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How Can Anybody Seriously Consider Voting For These Phony, Elitist Snobs
Rush Limbaugh Website ^ | 10-21-04 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 10/25/2004 9:41:10 AM PDT by ConservativeStLouisGuy


RUSH: This Teresa Heinz Kerry stuff and the insult at Laura Bush, Charles Krauthammer got closest to this. In fact, he nailed this yesterday. Teresa comes out in an interview and says -- you've all heard it -- that Laura Bush "never had a real job since she grew up," and then there was a little reaction to that. So Teresa apologized and said, (paraphrased) "Well, no, no, no. I forgot she was a teacher and that's very important work," and left out the fact that being a mother is also work, and the Bush administration did not really accept the apology. They went on the attack on this, and I think for very good reason. They discussed this at the Fox News roundtable yesterday. Charles Krauthammer, after listening to Mort Kondracke and Mara Liasson talk about this, had this to say.

KRAUTHAMMER: I think Mara is right that the Bush-Cheney campaign ought to accept the apology, but I don't have to. I'm not going to. Because I think Mort is it right. What are you going to believe, what she says off the cuff or what she says later in a prepared statement her staff probably wrote? You're going to believe when she originally had said because it betrays what's really inside, and what's really inside is the snobbery of the very, very rich. Here's a woman who thinks, "Oh, a teacher? How déclassé. A real job is marrying a very rich man and spending the rest of your life giving away the money you never made a penny of yourself. That's a real job," and that kind of snobbery and sort of, you know, plantation mentality you've seen in her for months and this is only a small eruption of it.

RUSH: And what Krauthammer is additionally saying is that everything that happens in this world is about her, in Teresa Heinz Kerry's mind-set. But he's exactly right. The snobbery of the very, very rich. This was a condescending comment, much as it was an insult. This was an I'm-better-than-she-is comment. "She's nothing but a teacher she. She's nothing but a mother! But look at who I am and look at what I've done." Well, you're nothing but the latest target of a gigolo, Ms. Kerry. You're just the latest target of a gigolo, is what you are, and you've fallen hook, line and sinker for the latest gigolo to come along. His name is John Kerry. If we want to talk about people who have not had real jobs, can we talk about your husband, madam? You want to talk about real jobs?

You know, working for the government, a lot of people don't consider it to be a real job -- and your husband claims to have all of this experience and all of this and that, but what he's really done is glommed onto powerful people and people wealthier than he is, and has hitched his wagon to them and then followed them along wherever they're going and tried to take over when he got there. So here you have another illustration, folks, of just who American liberals are today. They are the exact opposite of what they portrayed. These are the people that claim to have the interests of the downtrodden. You've got John Kerry out there saying that he's going to "stand up for working people." He's going to "stand up for the middle class," and his wife, and Krauthammer is exactly right: the initial reaction before the prepared statement comes out, his wife betrays who she really is and who all liberals really are, in their position. They are elitists sitting above everyone else, looking down on everybody else in a condescending way, thinking everybody else is stupid and dumb and incompetent and incapable and not able to do anything in life without the help and guidance of these paternalistic liberals.

Meanwhile, who is Teresa Heinz Kerry? Why do we even know who she is? What has she accomplished in her life to sit there above everyone else and sit in judgment -- particularly of Laura Bush who never did anything to anybody, except maybe help them. Laura Bush does not inspire negative feelings in anybody, except for some reason the Kerry campaign -- and then you have to ask what is this condescending remark that they happen to make about Dick Cheney's daughter? And then you get back to all of the mean-spirited stuff that has been aimed at George W. Bush and conservatives throughout this campaign, and you have to ask yourself: Love is in the air? This is the party of big compassion and big-heartedness? This is the party that loves everybody and tolerates? It's just the exact opposite. These are the most exclusively, elitist, you're-not-one-of-us, you-don't-count people, us-against-them crowd I have run into in my career as a premier media figure in America.


