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James Traficant's One-Minute Speeches, 1998
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Posted on 07/29/2002 8:12:10 AM PDT by It'salmosttolate

October 15, 1998
Mr. Speaker, another chapter on American steel. We have already read Chapter 11, Chapter 13, and we are about to read a stone cold Chapter 7 due to illegal trade, dumping steel in America below cost, destroying families, destroying companies, destroying jobs, destroying pensions, and nobody is doing one thing about it.
We pass laws here, and the law is not being enforced. There is such a glut of steel there is a fire sale in America. America is burning. And while America burns, the administration is fiddling doing nothing.
Today you will have an opportunity to vote on a resolution. I predict that there will be an attempt to bring a softer resolution than mine. Today is the time to stand up for legal trade.

October 14, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Merrill Lynch just cut 3,000 jobs. Ameritech cut 5,000 jobs. Raytheon cut 14,000 jobs. Motorola cut 15,000 jobs. AT&T cut 20,000 jobs. Boeing cut 30,000 jobs. Jobs lost. Jobs lost. And Japan, Russia, Brazil and Korea are
destroying our steel industry and getting away with it. Illegal trade, getting away with it.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen. While Washington is bailing out Asia and Brazil, American workers are getting the pink slips because of in fact illegal trade from people we are giving loans to.
Beam me up. We were not elected to the United Nations. We were elected to the Congress of the United States and Congress should take care of America first, before there is not a job left here.
I yield back the balance of any jobs left in this country.

October 13, 1998
Mr. Speaker, check this out. A bunch of rich, fat cats on Wall Street, through their hedge fund, gambled $100 billion on the Russian ruble with borrowed American money.
We can figure it out, they lost big time and the Fed had to bail them out saying if they did not, there could possibly be a depression in America.
Unbelievable, is it not? Think about it. Bailout for Russia, bailout for Japan, bailout for Mexico, bailout for rich fat cats gambling with our money, and now we are talking about an $18 billion bailout for Brazil and Russia, who are dumping steel illegally in America destroying our economy.
Beam me up.
What is next? Foreign aid for China? I do not think Congress will wise up until Uncle Sam needs a bailout. I yield back whatever money is left.

October 12, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the White House said, give the International Monetary Fund $18 billion more, or we will shut the government down. Take it and like it, Congress. Shut up and pass it, Congress.
Enough is enough. When will the Congress grow a backbone? What is going on here, Mr. Speaker? I say if that is the deal, shut the government down. You know not one American will be hurt. We can retroactively take care of them. But I am not for one more penny for the international monetary slush fund.
We give them the money. They buy Chinese products with it. Foreign leaders steal it, and then they vote against us at the United Nations 90 percent of the time.
Beam me up. If we are going to flush another $18 billion down the toilet, then push the handle, Congress, and flush it in America.
I yield back the balance of anything worth flushing with the International Monetary Fund.


October 9, 1998
Madam Speaker, let us see if this makes some sense: Foreign banks all over the world make bad loans knowingly to prop up their falling economies hoping against hope to salvage
their systems. Then their businesses go belly up. They default on their loans, the banks fail, and then the foreign banks dial 911 to Uncle Sam for more money. The International Monetary Fund then calls Uncle Sam and says: `If you don't make these countries and these foreign banks any more loans, they won't buy your products.'
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. When American taxpayers are subsidizing foreign economies and they are denying American products, we need a proctologist to give us some counseling.

October 7, 1998
Mr. Speaker, in America we have record trade deficits, record bankruptcies, record debt, consolidations, downsizing, more American jobs keep going overseas, a schizophrenia stock market, all symptoms of a major economic problem in America.
After all this, the experts say American taxpayers must keep sending more money to the International Monetary Fund to prop up foreign countries to avert disaster. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker.
When American dollars end up in the pockets of foreign politicians who then vote against America at the United Nations, something is wrong with this policy, very wrong. I say these foreign countries do not need American taxpayer dollars. They need reform. Think about it.
Mr. Speaker, I yield back what economy we have left.

October 5, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Russia got $20 billion, Asia got over $100 billion, and now International Monetary Fund wants a $30 billion bailout for Brazil. That is right, the same Brazil that illegally dumps millions of tons of steel in America, below the production cost, destroying American jobs and American families.
Unbelievable. Think about it. Bailout for Russia, they sell missiles to our enemy; bailout to Asia and Japan, they rip us off with illegal trade; bailout to Brazil, they destroy American jobs. What is next, a bailout for Saddam Hussein?
We are not playing monopoly down here. These are taxpayer dollars. Enough is enough. Last I heard it was Uncle Sam, not Uncle Sucker. I yield back the balance of the hard-working jobs that the steel industry is losing.

October 1, 1998
Mr. Speaker, once again genocide has reared its ugly head. Serbian President Milosevic is brutally exterminating ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. Women, children, even the elderly are being slaughtered. After all this, France says, and I quote, `We must send a strong message.'
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. The last I heard, NATO did not work for the Western Union. It is time for NATO to do their job.
It is time for France to step up once in a while. It is time for Europe to help us out, and it is time for independence in Kosovo.
One last thing, Mr. Speaker. Milosevic must be stopped. It is about time for France to do their job, too.

September 28, 1998
Mr. Speaker, congratulations to `Big Mac McGwire' and `Slamming Sammy Sosa.' Their achievements and their character are in fact role models for all of America's youth.
Today I rise, however, to pay tribute to 2 sort of forgotten past baseball heroes. Josh Gibson of the old Negro leagues hit 85 home runs in the early 1930s. Thank God it was recognized and he was placed into the Hall of Fame. The other forgotten man is the kid from Fargo. He stood right next to Babe Ruth for 37 years. Two-time MVP, home run king, and a good person, Roger Maris.
I say to my colleagues, it is time for baseball to do the right thing like they did with Josh Gibson; it is time to put the kid from Fargo, Roger Maris, in the Hall of Fame. Sammy and Big Mac showed just what a tremendous achievement Roger Maris and Josh Gibson had, in fact, achieved.

September 25, 1998
Mr. Speaker, American workers are sick and tired of fast track. Take today's fast track, for example, another fast track that will send more American factories, more American investment, and more American jobs overseas, this time to Central America.
In return, America will get two used Ford pick-up trucks, another 50 tons of heroin and cocaine, and three baseball players, to be named later. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. Washington does not need more lobbyists and lawyers to advise Congress. I honestly believe that a proctologist is in order down here. I yield back whatever common sense is left.

