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Open America's borders now!!!!
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Posted on 04/06/2002 10:29:59 PM PST by paul544

I think America needs to open its borders to Mexico so that there is not even a border patrol. America is the land of opportunity and freedom. That should be the case for EVERYONE. Not just those that are citizens. There should be nothing seperating people from the opportunity that America offers. It is wrong not to share the wealth America has.

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To: paul544
I wish I had a Dinner Bell.....
481 posted on 04/07/2002 6:13:31 PM PDT by Sir Smyth
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To: paul544

Alrighty then, if you are too busy to know who you maligned or why, here again are my arguments against your idea (for the third time!), let us see if you can deal with even a single facet of my argument with intellectual honesty:

The People of the United States of America have the absolute right to set immigration policy, foreign aid policy and formulate diplomatic relations in whatever manner serves the purposes and preferences of the citizens of the United States of America, just as the citizens of Mexico do in their own country.

Erasing our borders is erasing our soverignty, a fool's errand. Holding that it is "rascist" to exist as a soverign nation evidences no cogent mental activity whatsoever IMHO.

Freedom and prosperity are synonymous, if Mexico and the rest of the world chose to accord their citizens as great a degree of freedom as that Americans enjoy, a greater measure of prosperity would follow. The fact that they choose less freedom and less prosperity is not the fault of America, prosperity, industriousness, freedom, these are not sins for which we owe Mexico penance.

But the absurd contention that the citizens of the USA should be deprived of any voice in immigration and foreign aid policy as if we were some kind of dictatorship is an irrelevant exercise in stupidity, at this moment our border with Mexico is quietly being militarized.

Hint: Core of argument approaching!!!

Tuberculosis, violent crime, drug shipments, abuse of free medical care causing hospitals to go bankrupt in droves, flooding of the criminal justice system, massive electoral fraud, disasterously massive fraud and abuse of social welfare programs, all of these ills eventuate from the out of control situation on our border with Mexico, and as our government has not chosen to fulfill its absolute mandate to protect and defend the American People, the blood of American citizens who die as a direct result of our failure to control our border is on the hands of the elected officials who failed us. You argue more should die of TB, from violent crime, from the need to travel ever farther from teh southern border to get urgent medical care, as with every liberal agenda item this notion is direct action in creating hardship and early death for American citizens.

I am all for immigration, and I like the notion of helping our backward fellow nations down south to enter the seventeenth century, but the People of the United States run this show, not some merry band of power mad dictators with an agenda unrelated to the well being of the citizens who work so hard to provide the largesse you'd be so happy to deprive us of for the betterment of our southern neighbors.

Why not strive to export the freedom that produces prosperity rather than seek to dedicate and sacrifice American lives to providing our prosperity to people unwilling to create their own?

Our new administration knows well how utterly the previous administration failed in its duty to protect us, which is why our border is quietly, steadily being sealed by the US Army.

Enough Americans have died as a consequence of the asinine politics of the left.

482 posted on 04/07/2002 6:15:27 PM PDT by MoscowMike
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To: paul544
It is a false belief that products made in America would cost too much to afford. Many itmes are made here and are affordable. Maybe that VCR would cost $150 instead of $125. Maybe that phone would cost $35 instead of $25. But, Americans with money would buy more of MY products than China or India. As such, it is better to ensure Americans are working than ensuring the Chinese are working. Besides, who can buy even the Chinese stuff if no one in America is working because everything is made overseas? The argument of cheap overseas products doesn't hold up.
483 posted on 04/07/2002 6:29:11 PM PDT by PatrioticAmerican
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To: PatrioticAmerican
Sure does. Even if the difference is small, it adds up. Imagine a 5 or 10% increase in the price of goods. Sounds small? Nope. If I can buy a TV made in Mexico for $200, why would I buy one made in America for $300?
484 posted on 04/07/2002 6:42:20 PM PDT by paul544
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To: MoscowMike
I am all for immigration, and I like the notion of helping our backward fellow nations down south to enter the seventeenth century, but the People of the United States run this show, not some merry band of power mad dictators with an agenda unrelated to the well being of the citizens who work so hard to provide the largesse you'd be so happy to deprive us of for the betterment of our southern neighbors.

