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Carter slams Israel, Bush in Geneva speech
J Post ^ | 1 dec 03 | GIL HOFFMAN

Posted on 12/01/2003 11:56:56 AM PST by white trash redneck

Former US President Jimmy Carter unleashed a fierce attack against the Israeli and American governments in his speech at the Geneva Initiative's ceremony in Switzerland.

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, blamed US President George W. Bush for anti-American sentiment and worldwide terror.

"Bush's inordinate support for Israel allows the Palestinians to suffer," Carter said. "This is a source of anti-American sentiment in the world and encourages terror."

Carter said Israel's settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the security fence are the main obstacles to peace. He called repeatedly for the return of Palestinian refugees to the territories, beyond what is called for in the Geneva Initiative.

"Settlements prevent the return of the refugees who led their homes after the 1948 and 1967 wars," Carter said. "No matter what leaders the Palestinians may choose, Israel must choose between peace and settlements."

Carter said the main flaw of the US-brokered road map is its step-by-step approach, which he said has allowed Israel to stop its advance by building "an enormous barrier wall" and with "the colonialization of Gaza."

"The people support a peace settlement, but political leaders are the obstacle to peace," Carter said.

Carter said that not a single word of the peace he negotiated between Israel and Egypt has been violated. He said that peace prevailed after the Oslo Accord was signed in 1993, but the peace was extinguished by suicide bombers and house demolitions.

The former president also called for the implementation of the Saudi Initiative, which called on the Arab world to recognize Israel in return for Israel accepting into its borders the flood of 4 million Palestinians who claim to be refugees.

Other speakers in the ceremony included Nobel laureates Lech Walesa of Poland and John Hume of Northern Ireland.

Palestinian General Zuheir Manasra defended both Palestinian uprisings as legitimate struggles for Palestinian independence.

"The Palestinian fight is a fight for peace," Manasra said.

Both Palestinian and Israeli speakers criticized the government of Israel. Neither criticized the Palestinian leadership.

Lord Michael Levy read a letter from British Prime Minister Tony Blair endorsing the initiative and calling for an Israeli and Palestinian return to the negotiating table.

"This initiative gives a chance to what might be achievable with goodwill on both sides," Blair wrote. "The debate stimulated by this initiative is important. A better understanding of the nature of a possible settlement can remind people why the difficult steps in the road map are worth taking."

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To: Lazamataz

Hehehehe. :)

61 posted on 12/01/2003 1:22:01 PM PST by NYC GOP Chick (Clinton Legacy = 16-acre hole in the ground in lower Manhattan)
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To: white trash redneck
Pipe down Peanut Carter! When Carter was prez, interest rates were over 22% and rising by the time he left and the crazy fanatic Ayotollah Khomeini captured our citizens. And if Carter had done his job in the first place in the early 90's, North Korea wouldn't be nuclear capable. For all this bungling, Carter receives the Nobel prize. What wasted effort!
62 posted on 12/01/2003 1:23:15 PM PST by lilylangtree
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To: white trash redneck
Bitter, hateful, self serving...badmouthing America on foreign soil must be the thing to do for democraps these days...during a time of armed conflict.

What a class act is the little peanut farmer.
63 posted on 12/01/2003 1:30:59 PM PST by Cuttnhorse
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To: white trash redneck
Jimmah Cartah got elected because he swapped spit with a bunch of goofy Democrats at the Polk County Courthouse in Des Moines, IA.
64 posted on 12/01/2003 1:31:45 PM PST by Eric in the Ozarks
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To: white trash redneck
With this incident Carter may have changed New York to one of the red states.
65 posted on 12/01/2003 1:35:45 PM PST by mware
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To: white trash redneck
1980 Presidential Election:

Ronald Reagan 489 Electoral Votes. Jimmy Carter 49 Electoral Votes (Georgia, West Virginia, Hawaii, Minnesota, Maryland and Rhode Island).

Would somebody please tell Jimmeh it's over and Reagan won?

66 posted on 12/01/2003 1:37:38 PM PST by catpuppy
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To: white trash redneck
Carter said that peace prevailed after the Oslo Accord was signed in 1993, but the peace was extinguished by suicide bombers and house demolitions.

Some 'peace' ...

1993 : (BIN LADEN, IRAQ, SOMALIA) Osama bin Laden had dealings with Iraqi Intelligence as early as 1993 in Somalia. During that period, various militant Islamic groups, to include bin Laden and Iraqi intelligence and military operatives, were in Somalia to organize, train and mobilize radical factions within the Somali populace. - Youssef Bodansky, “Bin Laden; The Man Who Declared War on America,” Prima Publishing, Roseville, CA, 2001, page 323

1993 & and in 1992 : (SOMALIA, ATEF) Mohamed Atef travelled to Somalia on several occasions for the purpose of organizing violence against US and UN troops stationed in Somalia. On each occasion he reported back to bin Laden at his base in the Riyadh district of Khartoum.

1993 : (IRAQ : HUSSEIN DRAINS SWAMPLANDS IN AN EFFORT TO DESTROY THE OPPOSITION) The Iraqi government began draining the swamplands, where the Shiites lived. This made it so they could not grow rice, which was an important source of food.

1993 : (SOUTH AFRICA, AL QAEDA, WMD, NUKES) Bin Laden operatives reportedly also tried to buy enriched uranium in South Africa in 1993

-2001 : (911 HIJACKER ATTA, CZECHOSLAVAKIA TRIPS) Another lead: reports that chief hijacker Mohammed Atta made as many as four trips to Prague in the Czech Republic, dating from 1993 to 2001. So far U.S. intelligence only has hard evidence of one trip in 1999, when Atta was on his way to the United States. Prague is important because it has been alleged, though again not proved, (* My note : Not proved? We have two named Czechoslavakian officials who have adamantly stated he did meet- this is far more proof than the typical US reporter ever had to claim that militia groups were behind the OK City bombing.) that Atta met there with a senior Iraqi intelligence officer. - "9/11 Bombshell: New Evidence Of Iraq-Al Qaeda Ties?," by David Martin, CBS News Oct. 1, 2002 David Martin

1993 : (GORE : CLIPPER CHIP PROJECT FOR BUGGING TELECOMMUNICATIONS) Al Gore once assured the American public that an Orwellian government would not monitor us. Even today, Al Gore will not claim that he planned to enable the government to tap every phone in the United States if it so desired. Al Gore wanted to be Big Brother. Vice President Al Gore spearheaded a project called "Clipper" which was designed to monitor America. Gore's leadership in this scheme to allow the Feds to have easy access to bug American telephones is all too well documented for him to deny. - "Secret Documents: Hubbell Wanted Federal Access to Phones, " by Charles R. Smith, NewsMax , 8/29/02

1993 : (NORTH KOREA OPENLY BREACHES NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION TREATY : CLINTON ATTEMPTS TO BRIBE THEM INTO COMPLIANCE) By 1993, North Korea was openly in breach of the Nonproliferation Treaty and refusing IAEA inspectors access to its nuclear facilities. President Clinton huffed and puffed about not allowing North Korea to develop the bomb, but in the end he couldn't get the inspectors back in. Fearing a showdown with North Korea, the Clinton administration attempted to bribe the North into ending its nuclear weapons program by promising to build Pyongyang two new (supposedly less weapon-friendly) nuclear reactors, provide it with huge amounts of fuel oil in the meantime, and normalize economic and political relations. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Stanley Roth explained the logic behind the administration's policy: "Who knows what actions North Korea might take if it were desperate?"

