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Carter s Arab Ties May Color Israel Stance ^ | 4/29/02 | Dave Eberhart

Posted on 04/28/2002 4:51:22 PM PDT by kattracks

Former president Jimmy Carter, who engineered the lasting peace in the Israel-Egypt quagmire, has recently emerged as a vocal proponent of getting tough with Israel by threatening its U.S. aid and demanding that U.S.-supplied weapons be used only defensively. However, Mr. Carter has a track record with the Arab world that lends the appearance of being short of neutral in the heated Middle East debate.

It was the Carter Center and the National Democratic Institute that joined to put the seal of legitimacy on the first elections ever by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in January 1996. Voters, who turned out in droves, elected Yasser Arafat president, and he has been in power ever since.

In 1990 Carter ghostwrote a speech for Arafat, hoping to polish the Palestinian leader’s tarnished image as, at best, soft on terrorism. Arafat won the Nobel Peace prize for the Oslo Accords.

In 1989 President Carter interceded with Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin on behalf of activist Terry Boullata, a field worker for the Palestinian Human Rights Information Center. Boullata had been imprisoned in November 1987 for allegedly belonging to a terrorist organization called the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Boullata was allowed out in 1989 to come to the United States for treatment of hepatitis.

Financing the Carter Center

But it’s the financing behind Georgia’s Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Library that moves the former president most off the mark as appearing to be a wholly neutral intermediary in the troubled region.

NewsMax has reviewed annual reports that indicate millions of charitable dollars have flowed into the center from His Majesty Sultan Qaboss bin Said Al Said of Oman, Jordan; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to the center by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. H.R.H. Prince Moulay Hicham Ben Abdallah of Morocco has contributed tens of thousands.

There are no corresponding contributions apparent from Israeli sources.

As the center’s literature describes, "The Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Library were built in large measure thanks to the early leadership and financial support of the Carter Center founders.” Three of those generous founders:

Agha Hasan Abedi

On July 5 1991, banking regulators targeted Abedi’s Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), triggering a worldwide financial tidal wave. To date, accountants and lawyers have managed to recoup (discounting fees) $7 billion out of the $12 billion money pit that fueled the BCCI fraud.

Agha Hasan Abedi, a banker and self-styled mystic on first-name terms with Carter, created BCCI in 1972. Abedi had charmed seed money from Arab sheikhs, organizing camel races and hunting trips. The Bank of America bought into BCCI as a way of buying access to the Middle East, holding a 30 percent stake at one point before dumping its holdings in the late-1970s.

His Majesty King Fahd of Saudi Arabia

Last month Saudi Arabia transferred $15.4 million in advance aid to the Palestinian Authority. The transfer was made to a controversial Arab League fund, a product of the recent Arab summit in Beirut. According to Arab spokesmen, the amount was fronted due to the dire plight of the Palestinian people as a result of "vicious Israeli aggression.”

King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah and Defense Minister Prince Sultan jointly donated $4.8 million to launch the fund pot, while Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz sent an estimated $800, 000 to the families of "155 Palestinian martyrs” killed in the current Israeli offensive.

Hasib J. Sabbagh

Sabbagh is the chairman of Consolidated Contractors Co. of Oman, Jordan. He is also the Senior Fellow for the Middle East of the Council on Foreign Relations. Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is a membership organization contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy. The Council publishes Foreign Affairs, a leading journal on global issues.

Individual, foundation, and corporate donors, together with multilateral development assistance programs, support the Carter Center’s current annual operating budget of around $30 million. Among the center’s priorities: promoting democracy, global development, human rights and conflict resolution.

Carter said he has spent much time raising money, but he hopes that a campaign to raise a $150 million endowment will lighten the load. Phil Wise, the center’s executive director for operations, said an estimated $110 million has already been raised for the endowment.

Carter on the Record

Although Carter strongly condemned suicide bombings and criticized Arafat for not being more aggressive in ending the spate of violence against Israel, he roundly lambasted Ariel Sharon for actions and attitudes, past and present:

"His rejection of all peace agreements that included Israeli withdrawal from Arab lands, his invasion of Lebanon, his provocative visit to the Temple Mount, the destruction of villages and homes, the arrests of thousands of Palestinians and his open defiance of President George W. Bush’s demand that he comply with international law have all been orchestrated to accomplish his ultimate goals: to establish Israeli settlements as widely as possible throughout occupied territories and to deny Palestinians a cohesive political existence,” Carter said in a recent New York Times piece.

"It is time for the United States, as the sole recognized intermediary to consider more forceful actions for peace,” Carter added. "The rest of the world will welcome this leadership.”

U.S. Leverage Over Israel

Carter also said that U.S. aid of $10 million a day should give the U.S. some leverage over Israeli policy, noting that former president George H. Bush had threatened to cut off this assistance in 1992 to discourage the building of Israeli settlements between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Carter cited another factor that could accelerate Israel’s acceptance of Arab normalization with Israel in return for its withdrawal from territory captured in the 1967 Middle East war:

"One is the legal requirement that American weapons are to be used by Israel only for defensive purposes, a premise certainly being violated in the recent destruction in Jenin and other towns of the West Bank,” he said, noting this requirement was imposed by Richard Nixon to impede Israel’s military advance into Egypt during the 1973 Middle East war and used to deter Israeli attacks on Lebanon in 1979.

"I understand the extreme political sensitivity in America of using persuasion on the Israelis, but it is important to remember that none of the actions toward peace would involve an encroachment on the sovereign territory of Israel,” Carter acknowledged.

