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President Bush Opens U.S. Roads to Mexican Trucks
AP NEWS ^ | Published: Nov 27, 2002 | The Associated Press

Posted on 11/27/2002 2:29:10 PM PST by Crusader21stCentury

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush gave the go-ahead Wednesday for Mexican trucks to travel U.S. roads beyond commercial border zones where they have been restricted while inspection sites and new regulations were put in place.

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To: Robert Lomax
What's to prevent state and local governments from allowing these contraptions on the road?

Finding a Sheriff with the balls to fight the Feds is all that's needed.

221 posted on 11/28/2002 1:43:59 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: Robert Lomax
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush gave the go-ahead Wednesday for Mexican trucks to travel U.S. roads beyond commercial border zones where they have been restricted while inspection sites and new regulations were put in place.
Carlos Olemedo of the National Council of Mexican Professionals (?) was on O'Reilly Factor squaring off against Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo on the administrations plan to push amnesty for illegal aliens from Mexico. Olemedo was presenting the tired argument that the illegals are economically necessary and that rounding up and deporting millions of them would be inhumane.

Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking about the illegal aliens and the politicians whining about not having enough money, continually wanting to raise our taxes as a solution to the budget problems. Washington is sending feelers out to see if we will riot over an amnesty.

This just might be a solution. See if you like it.

Educate a couple of hundred young energetic people to an idea like this one. Youngsters who feel American Patriotism is a finer character asset than national Diversity is. Yes, us patriots do obey the laws.

Then these young people would need to go face to face with the residents of your lightly populated rural county and explaining how it would work and benefit them, their kids, and their grandkids. Have a website that would explain just why this is being done. Explain the costs to each individual community because of the illegal alien residency and immigration.

It is obvious that INS and the State Dept are corrupt. Attempting to correct the corruption is the wrong way to fix the problem. Rounding up the illegals and removing them will fix the problem!!!

Get your local population educated to the idea of electing a Sheriff who will go face to face with the Federal government. He is going to need legal advice on how to do all of this. Ideally you would want local attorneys or judges to provide this advice. Hey, before you run off...the local attorneys and judges have kids and grandkids too.

Sheriffs are the top LEO in each County. They have the authority to demand that the Feds call ahead and ask to come into your County to enforce Federal laws. Check your State Constitution if you don't believe me.

Now getting the Sheriff and County officials to go along with it, is of course another subject. Just maybe you might be able to find someone who thinks as I do, that illegal aliens are parasites in America, and they would also spread the idea amongst the citizens of your County. Then the citizens could write a petition to force the Council and Sheriff to follow their instructions.

If you have a Sheriff and local County officials of a lightly populated County with a budget deficit and the abnormal high taxes who will declare that all illegal aliens from every nation will be arrested and removed from the County in 30, 60 or 90 days the program is on it's way.

All assets not removed from the County must be assigned by the illegal alien to be sold with registered agents or they will be seized by the Sheriff and sold. These funds will be divided between the Sheriffs Office and the County budget offices for expenses.

All people employing illegal aliens will also be arrested and fined. Perhaps $5000 per employee. This would prompt employers to demand that their employees bring in birth certificates, etc. I think there is a federal law forbidding this, I'm not sure. But so what? If they won't protect America then we must do it. This also keeps the government out of our personal records any more than necessary.

The hiring of non citizens that have entered the US legally with the legal assistance of Immigration and Naturalization Services will of course be encouraged. Only the hiring of illegal aliens will be reason for arrest and stiff fines. It is already against the law to hire an illegal alien. These people have already broken too many of our laws for us to continue to turn our heads.

Perhaps ads could be placed in the newspapers of the surrounding counties to obtain legal workers for the farm, ranch, gas station and local K-Mart to replace the ones who are leaving. A local 800 number could be updated daily with jobs available in your County.

All people giving aid or care to illegal aliens would also be arrested and fined. This would include all illegal aliens who are family members of legal aliens. I would imagine this would gather up quite a few people who have overstayed their visitors pass.

This will result in no or very few illegal aliens going to the local hospitals for medical attention. The hospital will start making money again instead of heading into bankruptcy. Just imagine what the result would be if prices dropped!

