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Ah, reminiscing about Al Gore's lies
Union Leader ^ | 12/22/02 | BERNADETTE MALONE

Posted on 12/22/2002 2:48:58 AM PST by kattracks

WHAT A GREAT Christmas gift Al Gore gave us.

Bernadette Malone:
Even in Lady Thatcher's
presence, girls will be girls

Bernadette Malone:
NH set to lead on
Social Security reform

Bernadette Malone:
Reading this column
won't cause weight gain

Bernadette Malone:
Ban gays now, and Irish will be next

The Man Who Could Not NOT Lie announced that he will not seek the Presidency in 2004. What a gift to Democrats, who deserve an honest candidate to represent their views. What a gift to nasty political columnists, who could kick a man who's down just before Christmas.

But most of all, what a gift to Granite Staters, whom Al Gore probably lied to more than anyone else. They won't have to suffer through another season of Bill Clinton's vice president treating them like fools.

The holidays are the ideal time to reminisce, so let's take a moment to remember a few of the times Al Gore lied during 2000's first primary campaign.

Perhaps the funniest lie he told, rivaling his claim that he invented the Internet, was in November 1999 when he told Concord High School students that he had discovered the toxic waste site in New York known as Love Canal.

"I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal. Had the first hearing on that issue. That was the one that started it all . . ." The day after, the country was reminded by the media that Love Canal had been dealt with and evacuated in 1978 by New York Gov. Hugh Carey and President Jimmy Carter — two months before U.S. Rep. Gore held hearings. "It was the governor banging on the federal government's door that got Gore involved," Love Canal activist Lois Gibbs told newspapers.

A less humorous Pinocchio moment came in December 1999 at a WNDS forum in Derry.

Katherine Prudhomme, a concerned mother and longtime Democrat, asked Gore what he thought of allegations by Juanita Broaddrick that Bill Clinton raped her while he was attorney general of Arkansas.

"When Juanita Broaddrick made the claim, which I thought was quite credible, that she was raped by Bill Clinton . . . did it change your opinion about him being one of the best Presidents in history? Do you believe Juanita Broaddrick's claim? And what did you tell your son about this?"

Gore responded that he didn't "know how to evaluate the story" because he didn't see the nationally televised interview by Lisa Myers on NBC's "Dateline." Who did he expect to believe that one? If he didn't watch, did he expect us to believe he neither read a news story about it nor had an aide give him a briefing?

In early January 2000 at the University of New Hampshire, Gore took part in a debate with Bill Bradley co-sponsored by The Union Leader. He said he would support local control over the White Mountain National Forest, instead of the one-size-fits-all roadless policy President Clinton had proposed.

Gore insisted, "Now if areas of that forest are protected under the new order, the same process of consultation that has been used in the past that gives individuals and communities input into the process will be a part of this process."

What a whopper he was telling. Six months later, after he had won our primary and didn't need Granite Staters as much, he told the League of Conservation Voters: "And just so I'm crystal clear about it, no new road building and no timber sales in the roadless areas of our national forests. Period."

Finally, remember his Manchester debate against Bradley in late January 2000? Gore claimed he had been pro-choice his entire political life.

Bradley whipped out a 1987 letter from Gore to a constituent saying abortion was "arguably the taking of a human life," and a 1984 letter saying it was his "deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong."

Al Gore went out like he blew in: lying. He says the reason he's not running again in 2004 is because the race against President George W. Bush would be about the past, meaning the hotly disputed 2000 election. But we all know that's not the real reason. His own party doesn't want him to run again, according to a recent poll of Democratic National Committee members.

Who can blame them? Al Gore presents himself like a shifty, soulless salesman. What a Christmas gift, to be spared another season of lies from Al Gore.

Bernadette Malone is the former editorial page director.

TOPICS: Editorial; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections

1 posted on 12/22/2002 2:48:58 AM PST by kattracks
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To: kattracks
Oh this is terrible. I feel the same way about this as I did when they canceled the "BATMAN" TV show.


(And you know the Algore reruns will never end!)
2 posted on 12/22/2002 3:03:23 AM PST by JoeSixPack1
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To: kattracks
True enough, but how do we know he's not lying about being 'in the race'???
3 posted on 12/22/2002 3:05:29 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: kattracks
What a gift to Democrats, who deserve an honest candidate to represent their views.

No, the Democrat Party deserves a liar because they tolerate, nurture, and encourage them. Anyone that thinks the Democrat Party was "victimized" by Clinton and Gore need only harken back to the impeachment saga to see the party standing four-square behind Clinton no matter what he said or did.