September 24, 1998
Mr. Speaker, China's trade surplus has ballooned to over $1 billion a week, and China is doing it illegally: prison labor, slave wages at 17 cents an hour, illegal dumping, trade barriers. When confronted, China thumbs their nose right in our faces.
In fact, they now say the real trade deficit in America is only pennies on the dollar with China. I ask today, who is teaching those communist accountants? The Internal Revenue Service?
Beam me up.
Mr. Speaker, I say this: Congress should stop coddling China. This is not about trade anymore. It is about national security.
And a communist nation is ripping off Uncle Sam.

September 23, 1998
Mr. Speaker, America has a $60 million trade deficit with Japan, $50 billion with China, a $24 billion deficit with Canada, $20 plus billion with Mexico. The bleeding goes on and on, good-paying jobs lost by the thousands every week, every month.
After all this, Congress wants more fast track trade programs. Unbelievable. Congress does not need fast track; Congress needs a swift kick. What is next, our sons and daughters applying for a job in Mexico? Beam me up. Free trade, my ascot.
This is a free ride for people overseas being paid for by American workers who are being retrained. Think about it.

September 17, 1998
Mr. Speaker, first there was the gentleman from Indiana (Mr. Dan Burton), then the gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Paul McHale), now our great chairman, the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Henry Hyde).
Let us tell it like it is. The same White House that destroyed Billy Dale, the same White House that called Monica Lewinsky a liar, the same White House that abandoned Lonnie Guinier is on the attack.
It is time to ask, Congress: How many files of American citizens were illegally transferred from the FBI to the White House and who ordered it? Are you on the list? Are you on the list? Am I on that list?
Enough is enough. The gentleman from Indiana, the gentleman from Pennsylvania, and the gentleman from Illinois are not on trial. It is time for the House of Representatives to tell the White House that their `spin to win' could provoke `the move to remove.'
In America, the people govern. And America is a Nation of laws. I yield back the balance of my time in the soap opera in Washington, D.C.

September 16, 1998
Mr. Speaker, a new report says that American students just do not know: 70 percent do not know the name of the Vice President; 40 percent do not know the three branches of government; 25 percent do not know what the fifth amendment means; and only 2 percent know the name of the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
On the other hand, 99 percent know Michael Jordan, 99 percent know Mark McGwire, and 60 percent of American teenagers can cite all three names of the Three Stooges. Is it any wonder American students rank 14th around the world in achievement test scores?
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. It is a sad day when more teenagers know Monica Lewinsky than Judge Rehnquist. And it is a sadder day when more teenagers know Larry, Moe, and Curly than reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Think about that one.

September 15, 1998
Mr. Speaker, if Joe Q. Citizen lied in a civil trial, he would be sued for every penny. If Joe Q. Citizen lied to a Grand Jury, he would go to jail. Lying is perjury. Perjury is a crime.
Now, having said that, what is going on here, Mr. Speaker? Does America now have two legal standards, one for you, one for me; one for he, one for she; one for generals, one for soldiers; one for Presidents, one for residents?
Let us tell it like it is. Joe Q. Citizen cannot apologize, Joe Q. Citizen is not censured, Joe Q. Citizen is prosecuted. And let me warn Congress: An America with two legal standards is an America with no legal standards.
Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of the lives of all of the soldiers that gave their lives fighting to preserve our freedom.

September 10, 1998
Madame Speaker, from the military to the Oval Office, America now has a new moral standard: Don't ask, don't tell.
What's next, Madam Speaker? Can't ask, won't tell? Beam me up!
The First Amendment was never intended to hide truth. The First Amendment was intended to promote and preserve truth and justice.
No wonder that values and morals in America have gone to hell. Just think about it. Congress aided and abetted this whole process when it removed God from our schools.
Now we face the test. The test of morals and values.

September 9, 1998
Mr. Speaker, this Monica matter is serious, but it pales in comparison to the reports that the White House was bribed with Chinese money. Unbelievable.
I don't know if it's true, but I know one thing. Janet Reno has turned her back on both the American people and the Constitutuion.
Let's tell it like it is. Janet Reno should either lead or get out of the way. I say to my colleagues, Monica is a fly on her face. This Chinese money is a dragon eating her assets.
I say, Janet Reno has two decisions to make. One is to appoint an independent counsel to scrutinize and investigate this madness, or number two, Janet Reno should resign. I urge my colleagues to think about it.
I yield back the balance of any national security we may have left.

August 5, 1998
Mr. Speaker, David Bowie and Yoko Ono have sponsored Herman Nitsch's 6-day Orgy Mystery Theater.
In the name of art, 3 bulls and 6 pigs will be castrated, disemboweled, then eaten by a live audience.
A press release says Nitsch's students will not only paint with the fresh blood of these sacrificed beasts but also their entrails.
Who is this guy teaching? Jeffrey Dahmer? Ridiculous. If that is not enough to massage your Mona Lisa, art critics say this is an
improvement over this Dracula of canvas last offering.
My colleagues, this guy decorated beautiful, naked women with the bowels of dead animals. Beam me up. What is next, folks?
The Lorena Bobbitt do-it-yourself art expo?
This art business is out of control. We have gone from Michelangelo and Picasso to Herman Nitsch and Charlie Kruger. I yield
back any body parts left after this expo.

August 4, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the media says, `If it is on the dress, he must confess.' I say, `If the dragon fits, Janet Reno should commit.'
That is right, Janet Reno should appoint an independent counsel to investigate this Chinagate business. Even FBI director Louis
Freeh agrees. But Janet Reno says, no, absolutely not. That is unbelievable to me.
The Justice Department cries out for reform from the top to the bottom. It is such a joke. If someone at the Justice Department
commits a crime, that crime is investigated by a peer, a friend, a buddy in the same Justice Department.
Beam me up. From Waco, to Ruby Ridge, to China, to Filegate, it is out of control. While Monica's dress may be a fly on her face, my colleagues, I submit that China is a dragon eating our assets.
I yield back any justice left at the United States Justice Department.

August 3, 1998
Mr. Speaker, a new report says only 7 percent of scientists believe in God. That is right. And the reason they gave was that the scientists are `super smart.' Unbelievable. Most of these absent-minded professors cannot find the toilet.
Mr. Speaker, I have one question for these wise guys to constipate over: How can some thing come from no thing?
And while they digest that, Mr. Speaker, let us tell it like it is. Put these super-cerebral master debaters in some foxhole with bombs bursting all around them, and I guarantee they will not be praying to Frankenstein.
Beam me up here. My colleagues, all the education in the world is worthless without God and a little bit of common sense. And I yield back whatever we have left.