I want to clarify something that Mr. Krauthammer said that I profusely agreed with, and that is he said: This is the snobbery, what's really inside the snobbery of the very, very rich. Here's a woman who thinks, "A Texas teacher? How déclassé." A real job is marrying a very rich man and spending the rest of your life giving away the money you never made a penny of yourself. That's a real job. Now, there are a lot of people out there who are rich who do not fall into the category of Teresa Heinz Kerry -- and this is another point that I want to make, because it's the Democrats who are consistently running down the rich. It is the Democrats who are trying to create hatred and envy throughout our society by targeting the rich and getting the middle class to dislike the rich. Well, there are two kinds of rich. The very, very rich that Krauthammer is talking about are people like Teresa Heinz who never did a day's work to get it.

All she did was marry it, then inherent it, and now gives it away to a bunch of ultra-left-wing wackos and she considers herself superior to everybody. There are other rich people like me who work for it each and every day, and if I didn't work, I wouldn't be, and I pay every bit of tax I am supposed to pay, far more than the 12.8% that the supremo Teresa Heinz Kerry and her gigolo husband pay. Twice, three times as much the rate that they pay, ladies and gentlemen, despite hearing from Democrats all my life that people like me are not paying my "fair share." Most of the quote, unquote, "rich" in this country earn it. They work for it; they don't inherent it. They don't steal it. They don't cheat people out of it. They bust their tails. They have kitchen table issues just like everybody else. They try to get their kids into college just like everybody else.

Their kids are not a bunch of lazy slobs who also don't have to work who can just go to the trust fund and sip martinis every afternoon at five o'clock and then pretend they're playboys and then go out and get girlfriends like the daughters of John Kerry. There are people in this country who bust their ass every day and they are the ones that make this country work and some of them become rich. Some of them become wealthy. But the ultra, very rich, true snobs in this country are the people like Teresa Heinz Kerry who never had to do a day's work for it, and it is people like that that are the condescending uppity elitists who look down on everybody else -- and yet it's the Democrats who many of whom come from that kind of background who nevertheless attempt to forge this wedge of hatred and envy between the middle class and the rich.

John Kerry is doing it throughout this campaign. "The rich aren't paying their fair share in taxes." Meanwhile, look at his. You talk about a fair share of taxes, look at what he does in gaming the tax code? It may all be legal, but he's not out there claiming that he pays more than he should because he is rich and has a duty to society to do it. He's a hypocrite, and his wife is a hypocrite, and many of these same Democrats who have wealth beyond your dreams and imagination sit out there and ridicule "the rich." People who make $200,000 a year are called rich? John Kerry would not be able to buy a week's worth of hunting supplies for 200 grand. You people who make two or 300 grand a year understand, that is pocket change to John Kerry -- when he's behaving and his wife will give it to him. This is one of the classic examples of the utter -- and there are many -- of the utter hypocrisy that runs throughout today's liberal wing of the Democrat Party.

And it's getting to the point here, you know, where it is becoming obvious I think to one and all. Whatever people think of George W. Bush, they don't have one negative feeling about Laura Bush at all -- unless they are Bill Maher who calls her "a robot" all the time on his show, or unless they're Michael Moore types, these pure fringe wacko extremists. But Laura Bush never did anything to anybody. She doesn't even get partisan on the campaign trail. She's just the first lady. You know, she's a model first lady. She loves her husband. She supports him. She supports their kids. She supports the family. She's very patriotic and loves the country -- and for this, she is derided. Because she was a librarian and teacher, she is derided by an uppity, snooty woman from Mozambique who hunted down a wealthy U.S. senator, James John Heinz, and married him then inherited his fortune when he unfortunately passed away in a plane crash over Pennsylvania. He was a Republican.

