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LAX Gunman Linked to Bin Laden s Lieutenant and FBI Operative Ali Mohammed?
NewsMax,FreeRepublic,Washington Post ^ | July 6, 2002 | Patrick B. Briley

Posted on 07/06/2002 5:33:11 PM PDT by OKCSubmariner

Edited on 09/03/2002 4:50:44 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

NewsMax reported in a story

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Front Page News
KEYWORDS: alimohammed; alqaeda; batouty; binladen; egyptair; egyptianjihad; fbi; hadayat; hadayet; jihadinamerica; lax; laxshooter; wtc
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To: OKCSubmariner
Thanks for the ping.


41 posted on 07/07/2002 8:20:49 AM PDT by carenot
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To: carenot; Shermy; nunya bidness; Fred Mertz; honway; Uncle Bill; aristeides; B4Ranch; lawdog; ...
Even more clues:

Al-Hayat: LAX gunman may have met with bin Laden deputy

Ha'aretz | 7/07/02 | Zohar Blumenkrantz and Benny Landau

Authorities are investigating whether Hesham Mohammed Hadayet, the Egyptian who gunned down two people at Los Angeles International Airport last Thursday, met in the United States with Osama bin Laden's deputy, an Arabic paper reported at the weekend.

The London-based Al-Hayat said that authorities were checking whether Hadayet had met with Ayman Al-Zawahiri in 1995 and again in 1998, while the latter was head of the Al-Jihad organization in Egypt.

Al-Zawahiri, who visited California in 1998, went on to become bin Laden's right-hand man. His current whereabouts are unknown. Hadayet, 41, was shot dead by an El Al security official soon after opening fire on the crowd of people queuing at the ticket counter of Israel's national carrier.

Ali Mohammed accompanied Al-Zawahiri when Al-Zawahiri came to California in 1998. If Hadayet met with Al-Zawahiri it further increases the likelihood of the link between Ali Mohammed, Bin Laden's Egyptian lieutenant for AlQaeda and FBI operative. How much of this did the FBI/CIA know at the time and how much did they not know but should have known??

Thanks to aristeides for reminding me that ALi Mohammed had traveled with Egyptian Al-Zawhari in California in 1998.

Based on Uncle Bill's reply #36, it is even possible that Hadayaet provided Lincoln limosines for Hanni Hanjour, the Hijacker pilot, and perhaps AlZawahiri when ALi Mohammed was squiring him around in California in 1998.

42 posted on 07/07/2002 11:00:58 AM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: Uncle Bill
Excellent work in reply #36 Uncle Bill.
43 posted on 07/07/2002 11:02:35 AM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: knighthawk; Victoria Delsoul; yota; vannrox
Pleasee see replies #36 and #42. Thanks.
44 posted on 07/07/2002 11:03:49 AM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: OKCSubmariner
For whatever it's worth, this and several related links were mass emailed to the usual suspects among letters to editors and "opinionators." More people will see it.
45 posted on 07/07/2002 11:07:50 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: backhoe
Tahnks for your efforts to get the word out on this story.
46 posted on 07/07/2002 11:18:25 AM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: OKCSubmariner
. How much of this did the FBI/CIA know at the time and how much did they not know but should have known??

If they didn't know all of it, they should have.

47 posted on 07/07/2002 11:48:39 AM PDT by carenot
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To: OKCSubmariner
Are the state limo docs public nfo in California?

It might be interesting to see what other ME is driving Mr.Crazy.

What will be the Bush admin reaction when the connections become the nightly news obsessions?
48 posted on 07/07/2002 12:03:30 PM PDT by Betty Jo
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To: OKCSubmariner
The 1993 WTC attack was planned in OKC at a Hamas conference shown in CNN reporter Steve Emerson's video 'Jihad in America" which was filmed at the conference in December 1991. And Khalid Mohammed appears to have been involved in the OKC bombing as well as the 9/11 attacks and the 1993 WTC attack.


