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Free Republic 4th Qtr 2023 Fundraising Target: $75,000 Receipts & Pledges to-date: $1,595
Woo hoo!! And our first 2% is in!! Thank you all very much!! God bless.

FReepathon: Our new Donation System is Ready to Roll! -- Thread Six
Donate to Free Republic via our Secure Server ^ | Jim Robinson

Posted on 10/09/2002 9:45:34 AM PDT by Mo1

Welcome to the New Free Republic Donation System!

John has programmed a great new donation system for us. It can accept credit cards or PayPal donations and will eventually also accept electronic checks. We have installed a new secure server system and have contracted with to do the actual credit card processing, and, of course, PayPal will process the PayPal donations through their system.

I've changed the links on our front page to link to the new program:

Donate Here By Secure Server

If you have bookmarks to the old system, please update to the new. The old system will be discontinued.

Take a test drive through the new system if you haven't already, and notice that it has several new features and reports available, including scoreboard, current stats, our budget and a faq. It's live now, so if you enter a donation it's for real (and thank you very much if you do).

John will continue making enhancements to the new system as we go, but the basic program is ready to go, and is live, and on the air.

We've decided to roll out our 4th quarter fundraiser with the new system on a late Saturday afternoon, as Saturday's are slow days and we might as well be gentle while breaking in the new system.

Thank you John for the new system! Great work!

Thank you BadJoe, WillaJohns, WIMom and all of the dedicated hardworking volunteers on the fundraising team who have helped us so much with these FReepathons in the past.

And thank you all for your continuing efforts! Without your dedication and hard work, FR could not stay on the air.

And thank you FReepers! Without your continued participation and financial support there would be no Free Republic!

A note to current monthly donors: We will need you to re-enter your recurring monthly donation to the new system, but please do not do it yet. Joe just processed your September donations on the 20th of September. The new system processes your donation on the day it is entered, so please wait until later in October to start your monthly on the new system. Also, please let BadJoe know via FReepmail (and please include your real name so he can match it with your credit card info in his file) after you re-enter your monthly donation so he can take you off his list. At the end of October, he will email all of those on his list who have not contacted him to remind them of the new system. Thank you very much for your continued support.

A note to prospective new monthly donors: We have included a list of our fixed monthly expenses as well as an estimate of our non-recurring expenses on our budget page of the donation system. We've also included an estimate of our current recurring monthly donations from our monthly donors. If and when the total of the recurring monthly donations ever meets our monthly expenses, there will no longer be a need for these FReepathons. It can happen someday. Thank you for considering a regular monthly contribution.

Note to all: We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding election cycle. I know that we are not all in full agreement on this, but I sincerely believe that we have an excellent opportunity with this election to set the liberals back many years. And I also believe that winning this election in a big way for the conservatives will be the spark that allows our fight to return the Constitution to its rightful place as the Supreme Law of the Land to really get off the ground. I sincerely believe this is essential in our fight to secure our Liberty!

We hold the White House and the House of Representatives. If we re-take the majority in the Senate, it will be one of the very rare times in our history that the conservatives have held the majority control in all departments.

I see this as a gift from God. A majority means that the conservatives will chair the various committees of Congress and can set the legislative agenda. And, perhaps more importantly, a majority in the Senate will make it much more likely that President Bush's appointments will be confirmed.

This means we will be able to start replacing some of the liberal judicial activists on the bench with conservatives (don't tell Daschle & Co. that) and perhaps we will finally have a real shot at actually overturning some of the liberal bunk that has been foisted on us over the last century or so. How about overturning Roe vs Wade? With the current mood of the populace and with a conservative Senate, I think it can be done!

Remember, the liberals have controlled all or most of our government for at least 80 of the last 100 years. No wonder we are in such a mess today. This is the best opportunity we've ever had to reverse it in a big way. Kick the liberals out! Take control of the Senate and replace the liberal judiciary. This alone will set liberalism back thirty to forty years!

We must not fail to take advantage of this opportunity. Daschle and Company sense their days are numbered and are in a panic. Now is the time to redouble our efforts and throw these bums out!

I expect the volume on Free Republic to pick-up substantially as we head into the final weeks and days of the campaign season. And I expect exciting things will be happening for for all of us!

Thank you all very much!

God bless you all and may God continue to bless America!

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KEYWORDS: appreciation; bandwidth; celebration; freepathon; freepers; gratitude; love; supportoursite
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1 posted on 10/09/2002 9:45:35 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: Mo1

Thanks PhillyGal - nicely done.

2 posted on 10/09/2002 9:47:46 AM PDT by lodwick
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To: Mo1
OK...afternoon everyone!

