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A Recycled Universe (the infinite cycle in which our current universe is but a phase)
Scientific American ^ | February 11, 2002 | JR Minkel

Posted on 02/11/2002 7:11:08 AM PST by dead

A Recycled Universe

Crashing branes and cosmic acceleration may power an infinite cycle in which our universe is but a phase.

by JR Minkel with additional reporting by George Musser

cyclic animation
Images: after animation by Paul Steinhardt

A UNIVERSAL CYCLE of birth and rebirth occurs every trillion years or so, according to one new cosmology. Big bangs result when two 10-dimensional "branes" collide (1) and expand (2) and then collide again (4). In this scenario, our universe (3) marks just one phase in this infinite cycle.

Some questions are disquieting because they can be answered in only one of two, equally mind-boggling ways. For instance, are we the sole intelligent beings in the universe or will we find others? Another discomforting doozy is this: did the universe begin at some remote time in the past or was it always here?

The big bang clearly marks some sort of first. That fearsome flash of energy and expansion of space set in motion everything our eyes and telescopes can see today. But on its own, the big bang theory would leave us in a curved universe where matter and energy aren't well mixed. In fact, we now know that space-time is flat and that galaxies and radiation are evenly distributed throughout. To shore up the big bang theory, cosmologists proposed that the universe began with a burst of exponential expansion from a single uniform patch of space, whose stamp remains on the cosmos to this day. Such inflationary cosmologies have worked so well they've crowded out all the competition.

During this past year, however, one group of researchers has started to challenge that idea's preeminence, though the field of cosmology has yet to be swept up with the new approach. Drawing on some cutting-edge but unproven notions in particle physics, the challengers interpret the big bang as a violent clash between higher-dimensional objects. In the latest installment to the saga, the authors of this interpretation have found a way to turn that single clash into a never-ending struggle that rears its fiery head every trillion years or so, making our universe just one phase in an infinite cycle of birth and rebirth.

Such cyclic ideas are not new. In the 1930s, the late Richard Tolman at the California Institute of Technology wondered what would happen if a closed universe--in which all matter and energy are ultimately compacted in a big crunch--were to survive its closure and burst forth again. Unfortunately, as Tolman realized, the universe would gather entropy during each new cycle; to compensate, it would have to grow every time like a runaway snowball. And just as a snowball has to begin at some point in time, so too would such a universe.

Then in the 1960s, physicists proved that a big crunch too must culminate in a singularity--a point stuffed with infinite matter and heat--where general relativity breaks down. The laws of physics are thus up for grabs. "The idea of a cyclic universe has been around for a long time," says Andreas Albrecht of the University of California at Davis, a co-inventor of inflation, "and it has always been plagued by a fundamental problem: what physics causes the collapsing universe to bounce back into the expanding phase?"



FIRST STRING. String theory has spawned more than one attempt to do away with the big bang singularity. Read about it here.

One potential way of getting around that problem is by supposing that elementary particles such as electrons, photons and quarks are really just manifestations of tiny strings of energy jiggling in higher dimensions. The thing is, such a string theory requires the universe to have at least ten dimensions, as opposed to the usual three in space and one in time that we perceive. "In string theory you learn one thing--you are in higher dimensions," says string theorist Burt Ovrut of the University of Pennsylvania. "Then the question is where does our real world come from. That's a damn good question."

Paving the way for an answer in 1995 were Petr Horava, then at Princeton University, and Ed Witten of Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies, who showed that strings could also exist in a more fundamental, eleven-dimensional theory. They collapsed one of these dimensions mathematically into a miniscule line, yielding an eleven-dimensional space-time, flanked on either side by two ten-dimensional membranes, or branes, colorfully dubbed "end of the world" branes. One brane would have physical laws like our own universe. From there, Ovrut and colleagues reasoned that six of those ten dimensions could be made extremely small, effectively hiding them from everyday view and leaving the traditional four dimensions of space and time.

Early in 2001, cosmologists Justin Khoury and Paul Steinhardt of Princeton, another inflationary pioneer, Neil Turok of the University of Cambridge and Ovrut put their branes to work on the big bang. By turning back the clock in string theory, they found that as our universal brane passed through its starting singularity in reverse, it went suddenly from a state of intense but finite heat and density to one that was cold, flat and mostly empty. In the process, it shed another kind of brane into the eleven-dimensional gap. Run forward in time, the big bang appeared as nothing more than two branes smacking into each other like cymbals. They christened this process the ekpyrotic model, after the ancient Greek "conflagration" cosmology wherein the universe is born in and evolves from a fiery explosion.

Without a better understanding of the singularity in string theory, however, the group could not study what would happen as our brane expands after the collision; the model only provided for a contracting universe. Then later last year, the group discovered in collaboration with Nathan Seiberg of the Institute for Advanced Study that the singularity could be interpreted as a collision between the two "end of the world" branes, in which only the gap dimension separating them shrinks down to zero for an instant. "So what looks sort of disastrously singular, when you describe it as a brane collision, is not very singular at all," Turok explains. This scenario remains a conjecture, Seiberg notes, but is mathematically identical to the description of the big bang singularity in general relativity.

