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President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" could be referred to as "No American Left Alone." ^ | February 2, 2002 | Charlotte Iserbyt -- author: 'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Ameica'

Posted on 02/06/2002 9:56:01 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen

President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" could be referred to as "No American Left Alone."

What we are looking at is what National Alliance of Business which supports "planned economy" refers to as Kindergarten through Age 80 Education/Training. This is basically the United Nations Lifelong Learning/Brainwashing Agenda under the umbrella of what will eventually be "unelected" school councils which will make all decisions for us in our communities. Former Senator Bill Bradley, (D-NJ), called for this on one of the Sunday morning talk shows about four years ago. The Governors, very recently at their NGA conference, discussed the use of citizens to police our communities. This is so unbelievable I find it hard to even write about it.

Although President Bush, according to a Washington Times article by Bill Sammon (1/9/02), said in regard to the bill he signed that "Parents will have more information about the schools and more say in how their children are educated...from this day forward, all students will have a better chance to learn, to excel and to live out their dreams." Pardon me, but this is not just garbage; it is a plain lie, and a lie embraced by Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy as well.

How can parents have a say in how their children are educated when the federal government is mandating testing of childrens' attitudes and values (60% of test items on National Assessment of Educational Progress - NAEP are attitudinal)? His mandate for testing will, of course, call for a mandated federal curriculum since one can't test what one hasn't taught. What tiny bit of local control remained prior to this legislation will be swept away. School superintendents and good teachers are already complaining about having lost control.

The legislation simply continues in place the controversial Goals 2000 and School to Work (Soviet polytech legislation) passed in the nineties under President Clinton and initiated by Presidents Reagan and Bush, Sr. in the eighties. Goals 2000 was originally called America 2000 under former President Bush, who called for implementing the Soviet system of work force training in 1991 (See Congressional Record).

This system calls for quotas for doctors, lawyers, janitors, etc., and allows no freedom of choice for children or adults. Minnesota mandates children choose job/career track in 8th grade! Just like Cuba or any other communist/socialist country. Worse yet, National Alliance of Business calls the agenda Kindergarten through Age 80. The system is the UN's lifelong learning (brainwashing) system called for by Lenin (international socialism).

Very simply, such a communist system (Lenin's world government) can only be implemented when the following components have been put in place. Very sadly, to say the least, most, if not really "all" of the following actions have taken place. They are included in my book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

1. CONTROL OF EDUCATION -- Wm. Foster's Toward a Soviet America, called for U.S. Department of Education, international curriculum, teaching of evolution, get rid of nationalism and religion in schools, use of Pavlovian method (direct instruction), etc., etc..

School choice is a Trojan Horse. The only requirement left to implement school choice is tuition tax credits or vouchers which will take over the private sector. If those choice proposals do not fly in legislatures or in Congress, federally-funded charter schools will be used, as is already the case in many states, to implement the school-to-work planned economic system.

2. CONTROL OF ECONOMY (planned economy through School To Work [STW] legislation). Quotas for jobs, no upward mobility for children. Have to select career by 9th grade. Same as Cuba. STW implemented in all states. This is the failed system which brought the Soviet Union down, but which is still being used worldwide and which our Congress voted to implement. How deliberately dumbed down our Congress seems to be!

3. CONTROL OF CHURCHES (Pres. Bush's Faith Based Initiative which Washington Post refers to as "communitarianism" defined in dictionaries as "a communistic form of government") Camel's nose under the tent right now with Bush using churches to "tutor" students in public schools who are failing. Churches receive federal monies and will lose all autonomy if Bush's faith-based initiative passes.

4. CONTROL OF NATION THROUGH UNELECTED COUNCILS AND DROPPING OF COUNTY, STATE, NATIONAL BORDERS (regional govt) referred to by communist writer for Daily World as the Soviet system that has worked so well in the Soviet Union! Regional government implemented worldwide. European Community a good example of major region being set up for world management system.

5. CONTROL OF PHYSICAL/MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM through schools (school based clinics for all children regardless of income). Hilary's health care system (socialized medicine) being implemented without firing a shot. Seamless web includes all services under umbrella of school district (birth through death).

6. CONTROL OF LOCAL POLICING through Community Oriented Policing System and through community education councils. (Council defined as soviet in many dictionaries) Also through Patriot Act. This is full implementation of what used to be called Community Education which started in Michigan (Mott) and Utah in the forties.

7. CONTROL OF LAND. Environmental legislation, etc. which controls right to own property.

8. CONTROL OF BEHAVIOR USING PAVLOVIAN METHOD, same as Outcome Based Education (OBE) mastery learning, first to teach reading and math and then all subjects, especially for workforce training. Skinner said "I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule." Bush is mandating this in his legislation which calls for teaching reading using "scientific research based" phonics programs. That is Pavlov/Skinner.