You have the nerve to accuse me not being serious? Read the above. It reeks of racism. And I am not against immigration control, just to do away with the ridiculous, "seal the border" crowd. If your ancestors were good enough to come here, why not someone from down south?

485 posted on 04/07/2002 6:45:29 PM PDT by paul544
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To: paul544
Signing off... Down Mexico way, oh oh oh.

Sank you. I be here all da veek.

486 posted on 04/07/2002 6:47:24 PM PDT by paul544
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To: paul544

You give such offense I strain to remain polite.

There can be no reek of rascism in my words because my words contain absolutely no rascist content whatsoever. If you can find the slightest hint of rascism I would be pleased to read your explanation and disabuse you of your delisional misidentification of the intellectual content of my post.

We as Americans have the duty and the right to be secure within our borders, our elected officials are servants of the people, and they must provide us with domestic security as a matter of law and principle.

In case you are completely devoid of information on the subject, as a nation of free people we set our immigration policy according to the interests of the People of the United States of America. That immigration policy contains generous quotas for admitting aspriring immigrants from every nation on the planet.

Far from being rascist, I am happy that the American Dream is extended to immigrants from all over the world every single year, it is part of what makes this the greatest nation of earth.

However, my friend, this orderly process of immigration serves not only to extend the magnanamous hand of American generosity around the world, it serves to screen out individuals who carry dread disease in their bodies and worse diseases in their minds.

You argue that we should open ourselves to whoever cares to traverse our border with Mexico without any respect whatsoever for the safety of the American public.

And the infamous debacle clinton allowed to occur on our southern border provides a record demostrating that death and destruction of innocent American civilians has been the result of allowing our southern border to descend into chaos. If you had been capable of reading more than a few sentences of my message to you before popping off with an injustified rascist insult like a deranged Turets syndrome patient you would have read specific and serious problems associated with our failure to regulate our frontier with Mexico in a sane manner.

You argue that what already is clearly demonstrated to be destructive to American lives, security, and prosperity, should be increased many times over, in essence, you argue that America should condemn many of its citizens to poverty and death in order to serve the interests of the population of Mexico. It is clear to me where your alleigances lie.

You provide far more justification for be to denounce you as an anti American bigot than my arguements have justified your outrageously moronic abuse of the term rascist. But I will refrain from telling you that you are a hateful anti American bigot for propriety's sake.

I do not oppose Mexican immigrants to the USA, I welcome them to participate in the lawful immigration practice we establish for the entire world.

Your ideas are repugnant.

487 posted on 04/07/2002 7:14:20 PM PDT by MoscowMike
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To: ableChair
First, it is simply a nuance of the English language, not racism or nationalism. There is no way in English to express U.S. nationality as an adjective.

I know that's the problem with the word "America". I meant Mexico is part of the Americas because it was also part of this same New World land mass that is rich in resources and people from Europe came and settled it. Mexicans have their own part of the New World, just as US Americans and Canadians do.

There are some types of people from Mexico who are more suited to the American culture and way of life, who have learned English and have skills we need here but when it's massive migration of millions of people, it's because their part of the New World was destroyed by their culture and they believe they don't have to fix that but can just move in and take the wealth others created ---and still keep that culture.

488 posted on 04/07/2002 7:19:20 PM PDT by FITZ
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To: paul544

And another thing, It doesn't matter one bit what you argue here or how revolting your ideas are, the Mexican frontier is being sealed by the border partol and the US Army even as we speak.

Orderly, lawful immigration will continue, as will lawful commerce and tourist excursions.

But the wide open policies of the past are over, the border is being sealed tighter than a frogs back side, if one intends to cross the frontier they had better do it lawfully or they will land their felonious back side in the cooler.

Game over.

489 posted on 04/07/2002 7:27:45 PM PDT by MoscowMike
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To: paul544
"Open America's borders now"

Just long enough to throw paul544 out.

490 posted on 04/07/2002 7:30:17 PM PDT by HangThemHigh
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To: paul544
Open the US border? I never noticed that it was OR is closed! "Open borders" only lead to a nation's lack of idenity. The US is heading that way for the last 30 years! Take you openess elsewhere!
491 posted on 04/07/2002 7:38:20 PM PDT by texson66
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To: paul544
Imagine a 5 or 10% increase in the price of goods. Sounds small? Nope. If I can buy a TV made in Mexico for $200, why would I buy one made in America for $300?