1993 +/- : (FORMER YUGOSLAVIA : BOSNIA : MUSLIMS REVIVE NAZI HANDZAR DIVISION - IN TRADITION OF WW2 ERA NAZI SS HANSCHAR BRIGADES) "DOCUMENTS!" shouted a man in a beret with an insignia in green Arabic script outside the UN house in the Bosnian mountain town of Fojnica. He was hostile and demanded our presence at the police station. Later the police chief apologised, but made clear that authority had passed to the men with the Koranic texts hanging from their fatigues. Last summer Muslim and Croat leaders in Fojnica asked the WN to declare it a "zone of peace". Since then war has ravaged the town, bringing murder, mayhem and exile to at least half its original population of 12,000. Different, and alien, forces are now in charge -- some of the toughest in the Bosnian Muslim army. These are the men of the Handzar division. "We do everything with the knife, and we always fight on the frontline," a Handzar told one UN officer. Up to 6000-strong, the Handzar division glories in a fascist culture. They see themselves as the heirs of the SS Handzar division, formed by Bosnian Muslims in 1943 to fight for the Nazis. Their spiritual model was Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who sided with Hitler. According to UN officers, surprisingly few of those in charge of the Handzars in Fojnica seem to speak good Serbo-Croatian. "Many of them are [Muslim] Albanian, whether from Kosovo (the Serb province where Albanians are the majority) or from Albania itself." They are trained and led by veterans from Afghanistan and Pakistan, say UN sources. The strong presence of native Albanians is an ominous sign. It could mean the seeds of war are spreading south via Kosovo and into Albania, thence to the Albanians of Macedonia. Pakistani fundamentalists are known to have had a strong hand in providing arms and a small weapons industry for the Bosnian Muslims. Hardline elements of the Bosnian army, like the Handzar, appear to have the backing of an increasingly extreme leadership in Sarajevo, represented by Mr Ejup Ganic, Foreign Minister, Mr Haris Silajdzic, Prime Minister, and Mr Enver Hadjihasanovic, the new army chief. The Handzars are working closely with other units around Fojnica, preparing for the long assault on Kiseljak to the east and Prozor to the west, a campaign likely to last years. The first political act in this new operation appears to have been the murder of the two monks in the monastery. Last month Brother Nikola Milicevic, 39, and Brother Mato Migic, 56, were surprised by a four-man squad. After an argument, Brother Nikola was shot dead on the spot. His colleague was only wounded, but finished off by a shot in the neck. Mysteriously, the police guard disappeared a few minutes before. The murder squad withdrew after the killings. The Provincial for the Franciscans of Bosnia, Petar Andjelovic, demanded an explanation. He received condolences from President Alija Izetbegovic and a note from the police in Sarajevo that the matter was under investigation. The Provincial is convinced this was a political murder to deepen the division between Croats and Muslims. He also believes it was sanctioned by Sarajevo. "I can say that for the moment all responsibility for this killing falls at the door of the Bosnian army," he told an Italian Catholic magazine last week. "Somebody very powerful must have organised this." The way the Handzars have settled in Fojnica suggests they are playing for a long war. The town is self-sufficient in meat, vegetables and cereals. The terrain is ideal for guerrilla operations. More significant is the nature of the Handzars, and the influences of the Albanians in their command, and the support from Pakistan. These suggest, politically and militarily, the war in Bosnia has spread - under the dozing eyes of the West. - "Albanians and Afghans Fight for Heirs of Bosnias' SS Part," by Robert Fox, Daily Telegraph, December 29, 1993

1993 : (WTC1 ATTACK, YASIN, IRAQ) Abdul Rahman Yasin mixed and made the truck bomb which wrought destruction and killed six in the first New York World Trade Center attack - then coolly boarded a plane for Baghdad, where he still resides. There is strong evidence that Ramzi Yousef, leader of both the 1993 New York bombing and a failed attempt two years later to down 12 American airliners over the Pacific, was an Iraqi intelligence officer. All this was known in the Nineties.

1993 : (VANCOUVER, CANADA, MARZOUK ARRESTED) Essam Hafez Marzouk was arrested at the Vancouver airport in 1993 for carrying a false Saudi passport. After spending nearly a year in jail, he was released and his claim for refugee status was accepted. Canadian and U.S. intelligence agents later discovered that Marzouk was a veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, where had fought alongside bin Laden. A member of the Egyptian wing of al Qaeda, known as Al Jihad, Marzouk also ran a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.

1993 : (RAHMAN TAKES OVER NY MOSQUE) At the mosque in Brooklyn, NY, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman won a vote of the mosque members and defeated the successor of the imam Mustafa Shalabi, who had been mysteriously murdered in 1991. Rahman already had control of another mosque in Jersey City, where some of his strongest supporters lived. But he did not limit himself to the East Coast. He also "traveled around the country . . . up and down the West Coast, where he was welcomed at mosques and greatly admired," the former FBI bureau official said.- "FBI Wary of Investigating Extremist Muslim Leaders: Agency May Rethink Hesitancy on Religious Figures," By Walter Pincus, Washington Post Staff Writer, Monday, October 29, 2001; Page A04

1993 : (CLINTON & AFGHANISTAN) When the Clinton administration took over in 1993, Warren Christopher mentioned bringing peace to Afghanistan in his confirmation hearings for Sec. of State, then never made a significant speech about the country again. ...But there were warnings. Peter Tomsen, a longtime State Dept. official who was a special envoy to Afghanistan, and a few others insisted that the US should help rebuild the country to protect it from extremists. By disengaging, the US risked "throwing away the assets we have built up in Afghanistan over the last 10 years, at great expense," he argued in a confidential 1993 memo to top State Department officials. "The U.S. mistake was to ignore Afghanistan," Mr. Tomsen says today. "We walked away." After the Cold War, the US was "weary of Afghanistan," said Robin Raphel, the assistant secretary for South Asian affairs at the State Department from 1993 to 1997. "It was really a struggle to get attention and resources." Yet to a large extent, the US deferred to Pakistan, its ally against the USSR, as Afghanistan's turbulence dragged on, according to other former officials. "The U.S. had what I call a derivative policy toward Afghanistan," said Elie Krakowski, a former special assistant to the secretary of defense, who has written extensively on Afghanistan. "That is, it had no policy on Afghanistan on its own, and whatever Pakistan said, we bought." The US was reluctant to criticize Pakistan as it further aligned itself with the Taliban after Kabul's fall.