She gives his money away -- not hers; his money away -- to these fringe left-wing wacko causes and hitches up with some gigolo who won't even have the guts to admit that the five SUVs in the driveway in the ski chalet in Idaho are his. (Kerry sing-song voice impression) "Oh, noooo. I don't own those. Those are the faaaamily's. I just ride in 'em." How in the world? I don't understand how anybody has any respect for this guy. I don't care what party affiliation you are. Here is a guy who just said in 1994 that American lives lost under the UN banner are honorable but American lives lost under the American flag are not? How can any American vote for this guy? I don't care what your party affiliation is. He says -- and it's the one thing he's consistent on: the UN, el supremo, United States, secondary, tertiary. He will "global test." We damn well know what he means by global test.

The one thing he's been consistent is on that the US is going to be subordinated to the UN, and he's going to go over there and they're going to have a say so over where our soldiers go and where they die, because sending our soldiers unilaterally anywhere doesn't even work, and it's not worth them dying in that regard, because if they die in a blue UN helmet or under some phony UN flag then that's honorable? You Democrats out there, What has happened to you? How can any American actually consider voting for this guy, given that alone? Forget his wife. Forget her utter, uppity snobbery. Forget his uppity snobbery. How in the name of what is sacred and traditional in this country can you actively energetically support a guy who says American soldiers who die under the U.S. flag are not worth it, and that's not honorable. When you couple that with what he said coming out of Vietnam how can anybody seriously consider voting for this guy?


I just got my first standing O in my entire career, ladies and gentlemen. The staff down here at the Southern Command on the other side of the glass stood up for a full 30 seconds as I finished the monolog in the second segment of the previous half hour. You remember Dick Gephardt? Remember Dick Gephardt talking about "the winners of life's lottery"? You know who Dick Gephardt meant when he was talking about the winners of life's lottery? He was talking about the people who work hard and have gotten lucky in his mind to get high paying jobs. Let me tell you who the winner in life's lottery is. It's people like Teresa Heinz Kerry. There is a winner in life's lottery -- and I'll give you another winner in life's lottery, and that's John François Kerry.

There are two classic examples of the winners in the lottery of life. They got a lot for doing nothing, folks, except showing up at the right place and being born at the right time, and happen to run into the right people at the right time -- and that's it. Kerry hasn't made a dime outside of the government payroll, and whatever he's made is not nearly enough to satisfy his champagne appetite. So he has to run around and hitch his tail to wealthy women. Once, you might say, "Good luck." Twice? You gotta say it's a calculation. Meanwhile, Dick Gephardt whines and moans about the winners of life's lottery, and he meant working people who earn more than other working people. Another thing that I get, you know, a little worn out on is this frame or this term "working people."

John Kerry staffer, "working people." They don't mean every working person because some of you working people earn too much while you're working; when they talk about working people that's code for lower middle class and union employees. That's what "working" means. Well, the vast majority of people in this country are "working people," and a large percentage of them are taken for granted and disrespected. They're paying over 80% of the tax bite in this country and yet they're told they're not paying enough. They're told their tax cut's going to get taken away. They're told that they're greedy and selfish, that they're "not doing enough for their fellow man" when that's all they've been doing whether they want to or not. It's just just amazing. Everything is 180 degrees out of phase. It's the Twilight Zone! The rich and effete and elite snobs are on the left in this country. The environmentalist wackos who want to get you out of your SUV show up at every rally they attend in their very own.

The ones who don't want you going in and cutting down redwood trees, have redwood decks built around their houses. The Hollywood elite that's so concerned about fossil fuels, flies everywhere they go in private aircraft. They're better than you; they are more responsible than you are, and because they're carrying the message, we shouldn't judge them the way they are demanding all the rest of us be judged. The true hypocrites, the true phony baloney, plastic-banana, good-time rock 'n' rollers are on the left in this country today, and they know it, and it's one of the reasons they're cracking up because their ability to pass themselves off as populists and hoi polloi has not worked. It is becoming quite obvious. Here we have a liberal Democrat running for the presidency claiming -- the most liberal Democrat in the Senate -- claiming to be a man who understands things with the common people and to prove it has to go out two weeks before the election and hunt geese?