4 posted on 12/22/2002 3:17:52 AM PST by Zack Nguyen
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To: kattracks
Two books revealed the destiny of Al Gore in 2004 - both to him and us.

"Joined at the Heart": Sales Rank: 7,267
"The Spirit of Family": Sales Rank: 3,039

5 posted on 12/22/2002 3:20:06 AM PST by guitfiddlist
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To: guitfiddlist
I was at Borders yesterday (where the line was very long).

Stacked on the floor as you wound your way to the cash register were new books they hoped you would buy as impulse gifts. Bush at War and George and Laura had a few copies left. There was a BIG stack of Joined at the Heart.


6 posted on 12/22/2002 3:24:46 AM PST by Miss Marple
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To: kattracks
Gore should have come as no surprise to anyone with any sense for political dynamics, or, for that matter, the dynamics of ordinary human society.

People routinely emulate those who appear to be successful. Al Gore was raised from birth to be a politician, by a father who, from his record, appeared to have no moral constraints whatsoever. It was quite natural for Gore to emulate politicians whose aims were comparable to his, and who'd achieved greater success than he had. All of those were deceit-mongering statists. Bill Clinton is only the most obvious example.

Others will follow in those footsteps, for as long as the method appears likely to get them what they want: power over the rest of us.

Freedom, Wealth, and Peace,
Francis W. Porretto
Visit The Palace Of Reason:

7 posted on 12/22/2002 3:39:42 AM PST by fporretto
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To: kattracks
And we mustn't forget his fib about how his mother used to sing him to sleep with the "Union Label" song...
8 posted on 12/22/2002 3:54:28 AM PST by Prodigal Son
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To: Prodigal Son
And the Little old lady collecting cans to pay for her trip to D.C., and his mothers dog's prescriptions and, the girl who had no chair to sit on and.....

Oh I could go on for hours.

9 posted on 12/22/2002 4:33:20 AM PST by Delmarksman
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To: Prodigal Son
How about what a good landlord he was to that poor family?
10 posted on 12/22/2002 4:55:28 AM PST by exit82
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To: kattracks
Good article. What is it that even gives people like Gore half a chance in this nation? We need to redouble our prayer efforts.
11 posted on 12/22/2002 7:24:17 AM PST by Paul_B
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To: kattracks
.. love canal

You know that "Love Canal" quote? The media botched it - read below:

The incorrect information being circulated: Gore implies that he began Love Canal during a visit to a New Hampshire high school on November 30, 1999 "I called for a congressional investigation and a hearing. I looked around the country for other sites like that. I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal. Had the first hearing on that issue," stated Gore. "That was the one that started it all. ... We made a huge difference and it was all because one high school student got involved."

Now, Gore did chair hearings on the matter by the House Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, but that was two months after the Love Canal homes were evacuated and President Carter declared the area a national state of emergency. However, he was not the one who first drew attention to Love Canal, as he tries to claim.

(Sources: Associated Press, Dec 1, 1999 The Providence Journal, Dec 21, 1999, page B-04)

Hold it.

Listen to the actual quote: The quote in full. This is from a show called "This American Life" on KUT Radio (90.5 FM) Source for live feed. The media, for the most part, was not mentioning the full quote. Relevant parts were removed, which changed the interpretation. Can anyone explain HOW one is supposed to know the media botched a quote if all the mainstream media outlets are publishing the same incorrect info over and over? I always tell people to check sources, but in this case, that didn't do much good since the media botched this one.

Other Quotes, Lies and Fables

12 posted on 12/22/2002 8:23:32 AM PST by fight_truth_decay
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To: kattracks
It went largely unnoticed by the national press, but one question during the Democratic debate pointed up a small but surprising rift between Gore and his leading local supporter, Shaheen.

John DiStaso of the Union Leader asked Gore why the Clinton administration had issued an order to protect millions more acres of national forest from logging or other use. As DiStaso noted, Shaheen, among many others, has come out against the top-down order because it would disrupt the local planning process that has so far successfully governed land-use decisions in the White Mountain National Forest.

Asked about the order by the Monitor two months ago, Gore made clear that he had strongly advised Clinton in favor of it. At the debate, he made no such claim for credit, saying only that the order had been misunderstood, and that it would provide for plenty of local input on its execution.

Bradley, evidently aware of the dispute, tried to exploit it, countering "I don't think a president should preempt local control in the White Mountains."

After the debate, Shaheen seemed pleased with Gore's answer but made it clear she would hold him to it, endorsement or no. "I intend to spend every second making sure he agrees with me on that issue," she said.
13 posted on 12/22/2002 9:08:36 AM PST by fight_truth_decay
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