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Trump: Transgenders Should 'Use the Bathroom That They Feel Is Appropriate'
CNS News ^ | April 21, 2016 | Susan Jones

Posted on 04/21/2016 6:53:01 AM PDT by xzins

Republican Donald Trump says he'd be fine with Caitlyn Jenner using the bathroom of her choice at Trump Tower. (AP File Photo)

( - Republican Donald Trump, appearing on Thursday's "Today" show, said transgenders should be allowed to "use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate."

"So if Caitlyn Jenner were to walk into Trump Tower and want to use the bathroom, you would be fine with her using any bathroom she chooses?" host Matt Lauer asked Trump.

"That is correct," Trump said.

Asked for his view on the North Carolina bathroom controversy, Trump said the state has "paid a big price" for requiring transgenders to use the restroom that corresponds with their biological sex.

"Leave it the way it is," he said.

"One of the best answers I heard was from a commentator yesterday, saying 'Leave it the way it is right now.' There have been very few problems. Leave it the way it is. North Carolina, what they're going through with all of the business that's leaving and all of the strife, and that's on both sides -- you leave it the way it is.

"There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble. And the problem with what happened in North Carolina is the strife, and the -- the economic punishment that they're taking."


Trump said he doesn't know if he has any transgender people working for him. "I probably do, I really don't know."

Trump noted that there's a "big move to create new bathrooms" for transgenders.

"First of all, I think that would be discriminatory in a certain way. It would be unbelievably expensive for businesses and for the country. Leave it the way it is."

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To: Trumpinator

If it never happens, why have laws saying businesses have to let guys who say they are women but who might be heterosexually inclined use the women’s bathroom?


861 posted on 04/21/2016 2:34:11 PM PDT by Ransomed
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To: Ransomed

When you figure out how to stop gays who are turned on by the same sex from going into bathrooms let me know.

862 posted on 04/21/2016 2:35:00 PM PDT by Trumpinator ("Are you Batman?" the boy asked. "I am Batman," Trump said.)
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To: Trumpinator

>>I must live rent free in your head.

The only thing living rent free is your bodily fluids as they soak into the canvas.

C’mon wobble out of that corner and let’s see how far Bat Man’s Toupe can fly across the ring.

Ding Ding!

863 posted on 04/21/2016 2:36:45 PM PDT by HLPhat (It takes a Republic TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS - not a populist Tyranny of the Majority)
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To: Luircin; Trumpinator

Of course I’ll listen and engage in civil discussion.

Does not mean I’ll come to an agreement or you will agree with me at the end of the day, but definitely would love to hear your opinion!

864 posted on 04/21/2016 2:39:28 PM PDT by plewis1250 (The pecking order: Christian, American, Conservative)
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To: Trumpinator

Dude, men attracted to men has already lead to wide stances, glory holes, unwanted propositions, and predation. But at least it’s men dealing with men. Why open it up to men on women?


865 posted on 04/21/2016 2:39:43 PM PDT by Ransomed
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To: Ransomed

Still illegal - that will remain illegal regardless.

866 posted on 04/21/2016 2:41:15 PM PDT by Trumpinator ("Are you Batman?" the boy asked. "I am Batman," Trump said.)
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To: Trumpinator

So women just feeling uncomfortable about it shouldn’t want to make a business stop men from using their women’s bathroom, as a business matter?


867 posted on 04/21/2016 2:43:23 PM PDT by Ransomed
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To: Ransomed

Hypothetical arguments.

868 posted on 04/21/2016 2:45:40 PM PDT by Trumpinator ("Are you Batman?" the boy asked. "I am Batman," Trump said.)
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To: mlizzy

Mlizzy, thank you for your reply. You asked me “don’t you see our country slipping into Sodom and Gomorrah?

NO, Mlizzy I don’t.

Sadly...We dove in....long ago.

This election is about the a chance of finding our way out of the quagmire were in…

..i am glad that we feel the same about this though....:)

869 posted on 04/21/2016 2:50:07 PM PDT by RevelationDavid (Jesus First, no matter the cost.)
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To: katieanna

The “death” that I was speaking of… Was the death of conversation… The death of “relationship”… The death of forward progress… And of eventually reaching a goal that can be better than than where are you currently find yourself…… which is the very best we can expect in this world...:)

I think Donald Trump brings this to his candidacy and as president will leave office with our country in better shape than it is now.

...Katienna, you referred to my tagline and how you could not “correlate the two”..the Savior that I am looking for is not Donald Trump… And my Savior’s kingdom is not of this world… I think perhaps, as Paul, “I become all things to all men that I might win some”...

.... If I expect the people that I have employed… Work with… Or vote for… To be “perfect” in my eyes… I will not have any friends, I will not have anyone to work for me and I will not be able to vote in this election.

.... In my heart and my mind and my actions… I will give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s… And hold sacred what is Gods and unto God.

870 posted on 04/21/2016 2:50:07 PM PDT by RevelationDavid (Jesus First, no matter the cost.)
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To: plewis1250; Trumpinator

Okay, here are the points that I’m using to try to come to my beliefs on the right candidate.

I’m also inviting Trumpinator to join in the conversation if he’d like to with his own points, or just hang back, since I was the one who kind of interrupted here.

I’ll number my points for ease of reference.

1: The issue that matters MOST in this election is border control. If we lose on this, the uniparty elites will import enough illegals to ensure that we never win an election again. Meaning that we lose on everything.

2: If I trust a candidate on this, then they have my support, even if it may be reluctant support, because it’s about the long-term survival of the nation, not to mention conservatism.