Based on Uncle Bill's reply #36, it is even possible that Hadayaet provided Lincoln limosines for Hanni Hanjour, the Hijacker pilot, and perhaps AlZawahiri when ALi Mohammed was squiring him around in California in 1998.

Very interesting. Steven Emerson wrote, American Jihad: The terrorists living among us.

This is some of what I've read:

"The United States Government is actively monitoring terrorist cells affiliated with Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network in eleven cities, from Florida to Boston to Denver to Houston. But al Qaeda is hardly our only threat. Some of Hamas's top officials have been based in America, and the organization has tentacles in Texas, California, New Jersey, Virginia, and Illinois. The University of South Florida played host to key members of the infamous organization known as Palestinian Islamic Jihad -- one of its faculty members even left the country to take that group's top leadership role after his predecessor was assassinated. Hizballah has been tied to cells in North Carolina and Michigan, from which it allegedly drew funds and attempted to procure military equipment. In short, September 11, 2001, was hardly an isolated or unpredictable event. The United States has become home to hundreds and probably thousands of terrorists, and it has become a central node in their international networks.

"Steven Emerson, hailed as "the nation's leading expert on Islamist terrorism," has been working full-time since 1993 to track the spread of terrorist networks to our shores, even at great personal risk. In 1995, not long after the release of his PBS documentary "Jihad in America," he was informed by federal officials that a South African Islamist death squad had been dispatched after him, and told that he should leave his home immediately. Since then he has not maintained a home address, though he has continued to write and testify under his own name. With the help of a staff of researchers he has followed the terrorists' monetary sources, monitored their attacks and plans, exposed their ties to charitable foundations, and assisted a variety of government agencies in the battle against them. He has obtained videotaped evidence of terrorist training camps and conferences, and tracked the international connections of American operatives to over a dozen organizations."

49 posted on 07/07/2002 12:05:10 PM PDT by Victoria Delsoul
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To: mewzilla

Please see reply #42 also. Thanks.
50 posted on 07/07/2002 12:56:33 PM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: OKCSubmariner
"There is no evidence, no indication at this time that this is terrorists,"
Ari Fleischer - White House Press Secretary. Source

Well, I guess that settles it. LOL. Maybe he was just depressed. I read the FBI was looking hard into that. They've had practice with that depression spin with Vince Foster.

51 posted on 07/07/2002 6:28:21 PM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: OKCSubmariner; Sabertooth
'An Isolated Incident'

By Joseph Farah
July 8, 2002 1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2002

When I heard an FBI spokesman try to dismiss the Fourth of July attack on El Al passengers at Los Angeles International Airport by Egyptian Muslim Hesham Mohamed Hadayet as "an isolated incident," something about those words troubled me.

I had heard them before.

As a matter of fact, it was more than 10 years ago the FBI characterized the arrest of Sayyid Nosair, another Egyptian-American, as "an isolated incident." Nosair was arrested for the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City.

When the FBI picked up Nosair in 1990, it found a treasure trove of evidence linking him with Islamic terrorists and plans to destroy skyscrapers in New York. There were extensive instructions for making bombs. There were pictures of New York City landmarks, including the World Trade Center. There were pages and pages of material in Arabic making it clear that Nosair was part of a network of people determined to kill large numbers of Americans.

But none of it was translated until after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in which six people were killed and more than 1,000 injured because the assassination of Kahane was considered just "an isolated incident."

Oh, by the way, Nosair was trained in urban guerrilla warfare techniques by Ali Mohammed, another Egyptian-American who became a top aide to Osama bin Laden. In other words, the assassination of Kahane may, indeed, have been the first shot in the terror war in which we find ourselves engaged today. Too bad it was initially perceived as just "an isolated incident."