July 30, 1998
Madam Speaker, a new government study says if you are rich, you will live longer. If you are educated, you will live longer. If you do not smoke, you will probably live longer. If you can avoid cancer, you will live longer.
No kidding, Sherlock. After $1 million, our government is telling us what Grandma told us years ago: If you smoke, you will probably die; if you do not get an education, you are not going to get a job; and if you do not have a job, you are going to be poor and you are not going to eat.
Beam me up. What is next? Do we give these people more millions to tell us if you commit suicide, you will not live long? If there is any consolation to poor people in America who happen to smoke and do not have a job, I never heard of anybody committing suicide by jumping out of a basement window. There is some dignity in poverty. Poor people are God's people, too.
Madam Speaker, I think we should slow down the money for these scientific mind-benders.

July 29, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the Lord's prayer is 66 words. The Gettysburg Address is 286 words. The Declaration of Independence is 1,322 words. U.S. regulations on the sale of cabbage, that is right cabbage, is 27,000 words.
Now that is enough to give Hulk Hogan's dictionary a hernia. Check this out. Regulatory red tape in America costs taxpayers $400 billion every year, over $4,000 each year, every year, year in, year out, for every family. Beam me up. With regulations like this, it is no wonder American jobs keep moving overseas.
Mr. Speaker, I want to yield back all of the reg writing bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. that never stood in an unemployment line.

July 22, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the World Bank makes loans to communists with American dollars. The World Trade Organization regularly rips us off. The United Nations sends American troops into war. That is right. We are not sending the Peace Corps here, folks.
If that is not enough to compromise your Viagra, the United Nations has created a world court with universal authority and jurisdiction. Unbelievable. What is next, a world tax? Beam me up.
I say the Constitution of the United States should not be surrendered to a bunch of international bureaucrats who regularly rule against us, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, I do not know about you, but I did not pledge an oath to the charter of the United Nations. I pledged an oath to the Constitution of the United States and I think the Congress of the United States should put its foot down before we become known as background music in some doctor's office. I yield back any courage we have left.

July 20, 1998
Mr. Speaker, America had a $15.7 billion record deficit in May. Billion. The formula says for every $1 billion in deficits, America loses 20,000 jobs. So in May, check the formula, America lost 314,000 jobs. These are not burger flippers or chicken skinners. These are manufacturing jobs, folks. It is getting so bad China today has a 34 percent tariff on most American products. After all this, the White House by whatever name you want to call it once again wants most-favored-nation trade status for China. Unbelievable.
Who are the trade advisers at the White House, a bunch of proctologists, ladies and gentlemen? This is out of hand. Think about it. While Congress is debating campaign finance reform that was promulgated because of illegal Chinese contributions, the Chinese keep kicking our assets all the way to the bank. Beam me up. We need a proctologist.

July 17, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the Drug Czar opposes it, the White House opposes it, Immigration opposes it, the Pentagon opposes it. They all oppose the Traficant program that authorizes but not mandates the use of troops to straighten out our border. But they also have some interesting company. The Colombian drug cartel is now reported opposing it. The Mexican drug lords oppose it and fear it. The Golden Triangle heroin bosses for the first time are worried about getting heroin into America.
The unusual thing about this program is, the only support I have is a number of Members of Congress and the American people, in growing numbers.
Mr. Speaker, the White House will not get it until there is a six-foot syringe full of heroin shoved up the asset of some bureaucrat at the White House.
Beam me up. What about our children? What about addiction? How many years do we lament the use of narcotics, and we allow it to come across our border?
Only one of every three trucks are searched. I say on the House floor today, a nuclear warhead could cross our border and we would not know it.
I yield back any common sense left in the government of our country.

July 15, 1998
Mr. Speaker, once in America, parents imparted their values and morals to their children. Today, it is out with parents, in with computers. Some even liken it to a Tower of Babble in each family room.
Check this out. Last month a woman gave birth on the Internet; and today two teenagers announced, through their attorney, no less, that they will surrender their virginity live on the Internet. Unbelievable. What is next? A late-term abortion? How about an on-line sacrifice to Satan, folks?
I say it is time for these computer companies to shove their software up their hard drives live on the Internet.
One last thing, on a serious note. I believe America is in sad shape when computers begin to replace parents in passing down our morals and values.
I yield back any common sense left in the country.

July 14, 1998
Mr. Speaker, since 1992, Russia has gotten $35 billion from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and foreign aid from the United States of America. And reports say, check this, not one penny of all those billions can be accounted for.
Now, if that is not enough to tax your vodka, the International Monetary Fund today is giving Russia another $22 billion, to which the White House said, `Russia needs the money, and this time they promise to behave.' Promises, my ascot, Mr. Speaker. Russia promised before, and they sold missiles to our enemies. China gets all our cash, and they have nuclear warheads pointed at America.
Promises, promises, promises. My colleagues, the last thing America needs is to give more money to China and Russia, who are building armies with our tax dollars. But what do I know, I am still trying to figure out the Tax Code.

June 24, 1998
Mr. Speaker, on the very day that President Clinton leaves for China, China thumbs their nose at America once again. Check this out.
Top U.S. officials say, and I quote: China stole a top secret device off an American satellite. The theft was so serious, our National Security Agency was forced to change all of our communication codes.
After all of this, the White House still wants a permanent Most Favored Nation trade status for China.
Free trade my ascot, Mr. Speaker.
This is a free ride and a free for all for China, who is gobbling up our national security secrets faster than the President can down a Big Mac and a box of fries. Think about that.
Mr. Speaker, I want to yield back what secret codes, secrets, and national security we have left.

June 23, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Russia wants another $10 billion, and President Clinton says, `Okay with me,' even though the last $10 billion was stolen.
That is right. Russian leaders said, and I quote, `It's missing.'
In the words of Marvin Gaye, my colleagues, `What's going on?' Russian leaders steal our money, and then with our money they build nuclear reactors in India against our wishes. Then with our money they build missiles and then sell the missiles to Iran who refers to Uncle Sam as `The Great Satan.'
Let me say this, Congress. If we give these people another $10 billion, Uncle Sam will not be called Great Satan any more. We will be known as the Great Sucker all around the world. Ronald Reagan must be absolutely sick to his stomach today.


June 22, 1998
Mr. Speaker, China blocks access to our products, sells missiles to our enemies, and, if that is not enough to tax your migraine, the President now wants to reward them with permanent most-favored-nation trade status.
I think it is time to tell it like it is. When it comes to China, we have gone from `speak softly and carry a big stick' to `take the Fifth and carry a toothpick.'
Beam me up.
I yield back now all of the new trucks that General Motors will be building in China.