This will also bring welfare for illegal aliens to a screeching halt. This alone will do much for your local budget, maintaining or even drop taxes.

School districts would require much less money because the new residents in the county would certainly be more able to speak English. I think schools already check for birth certificates and medical history. (This maybe a good place for the sheriff to start.)

Imagine what that would do to surrounding Counties with similar budget deficits. Would the residents agree to more taxes or would they say get the lawbreakers out of here?

Do you think it might convince the State officials when enough Counties have adopted these measures that we citizens are serious in our desire to protect our communities from being over run by illegal aliens? Would this prompt them to follow our guidance and issue state laws that demand law enforcement agencies to enforce ALL the laws or their budgets get cut?

I think half a dozen community residents that are involved in the legal system and the business community could work out what to do to make an idea similar to this work in your community.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

For the legal minded folks I have included a statement from one of the cases that made it through the Supreme Court. Unless there are State laws forbidding such actions as I have suggested, I think everything legally is above the table. A local judge could give the Sheriff advice on how to handle the little tweak of the laws.

The federal Gov't may neither issue directives requiring the States to address particular problems, nor command State' officers, or those of their political subdivisions, to administer or enforce a federal regulatory program. It matters not whether policy making is involved, and no case by case weighing of the burdens or benefits is necessary; such commands are fundamentally incompatible with our constitutional system of dual sovereignty.

Justice Antonin Scalia, Mack vs US., June 27, 1997

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---

The way I see it is that given the opportunity and enough notice to move their families safely, the illegal aliens would pack up and leave rather than fight a Sheriff who is broadcasting that just because the Feds aren't going to enforce the immigration laws doesn't mean he isn't.

Employers would rather make a company policy that all employees must prove that they are American citizens or in the United States legally than be fined $5000 per employee for supporting open border policy.

Give employers a chance to advertise for critical employees who are currently illegal aliens so their businesses don't suffer a drastic skill shortage.

Just as an add on, I imagine that the local crime rates would be continually dropping until it again reached an acceptable level.

Surrounding rural counties would surely catch on quickly to the benefits and start similar programs. All it would take is one newspaper article about their city council needing money for some more public services. There is much more rural county land in the US than cities in county land, that's why I am promoting a rural county to start with.

The residents are more apt to be on a handshake basis with their elected official than residents of large cities are. I think that it wouldn't take too long before cities would simply not be able to afford to support all the illegals who are on taxpayer paid benefits. Consequently, like it or not they would have to fall in line.

I have no idea how fast an idea such as this would spread and actually take firm hold causing neighboring state legislators to look at the idea BEFORE their state was swamped with illegal aliens and the taxpayers rose up demanding immediate solutions. The crime rate amongst illegals is very high as it is. A plan such a this could send it through the ceiling, so caution would be advised on initiating it in a city. Vandalism and riots would probably occur in some areas, so the Governor would need to be ready with the State National Guard Units.

This could be dangerous because it could foster hate and anger. Too much anger would result in radicals bringing out their guns chasing the illegals out of their neighborhoods. We have seen gang wars and the resulting violence, this could be worse. So, it will have to be a slow, calm, well organized plan in each county!

Our intention is to bring the population of our neighborhoods into patriotic, law abiding folks not to be ravaged by foreigners who have nowhere to go. Eventually, I can see where states would have to cough up the funds and or transportation for the people to get back to Norway, Brazil, Australia, Japan and China.

The first States to do this emigration plan will encounter the least expenses. Of course I would expect it to happen, if it ever does, in Western States.

If we continue to allow to let the Feds handle it, they will continue to dilly dally around like they been doing and the problem will never be solved. So, the way I see this, the STATES are going to have to stand up after too many years on our knees to the self promoting, egotistical big shots in the Federal Legislature and the Federal Agencies. We need to show them that we'll fix the problem ourselves. Imagine if our citizens brought a halt to Agenda 21, that would set the United Nations on its rear end!!

Notice the direction of travel in this definition.


