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Terri's Day Announced - March 31 - Groups Call for Special Remembrances of Terri Schiavo
LifeSiteNews ^ | 12/10/07 | LifeSiteNews

Posted on 12/10/2007 4:23:03 PM PST by wagglebee

NEW YORK, December 10, 2007 ( - The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation and Priests for Life have jointly announced the establishment of the "International Day of Prayer and Remembrance for Terri Schindler Schiavo, and All of Our Vulnerable Brothers and Sisters" ("Terri's Day"), to be observed each year on March 31, the date of Terri's death.

The purpose of the day, the groups explained, is to foster education, prayer, and activism regarding discrimination against the disabled, and advocacy for people in situations similar to what Terri and her family faced.

Fr. Frank Pavone said, "Those of us who were with Terri will never forget her life and her death. For the sake of all the vulnerable, it is critically important that those who never knew Terri likewise remember the lessons that God taught us through her."

Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri's sister, adds, "No family should ever have to witness what my family witnessed, watching a loved one slowly dehydrate to death. We want Terri's day to remind us all that persons with disabilities are never burdens and should be treated with nothing but our unconditional love and compassion."

In the early weeks of 2008, educational and prayer materials will be released that can be used by parishes, disability and pro-life groups and all communities to observe Terri's Day.

See Terri's Fight and Priests for Life websites:

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To: napscoordinator

Sounds like it might be, from reviews. Maybe someone who sees it will report on its message whether strong and convincing, or feel-good. I will keep watch for it, am not likely to actually see it myself, though, at least soon.

It is a happy thought that films like Bella are enjoying the success eluding the dark subjects Hollywood lefties would push.

141 posted on 12/19/2007 3:56:25 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: paulsy; The Spirit Of Allegiance; Red Badger; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; ...
Something is going down down under!

See this thread by paulsy...

Thanks, wagglebee, for the ping.

"Paulo Melo, 29, has been in a coma at the Royal Darwin Hospital for two weeks, after severing his spinal cord in a car crash." - read more below: doctor requested, family objected, court granted.......................

BREAKING - Australia Supreme Court just ordered removal of life support against family pleas


"We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will give you no rest."

142 posted on 12/19/2007 5:54:03 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; BykrBayb

Update to above, looks like they got ‘em before anyone could act. Thanks, BB, for the updates. Paulo Melo, R.I.P.

Crummy doctors, hmphhh. Call ‘em Melo yellow.

143 posted on 12/20/2007 2:30:54 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Haleigh Poutre update.

The Republican leads as usual on the latest. Now the details surrounding the nanny DSS who own Haleigh Poutre as if she were a desk, are kept jealously from the prying eyes of the public even longer. How bizarre can it get? Once failing to kill the poor kid, they shield her condition from all, even concerned family members as if she were a Top Secret National Security project.


SPRINGFIELD - Some documents in the Hampden Superior Court child-abuse case against Jason D. Strickland will become public, but records from a Juvenile Court case involving victim Haleigh Poutre remain sealed.

In a ruling yesterday, Judge James J. Collins delayed release of the documents until Monday to allow for appeals.

His decision was the latest event in a high-profile case alleging assault and battery on a child with serious injury to Haleigh, Strickland's 13-year-old stepdaughter...................

Court records to be released


144 posted on 12/20/2007 2:48:04 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Haleigh Poutre, more...

Governor Deval Patrick today will create the state's first Office of the Child Advocate, a watchdog with power to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect and to monitor state agencies that provide services to children, state officials said yesterday.


"Finally," said MaryLou Sudders, president of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. "You need someone who can ask tough questions and has the backing of the governor. The office of child advocate is in response to a series of tragedies and legislative oversight hearings. There's no question about it."

The state agency that handles foster care, the Department of Social Services, has come under fire for several high-profile tragedies in recent years. In 2005, 4-year-old Dontel Jeffers died at the hands of his foster mother. Haleigh Poutre was left comatose in 2005 after a beating by her adoptive mother, who was under DSS supervision. And 4-year-old Rebecca Riley of Hull died after being given an overdose of psychotropic medications in 2006 by her parents, who had been monitored by DSS.

