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GLSEN (Gay and Lesbian Educational Network) Assault on Broward County Public Schools!!!
Steve Kane Show ^ | 04/18/02 | Self

Posted on 04/18/2002 6:15:19 AM PDT by Caipirabob

GLSEN is at it again folks. They're trying to infiltrate Broward County Public Schools to promote their version of homosexual propaganda upon innocent children. Steve Kane on AM 1470 in SoFlo is covering the details between 6:00AM-10:00AM in advance of the vote by the school board on Tuesday.

For those of you unfamiliar with this group I am including a link to a site that provides details on GLSEN and it's agenda for the public and in particular, your children. You can learn more about this here.

Many of us are familiar with the travesty that occurred in the Massachusetts Public School sysem where GLSEN ran workshops where children were exposed to workshops that taught "fisting" and other "techniques" for gay sex. This is what they will do in Broward if given the chance.

They are here for your children. Are you going to just hand them over?

People may contact the school board by phoning 954-712-2151 or faxing them at 954-765-6568. Paul Eichner is the primary contact but include "all board members" and Superintendant Till. There is more information on who you need to contact at this link.

The vote is next Tuesday. Tell them you don't want GLSEN in the Public School system or anywhere near your children!!! If they get in you might never get them out!

Special Thanks to Steve and Brian for fighting the good fight. If you guys lurk here YOU ROCK!!!

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To: Yakboy
121 posted on 04/20/2002 2:30:15 PM PDT by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM;erizona
"I know that you are one who is working hard to enlighten as many as you can about the homosexual agenda and I want you to know that my prayers are with you.

I'm sure that one day, someone somewhere will remember something they read, that you posted, that protected them from the impending doom that would have befallen them had they gone down that homosexual path. Or perhaps they, because of your efforts, will keep an ever watchful eye out for the safety of their children.

Bless you GrandMoM, thanks for your concern and keep up the good work."


122 posted on 04/20/2002 2:34:16 PM PDT by EdReform
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To: conserve-it
123 posted on 04/20/2002 3:20:52 PM PDT by EdReform
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To: erizona
I stand on it . I'll stomp a mudhole in these bastards and pave over them . Its ok , I am calm now . Sincerely , thank you for being here and having the guts to do so .
124 posted on 04/20/2002 11:34:20 PM PDT by Ben Bolt
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To: Yakboy
No Yakboy, the major issue is whether or not homosexuality can be "taught". Every last gay person I know that has discussed it with me (there have been several - and no, I'm not gay myself) has told me that they knew they were "different" since as far back as they can remember. NONE of them recalled any specific moment when it "happened", let alone participating in some indoctrination ritual. What they do remember is being terrorized and ridiculed by classmates day after day. What many of them also had to deal with was the pain of telling their parents. Luckily, most of them had parents (conservative parents in some cases) who put their love for their children above any prejudices and misconceptions that they had, and now have great relations with them. However, at least one hasn't talked to his father in twenty years. THAT'S what ruins families, intolerance and ignorance.

I've never heard of this group, so I don't know what their true agenda is. I know that there are some militant gays out there, for sure. But I can't believe in my wildest dreams that any school board is going to approve a curriculum consisting of teaching "fisting", "sex with animals", "witchcraft", or any other such nonsense. These claims are nothing but lies and half-truths put out there to get simple-minded folk all in a hissy-fit. How about actually doing some research, and find out from an objective source what they're all about?

If all they're teaching is tolerance, then I'm all for it. Not that I think it will do a damned bit of good. The kind of hatred some of you exhibit is passed right down to your kids, and it's rarely unlearned.