1993 : (CLINTON ADMINISTRATION ENERGY DEPT. DROPS SECURITY MEASURES AT WEAPONS LABS IN THE NAME OF POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS) The Clinton administration removed the color-coded security badges that had been used for years at Energy weapons labs claiming they were 'discriminatory'--as if that makes any sense whatsoever. ... in 1993, the Clinton administration put a hold on doing FBI background checks for lab workers and visitors, an action which helped to dramatically increase the number of people going to the labs who would previously have not been allowed to have access. - "THE CLINTON NATIONAL SECURITY SCANDAL AND COVERUP," Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Senate, June 23, 1999


JANUARY 1993 mid-month : (INAUGERATION FUNDING FROM RIADI) The Clinton-Gore inauguration in mid-January 1993 was another opportunity for the Riady's to open their wallets. James Riady and John Huang each gave $100,000 to cover the cost of the inaugural parties. The Riadys brought a number of friends from Indonesia to Washington for the swearing-in ceremony

JANUARY 1993 : (CIA SHOOTER, VIRGINIA, KANSI) Mir Amal Kansi, a Pakistani, murders two CIA employees in a 'random' shooting outside the Langley, VA headquarters and flees the country. He entered the US in 1990 on a visa issued in Karachi, Pakistan and in 1992, Kansi applied for political asylum in the US and was routinely released with a work permit. Records indicate that he had been involved in anti-US demonstrations in Pakistan. He had purchased an AK-47 assault rifle in Virginia.

JANUARY 25, 1993 : (CIA SHOOTER KANSI SHOOTS FIVE PEOPLE< TWO CIA PERSONNEL) Five commuters in a morning rush-hour jam outside the gates of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., were shot by a gunman, Mir Amal Kansi, firing an AK-47 automatic rifle. All but one worked for the CIA. Two CIA employees -- Frank Darling, a communications engineer, and Lansing Bennett, a doctor -- died. Kansi's friends and relatives told U.S. officials that he had been mentally unstable since the death of his father, a wealthy tribal chief, in 1989. It is not known if the attack was politically motivated or if it was connected to the bombing of the World Trade Center, which came one month later. The alleged mastermind of that attack, Ramzi Yousef, followed a similar escape route. The feds interviewed his roommate, Zahed Ahmad Mir, who they said told them that Kansi wanted to use that rifle to attack a symbol of the United States. Kansi's trail had went cold by the time the FBI and the CIA tracked his path from his nearby apartment in Reston, Va., to Dulles International Airport-- the White House or the CIA. - "Man Suspected of Killing 2 CIA Agents Is Apprehended, " By TIM WEINER , NYT, June 18, 1997 via

FEBRUARY 26, 1993 : (WTC1 PLOT, SALAMEH, RAHMAN, YOUSEF) Under the influence of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, Ramzi Ahmed Yousef organizes Mohammed Salameh and three others in plotting and carrying out a bombing at NY's WTC towers that caused mass destruction, six deaths and more than a thousand wounded. The group is comprised of Egyptians and Palestinians. His companion, a Palestinian named Ahmad Ajaj, who arrived on a fake Swedish passport, was arrested and found to have bombmaking videos and manuals in his luggage. Salameh entered the US in 1988 on a Jordanian passport and a visitors visa issued in Amman, Jordan. He applied for legal residence status [presumably asylee status], was turned down, and continued to be in the country on appeal of that decision. Abdel Rahman, an Egyptian religious leader charged with inciting a 1989 riot in Egypt, obtained a visa in Khartoum, Sudan which had no automated lookout system that would have identified him as a security threat. He entered as a tourist and applied for political asylum and received legal residence. An immigration judge ordered him deported in March, 1993, but he was still in the country four months later when he is arrested for terrorist acts.

FEBRUARY 28, 1993 : (BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINIA) The US begins an airdrop of relief supplies aimed at Muslims surrounded by Serbian forces in Bosnia.

MARCH 9, 1993 : (CLINTON, HUANG, RIADY, CHEN, THE PRC & TIANAMEN SQUARE MASSACRE) John Huang writes a memo to James Riady, regarding "Mr. Chen Xitong from China." Huang is attempting to coordinate a trip to Atlanta by Mr. Chen. Huang assures Riady, "I have already stressed the importance of this visitor to all of us." At the time it was written, Chen was a CCP Politiburo member, ranking 8th in the hierarchy. He was also mayor of Beijing, and Beijing was competing with Sydney, Australia, for the right to host the year 2000 Summer Olympic Games. Short of the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping and ex-Premier Li Peng, it would be hard to find a more notorious and corrupt CCP official than Chen, or one with more blood on his hands from the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Chen signed the martial law decrees justifying the use of tanks and flamethrowers against unarmed civilians. After the streets had been cleared of blood, Chen gave the official verdict on the massacre in a report to the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress. He blamed the murder of thousands of innocents on a conspiracy originated by "some political forces in the West", so it would be extremely difficult for Huang to get a U.S. Visa for Chen. The memo would later be discovered by Senate Democratic staff in John Huang's files.

MARCH 20, 1993 : (IRA BOMB SHOPPING MALL ) Irish Republican Army bomb shopping mall in Warrington, England, killing two children and injury fifty six civilians

APRIL 1993 : (KUWAIT : IRAQI ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON BUSH) In April of 1993 the 41st president of the United States - George H. W. Bush - traveled to Kuwait, at the invitation of the Emir. While there he and the Emir narrowly escaped death at the hands of an Iraqi led assassination squad. Shortly before Bush's arrival, Kuwaiti authorities seized 16 people, including at least 2 Iraqis believed involved. The assassination weapon was a potent 180-pound bomb that had been loaded into a Toyota SUV. Authorities also found a remote detonator in the automobile. US intelligence determined that the bomb was constructed by the Iraqi Intelligence Service under the orders of Saddam Hussein. None other than president Clinton – no knee jerk supporter of things Bush - stated that "compelling evidence that there was in fact a plot to assassinate former President Bush” and continued on that this “was an attack against our country and against all Americans." At least one of the Iraqis involved confessed to Kuwaiti interrogators that the plotters were directed by Saddam “to kill Bush." - "Good News From The UN!," by William A. Mayer, PipeBombNews , March 12, 2003

APRIL 24, 1993 : (IRA BOMBING IN LONDON) City of London financial district devastated by IRA bomb; one civilian killed. It causes US $1.5 billion in damage.

1993 Spring : (SOMALIA, UN, AL QAEDA, ATEF, ADEL) Mohamed Atef, Saif al Adel, another senior member of Al-Qaida, and other members began to provide military training to Somali tribes for the purpose of fighting the UN forces.

