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Group fears escalating border tension: Calls self-proclaimed militia members 'domestic terrorists'
Sierra Vista Herald-Review ^ | 11/24/02 | Bill Hess

Posted on 11/24/2002 7:49:31 AM PST by Tancredo Fan

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To: Tancredo Fan
You bet she's a moron. She's with the ACLU. Castillo is another moron. She's a "Chicano Studies" professor at Pima Community College and a fancier of extreme animal cruelty and Third World vile habits, according to this. And to think that Colin Powell once told those Mexicans that we share a common culture. What a joke. Incidentally, Powell is off to Castillo's wretched homeland tomorrow to chat with that Marxist Castaneda.

Castillo is also a member of the militant La Raza Unida Party.

81 posted on 11/24/2002 1:35:38 PM PST by Spiff
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To: Spiff
The link is to the official paper of Aztlan, the anti-Semetic, anti-American, anti-white La Voz de Aztlan(The voice of Aztlan).
82 posted on 11/24/2002 1:42:57 PM PST by Sparta
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To: Crusader21stCentury
"Mr. President.. JUST SAY NO TO AMNESTY!"

Send letters - real, snail-mail letters - to the President, Vice President, your Reps and Senators. Snail-mail has a greater influence than email and polls. Write up several different versions of the same letter and send a different one EACH DAY. Tell them that they are going to lose your vote if they don't do something to stop the illegal immigrant problem. Tell them that we are on the verge of open warfare on the Mexico border. Tell them you are going to take your vacation on the border and help guard it. Tell them we need the National Guard on the border, defending US soil, NOW. Tell them that if they want to win AZ, CA, CO, NM and TX in the next election they had better solve this problem, NOW.

Just send the letters. Send email, too, if you want, but make sure to send snail-mail. That has the most impact. If you live in a border state, also contact your state government.
83 posted on 11/24/2002 1:44:52 PM PST by calenel
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To: Sparta
You're right. Sometimes I get my reconquista rat bastards mixed up. Actually, the link was to a book about the La Raza Unida Party that was featured on the La Voz de Aztlan website. The link to the official party website is here
84 posted on 11/24/2002 1:46:54 PM PST by Spiff
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To: Spiff
Jose Angel Gutierrez is the cockroach who founded La Raza Unida. He's a real piece of work, much like Castillo and Garcia.
85 posted on 11/24/2002 1:58:27 PM PST by Tancredo Fan
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To: Tancredo Fan
If the militia she so despises were all of the things she claims them to be, she would have been silenced long ago.

These are law abiding citizens doing a great service to their country, and that she has the freedom to slander them in public and get away with it is proof enough that she hasn't got a clue.

86 posted on 11/24/2002 2:00:53 PM PST by wcbtinman
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To: Tancredo Fan; BrowningBAR; Gritty; madfly; janetgreen; B4Ranch; Spiff
What's really bad is that the reporter put this above the fold on the front page of the local newspaper as news, when it really belongs with the Opinions, 4 pages later.

That's part of my letter to the editor...the other hinges on the 'no crime committed' wasn't the American Border Patrol who:

1. Robbed a bank and killed everyone in side in Nebraska
2. Robbed and raped 2 nuns in Oregon, killing one
3. Beat and robbed an old couple and stole their truck here in Cochise County
4. Went on a sniping/killing spree that ended in Washington D.C.
5. Flew airliners into American buildings

No, those crimes were all committed by illegals. And I'm sure that's just the tippy-top of the iceberg!

87 posted on 11/24/2002 3:23:46 PM PST by HiJinx
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To: Tancredo Fan
Presented by the Federal Election Commission

Individual Contributions Arranged By Type, Giver, Then Recipient

Contributions to Political Committees

TUCSON, AZ 85701

05/21/2002 500.00 22991347702
09/05/2002 260.00 22992206087

Total Contributions:    760.00
88 posted on 11/24/2002 4:07:37 PM PST by Spiff
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To: Spiff
My, my, my. Turns out that Grijalva is a former member of MEChA, according to this 1997 article in the Arizona Wildcat.
89 posted on 11/24/2002 5:24:27 PM PST by Tancredo Fan
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To: claptrap
Let me see if I've got this right. You want to shoot people with evil 'barbed wire' tattoos. Is that right? Do people with evil snakehead tattoos get a pass?
90 posted on 11/24/2002 5:31:40 PM PST by TigersEye
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To: Tancredo Fan
Once a person is in the United States, that individual has the same Constitutional rights as an American citizen

No, they damn sure don't.
91 posted on 11/24/2002 5:44:05 PM PST by philetus
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To: sarcasm
Bush will be in Mexico this coming week to discuss just that.

They are going to legalize millions of illegals, whether we like it or not.
92 posted on 11/24/2002 5:46:57 PM PST by philetus
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To: philetus
Yes, they damn sure do.
93 posted on 11/24/2002 5:52:07 PM PST by TigersEye
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To: philetus
"They are going to legalize millions of illegals, whether we like it or not."