It's not hunting geese; it's a photo-op, and why is he doing this? I thought this guy is a big liberal. He's out there talking about God. Seems to me this country has been pretty conservative for a while and if Kerry is hunting votes in October by going hunting seems like he wants some NRA types on his side. We all know they ain't a bunch of liberals. That's what we're told -- and he's out there saying yesterday. "I'll bring my faith with me to the White House, and it will guide me." Why, that ought to turn off everybody in the left in this country. They hate Bush for that. They absolutely hate Bush. They are scared to death of Bush because they don't understand God. They don't understand faith and now their own candidate is out there talking about how he will take his faith into the White House and it will guide him. Seems to me like they're trying to bust up the religious coalition of the right that's going to support Bush.

Seems to me like they're not confident their own base is going to turn out. Seems to me like this country is not liberal at all. Seems to me like it's a big myth that the majority of the thinking and living in this country is liberal because it's in the citadels; it's in academia; it's in media and it's Hollywood. They're the primary image makers so we get the impression the country is all made up of liberals, but it's not because you look at what liberal candidates have to do to get elected to office nationally. They've got to sound conservative, do conservative things -- and when they get into the office? Bill Clinton, what did he have to do to get reelected? Sign welfare reform. Shazam! This is why I'm trying to tell everybody be optimistic about where things are going in the country. These are the kinds of realities out there that are plain as day, if you take the time to look for them.

But I look at John Kerry and I look at this whole campaign, and I look at the things that he says and does, and it seems to me going into the election two weeks down the road, this guy is doing everything he can to convince as many people as he can in these swing states that he's a not a liberal. Now, what does this tell you? He's going out of his way to say he's not a liberal. A true liberal wouldn't put on camouflage gear and pick up a 12-gauge and go haul around a dead goose by the neck. The animal rights crowd will have a fit for one thing. If you're going to shoot a goose do it, but don't put it on TV, don't show the dead bird. That's inhumane. Well, of course Kerry didn't actually carry the goose. He was too lazy from staying up watching the Red Sox last night, but they had to tell him which team was the Red Sox because he couldn't read Boston on the front of the uniform, he's there so infrequently.

"Senator Kerry, the Red Sox are wearing gray." "Oh, yeah, yeaaaaah. Yeah, okay. Thanks for telling meeeee." Big Red Sox fan my rear end. Here's the call, Kerry made a call to the Red Sox last night. (Kerry Red Sox parody) Hey, yeah, what about that [Teresa Heinz Kerry's raisins-soaked-in-gin arthritis remedy]? When's the last time a first lady candidate suggests that people with arthritis go booze it up? "Disguise it by soaking raisins in booze." This is unbelievable, this stuff. No, Betty Ford never suggested, H.R. Stop that. This is my point. Teresa Heinz Kerry is out there suggesting this. "Got arthritis? Go booze it up! I can dress it up for you. People won't know it's booze. Just soak some raisins! Magical white raisins and a little gin. Don't pass 'em around. That way people will know. Just take them yourself, say, 'It's miracle tonic.'" Can get rid of a lot of pain with gin, Teresa. All right. Back to the audio sound bites. Joe Lockhart. This was today. This is on Good Morning America today. Diane Sawyer said, this is about Teresa, said to Lockhart -- and, by the way, Mary Matalin steps in here and steps on Lockhart. This is a joy to hear. The question: "Why, in her statement of apology, didn't Mrs. Kerry mention raising children and working at home?"

LOCKHART: Oh, please, Diane. You know, we all think that Laura Bush is a wonderful mother, a wonderful first lady. No one has ever said a bad word about Laura Bush. In striking contrast to I think what I lived through for a few years in the 90s.

RUSH: Stop the tape a minute. Joe, Teresa Heinz Kerry just did. Answer the question.