JUNE 1993 ; (UN HEADQUARTS & NY TUNNEL PLOT) Eight militant Muslim fundamentalists are arrested in NY for plotting to blow up the UN headquarters, tunnels under the Hudson River and a federal office building. The arrestees were from Sudan, Egypt, the Israeli West Bank and Gaza, Jordan and Pakistan. To read the Department of Justice Inspector General's report on this incident, click here

JULY 9, 1993 : (CLINTON REPORTS US TROOPS SENT TO MACEDONIA) President Clinton reported the deployment of 350 U.S. armed forces to Macedonia to participate in the U.N. Protection Force to help maintain stability in the area of former Yugoslavia.

10, 1993 : (WASHINGTON DC : FORMER CLINTON WHITE HOUSE COUNSELOR VINCENT FOSTER FOUND DEAD IN FT MARCY PARK) - Former White House counselor, and former colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock's Rose law firm. Foster was found dead July 10, 1993 of a gunshot to the head, ruled a suicide.

AUGUST 1993 : (US ALLEGES THAT CHINESE SHIP WAS CARRYING CHEMICAL WEAPONS PRECURSORS TO IRAN) The US claims that the Chinese container ship Yinhe, bound for Iran, is carrying precursors for use in chemical weapons, including mustard and nerve gases; an inspection of the ship in Saudi Arabia the following month finds no evidence of the chemical shipment. - "U.S.-China Techonology Transfer: Annotated Timeline 1980-January 1998," by Bates Gill, GlobalBeat,, June 22, 1998

AUGUST 1993 : (EGYPT, ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON HASSAN BY AL-JIHAD) Unsuccessful attampt by the Al-Jihad organization to assassinate Interior Minister Hassan al Alfi of Egypt.

AUGUST 20, 1993 : (OSLO ACCORD) On August 20, 1993, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Perez signed the Oslo Accord with the PLO through its leader Yasser Arafat. Though not under any compelling threat or necessity to do so, Rabin and Perez did this in hopes of bringing a just and lasting peace with the Palestinians. The Accords provided for a five-year period of progressive negotiations to bring about self-rule in the West Bank (Samaria & Judea) and Gaza Strip. The last and most difficult negotiations over Jerusalem were not to be brought up or entered into until the very end. The whole basis upon which the Oslo Accords were entered was the promise of the PLO to not resort to violence as a tool in the conduct of bi-lateral negotiations. The most essential key of the agreement was to negotiate differences and not to use violence. Yitzhak Rabin would never have signed the Accords without this commitment on the PLO's part.- "THEATRE OF THE ABSURD," By Hal Lindsey, Last Days Chronicles, February, Volume 4, Number 2

SEPTEMBER 13, 1993 : (OSLO PEACE ACCORD SIGNED) - "Did Clinton pardon Arab murderer? Farah on Arafat's campaign for the release of Abu Abbas," by Joseph Farah, , Tuesday, April 22, 2003

SEPTEMBER 14, 1993 : (ISRAEL : GANOR WRITES LETTER TO DR. KREVATZ : FALSE HOPES FOR PEACE WITH ARAFAT) Dr. Kravetz was a publisher who was interested in one of my manuscripts at the time. Half way to the garbage can, I scanned the letter and my eyes caught the sentence “What if Arafat is killed?” That sentence caught my attention. ...The arduous longing for peace blinded me, making me think that the days of the Messiah had arrived and that, no matter what, peace was inevitable. ...Rereading my letter to Dr. Kravetz, written erev Rosh Hashana, on September 14, 1993, it brought me back to the Holocaust, when we closed our eyes to the naked truth. I actually believed that Arafat was our partner for peace and was worried about his safety. I find my following sentence ironic: "What if Arafat is killed? What if the army leaves the territories and Hamas defeats Arafat? These are only a few of the questions that haunt us. Whatever happens we shall never be the same as we were before the signing. Whatever happens peace is now inevitable. Thank God." (* By January 2003 : Ganor would write "My euphoria and desire for peace with the Palestinians was so strong that I actually believed that peace was inevitable. It was just another shattered dream." ) - Shattered Dreams , Solly Ganor, a Holocaust survivor who has lectured throughout Germany. He can be reached at

OCTOBER 3- 4, 1993 : (SOMALIA, BATTLE OF MOGADISHU, AL QAEDA, BIN LADEN) Operatives of Al-Qaida participated in the attack on US military personnel serving in Somalia as part of operation 'Restore Hope.' Eighteen US military personnel were killed in the attack. "Afghan arabs," trained by bin Laden, allegedly assisted in killing 18 American soldiers in Somalia 18 U.S. troops involved in the U.S. "humanitarian mission" were killed when two US helicopters were shot down. Those killed were among of 28,000 US troops in Somalia. US news media covered a mob celebrating the killings by dragging the bodies through the streets.
(* My note : In 1996, the US indicted Osama bin Laden for allegedly training the killers. In 1997, bin Laden admitted involvement in interview with CNN. In 2000, court testimony of al Qaeda defector Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl implicated both Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atef in planning the killings.)

OCTOBER 23, 1993 : (IRA BOMBING IN BELFAST) IRA bombs a shop in Belfast, Northern Ireland, leaving 10 dead. A week later 7 civilians were shot dead in retaliation for the Shankill bombing by Protestant terrorists in a bar in Greysteel, Northern Ireland

1993, late : (KENYA, AL QAEDA EMBASSY PLOTS) Members of al-Qaida in Kenya began to discuss the possibility of attacking the US embassy in Nairobi, Kenya in retaliation for US participation in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. Ali Mohamed, a US citizen and admitted member of Al-Qaida, surveyed the US embassy as a possible target for a terrorist attack. He took photographs and made sketches which he presented to bin Laden while bin Laden was in Suan. He later admitted he had trained terrorists for al-Qaida in Afghanistan in the early 1990s and that some of those he had trained included many who would go on to be involved in the East African embassy bombings in August 1998.

NOVEMBER 1993 : (US ALLOWS SALES OF COMPONENTS FOR CHINESE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS; ALSO GIVES FINAL GO-AHEAD FOR SALE OF CRAY SUPERCOMPUTERS) Clinton Administration agrees to allow the sale of generators and other components for China's nuclear power plants and announces the final go-ahead for sale of Cray supercomputer to China. Critics protest that the transfer will provide China with significantly advanced capability to further develop nuclear weapons and missiles. - "U.S.-China Techonology Transfer: Annotated Timeline 1980-January 1998," by Bates Gill, GlobalBeat,, June 22, 1998

NOVEMBER 1993 : (EGYPT, ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT BY AL-JIHAD) Unsuccessful attampt by the Al-Jihad organization to assassinate Prime Minister Atef Sedky of Egypt.

NOVEMBER 1993 : (CHINAGATE : CLINTON ADMIN LOOSENS POLICIES ON US SATELLITE LAUNCHES IN CHINA) Clinton loosened export policies allowing US satellites to be launched in China while economic sanctions were in place on Beijing.