No one is going to "convert" your children into homos. Your children know already if they like boys or girls. If one day, little Johnny comes home and tells you he's got a new boyfriend, will you be prepared, or will you banish him from the house forever? I can guarantee that it will happen to someone reading this, and there's not a d*mned thing you can do to stop it. It's real easy to condemn a stranger to Hell for being a sexual "deviant", but quite another when it's your own child. Kinda shakes your belief system.
125 posted on 04/21/2002 1:05:49 AM PDT by jenny65
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To: jenny65
Send your kids to a private school if politically correct tolerance is your personal morality. Private schooling is designed to achieve what you are after, a transference of parental morality to children. Public schools are only proper for teaching the basics, reading-writing-arithmetic, not morality. Public schooling is education welfare. If you want other people's children to learn the virtues of your morality, then convince the childrens parents using legal means. Quit trying to use the power of the state to force your morality on other people's children. The first amendment of the constitution prohibits government sponsored proselytizing under coercive circumstances. Because of universal mandatory school attendence laws, children in public schools are already in a government coerced situation. Public schools cannot preach morality because it is prohibited by the U.S. constitution. In the same way that Christian virtues cannot be taught in public schools, so too are politically correct virtues prohibited from being taught in public schools.
126 posted on 04/21/2002 2:06:42 AM PDT by Tralfaze McWatt
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To: Tralfaze McWatt
Interesting to note how Jenny65 Just became a poster.

Whether learner or not learned, or some nature some nurture,
this is a behavior, not an immutable trait. (skin, hair, eyes, height).
It is not even a disablility.
They wish to teach children to "tollerate" a sexual behavior.

What is the address of the meetingat 1:00pm on Tues?




127 posted on 04/21/2002 6:04:43 AM PDT by aabbccddeeff
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To: jenny65;Edreform
Hi Jenny, please take the time to read the links, they provide all of the facts that are involved with the issue. If it wasn't so severe and shocking, maybe I wouldn't be so upset, but it is bad, if not worse than I've detailed here.

I took the time to look into this. I took the time to examine the details. I have spoken to those who are being confronted with this and the pressure they are under. I have met with "Log Cabin" republicans who support this. I know people who are gay and while many of them aren't openly support this, they won't condem it.

I will post the links for you.

Exploiting Media Opportunities and Dealing with Radio Talk Hosts

Media and Radical Religious Right Groups to Watch Out For!

When a Social Agenda Can Get in the Way of ABCs

Florida State Legislator, Kenneth Gottlieb's Brave New World: House Bill HB 0157

General GLSEN Listings

So when you read up on all of these, you'll know exactly where I come from. You can flag me, and we can discuss it further. If you don't respond I'll know you agree with me 100%. If you don't read the material, that will be obvious too.

Hey Ed, they posted this link on the Steve Kane site! They DO READ our E-mails! It's included in the last link that lists the reading material!


128 posted on 04/21/2002 6:08:05 AM PDT by Caipirabob
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To: jenny65;EdReform;grandmom
Hi Jenny65, here's a "beauty" of an article for you to ponder. Please do not consume anything prior or during the reading of this article. It would be bad.

GLSEN's Fistgate II Teaches More Sexual Activity for Young ‘Homosexuals’

Ed, this might be worth a post of it's own, but I have to take care of the kiddies right now. If you can't do it before I get back, I'll take care of it Monday morning with links to this material and any other you want me to include.

EEEEP! Don't forget the *Barf Alert*! Thanks!

129 posted on 04/21/2002 6:20:04 AM PDT by Caipirabob
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To: Alexanderthegreat
Posts #128 and #129 for your reading pleasure.
130 posted on 04/21/2002 6:21:11 AM PDT by Caipirabob
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To: jenny65;Yakboy;ethical;GrandMoM;Buffalo Bob;conserve-it;Clint N. Suhks;erizona;John O;Illbay...
"I've never heard of this group, so I don't know what their true agenda is. I know that there are some militant gays out there, for sure. But I can't believe in my wildest dreams that any school board is going to approve a curriculum consisting of teaching "fisting", "sex with animals", "witchcraft", or any other such nonsense. These claims are nothing but lies and half-truths put out there to get simple-minded folk all in a hissy-fit. How about actually doing some research, and find out from an objective source what they're all about?"