June 19, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Mildred Rosario, a sixth grade teacher in the Bronx, was fired. Mildred was fired for attempting to comfort her students over the drowning loss of a fellow classmate by simply saying he was in heaven.
Mildred was fired for saying, I quote, he was in heaven.
In America teachers can pass out condoms in school. Teachers can pass out needles. Teachers can even have forums and discussions on devil worship. But in America teachers cannot even mention God.
Beam me up.
A Nation that can discuss devil worship in our schools but cannot even mention God is a Nation that has lost both its sense of values and its sense of common sense.
Mr. Speaker, I yield back any problems we have in our schools.

June 17, 1998
Mr. Speaker, more threats from Communists: North Korea said, `We will sell missiles to your enemies, and if you want to stop us, Uncle Sam, you will have to pay us.'
Sources say that North Korea believes there is a softening of resolve in Washington. Evidently, North Korea believes that a White House that will make no demands on China after China threatened Taiwan and Los Angeles is a White House that will make no demands on communists, my colleagues.
Beam me up. North Korea would never say in-your-face threats to Ronald Reagan.
Congress better look at these foreign entanglements that endanger our national sovereignty.
I yield back any missiles pointed at America.

June 16, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Japan is beating the White House like a drum. Check this out: Japan lets the yen hit rock bottom, making Japanese products lower than a Dolly Parton wonder bra, forcing Japan's Asian rivals to dial 911 for Uncle Sam, who has already given $120 billion from the International Monetary Fund to bail out Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia.
And, you guessed it, the White House says, they need it and the White House wants $18 billion more for IMF.
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. Let us tell it like it is. This International Monetary Fund does not look like a loan program to me. It is starting to look like international welfare, and Japan is cashing the food stamps while they laugh all the way to the bank with our dollars.
You think about that, and I yield back the 207 points of fright on Wall Street.

June 11, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the IRS and Treasury Department want to soften the language of the burden of proof provision in the IRS reform bill. Let us tell it like it is. The administration wants the accused taxpayer to remain under the gun.
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker.
If `innocent until proven guilty' is good enough for the murderers of Jasper, Texas, good enough for Charlie Trie in China, good enough for Bill Clinton, then innocent until proven guilty is good enough for mom and dad, good enough for grandma and grandpa, good enough for he and she, you and me, good enough for my colleagues' constituent and for my constituent.
Mr. Speaker, they should keep their hands off that provision. It is the only real discipline in the reform bill. The Bill of Rights should apply to taxpayers, too. With that, I yield back any common sense left and advise the administration to come clean.

June 10, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the President said if China wants a ceremony in Tiananmen Square, so be it; it is not my place to make demands on Communist China.
Unbelievable. When the leader of the free world stands with Communists on the very same site where young Chinese students gave their lives struggling for democracy, something is wrong, very wrong, and the hope and inspiration for democracy that once existed in China may turn into disgust and despair.
Let us tell it like it is. If the President can stonewall Kenneth Starr, the President can stonewall the butchers of Tiananmen Square.
And one last word: The Berlin Wall would still be standing if Ronald Reagan made no demands on Communists.

June 9, 1998
Mr. Speaker, last year the top dog at Bank One made $9 million. The big barker at Edison Brothers made $5 million. The kennel master at K-Mart made $6 million.
Mr. Speaker, if that is not enough to potty train a Rottweiler, the big Doberman at AT&T made $26 million, and do my colleagues know what he did? He got rid of 23,000 workers at AT&T.
Big dogs go to the penthouse, American workers go to the dog house.
I think these companies are all screwed up. I think they should keep the workers and get rid of the fat cats at the top.
And listen to this very carefully: I say they can hire CEO's a lot cheaper in Mexico, too. Think about that.

June 3, 1998
Mr. Speaker, when Serbian President Milosevic promised to work with Albanian leaders in Kosovo, the White House lifted sanctions on Serbia. Milosevic then proceeded to slaughter thousands of ethnic Albanians, many of them helpless women and children.
Milosevic is a liar, Milosevic is a brutal killer, and ethnic cleansing has reared its ugly head once again. Milosevic must be challenged. The United States should reimpose strict sanctions on Serbia, and it is time for Europe to stop coddling this bum. I believe Milosevic must be made to understand that Albanian children are God's children, too.

May 22, 1998
Mr. Speaker, another tragedy in our schools: more expert analysis.
One group said America should heed the advice of the First Lady when she said it takes a community to raise a child. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I disagree.
Communities do not raise a child; PTAs do not raise a child; schools do not raise a child; day care centers and summer camps do not raise a child. My colleagues, the awesome responsibility of raising a child is still the parents. Parents raise our children.
Maybe if America got back to basics and placed more emphasis on parents instead of communities, our kids would be much better off. If the community wants to help, they might allow God back into our schools. Parents, with the help of God, will be much more effective raising our kids.

May 21, 1998
Mr. Speaker, today the House will cast the key vote on the war on drugs. The House will vote to either maintain the status quo and do nothing, or begin to fight.
Some of the misconceptions and untruths about the Traficant amendment: It will not mandate the use of troops; it will only allow it if the administration requests it, and if so, they must be specially trained, and they can only be deployed with civilian officers, and they cannot make arrests; local officials must be notified.
The substitute kills it. The substitute says, surveillance in intelligence only.
I say to my colleagues, neighborhood crime watches perform surveillance. We will never win the war on drugs with a neighborhood crime watch.
Defeat the substitute. Give the Traficant amendment an opportunity for an up/down vote.


May 20, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Federal agents killed his dog, they killed his 14-year-old son, and they killed his wife.
Federal agents said they did not like his politics.
Randy Weaver is a white separatist. My colleagues do not like his politics, I do not like Weaver's politics either, but that is no
reason for the government to gun down his family.
Let me tell my colleagues something. This does not sound like the FBI of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. This sounds like the KGB of Joseph Stalin.
To make matters worse, a Federal judge dropped all charges against the FBI agent who shot Vicky Weaver right between the eyes while clutching her infant son. Shame, my colleagues. Congress, the Justice Department investigates themselves and then they cover their assets every time.
We are a bunch of fools. It is time to put our government in order. Support H.R. 692 and put an independent counsel on these types of cases. Shame, Congress. No American family should be gunned down.