Patrick to create a child advocate


145 posted on 12/20/2007 2:54:46 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee; Lesforlife
Developments in Colorado...

Thread by wagglebee.

Kristi Burton, age 20, is heading a group called "Colorado for Equal Rights" (, which is grabbing the attention of the major media nationwide. The organization is seeking the 76,000 signatures necessary under Colorado law to subject a resolution to a statewide plebiscite. The resolution simply reads: "Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado: SECTION 1. Article II of the constitution of the state of Colorado is amended BY THE ADDITION OF A NEW SECTION to read: Section 31. Person defined. As used in sections 3, 6, and 25 of Article II of the state constitution, the terms 'person' or 'persons' shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization."

In recent months, personhood bills for the unborn have failed to pass state legislatures in Montana, Virginia, South Carolina and North Dakota, but Burton's strategy is different. She's bypassing the legislature altogether, and going directly to the people.

New Colorado Initiative Seeks to Define Embryos as Human Persons under the Law


146 posted on 12/20/2007 3:00:23 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: 8mmMauser

“Once failing to kill the poor kid, they shield her condition from all, ..”

I wonder why they do that.

147 posted on 12/20/2007 8:25:31 AM PST by Sun (Duncan Hunter: pro-God/life/borders, understands Red China threat, NRA A+rating!
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To: 8mmMauser

This is bizarre and this is cruel.

148 posted on 12/20/2007 10:02:51 AM PST by Dante3
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
From National Review Online. Sighhh, I long for the National Review of old, the one T'wit helped shape. They also need an editor like T'wit to tell them how to spell Terri.

What bothers me is all the hyphens. I am just a plain old American, not a Norwegian-American, native-American, angry white male (Well, maybe a little...). I am a conservative, not a social-conservative, fiscal conservative, economic-conservatives, soc-con, neo-con, or ex-con. Okay, so it is me using the hyphens, not them. Not that I am in agreement with this, but here it is...


...................Everybody’s a victim: Apparently some social conservatives believe that they’ve gotten a raw deal from the Republican Party in recent years. This is baffling to me, as the list of efforts by the GOP on behalf of social conservatives in just the Bush years includes the Terry Schiavo intervention, Alito, Scalia, faith-based initiatives, the partial-birth abortion ban, reinstating the Mexico City Policy, introduction of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, along with various state initiatives… What has the GOP not achieved on behalf of these voters that they legitimately could have, given the political reality of the Senate Democrats’ filibuster?

And yet we hear, ‘the party takes us social conservatives for granted, the elites expect us to keep our heads down and vote for whoever they tell us,’ etc. Or a variation:

“Nobody at the elite level seems to expect the economic conservatives to suck it up for the sake of party unity. What does that say about the place of social conservatives in the party all these years?”

Really? We're supposed to interpret this as a sign that they’ve been taken for granted? The fiscal conservatives feel like they’ve been betrayed as government has grown larger during Bush’s administration and the explosion of pork. The hawks feel like the Bush administration turned into David Gergen in the second term – safe, consensus-driven, conciliatory, multilateral, slow-moving, boring. Can the social conservatives really make the case that they’ve gotten the short end of the stick?.........................

Is This The Long-Predicted Crackup?


149 posted on 12/21/2007 4:57:07 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Haleigh Poutre we keep watch.

The words terrify me, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" So long as little Haleigh is under the control of those who tried to kill her in the name of the government, it behooves us all to keep watch.

Latest on the case against her stepfather, from The Republican...

SPRINGFIELD - Judge James G. Collins yesterday suddenly withdrew from handling the child abuse case against Jason D. Strickland, who is charged with causing serious harm to his stepdaughter, Haleigh Poutre.

Collins is the Juvenile Court judge hearing the care and protection case regarding Haleigh, in which he will continue to preside.............

Judge recuses self from case


150 posted on 12/21/2007 5:16:46 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; floriduh voter
So this guy writes in...