The ekpyrotic model had seemed a little contrived up to this point, notes Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, another author of inflation. The pre-bang universe had to be dark, flat and infinite, seemingly by fiat. But why should it have begun in such a state? The answer, according to the latest work from Steinhardt and Turok, has to do with dark energy, the force that is driving the galaxies apart at ever-increasing speeds.

Drained Branes


MODERN COSMOLOGY is a relatively new invention. View a history of some of the key events relating to string and inflationary cosmologies here.

As the universe accelerates, it will become harder for light to travel between distant corners of space. Over time, galaxies will become isolated from their neighbors; stars will wink out; black holes will evaporate quantum mechanically into radiation; even that radiation will be diluted in a sea of space. The universe could end up much as the ekpyrotic model suggests it should appear before the big bang.

Steinhardt and Turok accordingly have proposed that the dark energy, combined with the milder singularity of the ekpyrotic model, provides a tidy way of setting up a cyclic universe. Our brane and its counterpart would bounce off of each other as usual, but instead of going their separate ways, they would smack each other again and again as if connected by a spring. This attractive force between branes would in fact be a special case of the kind of force that inflationary cosmologies posit to explain the early universe's blowup.

The branes' oscillating motion would work to pump space into our universe like a bellows, explaining the acceleration that we see today. So "when you ask why is the universe the way it is," Turok explains, "well it's because it has to be that way in order to repeat the next time around." And because each brane is already infinitely large and flat, there would be no first cycle to worry about.

The model is intriguing in drawing the ultimate link between early inflation and the current acceleration of the universe, Albrecht remarks, but "the case would be a lot more compelling if they were able to really show that a cyclic universe is possible." Guth is also unmoved. He explains that although he awaits the day when cosmology merges with string theory, he expects inflation to be that cosmology. In general, not all physicists are convinced that colliding branes can generate the small fluctuations in matter and energy density that inflation neatly resolves. Such minute variations in these quantities are required to explain the way in which stars and galaxies clump together and the detailed properties of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

In the ekpyrotic model, the necessary fluctuations are supposed to arise as the branes ripple quantum mechanically, so that different areas would strike each other and take off expanding first. The ekpyrotic camp is convinced these ripples can generate the exact variations we see today. "I think it's surprising how well this model works in terms of reproducing everything we see and yet being so different," Steinhardt remarks. "That's quite shocking and I think important because we thought we were converging toward something that was a unique cosmic story."

But the singularity remains as another hurdle. Despite the recent advance, no one is certain whether features such as brane ripples could actually pass unmolested from big crunch to bang. "What happens at the singularity?" Seiberg ponders. "This is a big open question." So although the singularity in string theory may be, as Turok says, the "mildest possible" one, it is still a wild card.

The dealing isn't done, however, making it too soon to say if colliding branes will hold or fold. Perhaps it will attract new players with even more imaginative ideas. "I happen to think the cyclic model is a real intriguing one," Steinhardt says. "It has a lot of new ingredients that people haven't had a chance to play with. When they play they might find other interesting things that we missed." Or not.


Animation of the cyclic model from Paul Steinhardt

Original ekpyrotic model

More on string theory

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To: AndrewC
The razor is used to break ties, the equivalent of a coin-toss.

Yes, that's possible; but in most cases the hypotheses which are tossed out by Occham's Razor are not on an equal footing. They are tossed out because there is no need for them when a simpler hypothesis is providing an explanation.

41 posted on 02/11/2002 6:00:57 PM PST by PatrickHenry
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To: owen_osh
This also has implications for Nietzsche's idea of the eternal return or the eternal recurrence of the same, a type of immortality.

So he's the source of this ---"It's like deja vu all over again."

42 posted on 02/11/2002 6:12:04 PM PST by AndrewC
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To: PatrickHenry
They are tossed out because there is no need for them when a simpler hypothesis is providing an explanation.

There's an Inigo Montoya quote in here somewhere.

43 posted on 02/11/2002 6:14:09 PM PST by AndrewC
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To: PatrickHenry
However ... there are philosophical implications.
1. An infinite number of prior universes very neatly does away with the troublesome First Cause and nihil ex nihilo problems.

Actually, all this does is ignore the question. It is really no different than chanting a dogma about a deity that "always existed"; hence one need not explain where the deity came from.

Proposing a temporally infinite series of Universes is essentially the same as throwing up our hands and saying we have no idea where they originated.

The BB at least has to come to grips with the question; some may not like the answer, others may complain that we don't know enough details about the answer, but at least it doesn't hide from the question.

44 posted on 02/11/2002 6:37:49 PM PST by longshadow
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To: longshadow
Proposing a temporally [whaaaa?] infinite series of Universes is essentially the same as throwing up our hands and saying we have no idea where they originated.

You must concentrate, Grasshopper. Think deeply. The truth will come to you.

45 posted on 02/12/2002 2:46:21 AM PST by PatrickHenry
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To: VadeRetro
Don't forget, August 30th is Vade's Gall Bladder Day.