May 19, 1998
Madam Speaker, California businessman Johnny Chung gave $300,000 to the Democrat National Committee. Chung said he got the money from a member of the Chinese army.
Surprise. This is the same guy Chung who said, my donations are subway tokens for a train ride to the White House. Train ride, folks. How about a free ride? Maybe a joy ride.
Let us tell it like it is. This is not about tokens, coffees, the Lincoln bedroom, Bill Clinton, Democrats or Republicans. This is about national security, folks. And Americans did not give their lives in foreign wars to have the Chinese Communists buy our freedom. Beam me up. Congress must investigate this Chinese connection.
I yield back what national security I have left.

May 13, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the White House slapped sanctions on India because India was conducting nuclear tests.
Unbelievable. It is like Mike Tyson beating up Woody Allen for failing to fight.
India is not the problem, White House; China is the problem. And the White House policy with China is now not only stupid, Congress, it is dangerous.
China, with our tax dollars, is destabilizing and threatening the entire world, and we are putting sanctions on India for protecting themselves.
Beam me up. The truth of the matter is, this White House does not have the balsam to confront the real problem, which is China, so they kick India around.
I say it is time, Congress, to develop a sound strategy and show some anatomy. We should rescind MFN for China. It is not just about trade, Congress, it is about national security.

May 12, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the trade representative said, and I quote: China is guilty, guilty of attaching fraudulent `Made in America' labels to Chinese made products. She said she was surprised and, as a result, we are hitting China with a $94 million maximum penalty.
Wow. What a surprise. Every worker in America knows that China has been ripping us off, ripping us off to the tune of now $60 billion a year. If that is not enough to stir your home fries, check this out. China is building the biggest army and the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world with our tax dollars. Think about it.
Look, if the trade representative thinks that $94 million is a lot of money to China, then I believe she thinks that Viagra is a waterfall in West Virginia, folks. They do not know what the hell is going on. Beam me up with this policy.
Mr. Speaker, I yield back what national security and common sense we have left.

April 29, 1998
Mr. Speaker, after the Arkansas tragedy where four students and a teacher were killed by two youngsters, the shooting death of Pennsylvania teacher John Gillette has shocked America. Experts are confused and, they say, searching for answers. The irony is these same experts, with all their degrees, have one thing in common: most of them oppose school prayer. In fact, time and time again, they have employed constitutional mumbo jumbo to kill school prayer.
They just do not get it. A school without God is a school without education. A school without God is a school without discipline.
A school without God is a school without values, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe experts will finally get the message that a school without God is a playground for the demon. The Congress should allow school prayer.
I yield back any common sense left in Washington.

April 28, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the IRS is trying to kill reform. They are bringing out the big guns, Congress. The Treasury Department says, and I quote, whistle blowers are lying. The IRS is really doing a good job.
Unbelievable. Tell that to the families of Alex Consul and Bruce Baron, both of whom committed suicide. Tell me, how many more Americans must commit suicide? How many more American families must be destroyed? Who is kidding whom? The tail is wagging the dog in America, and Uncle Sam is now barking the praises of the IRS. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker.
No American should fear our government. The most important thing the Congress of the United States can do this year is reform the IRS. With that, I yield back any guts left in this great, august deliberative body.

April 23, 1998
Mr. Speaker, in America, Communists can work in our defense plants, illegal immigrants who jump the fence can get citizenship, there are law libraries for mass murderers; some want free condoms for school children, and some now want free needles for drug addicts. Think about it. Free condoms, free needles, but in America, no school prayer. Is it any wonder the streets of America are full of narcotics and blood?
The founders believed that a Nation without prayer would be a Nation without God. I agree. The Congress should pass school prayer.
I yield back the balance of any common sense left in any of the politicians in Washington, D.C.

April 22, 1998
Mr. Speaker, with $60 billion, China buys California naval bases, missiles, attack aircraft, nuclear submarines. If that is not enough to tax your limitation, China then sells missiles to Iran and Pakistan to get more money, and then they use that money to control the Panama Canal.
Now, if that is not enough, folks, check this out: An American company recently gave missile secrets to China that the Pentagon admits these secrets can help China hit every American city right between the eyes with one of their nuclear missiles. Beam me up.
When is the White House going to realize that America has crafted the best foreign policy in China's history?
I yield back the balance of any common sense left in our Capitol.

April 21, 1998
Mr. Speaker, somebody is inhaling. Since NAFTA, American TVs and typewriters are made in Mexico; American telephones are made in Singapore; computers are made in China and Japan. And after all this, the White House wants to expand this NAFTA madness to all of Central America.
Now, here is how I predict it will work. Central America will get jobs and investment. Uncle Sam will get a pink slip, training voucher, and two free lunches to Taco Bell. Beam me up. This is not free trade. This is a joke, a dirty joke on American workers.
I yield back another record trade deficit and 1.4 million American workers who filed individual bankruptcy in America last year, another record I might add. Think about it.

April 1, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the Pentagon says China and Russia are engaged in a nuclear arms race. They say both China and Russia can hit every city in America with a ballistic missile.
Now, if that is not enough to cause you to fall on your sword, the Pentagon further says Russia and China are doing this with American dollars.
Unbelievable. Let us check this out. China gets $60 billion in MFN from Uncle Sam. Russia gets $15 billion in foreign aid from Uncle Sam. In exchange, Uncle Sam gets nuclear missiles pointed at our cities, two tape decks and three cases of vodka.
Beam me up. I say our national security brain trust needs a proctologist on staff.

March 31, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Daniel Remeya said he killed people for the fun of it. In 1985 he killed a clerk for $50. Two days later he killed a grocery clerk. Two days after that he killed a restaurant manager. That same day he killed two repair men, my colleagues. Now, after all that his attorneys said Florida's electric chair does not work properly, constituting cruel and unusual punishment, therefore Remeya should be spared.
Beam me up.
I want to commend Florida for, No. 1, fixing their electric chair; and, No. 2, for using the electric chair on this creep who killed innocent victims for the fun of it.
Good night, sweet prince.
I say one last thing, Congress. An America that gives murderers three square meals, a roof and a law library is an America that will continue to have mass murderers. I yield back all the carnage in our cities.

March 30, 1998
Mr. Speaker, America is still in shock. Two boys, age 11 and 13, gunned down four young students in a middle school in Arkansas, and the experts are asking what happened to parents? What happened to values? What happened to our schools?
Schools are overrun with drugs, violence, guns, rape, murder, and now even mass murder. It seems America's schools have everything, Congress, everything except prayer. Maybe the so-called experts might finally realize that a nation that denies God in our schools is a nation that encourages the devil in our schools. The Constitution never, never intended to ban school prayer and never intended to separate God and the American people. Think about it.