LOCKHART: Mrs. Heinz Kerry is also a wonderful mother. No one is suggesting that she thinks that being a mother isn't important. This is all about changing the subject. And you know what? I'd change it, too, if my records showed a health care crisis, rising gas prices --

MATALIN: Oh, Diane, stop, stop.

LOCKHART: You know, listen --

MATALIN: These reconstituted Clintonistas, all they can do is attack attack attack attack. Mrs. Edwards attacked Lynne Cheney last week from which we have yet to hear any apology. so let's get off the attack and let's talk about the forward vision, Joe. You don't have one. All you guys do is attack every day.

LOCKHART: Mary, if you could stop talking for a minute, I would talk about that. Can you stop for a second?

MATALIN: If you'd stop spinning then we can have a debate.

RUSH: But Diane Sawyer would not let Lockhart off the hook on this, and he doesn't like it. Sawyer says: "But I gotta say, Joe, you didn't answer my question. Why didn't Mrs. Kerry mention working at home?"

LOCKHART: Well, because she was asked a question about, you know, the jobs of the librarian and the teacher. And, of course, she thinks that being a mother is a real job. Look at her at record. Listen, the first lady has done a wonderful job, Mrs. Heinz Kerry is a wonderful person, a wonderful mother. She values, more than anything, her children. But this -- you know, this campaign shouldn't be about this, and that's why the Republicans -- I mean you couldn't -- they couldn't contain their glee as they ran around to reporter after reporter yesterday. Let's talk about the issues.

RUSH: You know, let's do talk about the issues that you guys want to sweep under the rug. Let's talk about John Kerry saying that American troops dying under the UN banner is "honorable" but not so if under the American flag, Mr. Lockhart. Let's talk about this. Let's talk about Stolen Honor. Let's talk about the Swift Vets. You haven't answered those charges, despite what you've said. Let's talk about the issues. The problem of talking about the issues is your guy will say anything about any issue at any time in order to please anybody who happens to be in the audience. Now, Mrs. Heinz Kerry said this, and she is a potential first lady, and who she is, is relevant because she's an utter effete snob and she illustrated this yesterday. And it was only natural reporters would run around asking her about this because she insulted a bunch of female feminists as well, as well as journalists.

A lot of female journalists are working mothers, and she impugned all of them because she thinks she has the real job. Running around finding some rich guy to marry, he dies, spends his money, that's tough. She's better than everybody else, Joe, which is what all the rest of you Democrats seem to think anyway and it's becoming clearer and clearer and clearer. You can't debate the issues, Joe, despite the fact that you want to turn everything back to the issues. You can only spin them -- and that's all this campaign has been is spin spin spin spin spin, and it's gonna come home to roost.


You want to know what Democrats think about stay-at-home moms, all you gotta do is go back and remember what Mrs. Clinton said in the 1992 campaign, something along the lines of, "What do you think, I'm going to stay home and bake cookies?" Make no mistake about it, my friends: These people are who they are, and one of the things they are is governed by a militant feminism, and Teresa Heinz Kerry fully buys into it. Go back to her acceptance speech at the Democratic convention. It was all about her. If you listen to that speech you would get the idea she's the first woman that's ever been given the right to vote, the first woman that's ever been given the chance to speak at a Democrat convention. Excuse us all, Barbara Jordan. She made it about her. She felt so, so proud to be a woman that night. I'm telling you, my friends, these -- and you liberals, well, you may know who these people are. You may be the same type for all I know, but you average Democrats out there you have no clue who these people really are.