NOVEMBER 1993 : (JOHN HUANG SPY SCANDAL) Ira Sockowitz appointed as Commerce’s special general counsel, working under Ginger Lew a confidant of John Huang. Though he had no international trade experience, he was put in charge of "vetting" companies that wanted to go on international trade missions. (see APPEARANCE OF QUID PRO QUO, Nolanda Hill affidavit)

NOVEMBER 16, 1993 : (HUGHES LETTER : ARMSTRONG TELLS US OFFICIALS HE HAD SPOKEN WITH CHINESE VICE PREMIER QUICHEN, SAYS CHINA WILL NOT PROLIFERATE MISSILE TECH IF US DROPS SANCTIONS) Hughes letter in which Armstrong notified senior Administration national security officials that he had talked with China's vice premier, Qian Quichen. The Chinese ''are committed not to proliferate missile technology,'' if the U.S. dropped the sanctions, Armstrong wrote.

DECEMBER 5, 1993 : ( CHINESE SPY CASE : USN TORPEDOES, JET ENGINES : KOA ARRESTED FOR SPYING ) Los Angeles Times "The FBI arrested a Chinese national in Charlotte, N.C., who is suspected of taking part in a spy ring that unsuccessfully sought secrets on an advanced Navy torpedo and a jet engine , a bureau announcement said Saturday. The arrest of Yen Men Kao by FBI and immigration agents on Friday wrapped up a 6 1/2-year investigation, according to the announcement….The attempted espionage targeted the Navy's MK 48 Advanced Capability Torpedo and the F 404-400 General Electric jet engine .

DECEMBER 7, 1993 : (CLINTON ADMINISTRATION ENERGY SECRETARY HAZEL O-LEARY ANNOUNCES PLANS TO DECLASSIFY US DEFENSE INFORMATION) At an amazing press conference on Dec. 7, 1993, Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary unveiled the DOE's "openness initiative." "The Cold War is over; we're coming clean," she said. She announced that 32 million pages of classified documents were now subject to review and possible release to "put the United States out in front as a nation willing to share." She joked: "During the Cold War, I would have been arrested for what I said." No wonder Wen Ho Lee thought the rules had changed. They had. The Hazel O'Leary "willing to share" national security policy ended in January 1999, with the release of the Cox Report.- "The Wen Ho Lee Diversion," OpinionJournal - September 19, 2000

DECEMBER 8, 1993 : (CLINTON ADMIN MEMO TO LAKE ON HUGHES CO.'s ARMSTRONG SAYS ARMSTRONG HAS SECURED SENATOR NUNN'S SUPPORT AGAINST CLINTON ADMIN SANCTIONS ON CHINA) A White House memo to then-National Security Advisor Anthony Lake. ''[C. Michael ] Armstrong is now fairly directly threatening to wage a more public campaign against the Administration's sanctions,'' the memo said. ''He has secured key congressional support, e.g. [former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sam] Nunn, [the] California delegation, and suggests he may prompt a Congressional inquiry, write op-eds, and/or spur union opposition.''

Oh, yeah, Carter, what a year that was.

67 posted on 12/01/2003 1:50:20 PM PST by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge.)
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To: Calvin Locke; toddst
Yank his passport. He's illegally portrayed himself as an official representative of the US Government many times.

Can't recall the name of the Act that authorizes it.

Of the US Code: TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 43 > Sec. 915. - Foreign diplomats, consuls or officers
Whoever, with intent to defraud within the United States, falsely assumes or pretends to be a diplomatic, consular or other official of a foreign government duly accredited as such to the United States and acts as such, or in such pretended character, demands or obtains or attempts to obtain any money, paper, document, or other thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both

68 posted on 12/01/2003 1:51:50 PM PST by m1-lightning (A pure capitalist society would be one ruled by many aristocratic dictators.)
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To: white trash redneck
The Peanut Guy just got his talking points from Serpenthead and the DNC.
69 posted on 12/01/2003 2:00:38 PM PST by Zathras
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To: bvw

Don't remember how I discovered it.

70 posted on 12/01/2003 2:05:09 PM PST by NativeNewYorker (Freepin' Jew Boy)
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To: white trash redneck
For a great cataloging of Carter's perfidy and seditiousness, check out
71 posted on 12/01/2003 2:12:59 PM PST by Rummyfan
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To: KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle
Oh, it certainly is the "in" thing for liberals to denounce Israel and "Zionism." They're positively beside themselves with Jew-hatred, although the prefer to cloak it in the guise of "concern" for the Palestinians.

Just as fascists were "concerned" about whitey, liberals are now "concerned" about Palestinians, the global proletariat of popular liberal Stalinist imagination.

72 posted on 12/01/2003 2:13:28 PM PST by Reactionary
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To: m1-lightning
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both

I think it's time for Jimmy to spend a little jail time. He's certainly earned it.

73 posted on 12/01/2003 2:13:34 PM PST by The Other Harry
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To: piasa
OK, Carter... let's see what Oslo did or did not do in 1994, the year after it was signed :

1994 : (SUDAN : IRAQI INTELLIGENCE CHIEF FAROUK HIJAZI MEETS BIN LADEN) "Press reports also chronicled an earlier meeting between Hijazi and bin Laden in Sudan in 1994. " "The Clinton Intel Record Deeper failures revealed. ," by Mansoor Ijaz, National Review Online, 4-29-2003

1994 : ( HIJACKING PLOT ON EIFFEL TOWER) The French thwart an attempt by hijackers to crash an airliner into the Eiffel Tower.

1994 : (BIN LADEN DISOWNED) Bin Laden's family and relatives publicly "disowned" him due to his crimes.

1994 : (HIZBALLAH, ISRAEL, ARGENTINA) Hizballah agents bombed an Israeli cultural center Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1994 : (HAITI : JEANE BERTRAND ARISTIDE RETURNS TO POWER) - "Inside Politics," Greg Pierce, The Washingtn Times, April 14, 2003

(* MY note : While Clinton had the US military dinking around in Haiti, keeping an eye on Islamicist terrorism was pretty much in the back of his mind. Assuming it was even on his mind... )

1994 : (IRAN'S REVOLUTIONARY GUARD SETS UP TERRORIST TRAINING CAMPS) Iranian president Hasemi Rafsanjani set up the camps. The instructors in the camps are from Iran's Revolutionary Guard and intelligence service. All of the [resulting] terrorist attacks are said to be approved by Iran's Supreme Council. - "ORGANIZED TERRORISM; "Movement for Islamic Change," By Steve Macko, ENN Editor, Excerpted from EmergencyNet NEWS Service Daily Report, Vol. 2 - 216, Saturday, August 3, 1996 (* See Khobar Towers bombing case)

1994 : (PAKISTAN HELPS CREATE TALIBAN IN AFGHANISTAN: FUNDS IT UNTIL AT LEAST SEPTEMBER 2001) - "Bush finalises battle plan," Daily Telegraph, September 16, 2001

