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Canada Must Seriously Address Terrorism
GOPUSA ^ | 11/4/02 | Carol Devine-Molin

Posted on 11/04/2002 4:35:17 AM PST by GOPBlonde

Canada has been taking it on the chin lately, not only by various pundits and journalists, but by US government officials, as well. The 10/11/02 edition of the Washington Times notes that the US ambassador to Canada "urged its government to spend more on defense, since the United States cannot defeat terrorism on its own". Ambassador Paul Cellucci frankly advised the Canadian government that, "It's a dangerous world out there. We need your help. We cannot defend North America alone. We cannot win this campaign against terrorism alone". Reportedly, Canada spends 1.1 percent of its gross domestic product on the military, while the US allocates almost three times that amount, 3 percent, in the military sphere. What's wrong with this picture? Meanwhile, the Canadians continue to spend exorbitant sums on their failed social programs, most notably socialized medicine, which are bankrupting their country.

It's rather appalling that our northern neighbor is a socialist regime that has undermined the "war on terror" by its lax immigration policies and failure to pay its fair share to the defense of the North American continent. Canadian authorities are notorious for poorly screening immigrants, and for accepting inadequate documentation. Moreover, both its Prime Minister, and some Canadian media for that matter, have demonstrated a misguided and cavalier attitude toward terrorism. Political and media elites of Canada are part and parcel of the "politically correct", Leftist crowd that exhibits empathy toward terrorists while "blaming America first". Canadians are really very much akin to the European socialists, such as those found in France and Germany espousing anti-American sentiments. Although somewhat simplistic, both Canadians and Europeans are affected by envy and resentments toward America, as the world's only "superpower".

I've never been much of a fan of journalist Pat Buchanan, but I must admit that he has been right on the mark in his recent comments concerning Canada. According to the "Globe and Mail", Buchanan referred to Canada as a "whining country that has been freeloading off the US defense budget for decades". This statement followed Buchanan's televised remarks calling Canada "Soviet Canuckistan", in response to Canadian officials who "objected to a US law demanding photos and fingerprints from Arab-Canadian visitors to the country (US). Buchanan went on to say, "And to hear this kind of carping criticism from north of the border, from folks whom we give a $50 billion trade surplus each year and whom we defend, got a little bit into my craw". Bravo, Mr. Buchanan, the Canadians need to understand that we Americans have had enough of their ungrateful attitudes and behaviors, and that we require their cooperation in this "war on terrorism".

The Canadian Leftists are throwing conniptions since all Canadian citizens born in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Libya who wish to visit the US must now register with the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System so that they can be appropriately monitored by our officials. And Canadian men, between the ages of 16 and 45, who were born in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Yemen have rightly been added to the list. Well excuse us for attempting to protect ourselves here in America! Our intelligence agencies have advised that Canada is a bastion for terrorists groups, and that the porous Canada - US border has provided easy entry for radical Islamists. Since the Canadians don't care if their nation is used by terrorists as a conduit to America, then it falls totally upon us to secure our borders. And if the Canadians don't like it, tough luck.

Prime Minister Jean Chretien's recent mind-boggling remarks clearly demonstrate his insensitivity to the issue of terrorism. Regarding the September 11th "Day of Infamy" anniversary, socialist Chretien stated, "I do think the Western world is getting too rich in relation to the poor world. And we're looked at as being arrogant, self-satisfying, greedy and with no limits. And September 11th is an occasion for me to realize it even more". Oh, so we had it coming to us because we live in a prosperous nation? Shame on you, Mr. Chretien! You are only victimizing the victims of that horrific terrorist assault once again. Place the blame on the true perpetrators, the radical Islamists, many of whom came from well-off families.

Moreover, Prime Minister Chretien's government initially left both the Hamas and Hezbollah Jihadist groups off of their "outlawed terrorist organization" list. Thank heavens, the opposition conservative party held Chretien's feet to the fire. As to Hamas, Chretien fumbled and equivocated, stating only that the military wing (not the charitable wing) was terrorist, in nature. Certainly, both Hamas and Hezbollah should have been considered illegal groups from the get-go, and were subsequently added to the terrorist roster.

In a nutshell, the Canadian government must get with the program and fully cooperate with the United States, in efforts to successfully tackle terrorism. Otherwise, Canada will be further assailed by Americans for their negligent behaviors.

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1 posted on 11/04/2002 4:35:17 AM PST by GOPBlonde
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To: GOPBlonde
2 posted on 11/04/2002 4:42:12 AM PST by Iowa Granny
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To: Iowa Granny
Sorry, we have to be tough with those Canadian Leftists. They don't care if we crash and burn due to terrorism.
3 posted on 11/04/2002 5:31:54 AM PST by GOPBlonde
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To: GOPBlonde
please, do not be sorry,"it is time for them to go".
4 posted on 11/04/2002 6:17:25 AM PST by albertabound
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To: albertabound
Is this the face of a worried man? Libs are warming up for the kill,,their own,
5 posted on 11/04/2002 6:23:13 AM PST by Snowyman
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To: IllegalAliensOUT
When Buchanan rants at Canada he's looking at her people, not her government. The two are suppost to support each other but that hasn't been the case. Events that Americans never hear about are slowly changing the government more in favour of the people and what has to be done. It takes time.

Buchanan says the US gives Canada a 50 billion surplus. No Canadian would say that Canada gives the USA a 50 billion deficit. That's asinine. But apparently that's what Buchanan thinks and it sticks in Buchanan's craw. Buchanan claims the US protects Canada, From who? And the US Ambassador says the US needs our help. The US can't do it alone. Yet according to Buchanan the US has being doing it alone for years and that sticks in his craw . So who's out of the loop ? Buchanan or the Ambassador?

And the real question is. How many people really listen to Pat Buchanan whine? I'll bet the answer would stick in his craw.

7 posted on 11/04/2002 4:42:45 PM PST by Snowyman
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