Bur first from me... Actually, having lived in Florida a couple times over the years, I must say, the topics he pooh-pooh's are illustrative of what bothers me greatly about the state. Shucks, I went to school in Florida in the forties and just loved the place. That remains. It is the Elian's and Terri's under the steam roller that blocks me from coming back.

Jean Reno, Major Reno, Reno NV, fine, Janet Reno, no way.

Your "Dueling Columnists" of Dec. 9, Florida's worst and best, had a few valid points, but was mostly repetitious on both sides, not unique as to Stephen L. Goldstein's points, and, frankly, idiotic as to Mr. Guy's listed items. Are we to celebrate the hyperbole and lunacy of the Elián Gonzalez and Terri Schiavo cases? We were a laughingstock during the butterfly ballot and chad count issues.

As to Floridians' "laid-back" attitude, how about calling it what it is? Stupidity and lack of interest, which brings me to Mr. Goldstein's first item, which, unfortunately, is true. However, as are his comments on crooked politicians and insurance companies, these are not unique to Florida.............

Two reasons to live in South Florida, two reasons not to live in South Florida


151 posted on 12/21/2007 5:27:15 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee; Lesforlife
Thread by wagglebee on American Right to Life and Mitt Romney...(Thanks, Les, for the tip...)

MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- American Right To Life Action, a new 527 political organization, is running its first political television ad statewide in Iowa starting today and through the Iowa Caucuses on January 3, 2008. "We have tested this ad with focus groups," said Steve Curtis, president of ARTL Action, "and it has everyone laughing, laughing with us, at Mitt Romney for being such an obvious liar about the most important issue for any leader in America: abortion."..............

American Right To Life Action Launches its First 527 Political TV Ad (Slams Romney)


152 posted on 12/21/2007 5:34:04 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Lesforlife
The Legacy of Judas National Right to Life

Contact: Donna Ballentine, 888-888-2785

MEDIA ADVISORY, Dec. 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Brian Rohrbough, President, American RTL:

Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot went to the chief priests and said,
"What are you willing to give me if I deliver Him to you?"
And they counted out to him thirty pieces of silver.
So from that time he sought opportunity to betray Him.

In 1981, after president Ronald Reagan agreed he would sign federal personhood legislation for the unborn, National Right to Life and their longtime attorney James Bopp actually opposed that effort claiming they supported a states' rights approach. Move forward in time a quarter century to today. Notice that NRTL and Bopp have long opposed all state personhood efforts. Demonstrated below, NRTL has continuously promoted legislation that undermines the personhood of an innocent child.  In betrayal, NRTL quietly worked to oppose South Dakota's recent abortion ban referendum.  Now, like a thief in the night they are circulating a recent Bopp memo to pro-life legislators and religious organizations to oppose personhood efforts in Colorado and elsewhere. NRTL is attempting to turn pro-life officials against this legitimate effort to end abortion and enforce the God-given right to life.

A stalwart authority of the pro-life movement, Dr. Charles Rice of Notre Dame, accurately reports that not one of the U.S. Supreme Court justices, which includes those supported by NRTL, has ever affirmed personhood and the right to life for the unborn.  The Court's infamous Partial-Birth Abortion ruling advocates "an injection that kills the fetus," and "less shocking methods" of killing the same late-term children, and explicitly keeps PBA legal declaring that the baby can be delivered up to "the navel" and then terminated. This Gonzales v. Carhart decision is a virtual PBA manual. Yet against the landslide of changing opinion among pro-life leaders (because they have now read the decision for themselves), Bopp continues to praise these justices who delivered the most aggressively pro-abortion, brutally-wicked decision ever issued by a U.S. court.

Written on the letterhead of Bopp's law firm, this August 7, 2007 11-page memo states, "And some have shamelessly vilified the Supreme Court justices who gave us this important victory... This is a grave injustice to these justices..." -James Bopp

"Woe to you also, lawyers!
For you build the tombs of the prophets, and your fathers killed them.
In fact, you bear witness that you approve the deeds of your fathers;
for they indeed killed them, and you build their tombs."