Well Jenny, let me introduce you to GLSEN. On second thought, let's let GLSEN introduce itself. Listen to what GLSEN actually teaches middle and high school aged kids at their workshops and conferences (you'll need RealPlayer to listen to the audio clips):

Listen to Mass. Depts of Education and Health instruct children on the mechanics of homosexuality.

"On March 25, 2000 the Massachusetts Departments of Education and Health teamed up with the national gay and lesbian group GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) and conducted a conference for school children and educators. The conference was held under the guise of tolerance and safe schools. However, as the Parent's Rights Coalition discovered, this conference was about teaching children the unsafe mechanics of homosexuality. Following the conference, organizers denied claims of misconduct made by the Parent's Rights Coalition. Organizers were forced to concede the truth after the Parent's Rights Coalition made public an audio recording from the conference, which substantiated their claims..."

Freeper ethical has done extensive research on the reading materials recommended by GLSEN to middle and high school aged kids. Read about the kinds of pornographic literature they recommend to kids:

GLSEN Encourages Teens In Anal SEX "Don't give up."

"The following quotes are from three Alyson publications recomended to teens by GLSEN: Young, Gay and Proud!, One Teenager in Ten, and Two Teenagers in Twenty...

These books are in middle and high schools around the nation. Adults, real adults, have a responsibility to inform themselves about whats going on in public schools we fund. It is criminal to allow these people to educate our children on matters of sexuality!The children are depending on us to protect them. Please pass this information on to parents and other concerned adults.

Advice offered to teenagers in Young, Gay and Proud!

The page numbers will differ depending on what edition you have.

"Doing it: Gay men...Many people don't know the anus is not only an organ to remove waste. It's very sexually exciteable...Your first few times having anal sex might be a little hard. You may have to practice a bit before it starts feeling really good. I sure did." (pg. 81)

...If this presents a realistic look into the life of a child struggling with same sex desires then these children are seduced/molested at an alarmingly high rate and engage in dangerous/abusive sexual activity at a very young age. What's worse is that the adults who purport to care most about them (the editor of this book for example) present this sexual abuse as if they were tender "coming of age" stories. As if the children struggling with same sex desires are showing how healthy they are by engaging in sex with adults and by having sexual encounters regularly beginning at a very young age.

And, the message is clear, if "straight" kids don't want to be closed-minded, if they want to be "open" and "free" they'll mimic the homosexual sexual behavior and promiscuity related in these books.

In several stories intense sexual activity as a child is presented as normal and healthy, even child/adult sex is presented without question. Five and six year old's who regularly engaged in sex are described as children "who were willing" to explore their sexuality "to it's fullest extent." Many stories fondly recount a youthful sexual encounter with a much older man or woman. Sexual promiscuity and engaging in sex as a child/teenager is presented as "sexual freedom".

Heterosexual or "questioning" youth are encouraged to try same sex intercourse because, the Kinseyin theory is repeated over and over, "Everyone's really gay or bisexual." and "You won't know if you like it until you try it."..."

(You'll find the book mentioned on GLSEN's recommended reading list - Young, Gay and Proud! - here and other GLSEN recommended reading lists here).

Freeper GrandMoM wrote to California Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy concerning the promotion of homosexuality in the public school and received reply in which Mountjoy stated:

"Believe me when I tell you that this material is grossly inappropriate to be used in our schools under the guise of "safety" or "diversity" training or anything else. In my view, the material is pornographic and obscene."

(Assemblyman MOUNTJOY opposes promotion of homosexuality in public schools)

Lawmakers 'sanction' use of district-approved 'porn'

Assemblyman decries 'lewd and lascivious' training materials promoting homosexuality

"Instructions on homosexual sodomy and a glorified account of lesbian pedophilia are among the instructional materials approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District for use in "diversity" and "safety" programs being presented to elementary through high school students.

The sexually explicit materials promoting homosexuality were highlighted late last week at a California State Assembly committee hearing. Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, R-Monrovia, provided excerpts in support of his legislative bill AB 1326, which is aimed at prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality in public education. The measure was summarily defeated without discussion.