March 27, 1998
Madam Speaker, economists say there are jobs everywhere. Check this out: messenger singer, press clipping cut-and-paster, sandwich signboard carrier, drive-in theater specialist, dust collector, pretzel twister, pantyhose crotch specialist.
Madam Speaker, I suggest there be a new job title called `sleeper specialist,' because it is evident even when these economists are working, they are sleeping on the job.
Madam Speaker, I would like to just yield back all the boxer shorts sorters and the brassiere cup molders.
Beam me up.
Madam Speaker, if these are jobs, I am a fashion leader.

March 26, 1998
Mr. Speaker, a classified U.S. Government report says that Mexico's military is allowing massive shipments of narcotics into America. Wow, what a surprise. Barney Fife even knows that, folks. Let us tell it like it is.
Mexico is the biggest drug pusher in the world, and Uncle Sam is the world's biggest junkie. Shame, Congress. It is time to stop this narcotic madness. Number one, Congress should absolutely repeal NAFTA; and number two, if Congress can ensure the securing of borders in Bosnia, Western Europe, the Mideast, and Korea, then, by God, Congress should be able to secure the borders for the American people.
Think about that. This narcotics business is not hard to figure out.
I yield back all the balance of overdoses in our cities throughout the country.

March 25, 1998
Mr. Speaker, every day the American people are told how great the economy is. I do not buy it. Let us check the scoreboard. In 1995 900,000 Americans filed for bankruptcy. In 1996 1,100,000 filed for bankruptcy. And last year 1,400,000-plus filed for bankruptcy. Total bustout `morgueville,' belly up. A 20 percent increase in one year.
What is worse, our kids are moving to Mexico to find work. They cannot find it around here. Take Boeing, for example, please. They laid off 18,000 workers since December. What is next, Congress? Will we be told that El Nino is good for the economy?
Beam me up.
Mr. Speaker, I think Congress better start doing something about jobs in America.

March 24, 1998
Mr. Speaker, in 1993, Boris Yeltsin fell off a stage in Germany. In 1994, Boris could not get off his plane in Ireland. In 1996, Boris came up missing for 7 consecutive days, unexplained, before an election. In 1997, he forgot about a meeting with Vice President Al Gore. Yesterday, he fired his entire cabinet. The White House says they are monitoring it.
Mr. Speaker, is Boris Yeltsin a victim of El Nino, too? Let us tell it like it is. This guy is not exactly the head of Kiwanis International. Boris Yeltsin has his shaky little finger on the button of one of the world's most massive nuclear arsenals.
I say monitor this, Boris Yeltsin does not need monitors. Boris Yeltsin needs Alcoholics Anonymous. I say let us save our foreign aid and let us send some counselors over to take care of this guy. I yield back 1 day at a time the balance my time.

March 19, 1998
Mr. Speaker, IRS reform has taken on a whole new spin. The Vice President now wants the IRS to undergo sensitivity training, and the other body wants the taxpayers to pay for it.
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. Who is kidding whom? There can be no reform of the IRS without changing the burden of proof and without requiring the IRS to get a warrant before they rip off our homes. Let us tell it like it is. The IRS does not need more fine tuning. The IRS needs an overhaul, big-time, and taxpayers should not pay for it.
As far as the Vice President's sensitivity training program, it sounds just ducky. But quite frankly, Scarlet, I yield back all the hugs and kisses at the IRS.

March 18, 1998
Mr. Speaker, 2 years ago the White House told China, If you promise to stop selling missiles to terrorist nations, we will give you most favored nation trade status; and China said, Good, that's great. Okay.
Last year the White House said, Look, you are breaking your promise, China; you are selling missiles to Iran and Iraq. Come on. They said, Okay, you are right. This time we will stop.
This year the White House has just announced that they are going to share our nuclear technology programs with China because China has promised to stop this madness, and they said this time China really means it.
Beam me up. These are not promises; these are lies. I would like to say one thing. Somebody is inhaling over at the White House with this program with China. We are financing the biggest national security threat in our history, Mr. Speaker. I think Ronald Reagan's words `trust but verify' should be taken to heart in this Congress.

March 17, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the carnage of NAFTA goes on. Thompson Electric is laying off a thousand workers and moving to Mexico. Bass Shoe Company is laying off 350 workers and moving to the Caribbean. Mitsubishi Electric is moving to Mexico. Matsui Battery is moving to Mexico. Kobe Steel is moving to Mexico. Sanyo Plastics is moving to Mexico.
Divisions of Sony and Hitachi are moving to Mexico. Asahi Glass is moving to Mexico. And Fuji Electric is on their way to Mexico. And not to be left behind in America, Samsung of Korea is moving to Mexico.
Free trade, my assets. The American worker is getting screwed, and Uncle Sam is passing out cigars. Beam me up. If this is free trade, then I am a fashion leader.

March 12, 1998
Mr. Speaker, systematic, brutal genocide has once again reared its ugly head. Ethnic Albanians in Kosova are being slaughtered. And after all this, an official at the State Department referred to Albanian freedom fighters as terrorists.
Shame, Mr. Speaker.
I hope I am wrong. I hope I am wrong. But it appears that the State Department is justifying the brutal killing behavior of a dictator called Milosevic and by doing so is legitimizing the slaughter of innocent men, women and children of Albanian descent.
Beware, Congress. This matter in Kosova can be the next Bosnia. I would also like to add that Albanian men, women and children are God's children as well.
One last reminder. England referred to George Washington years and years ago as a terrorist.

March 11, 1998
Imagine this, Mr. Speaker. The IRS kicks down your door without a warrant and takes everything. Then the IRS, without a warrant, raids your partner's home. They arrest him at gunpoint in front of his small children and take everything. Then the IRS goes to your business, they question your customers, they threaten your employees, they take everything that is not nailed down.
Sound incredible? Not for the IRS. It was later ruled that the IRS was guilty, guilty, guilty. Guilty of assault, guilty of illegal search and seizure and guilty of false imprisonment.
Beam me up, Congress. When the IRS starts acting like Nazis, that is right, listen to the word, Nazis, Congress must step in and Congress must solve this dilemma for the American people.
I am asking you to cosponsor H.R. 3277, my bill that will stop illegal searches and illegal seizures.

March 10, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the IRS says, do not change the law. Taxpayers should remain guilty in a civil tax case.
Let me remind Members of the recent testimony of an IRS employee before the other body about IRS reform. She demanded that she be behind a screen to hide her identity and she said she must have a voice scrambler to disguise her voice. I want to quote what she said, Mr. Speaker. `I am afraid. I am afraid of retaliation by the Internal Revenue Service' that she worked for.
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. No American should fear their government, and let me say this to Congress. There can be no true substantive reform of the Internal Revenue Service without shifting the burden of proof to the government in a civil tax case. We know it, the IRS knows it, I know it, and by God, the American people know it, and the American people demand it.