$300 is an increase of 50% from $200.

492 posted on 04/07/2002 7:44:31 PM PDT by Mark Turbo
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To: paul544
We became prosperous through free markets, respect for private property, and general freedom, in my not-so-humble opinion, not by wealth-sharing.
493 posted on 04/07/2002 7:49:10 PM PDT by Tolerance Sucks Rocks
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The Communist Party Loves "Open Borders":

Communist Party USA - Proposed Resolution against Racism and for Immigrant Rights

A] Open unlimited immigration into the USA - Jorge W. Bush - President Promotes Secure and "Open Borders" in El Paso

B] Compulsory bi-lingual education for all adults and their families of whatever country or cultural background. Federal prohibition of " English Only" - English, Huh? Bush firmly rejected “English-only,” which has caused problems among Hispanics. “I support English-plus, not English-only,” said Bush.
“English-only says to me that if Hispanic happens to be your heritage, you’re not part of the process.”

C] Extension of all existing labor and workplace protection laws, and the right to redress under them for all immigrant workers, documented or not. Bush to support measure to be introduced in Congress that grants Illegal Aliens the same rights in the workplace as U.S. citizens.

D] Support for the AFL-CIO policy on amnesty, and a call for a major AFL-CIO drive in all minority communities, and that consciously strategies to avoid any attempts to "whipsaw" one community against another. George W. Bush or Bill Clinton, take your pick.

The Editor of Wall Street Journal Loves "Open Borders" Along With The Communists

"Indeed, during the immigration debate of 1984 we suggested an ultimate goal to guide passing policies--a constitutional amendment: "There shall be open borders." - July 2, 2001 - ROBERT L. BARTLEY - Editor of The Wall Street Journal
"Another amnesty for undocumented aliens is already in the air"

"I think the nation-state is finished." - Robert L. Bartley - Editor of the Wall Street Journal

President Promotes Secure and "Open Borders" in El Paso

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 21, 2002

Remarks by the President in El Paso Welcome
El Paso International Airport
El Paso, Texas

Policy in Focus: U.S. - Mexico Border Partnership Agreement

11:33 A.M. MST

The White House volunteers to use the term "Open Borders" in their title headline. Words mean things. To read the rest of the "open border" words in the day of the life of George W. Bush, please click the link below:

President Promotes Secure and "Open Borders" in El Paso

President Promotes Secure and "Open Borders" in El Paso - Free Republic
"Mexico is an incredibly important part of the futuro de los Estados Unidos. (Applause.) And the border, la frontera, is a very important part of our relationship."

US Aims To Dismantle Borders - "Mr. Cellucci, the former governor of Massachusetts and a close friend of George W. Bush, the U.S. President, suggested the borders between Canada, the United States and Mexico be dismantled"

Bush to Open Country to Mexican Truckers

U.S. and Mexico to Open Talks on Freer Migration for Workers - "There's going to be an interesting debate about amnesty" and the guest-worker programs"

In Mexico, Daschle, Gephardt give strongest support yet to more open borders, immigration reform

"President of the United States Wants To Grant Amnesty Up To 4 Million Illegal Aliens"

George W. Bush: No Amnesty for Immigrants - "There's going to be no amnesty"

George W. Bush Doesn't Need No Stinking Polls
NOTE: How George W. Bush Uses Polls

Jorge W. Bush Was Just Kidding - Bush Administration Wants to Extend Immigration "Amnesty"

"Bush Presiona Por La 245(i)"

Darkness by design for amnesty move



'Arab terrorists' crossing border: Middle Eastern illegals find easy entrance into U.S. from Mexico

FOX NEWS just reporting that there is a potential risk of a nuclear terrorist attack against the US, maybe within the Continental borders with a 'dirty nuke' that has been smuggled across the "Mexican border."

"While Zinser wouldn't name names, the newspaper El Universal and other Mexican dailies did. They said the Islamic militants trying to form a base of operations in Mexico are tied to Hezbollah, the Syrian and Iranian-backed terrorists who established a base in Lebanon and have used it ever since to launch rocket and guerrilla attacks on Israel's northern border. And, despite the reassuring words of Zinser, the Mexican media reports make clear the true purpose of the Islamic terrorists in the country – to carry out guerrilla activities in the United States."