No longer can we who love America and what she stands for say "If we don't do something, such and such will happen." We now are forced to say "Communism is here to stay." Isn't this tragic? Americans were bamboozled when the Soviet Union fell apart, believing communism was dead, when in fact it simply leaped across the oceans.

We were taken through what I refer to as The Four Prong Fork, a most diabolical undertaking:

1. GRADUALISM: (frog in cold water, heat it up, frog is dead). Top change agents have been at this game for over one hundred years.

2. SEMANTIC DECEPTION: (use of familiar, nice sounding terms, which have one meaning to good Americans and entirely different meaning to "change agents"). Example: basic skills used to mean 3R's; now it means believing in tolerance of all behavior; the need to move to an international system; the need for a new Constitution; the need for a new economic system.

3. HEGELIAN DIALECTIC: create problem, people scream, impose solution, people embrace "it", not realizing they have been taken to the cleaners through the deliberate creation of a problem. Example: create high school budgets which creates high property taxes which causes people to have to sell their houses and move; propose solution to move funding of education from local to state level; people embrace idea since it lowers their property tax. However, locals have just lost all their control of schools to state, federal, international level. Also dialectic includes moving from sound morals and values through constant discussion using group process. Pit "It's wrong to lie" against "It's OK to lie". Through discussion one arrives at "Sometimes it's OK to lie". Finally, after many discussions and presentation of situations calling for compromise, one comes to position that it is always OK to lie, or kill, or steal, or whatever.

4. BILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS to implement changes.

The only solution which has the remotest possibility of saving our country, outside of getting out of the United Nations, is to throw out all rascals who voted for this education legislation in next elections. Litmus test for candidates running for Congress should be "Will they work to abolish U.S. Dept. of Eduction which is in bed with Department of Labor and the U.N.?" Choice proposals are trap supported by multinational corporations (David Rockefeller, etc., and by top education union officials - not teachers- who have no allegiance to USA and care nothing for our children's upward mobility or America itself.) Education must be returned to the local level, bypassing even state level which takes its orders and receives between 60 and 80% of its funding from federal government. Education must be restored to its state of excellence prior to 1960: best education system in the world. This can be done, and must be done, if America is going to survive as a free country.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, is the author of "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America...A Chronological Paper Trail," which is in its third printing in two years. Barnes & Noble has ranked the book #2 among 1290 titles in the same category. Her website is:

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1 posted on 02/06/2002 9:56:01 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen
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To: Academia List;Education News;Homeschool; First_Salute; George Frm Br00klyn Park;EdReform;
2 posted on 02/06/2002 9:56:40 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen
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To: Stand Watch Listen; M1991; cdwright; mbb bill; Zoey; kristinn; Rebeckie; Lucky; Sauropod...
SWL, THANK YOU!!! Peace and love, George.
3 posted on 02/06/2002 10:01:26 AM PST by George Frm Br00klyn Park
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To: Stand Watch Listen
I suspect it won't take much longer before they attempt to completely outlaw home schooling, since we don't follow their "standards".

School to Work programs demand a certificate issued by the brainwashing machines of the government school system. Without the certificate, you will not be allowed to have a job.

Will someone please show me where the Constitution gives authority to the feds to control education? And what happened to the platform plank to eliminate the Dept of Ed?

I can't wait until the Republocrat machine starts pumping out the "don't waste your vote on a pro-Constitution -- oops, third party -- candidate" crap again.


4 posted on 02/06/2002 10:08:41 AM PST by womanvet
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Comment #5 Removed by Moderator

To: Stand Watch Listen
Boy, good thing a democrat didn't propose signed this law? Oh, its call "bipartisanship", right? Er, um, right? Now what does that mean again, what was it, oh yeah, one party rule, right?

Socialism...Its Not Just For Democrats Any More!(tm)

The Official Lumberjack Counter Proposal:

No Middle Finger Left Un-Extended

A bold initiative wherein everytime a law like this is passed, citizens are encouraged to extend their middle finger at the closest available politician, or failing that, in the general direction of Washington D.C. Citizens are then urged to ignore or circumnavigate the legislation.

6 posted on 02/06/2002 10:25:56 AM PST by Lumberjack
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To: Stand Watch Listen;snopercod
It's why I've always said that the liberals are the REAL annal retentive reactionary control freaks they accuse of others. Their whole agenda is the expression of their angst about what they are paranoid.
7 posted on 02/06/2002 10:48:33 AM PST by First_Salute
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To: Stand Watch Listen
Without "values" clarification testing... how else would they find out WHO is training little kids, "madrassa style," to hate america, jews, etc?
8 posted on 02/06/2002 11:18:45 AM PST by Robert_Paulson2
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9 posted on 06/17/2002 5:12:01 PM PDT by Tailgunner Joe
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