"The material is being put forward under the guise of tolerance and diversity, but it's inappropriate. It's lewd and lascivious ... and is darn embarrassing. Here I sit in my office reading my porn. It made me turn red, and I don't easily turn red," Mountjoy told WorldNetDaily. Mountjoy concludes the committee's vote against his bill sanctions continued use of the material in public schools..."

The Facts About "Just the Facts"

"In an ambitious attempt to pressure public schools into promoting homosexuality, a homosexual advocacy group has sent an authoritative-looking pamphlet replete with distortions and thinly veiled legal threats to every school district in the country.

"Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation & Youth" was produced by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educational Network (GLSEN), which aggressively promotes instruction about the homosexual lifestyle in elementary schools. A speaker at a 1998 GLSEN-sponsored conference in Boston, for example, advocated indoctrinating children as young as kindergarten age to accept homosexuality.1

If schools are cowed into implementing the recommendations of "Just the Facts," children will be encouraged to enter a lifestyle associated with disease and early death, one which has been condemned by every major religion and virtually all cultures from time immemorial. An evaluation of the assertions found in "Just the Facts" reveals that the booklet is more opinion than fact..."

First AIDS Education, Then "Safe Schools," Then Gay Advocacy

"Links to Pornographic Websites

PTRS discovered, and brought to the District's attention, direct links from the GLSEN Internet homepage to extremely pornographic sites--one of which is maintained by the company for which Chelle Mileur (of the PRIDE Foundation book grant) is an executive. The District did take steps to block access to the pornographic sites on school computers, but refused to criticize GLSEN for placing the links on its site in the first place.

Previously, PTRS had notified the District that many of the books on the PRIDE booklist were published by Alyson Publications, a major publisher of homosexual pornography. The District ignored our concern. Some of the Alyson publications, including "One Teenager in Ten," had already been placed in the schools. These books encourage teens to, among other things, go to gay bars and have sex with adults to see if they like it. Alyson recently published "Becoming Visible," a how-to on introducing the homosexual agenda into the public schools.

The District's position regarding parents' concerns about gay-affirming information in schools--outside the context of sexuality instruction--is that it is not required to get parental approval for curriculum, and parents have no right to opt out of instruction with which they disagree. Notwithstanding, the District has asked school principals and teachers to work with parents "to the fullest extent practicable" consistent with the school's "ability to educate all children."

In practice, this has meant that parents are on their own to negotiate with individual teachers and principals, and are without legal or procedural options when a teacher or principal refuses to cooperate with them..."

How GLSEN Encourages Student Experimentation With Homosexuality - GLSEN Manual

"GLSEN's manual "Tackling Gay Issues In School" outlines classroom lessons and staff development activities. Amazingly, many of these lessons assume that students even in middle school could be "fluid" in their sexual feelings and behavior.

So, why does GLSEN claim publicly that kids aren't influenced by pro-homosexual school activities and material?..."

(Gay) School Days

"What would schools look like if they were run by homosexual activists? In California, parents are learning the answer.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Portions of this article may be inappropriate for young readers.

"...All the second- through fifth-graders at Pleasant Valley School had been called to an assembly, where they learned slogans like "I'm gay and it's OK," reinforced by various skits-like one in which Rapunzel cut her hair and ran away with her girlfriend. The show made an impact. "Daddy, am I a lesbian?" one third-grade girl asked. "I like girls better than boys." The group behind the assembly bore an innocent-sounding name, Cootie Shots. But it turned out to be an offshoot of Fringe Benefits, a theater group that gets public funds for "tolerance of diversity" performances in high schools and middle schools throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District. Now the group is targeting much younger kids, because-in the words of a longtime Fringe Benefits booster, Steven Hicks of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) of Los Angeles-"It is imperative to begin addressing these issues in the elementary schools as early as possible."..."

So now you know more about what GLSEN's true agenda is.

Other information:

Lessons on homosexuality taking hold in U.S. schools By Carol Innerst, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

"...Kindergartners are learning about "homophobia" as lessons about alternative lifestyles and homosexuality appear in America's elementary schools -- often without parental knowledge....