March 4, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the Oklahoma Senate passed a bill to allow castration of convicted rapists. That is right.
Castration. Opponents say it is cruel. Victims say it is about time. I say hats off, and anything else off, to the Oklahoma Senate.
Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Speaker, rapists will not only think twice, they will start thinking 3 and 4 times before they brutalize our constituents.
I also would like to say that no matter how you slice this, Mr. Speaker, Oklahoma is on the cutting edge when it comes to dealing with rapists. For those who say, `How do you really feel, Jim?' I recommend that Oklahoma go a step further. Put it into law, then hire Lorena Bobbitt to administer the program.
I yield back whatever might be left after Oklahoma is done with rapists.

March 3, 1998
Mr. Speaker, according to reports, Mexico's drug cartel is recruiting American kids in street gangs in the city of San Diego. That is right. California has become the new breeding ground for Mexican drug traffickers. Unbelievable.
While the Pentagon last year spent $3 billion in Bosnia and Iraq, the Pentagon has announced they are going to suspend their operations on our borders. Beam me up. Let us put the seed corn where the fertilizer can reach it, Mr. Speaker. If Congress can spend billions of dollars to secure foreign borders for foreign citizens in foreign lands, then the Congress of the United
States can secure the border in America for the American people. I just have one thing to say to the Pentagon. Suspend this.
Are we inhaling or what?

February 26, 1998
Mr. Speaker, unbelievable, the IRS admits it is wrong and vows to fix it. That is right, they said no more taking of property by individual agents, only district directors of the IRS can seize your property.
How nice of those computer bullies. Think about it. Instead of getting shafted by a little guy at the IRS, you will now get shafted by a big shot at the IRS. Beam me up.
I say it is time to tell the IRS to seize this, my bill, that requires judicial consent before those backstabbing, bric-a-bracken, Constitution-bending thieves destroy any more lives in our country, and that bill should be added to the conference report of the reform bill for the IRS.

February 25, 1998
Madam Speaker, 20 years ago Larry Singleton picked up Mary Vincent. Singleton raped her, and to escape discovery, chopped off her hands and threw Mary into a ditch for her to bleed to death. Mary survived and helped convict this bum.
Larry Singleton was out in 8 years, Congress. Yesterday Mary Vincent, in a courtroom with two metal hands, fingered Singleton once again, because, you see, 20 years later, Larry Singleton picked up Roxanne Hayes. He raped her, and to make sure he did not get caught, he executed her.
Beam me up. Enough is enough. Eight years. We have victims screaming out from graves all over America, and Congress is coddling to criminals. It is time for Congress to look at the rights of the victims, not the murderers. It is time to legislate that those life sentence people who murder again do not get another life sentence. They get put to death.

February 24, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the American people are saying if military action is needed in Iraq, America should not do it alone, and the American people are right. The days of sending American soldiers overseas with a rifle on their shoulder and a credit card in their pocket just does not cut it anymore, Mr. Speaker, especially when many of our so-called allies sit on the sidelines and shout Yankee go home to boot.
Kofi Annan is to be commended for his efforts. It sounds good. But in any event, I think the wise words of Ronald Reagan apply here: Trust but verify; trust but verify.
But I will not, Mr. Speaker, support military action unless our allies are on the battlefield with us. We represent Uncle Sam; we do not represent Uncle Sucker.

February 12, 1998
Mr. Speaker, a CIA report says Mexico's powerful Interior Minister is dirty. He is tied to drug cartels and he turned a blind eye to drug trafficking. A blind eye to 7 tons of narcotics crossing the border every single day, 14,000 pounds?
After all this, the White House is officially certifying Mexico as a cooperating partner in our war on drugs. Unbelievable. Some war on drugs. The Interior Minister is dirty.
Their last drug czar was on the cartel's payroll, and 14,000 pounds a day are poisoning America. Beam me up. Evidently there is not as much testosterone at the White House as there is rumored to be. I say, let us secure our borders with the military who are falling out of chairs without armrests overseas.
Let us straighten out our country, Congress. And let us declare war on narcotics.

February 11, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the Immigration and Naturalization Service in some of their offices have error rates as high as 99 percent in reviewing applications, according to a recent study. In addition, 13,000 immigrants bought citizenship with illegal payoffs and bribes.
Now, if that is not enough to compromise your disgust, check this out: The INS says keep the military off the borders, Congress.
Unbelievable. These same bungling, incompetent nincompoops who have allowed heroin and cocaine to be easier to get than aspirin, who have our borders overrun with illegal immigrants, now want the border all to themselves.
Beam me up. The American people want Congress to secure our borders. Let me say this, Congress: If American troops can guard borders for the United Nations all over the world, American troops can guard the American border at home for the American people.
I think we should investigate those bungling nincompoops at the INS.
I yield back the 1 percent positive rate they have.

February 5, 1998
Madam Speaker, while everybody in Washington is talking about a fly on our face, an elephant may be eating our assets.
Charlie Trie was indicted for illegal campaign contributions. The indictment reads: Charlie Trie helped to purchase access to high-level government officials with illegal contributions from foreign sources. Foreign sources. Chinese communists.
Think about it. Charlie Trie was not soliciting money from the Rotary. Charlie Trie was soliciting money from communist China.
Beam me up.
And while everybody may be talking about access to the White House by sexy interns and how sensational that is, access to the White House by communist China is dangerous.
Madam Speaker, I yield back the balance of any nationality sovereignty we have left.

February 4, 1998
Mr. Speaker, what a world. Frazzled Frances Wyndham believes she got pregnant during a sexy e-mail exchange by a paramour 1,500 miles away. That is right: pregnant.
Frances said, and I quote, `His words were so sexy, I was totally seduced.' Talk about instant connection. This is immaculate reception, Mr. Speaker.
And if that is not enough to crash our hard drive, think about the legal implications. What is next? Bill Gates paying child support? Microsoft, my eye.
Mr. Speaker, it is time for Congress to act. The computers do not need a V-chip; Internet needs a chastity chip. I would say, `Beam me up,' but that may be a new delivery system for e-mail.