\Em`i*gra"tion\, n. [L. emigratio: cf. F. ['e]migration.] 1. The act of emigrating; removal from one country or state to another, for the purpose of residence, as from Europe to America, or, in America, from the Atlantic States to the Western.*

Lets change the worlds idea of where to emigrate from and to! We have given education and work experience to millions of illegal aliens. Now lets give them a chance to see if they can do it for themselves back home!!!

If you think this might work, phone some local friends to see what they think of it.

Why not email other friends with this idea and see if we can't get it started. Of course there will surely need to be modifications to initialize it and perhaps different ideas to promote it. Each County is slightly different and we don't want extreme radicals promoting it or else it will surely sink into oblivion.

Here's another piece to look at.

222 posted on 11/28/2002 1:44:53 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: Recovering_Democrat
Additionally, Mexico is an ally, not an enemy.

You validated my opinion that you DO NOT know what you're talking about. I am NOT going to get into a debate about the comment only refers to your above statement.

223 posted on 11/28/2002 5:30:34 AM PST by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
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To: txdoda
Who cares ??? What we need to know is how many "middle eastern" men are being smuggled across the southern border @ 30k each...????

You should care. It goes to follow if "middle eastern men are smuggled across the southern border" that they are being smuggled in by muslim extremists in Mexico. So, I repeat: does anyone know the percentage of Muslim population in Mexico? The fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree.

224 posted on 11/28/2002 6:02:20 AM PST by dreamusic
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To: dreamusic
You should care. It goes to follow if "middle eastern men are smuggled across the southern border" that they are being smuggled in by muslim extremists in Mexico. So, I repeat: does anyone know the percentage of Muslim population in Mexico? The fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree.>>>>>>>>>>>

The articles I read said the "drug cartels" were finding
that people smuggling was getting very lucretive, as
middle eastern men were now paying 30k each to be smuggled
across our southern borders......
225 posted on 11/28/2002 6:47:11 AM PST by txdoda
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To: MeneMeneTekelUpharsin
Great. Let's not get into a debate. I prefer that, too. I won't get into an insult exchange either, as I am confident in my facts.
226 posted on 11/28/2002 6:57:12 AM PST by Recovering_Democrat
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To: 4Freedom
con no sin
227 posted on 11/28/2002 7:45:37 AM PST by dheretic
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To: dheretic
It's a sin alright. ;^)
228 posted on 11/28/2002 8:18:40 AM PST by 4Freedom
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To: no dems
He's thinking "HISPANIC VOTES".

There is no evidence that American Hispanics want to lose jobs to foreigners or have open borders. Sure Bush wants the vote of foreign citizens living inside the US but they shouldn't be voting if they aren't citizens. Silvestre Reyes is only in Congress because his Hispanic voters from his mostly Hispanic district liked his Operation Blockade and Hold the Line because they wanted the border closed. It's something other than votes that causes Bush to cave into every demand the corrupt Mexican government is making.

229 posted on 11/28/2002 9:56:22 AM PST by FITZ
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To: nanny
Obviously the agenda is not what the American people want. The agenda seems to be about whatever the Mexican government demands and it is obviously being given higher rank than American citizens are being given. Americans can pay higher and higher taxes, the Mexican government doesn't seem to have to give up a single thing, it isn't being required to reform it's country or change it's way of doing business there.
230 posted on 11/28/2002 10:02:15 AM PST by FITZ
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To: Geezerette
He's thinking about how to appease his globalist buddies. You see, this is the North American "Region". Not America, not Mexico, not Canada. No borders, get it? Yeah, yeah I know, tinfoil hat and all that.
231 posted on 11/28/2002 10:13:32 AM PST by dljordan
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Who do you think is going to pay for the accidents they cause?
232 posted on 11/28/2002 10:41:03 AM PST by SCalGal
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"It's something other than votes that causes Bush to cave into every demand the corrupt Mexican government is making"

The entire Bush family are Globalists ... they benefit unbelievably by the continued promotion and support of the whole Free Trade (NAFTA/WTO etc) ideology.

Neither of the Bushes would have risen to power without their pledge of allegiance to David Rockefeller and his elite$t clique of power-brokering buddie$.

And do not be confused ... as Carroll Quigley revealed to us in his tome 'Tragedy and Hope, these folks behind-the-curtain hold allegiance to no nation. They are far more, shall we say ... 'Cosmopolitan'.