But to Florida mother Jodi Hoffman, the results at the classroom level have been disastrous.

"Ninety-eight percent of parents out there have no idea what's going on in their schools," she says. "We know we've got a problem when they prosecute if you talk about God anywhere near a school, but it's OK to teach students that anal sex is an acceptable method of birth control." Mrs. Hoffman and her husband, Paul, have pulled their three children out of Broward County public schools and filed a class-action suit against the school board to stop what they call the board's promotion of homosexuality in sex education courses.

Among the Hoffmans' complaints: At one middle school, the school board allowed officials from a community organization to tell the children they would be lucky to be on the receiving end of oral sex and not to worry if their "cut-free" leg happened to be splashed with HIV-positive blood.

"I'm not a nut, I'm not a foaming religious right-winger or a fanatical bigot," Mrs. Hoffman says. "What I am is pro-parent and pro-family. I'm for my children. "Schools make the kids think about sex," she says. "When my daughter was 10, we opted her out of a sex education class and they put her in anyway."....

A Seattle school board member and official with the National School Boards' Association thinks third-graders are too young for a discussion of the pros and cons of homosexual marriage. "Third-graders should not be asked to contemplate something that deep and complex," says Michael Preston, chairman of the NSBA's Council of Urban Boards of Education. "I'm sure they should be allowed to marry, but I've come to that conclusion as an adult and it's not something I'd even care to think about as a third-grader."... "But you have to consider the age appropriateness of the subject matter. Young minds are sometimes like clay. We need to allow children to be children and not overly influence what they end up thinking about something."

In Montpelier, Vt., Joel and Felicity Bachman became upset when their daughter's high school sociology class was given materials that encouraged kids lacking in self-confidence to have sex with someone of the opposite gender to "build up their pleasure-giving abilities." "She also read that 'two lesbians make a more nurturing relationship than a heterosexual couple' because women are naturally more nurturing," the Bachmans say. At an unannounced school assembly, students were presented with a panel of all gays, lesbians and bisexuals who talked about how happy, healthy and productive they are. "Our daughter tells us that the 'in' thing at her high school now, if you're a girl, is to 'be' a lesbian," the Bachmans report in an e-mail posting. "If you show any sign of feeling anything but joy at the sight, you're homophobic."

One of the teachers videotaped in "It's Elementary" says that "even if you are against the lifestyle, it still needs to be addressed." Another teacher says she "has a problem" with parents who opt to take their children out of discussions of homosexuality. "You hear so many different things, the school needs to give us the facts so we can decide on our own," one eighth-grade girl concludes on the video..."

Homosexual Activists Solidify Hold on Schools

"...With a three-year grant worth $121,575 from the Vermont Department of Health, Outright targets middle and high school kids. Kathy Hoyt, Vermont Secretary of Administration, proudly asserted that Outright Vermont "developed a training program for public schools that was designed to support diversity and safe schools for Vermont’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth."

As in Massachusetts, however, "safety" has begun to bleed into "sex." That’s the serious charge leveled by Nancy Sheltra, a six-term state representative and founder of Vermont’s pro-family organization, Standing Together And Reclaiming the State (STARS). According to documents provided to AFA by STARS, Outright Vermont has gone lightyears beyond the simple purpose espoused by Hoyt.

For example, Outright used taxpayer money to provide "safer sex activities" and "parties" for teens. These events included, according to Outright’s own documents, "demonstrations, guided practice & skill evaluation" for the use of prophylactics, and the distribution of free condoms, lubricants for sexual intercourse between males, "dental dams" for oral sex between lesbians, and latex gloves for mutual masturbation.

The number of such items requested by Outright Vermont for distribution to teens was mind-boggling: 5,000 condoms, 750 dental dams, 750 latex gloves, and 2,000 packets of lubricant.