In 1995, when Ramzi Yousef was convicted of terrorism charges in the World Trade Center bombing, investigators learned of his plans to hijack multiple airliners and crash them into key U.S. buildings such as the Pentagon and CIA headquarters. What did the FBI think of the audacious plan? The agency characterized it as "farfetched."

There's now evidence to suggest the FBI was warned of an Iraqi-sponsored terrorist plot to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. It was apparently ignored as well, even though the warning came from Saudi intelligence. The FBI systematically ignored all clues suggesting the destruction of the building was linked to Islamic terrorism. It was another "isolated incident."

There's overwhelming evidence to show the FBI intentionally ignored dozens and dozens of compelling accounts by eyewitnesses to the TWA Flight 800 disaster who saw a missile strike the plane over Long Island Sound in 1996. The cause of the disaster, concluded the FBI, was a "freak accident" – another term for "isolated incident."

The FBI also found no suggestion of terrorism in the crash of Egyptair Flight 990 Oct. 31, 1999. After the plane took off from Kennedy Airport headed for Cairo, it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 217 aboard. Despite the fact that co-pilot Gameel el-Batouty was at the controls of the plane and shouted in Arabic before it went into a dive, "I put my faith in Allah," the FBI refuses to link the crash to Islamic terrorism. One agent suggested the co-pilot might have been praying.

Personally, I'm getting a little tired of such coincidences. When and how do a series of "isolated incidents" begin to show a pattern to the FBI? Why is it that the FBI is afraid to add two plus two?

Israeli officials were quick to identify the Hadayet shooting at LAX as a terrorist attack. That was even before we learned that Hadayet had arguments with his neighbors who flew American flags from his apartment building after Sept. 11. That was before we learned the Immigration and Naturalization Service had begun deportation proceedings against Hadayet in 1996 but called them off a year later when his wife won a State Department lottery for people from countries with low immigration rates, thus allowing her husband to stay. That was before we knew he had a sign on his door at home: "Read the Koran."

Does common sense ever play a part in FBI investigations? Or have they become so tied to the nation's foreign and domestic policies that they have lost all objectivity?

When law enforcement investigators find a body with a gunshot wound lying on the ground, the police homicide unit is called in. The assumption is made that this is a murder. It may later be found to be a suicide or a freak accident of some kind, but if it is not investigated as a murder, important clues will be lost.

The same logic must be applied when an Arabic-speaking Muslim, with hostile tendencies toward the United States and Israel, shoots up an El Al ticket counter at a major airport. This is not an "isolated incident." It's dangerous to think like that as the examples above illustrate. The latest incident is clearly part of a global pattern of attacks on Israeli, American and non-Muslim targets. It's part of what I call the Global Jihad.

If the FBI can't see that, the agency should be disbanded as a useless, anachronistic band of plainclothes Keystone Kops doing more harm than good for the security of the United States.

52 posted on 07/08/2002 1:06:04 AM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: OKCSubmariner; Sabertooth
Palestinian Gunman shoots 7, kills self at Empire State Building - Febuary 24, 1997
"The man muttered something about Egypt seconds before he began shooting shortly after 5 p.m. Sunday on the 86th floor observation deck of one of the world's best-known tourist sites, witnesses said.

...Witnesses said the gunman shouted, "Are you from Egypt?" during the shooting, according to law enforcement sources. Police said they did not know whether it was said in an effort to spare or identify potential victims."

Giuliani blames weak gun laws for shooting
"According to police, Kamal, a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, came to New York City on December 24, 1996 from Cairo."

"The gunman's widow claimed her husband was not politically motivated. "My husband is not a terrorist, he was just hopeless," Fathiya Abu Kamal, 55, said. "He was aged, he had nothing to do with politics, or terrorism, or crime."

53 posted on 07/08/2002 1:20:44 AM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: OKCSubmariner; Sabertooth
Hesham Mohamed Hadayet - Wife denies Egyptian role in LA shooting

LOL! Everybody is a victim.