1994 : (CHINA : JUEREN MEETS GORE AT CA FUNDRAISER) China Resources chairman Shen Jueren met with Vice President Al Gore at a $300,000 California fundraiser, According to Carl Cameron of Fox News, John Huang "pressed the White House" to get Bernard Schwartz (largest DNC Contributor and Loral head) on the Commerce trade mission to China

1994 : (IRAQI SCIENTIST KHIDIR HAMZA) Iraqi scientist Khidir Hamza defects from Iraq- "Brazil uranium sales to Iraq stir debate ," by Carmen Gentile, United Press International 9/25/02

1994 : (NORTH KOREA : DISASTEROUS CLINTON POLICY EARMARKS AID FOR NUCLEAR REACTORS IN NORTH KOREA) Reversing the policy of 9 previous administrations, the Clinton-Gore administration committed not only to providing foreign aid for North Korea, but to earmark that aid primarily for the construction of nuclear reactors worth up to $6 billion.Lightwater nuclear reactors provided to North Korea under a 1994 deal negotiated by the Clinton administration have the capacity to generate enough nuclear fuel to produce almost 100 nuclear bombs per year, according to a Nov 1999 U.S. House North Korea Advisory Group Report to the Speaker of the House, -

1994 : (IRAQ, SMALLPOX FREEZE-DRYER FOUND BY WEAPONS INSPECTORS) In 1994, U.N. inspectors at an Iraqi medical complex found a freeze-dryer labeled "smallpox" in Arabic, said former inspector Jonathan Tucker. The Iraqis claimed the equipment was used to make smallpox vaccine, Tucker said. A freeze-dryer could be used to make a weaponized form of the smallpox virus. "It's not conclusive proof but suggestive of Iraqi interest," said Tucker, author of a recent book on smallpox. Iraq also admitted to U.N. inspectors that its biological weapons scientists worked with camelpox, a close relative of the smallpox virus that doesn't usually infect people. Working with camelpox would give Iraq a way to perfect techniques for making smallpox weapons without endangering the researchers. "The only explanation is they used it to see how to grow smallpox, how to concentrate it, how to deploy it. It's a perfectly good and safe model for this," said Alibek, now director of the George Mason University Center for Biodefense in Manassas, Va. "It's hard to believe Saddam would do this work to protect his camels."

1994 : (BIN LADEN MEETS IRAQI INTELLIGENCE AGENTS IN SUDAN) Bin Laden again met with Iraqi intelligence secret service director Faruq al-Hijazi agreed to work together on terrorist projects directed against the U.S. - Findlaw, Ashton, et al. v. al Qaeda

1994 : (SUDAN, BIN LADEN & IMAD MUGNIYAH MEET) A meeting between bin Laden and Imad Mugniyeh, the military chief of Hizballah, was held in 1994. The meeting apparently took place in Sudan. -MSNBC

JANUARY 1994 : () Clinton Administration announces that commercial satellites under Department of Commerce auspices are not subject to August 1993 restrictions and that export licenses for them could be approved. - "U.S.-China Techonology Transfer: Annotated Timeline 1980-January 1998," by Bates Gill, GlobalBeat,, June 22, 1998

JANUARY 7, 1994 : (CHINA : TECH TRANSFERS MADE BY SNEAKING SATELLITE EXPORT LICENSES THROUGH COMMERCE TO AVOID STATE DEPARTMENT BAN) January 7, 1994 it was decided that although communications satellites licensed by the State Department are covered by the sanctions law, export licenses for communications satellites licensed by the Department of Commerce may be approved. -According to Ron Brown briefing document for Bernard Schwartz

JANUARY 29, 1994 : (LEBANON : PALESTINIAN GROUP ANO ASSASSINATES JORDANIAN DIPLOMAT MAAYTAH) Abu Nidal followers shoot dead Jordanian diplomat Naeb Imran Maaytah outside his embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. - "Chronology of Attacks by Abu Nidal's Group,", August 19, 2002

JANUARY 1994 end : (JOHN HUANG GETS INTERIM TOP SECRET CLEARANCE) At the end of January 1994 John Huang received an interim "Top Secret" security clearance on the pretext that Commerce secretary Ron Brown needed his services urgently. At that point Huang could see and hear American classified information up to the Top Secret Level. Top Secret includes our best foreign intelligence. But Huang did not join the Commerce Department until July 18, 1994, meaning that for five and a half months this U.S. representative of a foreign bank could legally see highly classified information.

JANUARY-JULY 1994 : (CLIPPER CHIP, NSA, HUBELL) NSA Clipper Chip discussions (re Hubbell.) were in process. Commerce would have the keys.

MARCH 1994 : (NY, ATTACK ON HASIDICS ON BROOKLYN BRIDGE) Rashad Baz, an immigrant from Lebanon, and two others shoot up a van full of Hasidic students, wounding four, on the Brooklyn Bridge. Baz entered on a student visa in 1984. He attended courses parttime at a community college in 1984-85. He married a U.S. citizen in 1989 and applied for legal residence in 1991. Baz was accompanied by Bassam Mousa Reyati, a Jordanian, who entered as a student in 1989 and received residency in 1992 on the basis of marriage to a U.S. citizen. Hlal Mohammed, a Jordanian, was the third terrorist.

MARCH 26, 1994 : (JAPAN, AIRLINE CRASH) Airbus A300 from Taipei crashes at the airport at Nagoya, Japan, killing 264. MARCH 15 - JULY 18, 1994 : (HUANG VISITS WHITE HOUSE 47 TIMES) Between March 15, 1993 and his first day at Commerce [July 18, 1994], John Huang entered the White House at least 47 times, according to Secret Service records. Nine of the visits were listed as with the president-most in the first family's quarters in the White House. Copies exist of letters to the president signed by Huang that discuss meetings and visits that took place well before July 1994. All indicators force the conclusion that Huang's real job in the 3 or 4 years before he went to Commerce was overseeing the Riady's political and financial investment in the Democratic Party in general, and Governor Bill Clinton in particular. His secretary would later testify that Huang directed all the political contributions from the 3 Riady shell companies-Hip Hing Holdings, San Jose Holdings, and Toy Center Holdings. Senator Robert Toricelli [D-NJ] counted 32 contributions to Democratic causes by these 3 companies. Senator Joseph Lieberman [D-CT] added the contributions and came up with $800,000 from these 3 accounts alone, from 1991 to 1993.

APRIL 1994 : ("HUA MAI" OPERATION; CHINA OBTAINS ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY BECAUSE OF CLINTON LICENSE POLICY CHANGE) The Clinton administration announced a new license policy for telecommunications exports. High Tech sales for commercial applications would, according to a Commerce Department document, "use a General License, GLX which does not require prior US Government approval for export." Thus began project "Hua Mei" and the transfer of US encryption technology to China.

APRIL 6, 1994 : (RWANDA, HABYARIMANA ASSASSINATED, UN PEACEKEEPERS HACKED TO DEATH) Rwandan president Juvenel Habyarimana killed when his aircraft shot down by surface-to-air missile while approaching Kigali airport, Rwanda, on his return from a regional government leaders meeting. The incident sparks massive outbreak of ethnic violence that results in more than a million people being killed. Ten Belgian paratroopers serving with the United Nations in Kigali are hacked to death by rebels.