U.S. Detains 38 Iraqis At Mexican Border

Afghans among Border Patrol detainees

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) says it has no plans to round up the 250,000 to 300,000 illegal aliens that it admits are still in the country even though they have already been ordered deported by federal judges - October 22, 2001

INS Releases 35,318 Criminal Aliens
"U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) estimate that 11,605 – or roughly one-third of those released by the INS – went on to commit serious crimes including 1,845 violent crimes."

INS had Atta in Custody, let him go

INS Chief Blames No One for Aliens Mess, Visa Fiasco

Immigration service reassigns several employees after hijacker visa foul-up

INS Agents Get Bonuses After 9/11 Gaffe

80% of airport's screeners non-citizens

Bush Caves On Airport Screeners

Iraqi reportedly smuggled hundreds from Middle East across Mexican border

The New York Times
Oct. 25, 2001 10:05:00

EL PASO - An Iraqi-born smuggler led hundreds of illegal immigrants from the Middle East across the Mexican border into the United States in the 1990s, prosecution documents filed in a federal conspiracy trial here say.

The Iraqi, George Tajirian, who forged an alliance with a Mexican immigration officer, smuggled Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni and other undocumented immigrants through Mexico and into the United States, sending them to wade across the Rio Grande or pass border checkpoints with counterfeit travel documents from Greece, Mexico and other nations, the prosecutors said.

Tajirian appears to have had no political or other agenda, and prosecutors have provided no evidence that any of the people smuggled by him had terrorist ties. But prosecutors said he had paid little heed to whether his clients were criminals, merely raising his smuggling fees when he became aware of such complications.

The record of prosecution proceedings against Tajirian and Angel Molina Paramo, the Mexican official who prosecutors say was a major confederate, suggest that the Mexican border has been a thoroughfare for hundreds of Middle Eastern migrants crossing illegally into the United States.

Tajirian, who is a naturalized Mexican citizen, was arrested in Miami in 1998, pleaded guilty to smuggling undocumented foreigners in a plea agreement that erased conspiracy and other charges, and is serving a 13-year sentence. Molina was extradited to Texas this spring. A federal judge here accepted his guilty plea last week, also the result of a plea bargain, and sentencing is set for next month. Tajirian's wife, who is a Mexican citizen, and a fourth suspect, a Lebanese woman who ran Tajirian's travel agency in Quito, Ecuador, are fugitives.

The documents pertaining to Tajirian's smuggling operations were presented to the court as part of the case against Molina and the two fugitives. Among the documents was one in which prosecutors said they collected evidence on 132 illegal immigrants Tajirian smuggled into the United States from 1996 through 1998.

The prosecutors estimated that since he began to build his smuggling organization in 1980 he had led more than 1,000 Middle East natives across the southwest frontier.

Tajirian showed "no scruples" in deciding whom he would smuggle into the United States, Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Brandy Gardes wrote in a brief before Tajirian's sentencing in 1998. One citizen of Yemen whom Tajirian brought to the U.S. in December 1997 was wanted for genocide in South Yemen, the prosecutors said. Tajirian, the prosecutors said, was aware of this and, accordingly, raised his fee. A Syrian native who was smuggled across the frontier in September 1996 had a criminal record in Germany.

"The tightening of our borders and our internal security," Gardes wrote, "is a priority and the desire of the American public. The defendant's criminal activity, through its sheer magnitude and cavalier attitude, struck deeply at these goals."

In documents presented to the court, prosecutors said Tajirian routinely charged clients $10,000 to $15,000 or more. They documented earnings of $230,000 from 1996 through 1998, and estimated that he grossed as much as $2 million during that period. Prosecutors say Tajirian is 60 years old. He says he is 70.

Statistics gathered by the Immigration and Naturalization Service suggest that citizens from countries with majority Islamic populations seek to gain entry to the United States illegally much more frequently at the Canadian border. Last year, American agents detained 254 undocumented immigrants, from 16 Middle Eastern countries, Sudan, Pakistan and Malaysia, at Canadian border checkpoints, according to the INS statistics.