NRTL and their longtime lawyer Bopp bear witness that they approve of the justices they lobbied for, who rule to continue to slaughter the innocent. The grave injustice is against the unborn. The growing list of Christian pro-life leaders condemning the evil PBA ruling include:
• Judge Roy Moore
• Ambassador Alan Keyes (see 30-second clip)
• Human Life Int'l president Rev. Tom Euteneuer
• Notre Dame Law School Professor Charles Rice
• American Life League's Judie Brown
• Congressman Bob Dornan
• And many more.

And the founder of Focus on the Family also confirmed that:
"Ending partial-birth abortion… does not save a single human life." -Dr. James Dobson, May 2007,

James Bopp and NRTL led the partial-birth abortion fiasco that wasted fifteen years but raised for the pro-life industry a quarter-billion dollars on a PBA ban that from its very inception never had the authority to prevent a single abortion. Bopp is an Advisor to false pro-life candidate Mitt Romney and American RTL Action is now running its first 527 political TV ad on the Fox News Channel in Iowa exposing Romney.
153 posted on 12/21/2007 5:42:15 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Nothing like the truth to mess up mantras...

Thread by wagglebee.


WASHINGTON, DC, December 20, 2007 ( - Pro-abortion groups have worked furiously for over a year to force Nicaragua to reverse its total ban on abortion enacted in November 2006.  The relentless attacks from the West and Europe have led to several legal initiatives to reverse the decision which have all been overwhelmingly rebuffed by the country's legislature.

The lastest tactic has been an attempt to vilify the nation, and blame its pro-life law for endangering the lives of women.  An Associated Press article published November 27 in the Washington Times blamed the death of a 22-year-old newlywed with an ectopic pregnancy on the "no-exceptions ban on abortion."

The President of the Nicaraguan Medical Association, Dr. Walter Mendieta charged that the AP article written by Traci Carl was "misleading and grossly inaccurate."  Dr. Mendieta said that in Nicaragua, just as before the pro-life law "women with complications from pregnancy must be offered necessary treatment, even if such treatment may indirectly cause the death of their unborn babies."  His letter, co-signed by He added: "The law allows such medical procedures, and physicians failing to provide such care are liable."

The letter to the editor published in the Washington Times, was co-signed by Lucia Bohemer President of the Nicaraguan Association of Women and Dr. Rafael J. Cabrera a professor of obstetrics and gynecology and the director of the University of Medical Sciences in Nicaragua.

The letter notes that in the year since the pro-life legislative change went into effect maternal deaths declined. Moreover the letter says that "No woman has died in Nicaragua for not having a "therapeutic" abortion since the practice was banned in November 2006."

Nicaragua Medial Association President Reports Maternal Deaths Declined After Abortion Made Illegal


154 posted on 12/21/2007 5:46:37 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; narses; Clintonfatigued
In Oklahoma, some swim against the rip tide. I have noticed more and more in stores and elsewhere that Merry Christmas is returning, but not, I guess, OK. Thread by Clintonfatigued. Thanks, narses.

Weatherford, OK – Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU), has issued a disturbing policy which requires all employees to refrain from using the word "Christmas" in oral or written form. This directive was given by the university upon legal advice of the Oklahoma Attorney General, W.A. Drew Edmondson. Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to SWOSU following a complaint from a university affiliate.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Bans the Word 'Christmas'


155 posted on 12/21/2007 5:55:05 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: 8mmMauser
I like Duncan Hunter as you know.

Here's a summary of Bobby Schindler's meeting with Mitt Romney. None of the other candidates met w/him although they were right in St. Pete for that debate.

156 posted on 12/21/2007 4:50:54 PM PST by floriduh voter (TERRI'S DAY MARCH 31, 2008 Remember Terri's hopes & fears, not the cowards.)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
We have heard it all before. The devil goes to church. The dark side infiltrates to corrupt all things good. In times past, the dark side would scarcely show, but now thanks to the Legacy left by Terri, it unmasks more and more. People we once thought to be allies or at least meaning well now are seen for their true colors.