You think they're on your side? If you knew what they really think of you, if you knew... Why is it they only go to the pancake house once a year in Iowa? Because that's where you are. Why do they only go duck hunting with other Democrat officials? Because they don't want to go with real hunters. Everything is phony. Everything is spin. Everything is a photo-op, and it's all designed to fool people. There's no authenticity with these people. There's no genuineness from these people. There's nothing these days but rage and hatred and anger. There is no optimism. There doesn't even appear to be any appreciation for the greatness of this country and its potential. There's only doom and gloom in their future as they look forward. How can anybody want to associate with this? How can anybody? I've never known a crowd to gather -- well, that's not true. I have known lots of crowds to gather around a bunch of negative nabobs.

There's something about negativism that's much easier than being positive, and there are a bunch of losers in life who will rather hear other people blamed for their problems than facing their own. But I tell you, it becomes a head-scratcher to try to figure out how in the world reasonable people knowing one-tenth of what there is to know about John Kerry would even consider voting for this guy -- and I'm going to tell you what. I don't think most people are voting for this guy, period. I think they're voting because there's a Democrat on the ballot. They're voting because there's a Democrat on the ballot and because they are irrational in their hatred for Bush, and Kerry just happens to be their vessel. Well, the more he's out there on TV, I think the more harm he does to himself. You know, dressed up as Elmer Fudd or however he chooses to spin his hunting trip, and Democrat's even said, "Yeah, we want to let everybody know that he's a guy. He's a real guy."

You know, it's sort of what they say about hookers. Everybody knows what a hooker is; the only question is the price. If you have to go out there and say, "I'm not a whore," you're pretty much saying you're a whore. If you have to go out there and say, "I'm a regular guy," there must be some question about it. Imagine having to go prove you're a regular guy. It must be tough when you've married two wealthy women; you've never had a job outside the government payroll, and you go windsurfing. Your family has five SUVs at one house and you claim you don't own any of them. It must be tough to prove you're a real guy. You can boss Secret Service agents around. That makes you feel tough, I guess. You take a spill down the ski slope in February or March and the press jokes with you about it, and you say, "I don't fall! That SOB," pointing to the men assigned to protect his life, the Secret Service agent, "That SOB tripped me. You saw it." What kind of guy is this?

A guy that never makes mistakes, a guy who never says what he said, a guy who never meant what he meant, a guy who never felt what he felt? Who is this guy? Why does he want to be president? He still hasn't answered these questions. Because he wants to do things "smarter" in "a more effective" way? Than who? How? Is it smarter and more effective for U.S. soldiers to die under the banner of the UN? Is it smarter and more effective for U.S. soldiers to be drawn forward into an International Criminal Court and be tried as war criminals because a bunch of Europeans don't like them? Is that smarter and more effective? Is it smarter and more effective to trust and believe communists and dictators and thugs when they make nuclear deals with you, and then be surprised later to learn they broke the promise? Is that smarter and more effective? Is it smarter and more effective to wage a 30, 40-year war against poverty and not reduce it? Is that smarter and more effective? Is it smarter and more effective to raise taxes on everybody and cause an economic slowdown? Is that smarter and effective?

What in the world is smarter and more effective about any aspect of liberalism? Zilch, zero, nada. There's not one thing smart about it, particularly in today's country or today's climate. Today's liberalism portends nothing but danger and ominous tones for our future, should they totally gain power back. There's nothing smarter or more effective about it, and there never has been, and the truth about that is slowly but surely effervescing and bubbling to the top -- soon to be boiling over.

In fact, I think it is visible to many and many. The number of people who are actually willing to call themselves liberals in this country is dwindling, and particularly those who seek national office. John Edwards won't admit to it. John Kerry won't admit to it. They run from the label, and when they seek election what do they do? They want to convince conservatives that they're real guys. Hard to do that when you sit in front of a mirror for ten minutes primping your hair, Senator Edwards. Sorry, Senator Edwards, real guys don't care that much about their hair. You wash it, you comb it, and you leave and go about your business.


Let's never mind the hypocrisy that the sick-and-convalescing-but-getting-stronger-every-day Bill Clinton gets a flu shot, but for some reason, Dick Cheney gets called on the carpet for having one himself. I thought these were people of compassion who wanted the sick and the ailing, like Bill Clinton, to have flu shots. It's okay for liberal elitists to get flu shots. They're important people. Not for anybody else, folks.