By contrast, at the Mexican border, agents detained 90 undocumented immigrants last year from countries with majority Islamic populations: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Pakistan. The Mideast migrants were moving in a human tide that was overwhelmingly Latin. Some 99.9 percent of the 1.64 million undocumented immigrants detained at the southwest border last year were from Mexico and 16 other Latin countries.

The documents presented here detail more than any other case the nature of the smuggling pipeline by which illegal Middle Eastern immigrants cross the Southwestern border.

Tajirian, who was born in Baghdad, came to the United States and settled in Detroit, where he was convicted in the late 1970s for illegal possession of visas and served eight months in prison. Almost immediately after his release, Tajirian began building his smuggling network, prosecutors said.

He recruited Middle Eastern clients in Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Greece, the prosecutors said, and he established travel agencies in Havana and Mexico City as well as Quito. In a typical smuggling transaction, Tajirian would recruit his clients, arrange lodging for them in Greece, Havana, Quito and Mexico City, and eventually arrange for local smugglers in northern Mexico to bring them into the United States, usually at El Paso or Laredo in Texas or through Tijuana, south of San Diego.

Bush Issues Veto Threat for Mexican Truck Ban

Bush Determined to Let Mexican Long-Haul Trucks on U.S. Roads

Bush to Open Country to Mexican Truckers

This Should answer ALL of your quesions regarding Pres. Bush's Mexico / Canada border policy

Tom Ridge seeks 'fast lane' on US-Mexico border / Mexico pushes for Continental integration

U.S. Security Chief Says Mexico Border Control Outdated-Proposes Express Route For Low risk Crossers


Cuba and the Terror Coalition

Powell Praises Castro

Ashcroft Warns of Terrorism by Truck

The next wave of attacks will come from truck bombs

semi-fuel truck was attempted to be highjacked in North Carolina this afternoon by 2 middle eastern men

U.S. Has Given 50,000 Visas Since 9-11 To New Visitors From the Middle East

U.S. Encourages Immigration From Terror-Sponsor States

Human Events
By Joseph A. D'Agostino
The Week of October 1, 2001

The U.S. State Department runs a quota system designed to encourage immigration from all seven countries on the department’s own terrorist watch list.

The "Diversity Immigrant Visa Program" has the goal of issuing highly prized permanent residence visas to 50,000 foreign nationals from countries that send relatively few immigrants to the United States. These visas are specifically designed to increase the diversity of the U.S. immigrant pool and are in addition to the employment- and family-based permanent visas that are granted each year.

All seven of the nations listed by the State Department as "state sponsors of international terrorism"—Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Sudan—are included in the program. "This was a program created by Congress," said a State Department official, and "1995 was the first year we had it."

Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which requires the State Department to run the program, was sponsored by Sen. Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.) in 1990 and signed into law by President George Bush.

Countries that have sent 50,000 or more immigrants to the United States in the last five years, such as Britain, Canada, mainland China, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Pakistan, and the Philippines, are excluded from the program.

Applicants to the diversity program "still have to meet the same requirements as other applicants for permanent residence visas," a State Department official said. "Those requirements include copies of police records, interviews."

The application requirements, the official said, enable State to screen out dangerous people such as terrorists. "No one country may have more than 7% of the visas, but there is no minimum," she said. "No country is guaranteed to be able to have applicants approved under this program." Applicants enter a lottery each year, she said. Requirements include a high school diploma or a history of skilled work experience.

Thirteen million people filed applications for the 50,000 slots available next year. Of these, three million applications were ruled invalid. Of the ten million remaining, 1,703 people from Iran were awarded visas, 117 from Iraq, 67 from Syria, 26 from Libya, 757 from Cuba, none from North Korea, and 1,820 from Sudan.

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R.-Colo.), chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, had already introduced legislation to abolish the program before the September 11 attacks. Now he says he will include its abolition in the immigration reform package he plans to introduce after the House has passed the President’s anti-terrorism package. He said he expects that it will be difficult to get this reform package to the House floor.

Jack Martin, special projects director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), said he doubts that terrorists use the diversity immigrant visa program because obtaining permanent residence visas is such a long process that includes a more thorough background check than that involved in getting a temporary visa (for business, tourism, or study).

