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To: olezip
On one hand we have Dr. James Hansen, NASA GIS, alleging that he was being suppressed from presenting his work showing that global warming is caused by mankind. On the other hand Dr. Miklós Zágoni is complaining that his skeptical views about man-made global warming were being suppressed by NASA officials. Which is it? Who are these NASA officials?

Well clearly Hansen has never been muzzled. The man never seems to shut up, especially about how he's being censored. Yet, as a government employee, he keeps his algorthims to himself. The following is from Steve McIntyre who exposed the Mann Hockey Stick fraud and caught Hansen making errors in temperature adjustments that inflated recent GISS reported temperatures...

There are some real and interesting statistical issues with the USHCN station history adjustment procedure and it is ridiculous that the source code for these adjustments (and the subsequent GISS adjustments - see bottom panel) is not available/

Closing the circle: my original interest in GISS adjustment procedures was not an abstract interest, but a specific interest in whether GISS adjustment procedures were equal to the challenge of “fixing” bad data. If one views the above assessment as a type of limited software audit (limited by lack of access to source code and operating manuals), one can say firmly that the GISS software had not only failed to pick up and correct fictitious steps of up to 1 deg C, but that GISS actually introduced this error in the course of their programming.

According to any reasonable audit standards, one would conclude that the GISS software had failed this particular test. While GISS can (and has) patched the particular error that I reported to them, their patching hardly proves the merit of the GISS (and USHCN) adjustment procedures. These need to be carefully examined. This was a crying need prior to the identification of the Hansen error and would have been a crying need even without the Hansen error.

One practical effect of the error is that it surely becomes much harder for GISS to continue the obstruction of detailed examination of their source code and methodologies after the embarrassment of this particular incident. GISS itself has no policy against placing source code online and, indeed, a huge amount of code for their climate model is online. So it’s hard to understand their present stubbornness.


So Hansen has a history of suppressing information while crying out that he's being suppressed.

Hansen was never muzzled. He's had over 1,400 interviews, including 15 during the month leading up to one of his claims of censorship. The fact is that Hansen doesn't think he should follow the established government procedure (i.e., the rules don't apply to Hansen. Source

Hansen is the guy who gets $250,000 from the Teresa Heinz Kerry controlled Heinz Foundation (press release on March 5, 2001). Source

Hansen then turns around a few years later and endorses Kerry for president. To me, this looks really bad (isn't it the left who is always claiming money is influenzing skeptics? - and this doesn't even get into the $720,000 of gifts from George Soros to Hansen). Source

Even without the money, I think it's unseemly for a top NASA official to endorse a political candidate. As a private citizen, Hansen can do what he wants, but when he comes out with a public endorsement he's bringing the weight of his office to bear in a political race. A government payroll scientist should be non-partisan and above politics. This guy is shameful.

Personally, Zágoni will inherently carry more credibility than Hansen with anyone who reads about the crap Hansen foists on the public from Climate Audit from time to time (remember, McIntyre's caused GISS to restate their results once and continually points out flaws in the data and adjustments). Follow some of the sordid practices of the greenies and you won't doubt the veracity of Zágoni's claims.

45 posted on 03/06/2008 11:33:48 PM PST by Entrepreneur (The environmental movement is filled with watermelons - green on the outside, red on the inside)
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To: Entrepreneur
Follow some of the sordid practices of the greenies and you won't doubt the veracity of Zágoni's claims.

You certainly identified the many flaws in Hansen's pronouncements. Hansen's unscientific behavior has been a deep embarrassment to many scientists in NASA and in GISS. I agree that Hansen has never been muzzled, but just threw out the allegations because he knew he had willing accomplices in the MSM.

I also agree that Zágoni's claims have substance. That is why it is puzzling that he would be muzzled. I have (or had) a deep respect for the scientific integrity of the NASA team in general, but have been somewhat concerned about the possible political-motivated origination and, more recently, the politically-motived direction of the Earth Science program, especially in light of the lack of discipline in Hansen's case.

49 posted on 03/07/2008 5:29:45 AM PST by olezip
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