3: I trust Donald Trump on this matter. There are points on which I wish that he would be stronger, but even if he’s doing this as an ego trip, I can’t imagine why he’d risk becoming the most hated man in America by welshing on his promises. He’d lose money; he’d lose face; he’d hurt his children.

4: The party insiders on both sides want amnesty, which is a death knell for conservatism and this country. I want to get control OUT of their hands.

5: Cruz, even if I am going to assume that he’s absolutely sincere, is an unacceptable risk at this point. One, his numbers in the swing states are very, very bad. Two, the only way for him to get the nomination is to either sell his political soul to the party insiders in exchange for their support, OR to give them an unacceptable amount of influence over the nomination process. The party insiders want to destroy the nation and conservatism with amnesty. Unacceptable.

5b: Kaisch is unacceptable, period. He’s not even pretending to be conservative. Anyone the uniparty puts in is unacceptable.

6: Hillary would be disastrous. Trump isn’t perfect, but at the WORST he’s a wild card, when Hillary is a guaranteed disaster. To a lesser extent, Sanders too.

7: This leaves Trump as the only choice left, in my opinion.

8: Even if he comes out as 100% pro-transvestite... well, I won’t like it at all. But when the alternative is losing the entire country, then I’ll endure it while fighting against that aspect. This is not Romney v. Obama in which we could potentially make the argument that it didn’t make a difference which one got in.


Trump is from New York City. I’m not surprised at his more lefty positions on social matters. He’s more right-wing than most NYC liberals; I know because I’ve lived there and met them. His comments, to me, are the comments of someone who grew up with liberal insanity and was taught that it was normal for most of his life, and he never really thought about it until recently. He’s beginning to realize how stupid so much of NYC liberalism is, but an overnight jump from one to the other is very very rare.

I became a conservative because of national security. It took me a while to embrace social conservatism. I had to think about it, and I had to take steps.

I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Especially when the alternative is Hillary.

871 posted on 04/21/2016 3:01:49 PM PDT by Luircin (Supervillians for Trump: We're sick of being the lesser evil!)
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To: Trumpinator
Screw incrementalism. Why do I have a feeling the GOP establishment is using this as a shiny metal object to get the base worked up over an almost non-existent problem (is there a tranny bathroom crime wave I don’t know about?) so they can be distracted and not think of border security and the trade deals?

I do not think these things come from the GOP establishment. They are more the result of an unholy alliance between the left's kook fringe, and the media power blocks.

The leftwing kooks are always about, and the Media Liberals utilize them when they present an opportunity to do so.

I think their goal is to use their influence to help Hillary, and they know this is what is called a "wedge" issue.

If Trump goes along with his supporters, it gives them more ammunition to throw at him. If he goes along with Liberal doctrine, they know it will alienate some of the coalition he is attempting to build.

The media will work constantly to try and bring up these wedge issues so as to damage his ability to win the election.

872 posted on 04/21/2016 3:13:58 PM PDT by DiogenesLamp ("of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty.")
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To: Jim Robinson

Along with abortion remarks that do not agree with your long time position and touch-back immigration. For whatever reason he chose today to come out of the closet.

873 posted on 04/21/2016 3:34:46 PM PDT by John W (Under One Year And Counting!)
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To: Jim Robinson

Thanks for weighing in, Jim.

I know I shouldn’t assume your opinion is better than any others just ‘cause you’re the owner of the site.

But even when I don’t agree with you, you’ve earned enough respect for me over the years for me to enjoy the postings. And I like how you’ve kept your head on your shoulders about this.

874 posted on 04/21/2016 3:37:15 PM PDT by Luircin (Supervillians for Trump: We're sick of being the lesser evil!)
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To: VanDeKoik

Cruz is consistently conservative. Gay issues are states rights but he will protect our liberties. I read his commentary at that meeting and he was very clear on his position.

875 posted on 04/21/2016 4:08:05 PM PDT by spacejunkie2001
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To: Trumpinator

“Social conservatives are for small govt except on social issues - then they want large govt interventions.”

If government were to be limited to what it is supposed to be, it would be rather small.

“I don’t want Sharia policing.”

Sharia is okay with you?

876 posted on 04/21/2016 4:12:03 PM PDT by Heart of Georgia
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To: John W; Jim Robinson

Trump’s tax plan has not changed since he put out his position paper last year.

Yes, he’s going to raise taxes dramatically on hedge fund managers who pull in a net $250 million a year and pay no tax.

But corporate America is going to be taxed at 15% while the top tax bracket for individual income taxes is 25% but having most of the middle class paying a tax rate of 10%; the AMT is eliminated.

His comments today are nothing new.

What is also not new is that Trump-Haters continue to twist his every comment and body language expression into a “he’s a liberal” canard.

877 posted on 04/21/2016 4:27:40 PM PDT by Hostage (ARTICLE V)
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To: Hostage
Sums Trump's day up well----

@peddoc63 I learned today about Trump:

🔹Against GOP Pro-Life position.

🔹Supports men in girl's room.

🔹Against States Rights.

🔹Against Reagan Tax Cuts.

878 posted on 04/21/2016 4:30:05 PM PDT by John W (Under One Year And Counting!)
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To: xzins

Ted Cruz has an ad out on this topic. It’s not yet over on YouTube, but should be there soon. Here it is on Twitter for anyone interested:

879 posted on 04/21/2016 4:42:26 PM PDT by mlizzy (America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe/Wade has deformed a great nation. -MT)
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To: John W

Didn’t matter before and doesn’t matter now BECAUSE it’s garbage. Trump is a conservative and will win the White House for conservatives on conservative issues that are most important.

880 posted on 04/21/2016 4:45:48 PM PDT by Hostage (ARTICLE V)
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