IF that happens during his watch, George W. Bush will be known forevermore as the first U.S. President to surrender to an invading army ON HIS OWN TURF.

94 posted on 11/24/2002 5:55:55 PM PST by F16Fighter
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To: philetus
Posts #'s 59 and 68 give good explanations as to why everyones natural rights are secured by the Constitution.
95 posted on 11/24/2002 5:56:58 PM PST by TigersEye
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To: Tancredo Fan
Excuse me, where's the "BARF" alert? This rates as one of the most nauseating articles I've ever seen on FR.
96 posted on 11/24/2002 6:03:08 PM PST by CWRWinger
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To: Tancredo Fan
Here's a glowing article from La voz De Aztlan (the premiere reconquista rag) about Jorge Castaneda, the Mexican foreign minister who says he's going to urge the Mexican consulates within the United States to begin "propagating militant activities" here.

Jorge Castañeda .

Jorge Castañeda
Foreign Secretary
of Mexico





Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

Castañeda will take office on December 1

Los Angeles, California (November 22, 2000) - (ACN) Mexico's President Elect Vicente Fox has appointed the country's foremost political scientist and author of the acclaimed "Compañero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara,'' as its next Foreign Secretary.

Castaneda is one of the most prolific socialist writers in Latin America and has written numerous books and articles for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and Newsweek Magazine. As visiting professor at Columbia, Harvard, Princeton and other Ivy League schools he has earned the reputation as one of the most articulate leftist in the whole of the Americas. He completed his undergraduate work at Stanford University and received his Ph.D. from the Sarbonne in Paris, France.

In his most popular book "Compañero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara,'' Jorge G. Castaneda reconstructs the complicated life of Argentine revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, explaining how Che ultimately transcended ideology and politics to become a counter-cultural hero and idol of La Raza and many American college students.

Jorge Castañeda, who is read by policy-makers around the globe, has been a senior associate of the Carnegie Institute for International Peace in Washington and also teaches Economics and International Affairs at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico and in addition has an appointment as Professor of Political Science and Latin American Studies at New York University. It is not clear whether he will resign these positions to devote full time to his new assignment.

Jorge Castañeda is the son of Mexican ex-Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda Sr. who died at age 76 in 1997. His father bolstered Mexico's role as regional leader. During his three-year tenure, Castañeda Sr. turned Mexican foreign policy southward, nurturing ties with Central America and moving away from U.S.-centered initiatives. But lack of American support doomed his most ambitious project: a 1982 peace plan for war-torn Nicaragua.

The following is a sample of the new Foreign Secretary's writing on US/Mexico relations and immigration:

"....During the NAFTA debate and at the height of his credibility in the United States, Carlos Salinas argued that failure to ratify the treaty would bring about an economic collapse in Mexico, which in turn would bring about a wave of undocumented immigration to the north. The economic collapse came anyway, but the wave looks more like a steadily rising tide. Were the Clinton Administration, in its obsession with re-election politics, to try to stem that tide, it would threaten the only true deterrent to the proverbial wave:Mexican stability. Any attempt to clamp down on immigration from the south -- by sealing the border militarily, by forcing Mexico to deter its citizens from emigrating, or through some federal version of California's Proposition 187 -- will make social peace in the barrios and pueblos of Mexico untenable.

The United States has traditionally made the right choice between what it considers two connected evils: Mexican instability and Mexican immigration. It fears both but clearly prefers the latter, knowing that the former would only worsen matters. Indeed, immigration has not been a problem in binational relations but, rather, has been part of the solution to other, graver problems.

Some Americans -- undoubtedly more than before -- dislike immigration, but there is very little they can do about it, and the consequences of trying to stop immigration would also certainly be more pernicious than any conceivable advantage. The United States should count its blessings: it has dodged instability on its borders since the Mexican Revolution, now nearly a century ago. The warnings from Mexico are loud and clear;this time it might be a good idea to heed them.

La Raza de Aztlan congratulates Jorge Castañeda on this very important assignment by the new government of Mexico. May the countless suffering Mexican migrants crossing the dangerous border region be beneficiaries of Mr. Castañeda's future efforts.

97 posted on 11/24/2002 6:06:22 PM PST by Spiff
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To: TigersEye
Someone in the U.S. illegally has the same rights as me?

No they do not.I won't be deported.
98 posted on 11/24/2002 6:09:09 PM PST by philetus
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To: cajun-jack
I have two Bro. Dave records and listen to them every once in a while.
99 posted on 11/24/2002 6:15:26 PM PST by nanny
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To: B4Ranch
Actually, there is a very, very simple way to solve this problem with laws that are already on the books. It is illegal to HIRE an illegal alien. Start enforcing the fines against employers and you'll solve two problems at once. The problem of illegals crossing the border to work, and the budget deficit. Those fines would bring in HUGE amounts of revenue to both the state (Arizona has a mega budget deficit) and federal governments.
100 posted on 11/24/2002 6:34:24 PM PST by McGavin999
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