I know, I know. But it's so close to Labor Day that I'm treating the already too-long weekend as another combo holiday, like Presidents Day. Your lost organ will be remembered, along with Sam Gompers and the Ladies Garment Workers. But don't dispair. I'm told that your holiday is celebrated as a stand-alone day in Tonga, where -- for reasons not fully explained -- the natives regard you as a god and the young ones sing of your exploits.

46 posted on 02/12/2002 2:56:14 AM PST by PatrickHenry
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To: PatrickHenry
You must concentrate, Grasshopper. Think deeply. The truth will come to you.

But Master, how can I concentrate when I am up to my @ss in an infinite sea of Turtle Turds?

47 posted on 02/12/2002 6:32:28 AM PST by longshadow
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To: PatrickHenry
I'm told that your holiday is celebrated as a stand-alone day in Tonga, where -- for reasons not fully explained -- the natives regard you as a god and the young ones sing of your exploits.

Is celebrated with ritualistic Gall Bladder Sacrifices?

48 posted on 02/12/2002 6:35:02 AM PST by longshadow
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To: longshadow
But Master, how can I concentrate when I am up to my @ss in an infinite sea of Turtle Turds?

The correct email address is (I can mention that celestial orb at any provocation.)

49 posted on 02/12/2002 6:50:01 AM PST by PatrickHenry
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To: dead
50 posted on 02/12/2002 6:58:53 AM PST by billbears
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To: PatrickHenry
The correct email address is (I can mention that celestial orb at any provocation.)

I won't even ask how it is that you know this.


51 posted on 02/12/2002 7:00:25 AM PST by longshadow
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To: PatrickHenry
I'm told that your holiday is celebrated as a stand-alone day in Tonga, where -- for reasons not fully explained -- the natives regard you as a god and the young ones sing of your exploits.

I'm the spitting image of their underworld diety, Cthulhu. OK, the resemblance isn't that strong but I can spit almost as far.

52 posted on 02/12/2002 7:13:08 AM PST by VadeRetro
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To: dead
It's like deja vu all over again

I have always wondered about this, what if the universe is just a perpetual series of reruns? And many many billions of year in the future, as has been in the past, I will be typing these exact words again?

53 posted on 02/12/2002 7:26:23 AM PST by machman
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To: dead
Bump! I just posted an article on the same topic not knowing of this thread. Someone clued me in. Fascinating stuff. :-)

You might want to check out the article I posted. Best I've seen in a long time.

54 posted on 02/12/2002 2:01:43 PM PST by fire and forget
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To: machman
I have always wondered about this, what if the universe is just a perpetual series of reruns? And many many billions of year in the future, as has been in the past, I will be typing these exact words again?

Then you should remember the answer.

55 posted on 02/12/2002 2:02:48 PM PST by AndrewC
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To: AndrewC
I KNEW you were going to say that!
56 posted on 02/13/2002 6:48:10 AM PST by machman
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39 posted on 01/20/2006 8:16:06 AM PST by Netheron ...

User Posts
Re String Theory, I discovered this: 'Resolving Contradictions' Conclusions: (snip) ...

User Posts
They're generally not people like Leonard Susskind, a renowned physics professor
at Stanford and a prime architect of string theory. His new book, his first ...

57 posted on 01/31/2006 10:32:55 AM PST by SunkenCiv (In the long run, there is only the short run.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: SunkenCiv
Thanks for the links!!!!

While watching the DVD, "The Elegant Universe," I developed another model. Okay, don't laugh.

The ground plane of super strings bouncing around was strangely similar to what a graphic of firing synapses in the brain might look like.

Could superstrings actually be synapses firing in the mind of an . . . uh . . . 'intelligent designer?'

Don't shoot!

And is there a possibility that the superstringthingy is the first form of manifest energy in the continuum, different than electricity or gravity, but serving as a matrix which establishes the 'dna' (mechanics) of the micro universe and macro universe?

Unifying all three aspects.

58 posted on 01/31/2006 12:27:58 PM PST by Eastbound
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To: Eastbound
Lemme add one thing. To get the volume of a thing, you would use the equation, height x length x width.

How about we multiply space x energy in motion (matter) x time (distance) to arrive at the total volume of the universe.

In that space has three directions, matter has three dimensions, and time has three aspects (past, present, and future), if you remove one of these nine aspects the quantum universe would disappear and become flat, non-measurable and dimension-less.

Maybe the superstring activity is what starts the ball moving and gives impetus to energy in motion (matter) in three limited dimensions, which fit neatly into a three, unlimited direction spacial environment. The motion itself moves and creates distance. The distance is measurable by the yardstick of time.

(Retreats back into bunker.)

59 posted on 01/31/2006 12:59:39 PM PST by Eastbound
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To: Eastbound

Karl Pibram, in a live talk, once blurted out, "maybe the universe is a hologram". There's an old saying from one of the Indian (subcontinent) religions -- "The universe is the dream of the Gods, and the Gods are the dream of man." ;')

60 posted on 01/31/2006 10:04:40 PM PST by SunkenCiv (In the long run, there is only the short run.)
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