233 posted on 11/28/2002 1:39:55 PM PST by CIBvet
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To: Recovering_Democrat
"I'll put my skills up against anyone, and if I can cut it, I'll cut it."

Just out of curiosity, what kind of work do you perform?

234 posted on 11/28/2002 1:45:56 PM PST by CIBvet
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To: CIBvet
The entire Bush family are Globalists ... they benefit unbelievably by the continued promotion and support of the whole Free Trade (NAFTA/WTO etc) ideology.

Obviously somebody is benefitting very highly from NAFTA and globalism because it is doing nothing but adding a permanent welfare class for taxpayers to support and hurting the average middle class taxpayer.

235 posted on 11/28/2002 1:52:37 PM PST by FITZ
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To: txdoda
>>>.....I was using the 3/4 million illegal mex. pop. that's always in the news<<<

3/4 mill. illegal mexicans - your talking about San Siego County - not the whole country. The figure for the U.S. is probably north of 4 million.

236 posted on 11/28/2002 2:01:12 PM PST by HardStarboard
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To: Crusader21stCentury
I am no longer a Republican...

I was never a rat, never considered the Libs. Always stood on the sidelines near the Republican bench. Of late, my interest has been fibrillated, and this last tid bit of info, just made me 'head for the door'.

Do you have any idea what this just did? These cut rate bozo's are going to be doing backhauls for next to nothing. Bush just took out a main column supporting the dyke.



237 posted on 11/28/2002 2:05:44 PM PST by sit-rep
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Quite frankly our 'Ruling Elites' finally decided a few years back that Middle-Class Americans have had it too damn good, for too damn long, and we have simply been added to the list of world-expendibles.

With the advent of modern-day telecommunications and the passage of current Free Trade agreements, they can move their factories anywhere in the world, and run the whole operation from the sunny fantail of their yacht.

Their interest is now in stripping the(ir??) equity OUT of America. GE CEO Jack Welch was once quoted as saying that he wished he could put all his manufacturing and production facilities on a barge and move it around the world to wherever the current cheapest labor was being sourced.

Such abberations of a true U.S. Citizen have NO, allegiance whatsoever to the America the rest of us love. They feel NO obligation to their fellow citizens and families who fought the wars and made the sacrifices, securing the blessings of liberty and freedom for us ALL.

These types offer NO recognition or respect to our Founding Fathers who paid the price in blood and fortune to establish our country ... REAL, HONORABLE MEN, who then freely and selflessly, handed over to us our beloved U.S.Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They understand nothing of such honor... they are but faux-citizens, elites who inherit and hold onto all of the blessings without a speck of indebtedness.

They are deep in their hearts, SELFISH, EGO-DRIVEN, GREED-MONSTERS, who care nothing for our Nation, or our National Sovereignty.

238 posted on 11/28/2002 3:33:54 PM PST by CIBvet
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To: dljordan
Go to Google, type in 'Henry Hyde, Commonwealth of the Americas' and see what you come up with.
239 posted on 11/28/2002 4:02:13 PM PST by monkeywrench
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To: SR71A
My, are you the cynical one!

Yeah, we have problems. What nation with a few hundred million people rattling around within its borders doesn't have rough spots that need improvement.

I'm not a lawyer and don't know if any of your cited examples are of illegal activities or just outright unethical behavior. But greed and the scrambling for an edge over other people is a definite turnoff for me and brings to mind viva yo. Ever heard of it?

The problem with countries that have a legal system based on that of Spain is that it fosters that attitude known as "viva yo". Roughly translated it means "long live me" and implies "to hell with everyone else". No one wants to live within the law because they feel the only way to get ahead is to take shortcuts and flaunt those laws. People from south of the border have brought this attitude with them and it is poisoning our culture.

I believe in prosecuting lawbreakers. Don't you? What I will say is that crossing over a neighboring sovereign nation's border without going through the proper procedures is ILLEGAL and another expample of "viva yo". I don't want it here and am ticked off at a president who is trying to ram it down our throats, no matter the reason.

240 posted on 11/28/2002 11:00:44 PM PST by goody2shooz
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