APRIL 13, 1994 : (IRAQI DIPLOMATS ASSASSINATE DISSIDENT IN LEBANON) Five individuals, including two Iraqi diplomats, were arrested for assassinating Iraqi opposition figure Shaykh Talib Ali al-Suhayl in his house near West Beirut.

MAY 1994 : (OHIO TRUCKER/BROOKLYN BRIDGE CASE : FARIS ARRIVES IN THE US) Faris emigrated to the United States in May 1994 - "U.S. citizen secretly pleads guilty to scouting hit sites for al Qaeda ," by Frank J. Murray, Washington Times , 6/20/03

MAY 4 1994 : (EGYPT : ISRAEL & PLO AGREE ON INITIAL IMPLEMENTATION OF OSLO ACCORDS) Israel and the PLO reach agreement in Cairo on the initial implementation of the Oslo Accords, including a Israeli military withdrawal from about 60% of the Gaza Strip (Jewish settlements and their environs are excluded) and the West Bank town of Jericho. The Cairo agreement envisages further withdrawals from yet to be agreed areas of the occupied territories. A five year period begins in which a permanent resolution is to be negotiated on Jerusalem, settlements, Palestinian refugees and sovereignty. - "History of Middle East conflict," BBC News, Feb 7, 2001

1994, Summer : (CHINESE GENERAL DING) Chinese Military Science, General Ding: "…we must study defense-commercial dual-purpose technology and possible transfers from commercial technology to defense use…. In the process of our opening to the world, we should seize every favorable opportunity to import advanced technology from abroad...." General Ding is COSTIND chairman.

JUNE 1994 : (SUDAN : BIN LADEN MEETS HIJAZI, DIRECTOR OF IRAQI INTELLIGENCE) bin Laden met with Faruq al-Hijazi, then the director of the Iraqi Intelligence Department, while in Khartoum. Iraqi concern over bin Laden’s militant Islamist zeal restrained their dealings with bin Laden and limited their willingness to provide practical support and cooperation. - Youssef Bodansky, “Bin Laden; The Man Who Declared War on America,” Prima Publishing, Roseville, CA, 2001, page 323

JUNE 1994 - OCTOBER 1996 : (SENG aka WU VISITS WHITE HOUSE TEN TIMES) Chinese businessman Ng Lap Seng, also known as "Mr. Wu," visited the Clinton White House 10 times between June 1994 and October 1996.

JUNE 2, 1994 : (CLINTON OPTS TO IGNORE CHINESE HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD REGARDING MFN STATUS) Clinton said he would no longer consider China's human rights record in considering MFN status.

JUNE 14, 1994 : (CHECHENS TAKE 1000 HOSTAGES IN RUSSIA) Chechen muslim terrorists take one thousand hostages at Budennovsk, Russia. Some one hundred and fifty are killed during abortive rescue attempt by Russian Army. The Chechens are later allowed to escape by the Russian Government in return for the freedom of the remaining hostages.

JUNE 20, 1994 : (IRA ATTACKS PUB) Six civilians were gunned down in bar at Loughinisland, Northern Ireland, by Irish Republican Army terrorists.

JUNE 20, 1994 Monday : Webb Hubbell met with Hillary Clinton. On the same day Ng Lapseng, financial backer of Clinton crony Charlie Trie, quietly arrived in the United States from Macau carrying $175,000 in cash.

JULY 1, 1994 : (EGYPTIAN PLO LEADER ARAFAT RETURNS TO ISRAEL TO RUN PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY) Arafat makes a triumphal return to Gaza to take up his new position as head of the new Palestinian self-rule authority, after nearly 12 years of running the PLO from Tunis. - "History of Middle East conflict," BBC News, Feb 7, 2001

JULY 13, 1994 : (CUBA ATTACKS AND SINKS TUGBOAT FULL OF REFUGEES) Cuba sinks a tugboat loaded with Cuban refugees, uses firehoses to drown refugees and also shoots them, including children.

JULY 18, 1994 : (IRANIAN-SPONSORED TERRORISTS BOMB A JEWISH SOCIAL CENTER IN ARGENTINA, IRANIAN DIPLOMATS EXPELLED) Forty civilians killed in bomb attack on Jewish social centre in Buneos Aires, Argentina. Iranians diplomats in the city are expelled after being connected with the incident.

JULY 18, 1994 : (JOHN HUANG JOINS COMMERCE DEPARTMENT) John Huang joins the Commerce Department AFTER having the privilege of five and a half months of "top Secret" security clearance. This means a U.S. representative of a foreign bank was able to legally see highly classified information.

JULY 18, 1994 - DECEMBER 1995 : (JOHN HUANG KEEPS SECURITY CLEARANCE LONG AFTER HE LEAVES COMMERCE DEPARTMENT) During his Commerce career, from July 18, 1994, to early December 1995, John Huang had access to classified materials that his position called for. Until Congressman Gerald Soloman [R-NY], chairman of the House Rules Committee, forced Commerce to investigate, it is not widely known that Huang had kept his Top Secret security clearance for a year after he left Commerce for the DNC.

AUGUST 1994: (SUDAN, CARLOS) Sudan turned over the elusive international terrorist who called himself Carlos; the State Department called that "a significant development." (* My note: So why did Clinton ignore Sudan when they offered up bin Laden?)

AUGUST 1994 : (KENNEDY'S VIOLENT CRIME CONTROL APPROPRIATIONS ACT LOOSENS REGS ON ILLEGALS) Sen. Kennedy sponsors and obtains passage of a measure in the Violent Crime Control Appropriations Act of 1995 that amends the Immigration and Nationality Act — Section 245(i) — to permit illegal aliens, whether illegal border crossers or visa overstayers, to obtain adjustment to legal residence status without having to leave the United States for investigation by U.S. consular officers in alien's native country of their possible ineligibility for immigrant status. The measure applies for three years and is due to sunset in September, 1997.

1994 : (ATTA, SYRIA) Atta visited Syria several times from 1994 to 1999. He spent several weeks in Aleppo during August 1994 conducting research for what would eventually be his thesis about the renewal of part of the old quarter of Aleppo in Syria. Atta returned again in December, making contact with members in the committee of the project to revive old Aleppo.

SEPTEMBER 1994 : (BROWN : TECH TRANSFERS TO CHINA) Over the objections of State, CIA, and DOD, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown approved an export license for very sophisticated "five axis tools" that are used for, among other things, the manufacture of aircraft components. Beijing promised that these previously embargoed tools would be used in commercial aircraft production.