© Human Events, 2001

7,000 Men Recently Entered from Al Qaeda 'Watch' Countries - Between late October and December 1, the State Department granted nonimmigrant U.S. visas to at least 7,000 men from countries in which al Qaeda is active.

Let's repeat that. "After" the World Trade Center attack. "Between late October and December 1, the State Department granted nonimmigrant U.S. visas to at least 7,000 men from countries in which al Qaeda is active."

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) says it has no plans to round up the 250,000 to 300,000 illegal aliens that it admits are still in the country even though they have already been ordered deported by federal judges - October 22, 2001

Preparing for The Next Pearl Harbor Attack (re: Homeland Security)



"You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror."
George W. Bush - Source

"My opinion, with respect to emigration, is that except of useful mechanics and some particular descriptions of men or professions, there is no need of encouragement, while the policy or advantage of its taking place in a body...may be much questioned; for, by so doing, they retain the Language, habits, and principles (good or bad) which they bring with them."
George Washington - Letter to John Adams, Nov. 15, 1794.

"Yet from such [absolute monarchies], we are to expect the greatest number of emigrants. They will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, imbibed in their early youth; or if able to throw them off, it will be in exchange for an unbounded licentiousness, passing as is usual, from one extreme to another. It would be a miracle were they to stop precisely at the point of temperate liberty. Their principles with their language, they will transmit to their children. In proportion to their numbers, they will share with us in the legislation. They will infuse into it their spirit, warp and bias its direction, and render it a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass."
Thomas Jefferson - "Notes on Virginia," 1782.

"The importation of foreigners into a country that has as many inhabitants as the present employments and provisions for subsistence will bear, will be in the end no increase of people, unless the new comers have more industry and frugality than the natives, and then they will provide more subsistence, and increase in the country; but they will gradually eat the natives out. Nor is it necessary to bring in foreigners to fill up any occasional vacancy in a country for such vacancy will soon be filled by natural generation."
Benjamin Franklin - "Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind and the Peopling of Countries," 1751)

"Our kind reception of emigrants is very proper, but it is dictated more by benevolent than by interested consideration, tho some of them seem to be very far from regarding the obligations as lying on their side."
James Madison - Letter to Richard Peters, Feb. 22, 1819.

"The opinion advanced [by Jefferson,] is undoubtedly correct, that foreigners will generally be apt to bring with them attachments to the persons they have left behind; to the country of their nativity, and to its particular customs and manners. They will also entertain opinions on government congenial with those under which they have lived; or, if they should be led hither from a preference to ours, how extremely unlikely is it that they will bring with them that temperate love of liberty, [italics in original] so essential to real republicanism? There may, as to particular individuals, and at particular times, be occasional exceptions to these remarks, yet such is the general rule. The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency."
Alexander Hamilton - "Examinations of Jefferson's Message to Congress of December 7th, 1801," Jan. 12, 1802.

"Among the number of applications..., cannot we find an American capable and worthy of the trust? ...Why should we take the bread out of the mouths of our own children and give it to strangers?"
John Adams - Letter to Sec. State John Marshall, Aug. 14, 1800.

"There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. ...The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt - Address to Knights of Columbus, Oct. 12, 1915.


Disquisition on Government - John C. Calhoun

Calhoun Foresaw This

Ludwig von Mises Institute
By Thomas J. DiLorenzo
November 13, 2000

The county-by-county electoral map published by USA Today showing that George W. Bush carried 2,434 counties covering 2.4 million square miles, compared to Al Gore’s 677 counties covering about a half million square miles, suggests that the worst fears of one of America’s greatest statesman and political philosopher, John C. Calhoun, may have finally come true.

Calhoun is considered to be the last of the founding fathers. From 1810 to his death in 1850 he served as a member of Congress, secretary of war, vice president under presidents John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, U.S. Senator from South Carolina, and secretary of state under President John Tyler.

Calhoun’s posthumously published essay, "A Disquisition on Government," summarized his thoughts on politics and government and is a true masterpiece in political economy. It also has ominous implications for America in light of the recent election.

Calhoun hailed the right of suffrage as "the indispensable and primary principle in the foundation of a constitutional government," but warned that in order for suffrage to serve this purpose the public must be sufficiently enlightened to understand their own rights under the Constitution and "the interests of the community," and "to appreciate the motives and conduct of those appointed to make and execute the laws." On these grounds the American public is failing miserably.