54 posted on 07/08/2002 1:29:16 AM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: OKCSubmariner; Sabertooth
The FBI's B.S.

FBI Mum on Source of LAX Shooter's Guns

55 posted on 07/08/2002 3:49:03 AM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: Uncle Bill
From the "FBI mum ....." Newsmax article ---

"If the LAX shooter's guns were obtained from outside sources, it could blow a hole in the FBI's theory that Hedayat acted alone."

And if they weren't from outside sources it blows a hole in the Gun Control issue. I love to watch a Circular Firing Squad (from above).

56 posted on 07/08/2002 4:14:18 AM PDT by rdavis84
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To: rdavis84; Uncle Bill; carenot; glorygirl; MizSterious; Fred Mertz; lawdog; honway; Travis McGee; ...
This is a response to the information in Uncle Bill's marvelous replies #52,#53, and #55:

Is it possible that the FBI is being ordered for political reasons to "downplay" all these terror attacks as "isolated incidents" in the US by Islamic groups and individuals?

If so, our leaders that order the FBI to deny the obvious are more interested in a political agenda and appeasement of Islam rather than protecting the lives of individual innocent citizens and the welfare of our country

What would that agenda be?

The Saudis tell us publicly and it is repeated by their friend, business partner and campaign donor recipient (our President) that:

Islam is a religion of peace.

Hamas is a group of freedom fighters

Israel is "occupying lands" that the PLO/Arabs attacked in 1967 and still are attacking

Jerusalem and Christian Holy sites belong to the PLO and not to Israel or Christians

Once the Israeli -PLO dispute is resolved as the last great remaining obstacle in the world, then we can have world peace and world trade and world .....

In OKC last year, news outlets told me they were told by the FBI not to report on the existence of a large Hamas terror cell in OKC (been here for 12 years) because to do so would give the appearance that the US was discriminating against a religious group rather than expose a terrorist group operating in our city. I wonder who told the FBI to say that to the news media in OKC?

Individual FBI agents do not dream this "BS" up, they are told what to say and what to do on these "isolated incidents" by the head of the FBI (Mueller, who loves the American Muslim Council), the DOJ (Ashcroft), the State Department (Powell), the White House.

My complaint with the FBI is that the top of the FBI (and a significant number of lower level agents)is filled with political types that take unlawful orders (deliberately avoid enforcing the law against known terrorists- an act that is illegal even for the FBI) and knowingly carry them out for political reasons-Nuremberg defense. But I suppose that is why they are the ones promoted by politicians to be or advance to the top of the FBI.

But Congress sees and knows the obvious that these are not "isolated terror acts" just like the American people and individual FBI agents see and know it too. But Congress is in bed with the same political agenda and has business deals with and takes campaign contributions ( a form of bribery?) from the same Islamic countries as our President. So Congress says and does nothing of substance to stop this BS.

This is starting to look like appeasement of and bribery by Islam countries associated directly with our weak and corrupt political and bureaucratic leaders at the expense of our lives, our country and our freedoms.

Appeasement in this case fits better than "political correctness" and besides, who decides what is politically correct anyway-the news media, the socialistic State Department, the White House, the EU, the UN, those who want world government, those who have business deals with Islamic countries and who receive campaign contributions (bribes?) from them?

57 posted on 07/08/2002 9:59:37 AM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: browardchad; Dog
58 posted on 07/08/2002 11:58:41 AM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: OKCSubmariner; Chairman_December_19th_Society

Chair another possible connection between Nichols and the OKC bombing..

59 posted on 07/08/2002 12:01:35 PM PDT by Dog
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To: OKCSubmariner
Your reply # 57 is sooo correct!

So, what do we do?

How soon before we are thrown off FR?

The news today about Mercury and Hadayat is so frightful!

The pix of Bush shaking the Merc Presdents hand says it all.

Where is the war on terrorism?

60 posted on 07/08/2002 3:19:27 PM PDT by Betty Jo
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