I love the graphic of the lady hollering.

3 posted on 10/09/2002 9:48:16 AM PDT by cake_crumb
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Help Us Break On Through Our Donation Goal!

Donate Here By Secure Server

Or mail checks to
FreeRepublic , LLC
PO BOX 9771
FRESNO, CA 93794

or you can use

PayPal at


4 posted on 10/09/2002 9:49:26 AM PDT by William McKinley
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To: cake_crumb
LOL ... its catches a persons attention
5 posted on 10/09/2002 9:52:37 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: All; WVNan

Any FReeper or Lurker who makes a regular monthly donation to Free Republic by credit card, check, or PayPal may add his/her screen name to this list by simply FReepmailing the message "I am a monthly donor" to me or just declaring themselves on the FReepathon thread.

This list is completely voluntary. No name is added without permission. The list is posted periodically during fundraisers on the FReepathon thread .

We want to see this list expand until we have thousands of FReepers and Lurkers to make certain that Free Republic, the best conservative website on the internet, will continue to be here and grow. Thank you all for your support!


SamAdams76, BADJOE, Requiem for Truth, RottiBiz,


Vermonter, f.Christian, d14truth, harpo 11, Topaz,

kayak, dutchess, Angelwood, Ron C., McGavin999,

Kathy in Alaska, FairWitness, Concerto in D,

Fiddlstix, Alamo-Girl, TomServo, afraidfortherepublic,

acnielsen guy, grammymoon, grannie9, Kathleen,

lodwick, Mo1, Quilla, RichInOC, TheJudge, blam,

Servant of the Nine, steveegg, duckbutt, MindyW,

Moiraine, calypgin, Darlin', Arizflash, Letitring,

Wingsofgold, CaptRon, GunsareOK, tomkat,

Exit 148, babble-on, Jakarta ex-pat, Mr. Smorch,

Minute Gal, connectthedots, uglybiker, dalereed,

oneway, WIMom, Max Monroe, The Right Stuff,

Ted, Black Birch, parsifal, Gabz, Carolinamom,

Great Dane, cayuga, LBGA, katykelly, don-o,

undergroundwarrior, persecutor, Grampa Dave,

betsyross, NSpiritOnly, Samizdat, Reagan's_Mom,

Ragtime Cowgirl, SouthernBelle, LJLucido, Jacvin,

The Shrew, Txzman, AntiJen, IoCaster, EdReform,

Dengar01, Nick Danger, Ligeia, swheats, Billie,

Southflanknorthpawsis, Brian Allen, EdZep, Howlin,

glock rocks, Slip18, KirkandBurke, Snow Bunny,

FallGuy, brewcrew, WIladyconservative, estrogen,

Reagan is King, Carolina, RonDog, Little Bill,

Bush_Democrat, abner, NerdDad,

Old China Hand, PhiKapMom, LincolnLover,

TroutStalker, zip, The Mayor, notaliberal,

MadelineZapeezda, basil, Betty Jane, Libertina,

A Citizen Reporter, Teacher317, Collier,

GovernmentShrinker, Molly Pitcher, HairOfTheDog,

Bahbah, RikaStrom, Prodigal Son, SoDak, sciencediet,

RAT Patrol, Elkiejg, freedomlover, Stopspin,

bazbo, COB1, SC Swamp Fox, cpdiii, RJayneJ,

Chairman_December_19th_Society, SeaDragon,

Lorena, MdmKoochie, petuniasevan, Mama_Bear,

Flashman_at_the_charge, angelo, Alissa, texasbluebell,

Conservative_Dr.Pepper_Drinker, Cyber Liberty,

dread78645, F.J. Mitchell, SheLion, dixiechick2000,

shetlan, repubmom, southerngrit, brityank, HiJinx,

Ken H, RobFromGa, xzins, Otto von Bismark, terilyn,

Tony in Hawaii, crazy aunt in the attic, Corin Stormhands,

Sunshine Sister, McLynnan, LuigiBasco, looney tune,

katnip, PartyofOne, AmerRepb, Beep, Just another Joe,

cyphergirl, LocDoc, Penny1, RedWing9, OC_Steve,

ThePythonicCow, rintense, j_tull, GeekDejour, Torie,

mountainfolk, Budge, justshe, SubMareener, neets,

Pippin, kattracks, FreeTheHostages, Beth, Ditter, xJones,

SFBiker80814, William McKinley, WVNan

6 posted on 10/09/2002 10:02:09 AM PDT by RottiBiz
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To: Mo1
Sure does!
7 posted on 10/09/2002 10:02:35 AM PDT by cake_crumb
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To: lodwick
It's the wrong kind of roll and what's all that stuff ..