Knowledge of most parts of the U.S. Constitution is almost nonexistent in American society, which has allowed a full-scale assault on individual liberty by government; the statist, lapdog media; the state-funded universities; and the cultural elites.

The government schools not only fail to teach about the Constitution; they undermine it by brainwashing children with politically-correct, statist propaganda. Consequently, an incredible number of Americans remain unbelievably naive about the "motives and conduct of those appointed to make and execute the laws." The fact that the television show "The West Wing," which portrays the executive branch of government as comprised of a benevolent, even saintly, band of do-gooders motivated only by "the public interest," speaks volumes about the childish mentality of many Americans when it comes to government. As Joseph Schumpeter observed in 1950, the average citizen "expends less disciplined effort on mastering a political problem than he expends on a game of bridge."

Our governmental rulers understand this, which is why they bury us in an avalanche of lies and propaganda about their motives and programs. As Gore adviser Paul Begala recently stated in frustration: "All this insistence on truthfulness on the part of both candidates [Gore and Bush] is getting out of control."

Public ignorance, combined with a massive governmental propaganda machine, renders the right of suffrage almost useless in safeguarding liberty and assuring that government benefits primarily the ruled and not the rulers. Even worse, Calhoun wrote, is the tendency of democratic governments to divide the population into two groups: taxpayers and tax consumers, with the latter group employing the apparatus of the state top plunder the former group.

"When once formed, the community will be divided into two great parties -- a major and minor -- between which there will be incessant struggles on the one side to retain, and on the other to obtain the majority . . . " Consequently, "some portion of the community must pay in taxes more than it receives back in disbursements; while another receives in disbursements more than it pays in taxes." The community is thus divided into "two great classes; one consisting of those who . . . pay the taxes...and the other, of those who are the recipients of their proceeds..."

This is exactly what the USA Today county-by-county electoral map, and other post-election data, show. Gore’s core support was in the inner cities, dominated by welfare recipients (including "affirmative action" welfare); the state capitols, around which reside thousands of state and local government bureaucrats dependent partly on federal largesse; the statist intellectual class which resides largely on the east coast, especially in New England; the leftist cultural elite on the California coast (the rest of California was solidly Republican); hordes of welfare-seeking immigrants, many of whom are illegal, along the Texas border; and the environmental zealots of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. Families earning more than $50,000 annually strongly supported George W. Bush, whereas those earning under $30,000 were strong supporters of Gore.

Government has grown so unimpeded that the U.S. is on the precipice of being divided almost equally between the taxpaying and tax-consuming classes. As Calhoun warned, this could lead to "one class or portion of the community [being] elevated to wealth and power, and the other depressed to abject poverty and dependence, simply by the fiscal action of the government." This, too, seems to have come true in some regards. Richard Vedder and Lowell Galloway have shown that wages tend to be 25-40 percent higher in and around state capitols than in other areas of the country, a measure of the extent to which the governing class plunders the governed. And the tax burden makes it increasingly difficult for lower middle-class families to ascend the economic ladder.

The power to tax in a democracy, warned Calhoun, will inevitably be used "for the purpose of aggrandizing and building up one portion of the community at the expense of another," which will "give rise to . . . violent conflicts and struggles" between the two competing parties." There hasn’t been any violence in Florida as of this writing, although the Gore campaign has been doing its best to start a race war there with Jesse Jackson organizing mobs of blacks and telling them that racist Republicans have conspired to "disenfranchise" them. Riots are now apparently an "acceptable" electoral tactic (and have been since the 1960s).

Calhoun was also prescient in foreseeing that the enemies of liberty would say anything -- anything -- to dilute the power of the Constitution. It is "a great mistake," Calhoun wrote, to suppose that a mere written Constitution would be sufficient to protect individual liberties because the party in power will always "have no need of [constitutional] restrictions" on governmental powers.

Naive defenders of the Constitution will initially believe that it can be protected by "an appeal to reason, truth, justice, or the obligations imposed by the Constitution," whereas power-hungry statists will wage a perpetual political war against the Constitution with "cunning, falsehood, deception, slander, fraud, and gross appeals to the appetites of the lowest and most worthless portions of the community" until "the restrictions would be ultimately annulled, and the government be converted into one of unlimited powers." Does anyone deny that this is essentially the situation that U.S. citizens now find themselves in?