In this instance, the supposedly pious seek loopholes in the clarifications by the Vatican, so they could continue their dark craft of murdering the innocent.


WASHINGTON, D.C., December 21, 2007 ( - The Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHUSA) posted a statement on its website interpreting a document by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) on the necessity of feeding and watering the disabled in a way contrary to its intended meaning.

CHUSA is the same organization that advised the USCCB to endorse offering the morning-after pill to victims of rape being treated in Catholic hospitals. It has now posted a letter on its website claiming to put the CDF document in its proper context. The letter is penned by John J. Hardt and Fr. Kevin D. O'Rourke, O.P., both bioethicists. O'Rourke is notorious as the priest who lobbied against the cause to keep Terri Schiavo alive. He stated that "for Christians, it is a blasphemy to keep people [like Terri Schiavo] alive."

In the current letter, the two bioethicists came to the conclusion that the CDF document errs on the side of not nourishing and hydrating patients, rather than the reverse, claiming that the document's meaning is much narrower than face value dictates.

"Many of the rules are repeated in one way or another in the present Code of Canon Law," the letter said. "Two canons of the present code are relevant for our study: Canon 18: Laws which establish a penalty or restrict free exercise of rights . . . are subject to strict interpretation. Canon 52: A singular decree has force only in respect to the matters which it decides and for the persons for whom it was given..........................................

U.S. Catholic Health Association Openly Defies Vatican Over Nutrition and Hydration of Disabled... Statement penned by same priest who called it a "blasphemy" to keep Terri Schiavo alive


157 posted on 12/22/2007 2:52:37 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; floriduh voter
Thanks, FV. Here is the gist of it. As visitors must realize, we are blunt here in examining candidates from the prism of Terri's Legacy. In this case we applaud Mitt Romney for taking the step he took.


.............................Given that the Presidential candidates are repeatedly asked to comment on the circumstances and outcome of Terri Schiavo's case, Mr. Schindler sent a letter to every candidate requesting a meeting to discuss the implications of Terri's case on the right to life of people living with disabilities.  Presently, Governor Romney is the only candidate to accept the invitation for a meeting.  (Read letter here)


The meeting had a two-fold purpose:


First, to discuss the media's distortions of Terri's actual medical condition and the dangers that this misinformation poses to our country today.


Secondly, to specifically address the plight of people with disabilities who are gravely concerned about being denied basic medical care, particularly after Terri's court-ordered death by dehydration and starvation.


Mr. Schindler asked Governor Romney to commit to standing behind the tens of thousands of people with disabilities in America who fear that they may be among those denied food and water against their will simply because someone may deem their life "unworthy of living." 

 Mr. Schindler is grateful to Governor Romney for taking the time to meet with him.  He is hopeful that each Presidential candidate will contact him to arrange similar meetings in the near future. 

Terri Schiavo's Brother Meets with Governor Mitt Romney Prior to Wednesday's Presidential Debate


158 posted on 12/22/2007 3:03:28 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Should the Obama Nation ever be upon us...

Thread by wagglebee.

Washington, DC ( -- Democratic candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards touted their pro-abortion positions in a candidate questionnaire presented to them by RH Reality Check, a web site for hard-core pro-abortion activists. They and second-tier candidate Chris Dodd were the only Democrats seeking the presidency to respond.

Obama's campaign staff answered the questionnaire for the Illinois senator and said "Throughout his career, Senator Obama has consistently championed [abortion.]"......................

Barack Obama, John Edwards Tout Pro-Abortion Positions in New Survey


159 posted on 12/22/2007 3:09:26 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Indiana Bones...

Thread by wagglebee on a landmark for the death lovers:

We observed a dubious centennial this year. In 1907, Indiana became the first state in America to pass a eugenics law.

Eugenics is the study of the hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled, selective breeding. The word derives from its Latin components eu meaning well or good and genics meaning born or birth.� Eugenics, then, seeks the products of "good birth"� or being "well born"(better human beings or a better human race) through selective breeding...............

Hoosier eugenics: a horrible centennial


160 posted on 12/22/2007 3:15:17 AM PST by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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