Outright also spent monies on youth retreats, including the "recruitment of youth participants," which utilized mailing lists and youth-related meetings to stir interest in the gatherings. Kids who expressed an interest in attending were transported - again using state money - to the retreat site, where youth and adult staff again taught kids how to engage in homosexual sex practices. Outright’s own quarterly report said, "All retreat participants practiced and were evaluated on their (prophylactic) barrier use skills and were given a variety of barriers to take home. Participants joined in role plays."..."

It's 1984 in Massachusetts – And Big Brother Is Gay

"...When Clossey enrolled her son in Newton North High School's reading program little did she know that the teacher had bragged in the Boston Globe (July 8, 2001) of quietly introducing homosexual and transsexual subjects into his classes. The teacher, Michael Kozuch, handed out The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky with instructions to write an essay on it. What literary "treats" did Kozuch consider mandatory for other people's children? Sex between a boy and a dog, man-boy sex, anal sex between boys, male masturbation and female masturbation with a hot dog. By chance Clossey opened the book her son brought home. But what came after that shock was worse: She encountered public officials who saw protective parents as obstacles...

...Is Newton a rogue town? In nearby Brookline a transsexual told first-graders how his penis was cut off and he became a woman. With no sense of irony, the Globe called it "sex-change counseling." Parents, never notified, had to comfort their terrified children.

Ashland children were instructed to play homosexuals in a skit. As reported in the Middlesex News on April 1, 1994, one boy's line was: "It's natural to be attracted to the same sex." Girls were told to hold hands and pretend they were lesbians....

A prominent psychiatrist says the sex-ed curricula at these schools can lower children "to the level of animals" and inflict lasting harm. "Massachusetts schools' systematic promotion of homosexuality and promiscuity fosters sexual confusion and experimentation," says Nathaniel S. Lehrman, former clinical director of the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in New York. "They dilute and trivialize [the capacity for] faithful sexual passion which should [later] be the cement of these children's marriages. Unstable youngsters may become particularly vulnerable to homosexuals who actively recruit them."

There are teachers all over North America quietly mainstreaming homosexual behavior to children as young as 5 years old. As widely reported, on "Gay Days" classes are cancelled and students led to compulsory activities where homosexuals explain their "lifestyles." The mind-control techniques are straight from Soviet schools..."

Students Singled Out Before Peers for Belief that Homosexuality is Wrong

131 posted on 04/21/2002 8:22:56 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: Yakboy
132 posted on 04/21/2002 8:30:02 AM PDT by Travis McGee
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To: GussiedUp;Jim Scott
133 posted on 04/21/2002 8:30:07 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: Yakboy
134 posted on 04/21/2002 8:40:16 AM PDT by EdReform
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To: AlexanderTheGreat;EdReform;Ohioan;erizona
And yet Creation allows for homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom. Why?

Allow me to summarize the concept of homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom.


Yes, the great mechanism that Darwinists everywhere have embraced as a means to dispose of "that which is unfit to exist" or "that which should not survive". The great purge of the obscure, obsolete and useless. Making space and freeing up resources for those organisms that function properly and effectively within the natural order of life.

Extinction : The great tool by which all of nature's failures are erased.

Perhaps we should revisit exactly what occured with the Dinosaurs. Did Mr. T-rex suddenly lose interest in Ms. T-Rex? Was that giant meteor thing just a big sham? Is this yet another dark secret being guarded by the militant homosexual mafia? Inquiring minds want to know!

EdReform,Ohioan and erizona - I couldn't help myself...

135 posted on 04/21/2002 8:47:48 AM PDT by Caipirabob
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To: EdReform
EdReform ROCKS!!
136 posted on 04/21/2002 8:51:35 AM PDT by conserve-it
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Comment #137 Removed by Moderator

To: Yakboy
138 posted on 04/21/2002 9:21:24 AM PDT by conserve-it
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Comment #139 Removed by Moderator

To: EdReform
Good Morning...You have been a busy little beaver, haven't you? There surely is a special place in heaven for you!
140 posted on 04/21/2002 9:34:05 AM PDT by GrandMoM
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