Calhoun’s suggested antidote to the evil of unlimited government was what he called the "concurrent majority." Under this system any community of citizens, including a state or some other group, would be given the right to veto federal legislation that it believed was unconstitutional and destructive of its constitutional rights. Calhoun believed that the concurrent majority would stop political plunder in its tracks and limit government to its constitutional functions.

The concurrent majority is a form of nullification, which existed in the U.S. until 1861 and was championed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.

We had better begin seriously considering nullification, peaceful secession, and every other means possible of checking the ability of the federal government to loot the taxpaying population. For if the Left succeeds in achieving open borders, combined with a growing welfare state, then every penny of every American’s wealth and income will be up for grabs to be distributed not only to other Americans, but to welfare leaches from all corners of the globe.

Thomas DiLorenzo is a professor of economcs in the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola College in Baltimore.

"A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers."
F. A. Hayek

It surely started some time ago. The continued facilitation of the process and goal of totalitarianism by the pimps of slavery only require the continued election of whores to promote their Marxist agenda and ultimate outcome. However, since help is on the way, we can take comfort in the fact that there are hardly any laws being passed, and, the laws are obeyed, while maintaining safety in the comfort and compassion of small government. Under these small government concepts, they will continue to utilize the quality and efficiency of the Department of Education, with the help of fellow travelers of justice, purity and decency. This education process by men and women of constitutional guidance and honorable past provides clear thinking and constitutional adherence to these continued principles. As long as we can keep these compassionate conservative constitutionalists, there's nothing to worry about, especially with protecting our right to bear arms. We are so lucky.

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."
George W. Bush - Transition of Power: President-Elect Bush Meets With Congressional Leaders on Capitol Hill - Aired December 18, 2000.


"Help is on the way."

Is Anyone Listening?

About Free Republic
"the effective control over illegal immigration"

Phyllis Schlafly, president of Eagle Forum,
offered the following pro-active
steps to protect our borders and,
by extension, our citizens in Triad Response to Terrorism,
dated October 24, 2001:


494 posted on 04/07/2002 7:49:51 PM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: Sir Gawain
Beer...making naive opinions look good since the time of its invention!
495 posted on 04/07/2002 7:50:57 PM PDT by Tolerance Sucks Rocks
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To: paul544
" If I can buy a TV made in Mexico for $200, why would I buy one made in America for $300?"

Same with your products. Why would an American buy them if they can get them cheaper from India? There is a reason for national sovereignty and borders. I guess you just don't understand them. You can only compete against the lowest common denominator in a world government; grass huts and third world nations. If you want to live in one, move to the countries that have them. I wish to live like an American, and I won't apologize for it. You do what you want, I will do my best to keep the grass huts out of my country.

496 posted on 04/07/2002 7:52:58 PM PDT by PatrioticAmerican
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To: paul544
"Sorry... This is my country and I aint leaving."

YOU don't have to, considering that the resulting effect of your world government suggestions results in the same.

497 posted on 04/07/2002 7:53:35 PM PDT by PatrioticAmerican
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To: paul544
They can come if they pass the background check by the American Embassy in their home country. And besides, we're at war, and we're trying to stop terrorist-smuggling into the country (and no, I'm not implying you're with the terrorists like ol' Beaver-Face Ashcroft might).
498 posted on 04/07/2002 7:55:52 PM PDT by Tolerance Sucks Rocks
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To: MoscowMike
Well said.
499 posted on 04/07/2002 7:56:39 PM PDT by browardchad
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To: paul544
It bothers me that many in the world think this country should be theirs by rights, as if we were the air or water, as if just because the U.S. exists, it should be free for all. I don't see any Americans hanging out at the borders of any other countries, demanding to be let in.

Just for the sake of argument, suppose you owned the biggest house on the block, and yours was the only one with a swimming pool, and a golf course out back. You had a fence around your house, and all your neighbors protested outside your fence, and demanded the right to use your pool, play on your golf course, and, while they were at it, demanded that you order in food for them while they were enjoying themselves. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

500 posted on 04/07/2002 7:56:42 PM PDT by Tuscaloosa Goldfinch
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