I'll have to look for a picture .. TRUST ME

Philly Cheesesteaks are THE BEST!!
8 posted on 10/09/2002 10:03:32 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: All

Who wants to sign up? Do you do a monthly? Is it at least $30 a month?

Do you mail, PayPal or CC at least $365 a year  to FreeRepublic?

Let us know by FReepmail and we will put you down as a Dollar-A-Day FReeper. We know there are lots more of you than appear on this list!

Currently known Dollar-A-Day FReepers:

  2. Requiem for Truth
  3. 2ndMostConservativeBrdMember
  4. RottiBiz
  5. Vermonter
  6. f.Christian
  7. d14truth
  8. harpo11
  9. Topaz
  10. kayak
  11. dutchess
  12. Angelwood
  13. Ron C.
  14. McGavin999
  15. Kathy in Alaska
  16. FairWitness
  17. Fiddlstix
  18. Alamo-Girl
  19. TomServo
  20. afraidfortherepublic
  21. grammymoon
  22. acnielsen guy
  23. grannie9
  24. Kathleen
  25. lodwick
  26. Mo1
  27. Quilla
  28. RichInOC
  29. Servant of the Nine
  30. TheJudge
  31. steveegg
  32. duckbutt
  33. MindyW
  34. Moiraine
  35. calypgin
  36. Darlin'
  37. Arizflash
  38. Wingsofgold
  39. Letitring
  40. CaptRon
  41. GunsareOK
  42. tomkat
  43. Exit 148
  44. babble-on
  45. Jakarta ex-pat
  46. Mr.Smorch
  47. connectthedots
  48. uglybiker
  49. dalereed
  50. blam
  51. Minute Gal
  52. LBGA
  53. Jacvin
  54. oneway
  55. Black Birch
  56. Fred Mertz
  57. cayuga
  58. WIMom
  59. folklore
  60. Brian Allen
  61. Slip18
  62. Katya
  63. basil
  64. GovernmentShrinker
  65. Teacher317
  66. The Shrew
  67. EdReform
  68. COB1
  69. SC Swamp Fox
  70. Chairman_December_19th_Society
  71. SamAdams76
  72. katykelly
  73. Betty Jane
  74. Mama_Bear
  75. Flashman_at_the_charge
  76. texasbluebell
  77. Cyber Liberty
  78. dread78645
  79. HairOfTheDog
  80. Faraday
  81. HiJinx
  82. Ken H
  83. RobFromGa
  84. xzins
  85. glock rocks
  86. LocDoc
  87. OC_Steve
  88. ThePythonicCow
  89. brityank
  90. Nick Danger
  91. southerngrit
  92. GeekDejure
  93. Torie
  94. crazy aunt in the attic
  95. SubMareener
  96. Howlin
  97. Ditter
  98. xJones

9 posted on 10/09/2002 10:04:20 AM PDT by RottiBiz
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To: William McKinley
GREAT JOB on the posts .. THanks
10 posted on 10/09/2002 10:05:54 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: Mo1; All
Click the Pic! J


11 posted on 10/09/2002 10:18:24 AM PDT by Fiddlstix
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To: Mo1
bump !
12 posted on 10/09/2002 10:20:06 AM PDT by glock rocks
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To: Grampa Dave
where's the dog, Dave?
13 posted on 10/09/2002 10:20:59 AM PDT by glock rocks
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To: lodwick
Dang .. I can only find pictures from Pat's .. Pat's are ok, but I like real cheese instead of Cheese Wiz
14 posted on 10/09/2002 10:23:08 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: Fiddlstix
Afternoon Fiddlstix
15 posted on 10/09/2002 10:24:52 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: Mo1
Howdy everyone!

Here are the latest:

$50 from Florida
$20 from Pennsylvania
$10 from New Mexico
$50 from Ohio
$10 from Maryland
$30 from New Hampshire
$25 from Florida
$20 from Alabama
$100 from Maryland
$100 from Michigan
$50 from North Carolina
$50 from South Dakota
$50 from Georgia

Thank you all very much!!
16 posted on 10/09/2002 10:25:13 AM PDT by Jim Robinson
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To: glock rocks
Thank You Freepers
New Mexico

17 posted on 10/09/2002 10:28:28 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: RottiBiz
Thank You Freepers From
New Hampshire

18 posted on 10/09/2002 10:29:53 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: Fiddlstix
Thank You Freepers From

19 posted on 10/09/2002 10:31:10 AM PDT by Mo1
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To: cake_crumb
Thank You Freepers From
North Carolina
South Dakota

20 posted on 10/09/2002 10:32:39 AM PDT by Mo1
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