February 3, 1998
Mr. Speaker, Karla Faye Tucker, who is scheduled to be executed tonight, has asked for clemency. This is the same Karla Faye Tucker who brutally murdered two helpless victims with a pick ax, no less. At that trial, Karla Faye testified, and I quote, that she `enjoyed every single killing stroke' and that she knowingly did not pay any attention to the screams and pleas of her dying victims.
But now, Karla Faye has found the Lord and she begs for mercy. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. Who now speaks for the innocent victims of Karla Faye Tucker? I say good night, sweet princess. Karla Faye Tucker has deserved the death penalty.
She earned it with every single enjoyable killing stroke on those helpless victims.
Think about it. An America that tolerates and coddles murderers will continue to have them.

January 28, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the IRS has finally confessed. A spokesman admitted, and I quote: `IRS seizure practices are unfair.' He further said that the IRS is now starting a new program. Check this out: Under this new program, the IRS district director must approve all seizures. Unbelievable. The IRS district director is now the sole judge, jury and executioner of our property. Beam me up. I now know why the IRS actually could look in the mirror and believe they are consumer friendly.
Mr. Speaker, they believe all taxpayers are nothing more than a bunch of masochists. Support my legislation that will require judicial consent and approval before the IRS can grab our assets. I yield back the balance of any money we have left.

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1 posted on 07/29/2002 8:12:10 AM PDT by It'salmosttolate
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To: Uncle Bill
March 10, 1998
Mr. Speaker, the IRS says, do not change the law. Taxpayers should remain guilty in a civil tax case.
Let me remind Members of the recent testimony of an IRS employee before the other body about IRS reform. She demanded that she be behind a screen to hide her identity and she said she must have a voice scrambler to disguise her voice. I want to quote what she said, Mr. Speaker. `I am afraid. I am afraid of retaliation by the Internal Revenue Service' that she worked for.
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. No American should fear their government, and let me say this to Congress. There can be no true substantive reform of the Internal Revenue Service without shifting the burden of proof to the government in a civil tax case. We know it, the IRS knows it, I know it, and by God, the American people know it, and the American people demand it.
2 posted on 07/29/2002 8:26:06 AM PDT by It'salmosttolate
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To: It'salmosttolate
Can't argue with most of this. Makes pretty good sense to me.
3 posted on 07/29/2002 8:26:38 AM PDT by Michael_S
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To: Michael_S
Don't say that too loud with a raccoon on your head.
4 posted on 07/29/2002 8:30:02 AM PDT by It'salmosttolate
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To: It'salmosttolate
Traficant had so much potential. Alas, a conservative's favorite Democrat proved to be a drunken fool.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

5 posted on 07/29/2002 8:34:48 AM PDT by newgeezer
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To: newgeezer
Rep. James Traficant's One-Minute Speeches, 1997
6 posted on 07/29/2002 8:39:59 AM PDT by It'salmosttolate
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To: It'salmosttolate
Beam me up. I yield back any integrity we have left.
7 posted on 07/29/2002 9:11:47 AM PDT by theartfuldodger
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To: It'salmosttolate
Thanks for this post. Looks like one of the few "thinking" politicians will now be "brain-waste" in a penitentary somewhere...Beam me up!
8 posted on 07/29/2002 9:29:00 AM PDT by dubyagee
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To: dubyagee
Thanks for this post. Looks like one of the few "thinking" politicians will now be "brain-waste" in a penitentary somewhere...Beam me up! "

Jim McDougal Denied Heart Medicine

McDougal Feared Prison Death
Whitewater witness and former Clinton business partner James
McDougal expressed fear of what he deemed unwarranted surgery
while in prison and urged his biographer to publicize the planned
surgery, specifically in the Whitewater press corp, in case anything went
wrong during the scheduled procedure.

Biographer Curtis Wilkie did what was requested of him and
subsequently many of McDougal’s friends and associates in the press
corp began making inquiries into his health situation.

Consequently, prison authorities canceled the surgery to clear blocked
arteries. (Wilkie’s autobiography of McDougal is titled, Arkansas
Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal.)

McDougal’s personal physician, Dr. Noland Hagood, has reported that
he knew about McDougal’s blocked arteries and that he had prescribed
medication to alleviate the problem.

While McDougal was relieved at the cancellation of the surgery, Wilkie
has reported that McDougal, the one-time close friend and business
associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton, was treated abusively by jailers
prior to his March death at the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Inmates have reported to Wilkie that McDougal experienced chest
pains after being placed in solitary confinement, was refused heart
medication despite his repeated requests for it, and had his pleas for
help ignored by several guards.

In addition, inmates have reported that McDougal did not receive
medical attention until an hour after he collapsed prior to his death.

McDougal ultimately cooperated with Kenneth Starr’s Whitewater

probe and testified that Bill Clinton was an integral part of the
Whitewater real estate swindle and was responsible for the authorization
of illegal loans. Clinton denies these allegations.

Susan McDougal, James’ former wife, was released from prison in
June, after a judge ruled that an alleged back problem prohibited her
from serving the remainder of her sentence. She had served 18 months
in prison for contempt after refusing to testify before Starr’s Whitewater
grand jury and will not have to serve the remaining 19 months of her
sentence after being found guilty of fraud in Whitewater. She still faces
charges of embezzlement in a case brought by symphony conductor
Zubin Mehta. She also faces a related Whitewater trial in September for
contempt of court and obstruction of justice charges for refusing a
second time to cooperate with the Whitewater investigation.

9 posted on 07/29/2002 10:11:08 AM PDT by It'salmosttolate
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To: newgeezer
Check out Post #29 in this thread. This so-called "conservative" Democrat was really just full of sh!t after all.

Click Here

10 posted on 07/29/2002 10:14:28 AM PDT by Alberta's Child
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To: nutmeg
11 posted on 07/29/2002 10:48:57 AM PDT by nutmeg
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To: Alberta's Child
I don't know...looks to me like maybe he learned something.
12 posted on 07/29/2002 11:03:06 AM PDT by dubyagee
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To: dubyagee
Yeah -- he learned that his career in Congress was going to go absolutely nowhere unless he started siding with the party that controlled the House.
13 posted on 07/29/2002 11:12:02 AM PDT by Alberta's Child
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To: Alberta's Child
I do not know enough about the case to defend this man, so I will not. What I do know is that finding corruption in Washington is easy...all you need to do is open your eyes. Prosecuting it is another story...just look at the Clinton's. I believe this man pi$$ed someone off real bad. It would be interesting to see some real investigative reporting done concerning his conviction. But I won't hold my breath.
14 posted on 07/29/2002 11:17:20 AM PDT by dubyagee
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To: dubyagee
I agree. I think there is more behind this story than we will ever know. Someone was out to get him.
15 posted on 07/30/2002 7:50:52 PM PDT by Swede Girl
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