SEPTEMBER 1994 : (PAKISTAN ADMITS IT HAS RECEIVED MISSILES FROM CHINA) Political counselor of the Pakistan embassy in Washington, Zamir Akram, states that Pakistan has received M-11 missiles from China, but that their capabilities fall below the 300 kilometer range parameter set out by the Missile Technology Control Regime.- "U.S.-China Techonology Transfer: Annotated Timeline 1980-January 1998," by Bates Gill, GlobalBeat,, June 22, 1998

SEPTEMBER 1994 : (CHINA : MCDONNELL DOUGLAS EXPORT LICENSES TO SELL TOOLS APPROVED ON CONDITION, US FAILED TO INSPECT, FACTORY THEY WERE TO BE EXPORTED TO DID NOT EXIST, US TECH WENT TO CHINESE MILITARY MISSILE PROGRAM) Export license was approved for McDonnell to sell dozens of planes to China subject to a provision that they be sent exclusively to a facility in Beijing where they could be monitored. U.S. did not inspect before shipment. No such factory existed. Six of the machines were sent to a major center for Chinese missile programs, Nanchang. Also, McDonnell-Douglas "was getting Commerce Department approval to supply special manufacturing equipment to China" over objections from JCS and DIA. It was supposed to be for commercial aircraft but some went to a Chinese plant that makes jet fighters and cruise missiles for China's PLA.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1994 : (NOV 17 TERRORISTS BOMB GREEK BUS) "November 17" terrorists explode bomb on bus in Greece, killing one policeman and injuring thirteen others.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1994 : (CLINTON ADMINISTRATION : SCHWARTZ, JORDAN, ROCKEFELLER) An Ickes memo urges Clinton to personally tap Barnard Schwartz, Vernon Jordan, and Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller regarding a $3 million DNC financial need: "Mr. Schwartz is prepared to do anything he can for the Administration."

OCTOBER 19 1994 : (HAMAS, BUS BOMBING) Hamas suicide bomber kills twenty two civilians and injures forty seven on a bus in the centre of Tel Aviv, Israel.

OCTOBER 23, 1994 : (ALGERIA, GIA KILLS SPANISH NUNS) Two Spanish nuns murdered by Islamic GIA terrorists in Algeria.

OCTOBER 26, 1994 : (ISRAEL-JORDAN PEACE AGREEMENT) Israel-Jordan peace treaty is signed. Israel agrees to respect the special role of the Hashemite Kingdom over Muslim holy shrines in Jerusalem. Full Text: Israel-Jordan peace treaty (From Israel embassy site) - "History of Middle East conflict," BBC News, Feb 7, 2001

NOVEMBER 1994 : (USF PROFESSOR SAMI AL-ARIAN, ISLAMIC JIHAD) A PBS documentary, "Jihad in America" alleges USF Professor Sami Al-Arian is the head of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group's domestic support network. The documentary was created by Steve Emerson.

DECEMBER 1994: (PHILLIPPINES AIRLINER PLOT, BOJINKA, HAMBALI, SHAH) Indonesian cleric Riduan Isamuddin, 37 - better known as Hambali - along with his partner in the firm "Konsojaya trading company" in Kuala Lumpur, Wali Khan Amin Shah, helped to bomb a Philippine Airlines jumbo jet. A Japanese man was killed and the jet forced to land in Okinawa. US prosecutors said the bombing was a test for a much more ambitious plot to plant explosives in rapid succession on United, Northwest and Delta airlines jets bound for America's West Coast from cities throughout Asia. A freak accident and fire in January 1995 in the Manila apartment that served as the group's bomb factory foiled that plan. Prosecutors say the mid-air explosions could have killed as many as 4,000 Americans in a 48-hour period. Malaysian officials and a former Philippine investigator now say the Konsojaya company was central to the bombing plot and was code-named "Bojinka".

DECEMBER 24 , 1994 : (ALGERIA, HIJACKING) Air France Airbus seized by Algerian Islamic terrorists and forced to fly to Marseilles airport, France. All the terrorists were killed when French CIGN counter-terrorist troops stormed the aircraft and rescued the 170 passengers and crew, 16 of whom suffered minor injuries.

1994 late - 1995 mid : (CHINA SELLS RING MAGNETS TO PAKISTAN) U.S. intelligence agencies conclude that from late 1994 to mid-1995, China sold some 5,000 ring magnets (used in gas centrifuges for enrichment of uranium for nuclear weapons) to Pakistan. CIA chief John Deutch informs the Senate Intelligence Committee. Clinton administration requests Export-Import Bank to postpone for 30 days new commitments to China of approximately US$10 billion in loan guarantees, pending review of Chinese nuclear technology transfers to Pakistan. - "U.S.-China Techonology Transfer: Annotated Timeline 1980-January 1998," by Bates Gill, GlobalBeat,, June 22, 1998

My note : Oh, Carter, we can just feel the love...

74 posted on 12/01/2003 2:16:24 PM PST by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge.)
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To: Lazamataz
75 posted on 12/01/2003 2:19:06 PM PST by Reactionary
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To: white trash redneck
Jimmy couldn't even grow peanuts successfully. Its no suprise that his only virtue is in hammering nails in a board.
76 posted on 12/01/2003 2:19:30 PM PST by hgro
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To: m1-lightning
...with intent to defraud within the United States, falsely assumes or pretends to be a diplomatic, consular or other official of a foreign government...

Wrong law.

Okay, I looked it up: From the Congressional Research Service Documents,
Distributed by Penny Hill Press

Abstract: The Logan Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments. There appear to have been no prosecutions under the Act in its almost 200 year history. However, there have been a number of judicial references to the Act, and it is not uncommon for it to be used as a political weapon. Although attempts have been made to repeal the Act, it remains law and at least a potential sanction to be used against anyone who without authority interferes in the foreign relations of the United States.

77 posted on 12/01/2003 2:21:02 PM PST by Calvin Locke
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To: HardStarboard
Among living ex-Presidents, the reigning Simpleton. Come to think of it, among all ex-Presidents.

I remember talking with a woman from Georgia a few years ago about Carter. She was a self identified Democrat and when the topic of Jimmy came up I diplomatically said he wasn't great as a President but he certainly had done things to redeem himself since then. Her reply, "no, we pretty much still think he's an idiot."

78 posted on 12/01/2003 2:24:09 PM PST by Dolphy
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To: HarleyD
I guess he would rather have the Nobel Peace Prize than dignity.

You hit it on the head. You can't be pro American (USA) and have any expectations to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.

79 posted on 12/01/2003 2:36:34 PM PST by BaylorDad
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To: lilylangtree
When Carter was President he froze military pay for three years to fight inflation. The Chaplains were conducting food drives to feed lower ranking soldier's hungry families. Much of our equipment was old and falling apart.
Then to top it off he didn't follow up on the disaster in the Iranian desert: he just let the humiliation stand. But he found the money and wherewithal to buy the Egyptians' signature on a peace document and tie down his own Noble prize.
I don't need any lectures from that man!
80 posted on 12/01/2003 2:51:16 PM PST by claudiustg (Go Sharon! Go Israel!)
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