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Middle East

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1 posted on 04/28/2002 4:51:22 PM PDT by kattracks
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To: kattracks

Former President Jimmy Carter is greeted by Saudi businessman Yahya bin Laden, a representative of the Saudi Binladin Group, during a visit to Al-Hikmeh University in the Red Sea port of Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, in 2000.

Republicans are men of narrow vision, who are afraid of the future.

Jimmy Carter

Hey jimmy,stick to building houses a$$hole.

2 posted on 04/28/2002 5:07:40 PM PDT by mdittmar
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To: kattracks
Jimmy Carter, the man who is the happiest today that Bill Clinton was President, because now he (Carter) won't go down in history as:


3 posted on 04/28/2002 5:26:10 PM PDT by AmericaUnited
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To: AmericaUnited
Perhaps not, but he has proved that the "Peter Principle" works for the position of ex-president. He seems to be out of his depth even in that job.
4 posted on 04/28/2002 6:46:11 PM PDT by Truthfairy
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To: kattracks
In 1990 Carter ghostwrote a speech for Arafat, hoping to polish the Palestinian leader’s tarnished image as, at best, soft on terrorism.

I think NewsMax means "In 1990 Carter ghostwrote a speech for Arafat, hoping to polish the Palestinian leader’s image, tarnished as soft on terrorism, at best." I doubt Carter was hoping to portray Arafat as soft on terror...

5 posted on 04/28/2002 7:52:03 PM PDT by xm177e2
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To: shermy
Well it looks like the Opecker Princes have financing good ole Jimmy Boy for decades.

This explains a lot re a lot of his actions as a terrible president. He started the deballing of the CIA while president, locked in the Enviro Nazis who have worked 24/7 since his term to make us more dependent on Opecker Oil. He did more damage to our military readiness in 4 years than even the Clintoon did in 8 years. It took the Reagan admin. eight years to bring our military back to a world class military.

This man may have been and still may be more dangerous to the average American with his links and chains to the Opecker Princes than even the Clintoon.

I can remember when he was elected as the peanut farmer/governor, a wise old man in politics told me, "Where in the hell did this nobody get the financing to become president?"

Well, I think that I know that answer! It all goes back to the wisdom that a black conservative friends has in situations like this: See something funny in politics, just follow the money to find out the real reasons why!

6 posted on 04/29/2002 1:32:09 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: Liz; d14 truth; tumbleweed connection
This is one of the most revealing threads out so many really revealing threads since 9/11!

This confirms my worst fears that the Opecker Princes have been buying good will and favors from the rats since the 1970'S!

8 posted on 04/29/2002 1:37:33 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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To: ernest at the beach; travis mcgee; clovis skeptic
Looks like the Opecker Princes have been buying off Carter since the 1970's.

One of thee days we will see the financial links between them and the al Fuqra movements in America. They have been providing the seed money for terrorism and to cover their a$$es for decades.

9 posted on 04/29/2002 1:39:58 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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To: John Huang2
Please put this on your magic pinger list.

This is dynamite as it shows the financial links/connections/payoffs to Jimmy Carter going back decades!

It explains a lot re Carter's behavior that harmed America like his disaster of an energy policy, and his deballing of our military and CIA in his term!

10 posted on 04/29/2002 1:42:11 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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To: Black Jade
Jade, do you have anything on the Opecker Princes financing their poster boy Peanut Carter?

Some very interesting reading here!

11 posted on 04/29/2002 1:48:47 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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To: Grampa Dave; 2sheep; Thinkin' Gal; dennisw
Great find Grampa Dave!
12 posted on 04/29/2002 2:40:59 PM PDT by Prodigal Daughter
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To: Prodigal Daughter
Thanks please pass it along to your ping list.

This answers a whole lot questions for me going back to Jimmy Carter in his sweater during one of the phoney Opecker Oil Shortages.

While he was in that sweater, he was deballing our military and CIA. He gave the enviral Nazis incredible power re their ability to screw up our becoming independent on Opecker oil. Of course we lost Iran during his period of ruining America!

From those days he became a backer of the PA's and started to weaken Israel in subtle ways.

13 posted on 04/29/2002 3:26:06 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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To: Yehuda; Cachelot; veronica; dennisw
I think that the 4 of you might find this thread to be interesting reading.

Would appreciate any comments that you might have about Carter and the monies from the Opecker Princes. Sometimes little article/opeds like this one clearify a muddy and weird situation.

14 posted on 04/29/2002 5:00:45 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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To: Grampa Dave
My comment would be that Jimmy Carter tilts to the Arab side in all MidEast disputes. He complains about the money Israel gets from the USA..... He should first take the mote out of his own eye. His causes have been funded by the Arabs to a fare the well.
15 posted on 04/29/2002 5:22:54 PM PDT by dennisw
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To: Grampa Dave
Leave it to NewsMax to do the digging. Carter is hardly impartial, can hardly be impartial, when he gets such big contributions from oil rich Arabs.
16 posted on 04/29/2002 5:25:07 PM PDT by dennisw
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To: Grampa Dave
I always remember old Peanut sucking up to the Shah of Iran and Ferdinand Marcos like they were the 2nd coming of the Messiah.
17 posted on 04/29/2002 8:23:55 PM PDT by Travis McGee
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To: dennisw
Big money has a way of putting a permanent bias into a politician in or out of office.
18 posted on 04/29/2002 10:27:03 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
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Comment #19 Removed by Moderator

To: Yehuda
He is a closet terrorist enabler and backer! That makes him worse than the human bomb terrorists and those who arm and direct the human bomb terrorists.

He wraps and covers himself as a man of peace and God, and then he enables and backs those who fund and direct the terrorists. He is worse than they are!

20 posted on 05/02/2002 11:31:26 AM PDT by Grampa Dave
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