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Maha Rushie commentary from this past Friday....I did a search and couldn't find it posted....good commentary on the Demoncrats....
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2 posted on 10/25/2004 9:42:22 AM PDT by fuzzy122 (GBGB [God Bless George Bush] and Our Armed Forces!)
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To: ConservativeStLouisGuy
A posting like this needed a topical picture to accompany it....

(picture courtesy of FReeper Registered....)
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Rush on a roll,thanks

4 posted on 10/25/2004 9:47:24 AM PDT by international american (Support our troops!! Send Kerry back to Bedlam,Massachusetts!!)
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To: ConservativeStLouisGuy

"Liar!Liar!Liar!Creepy Liar!" Video
of Democrat losing it on MSNBC!
Lawrence O'Donnell screamed Liar! for 20 minutes!
And attacked John O'Neil
This is just a 3:28 sample of his attack.
PS O'Donnell never served in the military
BUT "knows" all about it?
What a loser!

5 posted on 10/25/2004 9:54:23 AM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (GET OUT THE VOTE NOV 2 ! IF YOUR NEIGHBORS OR RELATIVES NEED A RIDE TO THE POLLS OFFER TO HELP)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub

I can't get into that video link :-(

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Copy and paste in Windows Media

Worked for me

8 posted on 10/25/2004 10:02:26 AM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (GET OUT THE VOTE NOV 2 ! IF YOUR NEIGHBORS OR RELATIVES NEED A RIDE TO THE POLLS OFFER TO HELP)
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OOOOOHHHH...."Windows Media"....I see....okie-doke....

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thanks for posting this.

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To: conservativecorner


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Elmer Fudd... too funny!

12 posted on 10/25/2004 11:50:06 AM PDT by technochick99 (Sanctimonious prig..., selfish hedonist)
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To: ConservativeStLouisGuy
Good ol' John Kerry.

Every time he climbs into bed with his wife, he's fundraising...

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Hypocrats vote for snobs
Because they know not what they do

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To: fuzzy122
Done.. $50.00 to the Swifties..

Can someone please match this? You know you should do it. Some of you have thought about this.. it'll be the biggest "bang" for the buck you'll ever get out of a politically related (non-tax deductable) contribution, in your life.

Do it now!


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To: Lady Jag

What's a hypocrat? I know what a hypocrite is, but I've never heard of one of those.

16 posted on 10/25/2004 12:38:37 PM PDT by Xenalyte (And then I says, "Tell me I'm wrong!" and he says, "I can't, baby, 'cause you're NOT!")
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To: Xenalyte
HYPOCRAT = Hypocritical Democrat - which is usually closely related to Demonrats but not the Dimmestrats.
17 posted on 10/25/2004 1:28:16 PM PDT by Lady Jag (Used to be sciencediet but found the solution)
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To: Lady Jag

Me, I'd pronounce that with a long I at the beginning - hie-po-crat - but I'm a grammar purist.

18 posted on 10/25/2004 1:33:48 PM PDT by Xenalyte (And then I says, "Tell me I'm wrong!" and he says, "I can't, baby, 'cause you're NOT!")
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To: Xenalyte
hie-po-crat - but I'm a grammar purist.

First of all, pronunciation is not grammar.

Second, where in the world does anyone pronounce "hypocrite" as "hie-po-crit"?

19 posted on 10/25/2004 1:50:25 PM PDT by Lady Jag (Used to be sciencediet but found the solution)
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To: Lady Jag

I'm thinking more of hypocausts and hypodermics and hypoglycemia.

20 posted on 10/25/2004 1:54:01 PM PDT by Xenalyte (And then I says, "Tell me I'm wrong!" and he says, "I can't, baby, 'cause you're NOT!")
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