAD AL-" (NOTE: Generic search for new and/or old Jihads not on this list.)
GOOGLE Search Term: "JEHAD AL-" (NOTE: Generic search for new and/or old Jehads not on this list.)

11 posted on 02/07/2003 1:52:09 PM PST by Cindy
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