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To: Mr. M.J.B.; pastorbillrandles; cyn; amorphous
The more I think about the parallels, the more fascinating is the picture.

In this election, Trump is literally a political outsider, never having held elected office. Yet he is a household name because of his business empire. And not only that, he is known among the hoi polloi for his reality TV show. There's another bizarre paradox/irony: reality TV is anything but real, but how much more real can it get? The premise revolves around [Trump's] firing people. Nobody wanted to be fired by Trump. Now here he is.

The Apprentice is a game show featuring season-long competitions. Each season begins with a new group of contestants vying to earn a place in one of the organizations run by the host (previously, Donald Trump). The contestants (who are referred to as "candidates") have come from business backgrounds in various enterprises, the backgrounds including real estate, accounting, restaurant management, management consulting, sales and marketing.<<<

In any regular election cycle, the conservative (read Christian right) base/wing of the party would thumb its nose at this nominee, and a good number would stay home and not vote. THIS time, they are out in force with the pitchforks gripped tightly, hot to run out the entire corrupt filthy DC machine. The DC-media-Hollyweird cabal knows that it hath but a short time.

Donald Trump is the good head of worldly Eisav (the man of great business skill and success), supported not only the secular good-headed Eisavs, but by religious people, the ones studying "in the tent" just wanting to be left alone, who are the remnant of Jacob who inherited the birthright blessing of America that Eisav HaRasha - Esav the wicked - covets.

Where are the "lost tribes", and who is vexed by them? The head of Joseph, the one separated from his brothers, is the one who holds the birthright. It went from Jacob to Joseph to Ephraim.

NYC. 911. Trump and Diaspora central. The WTC towers became a double ash heap. The World Trade Center towers were the double symbol of commerce, trade - the world's produce as it were.

Ephraim = "double ash heap", and "I will be doubly fruitful"

And on Flag Day 2012, DJT's 66's birthday: Obama (Amalek) vowed on the beam of WTC 1: We remember. We rebuild. We come back stronger.

It was Joseph who was running the operation that saved Egypt and his entire family from the famine, while drawing in the wealth of the known world.

This election is really a battle between Eisav HaRasha and Yosef HaTzaddik for the heart and soul of the greatest nation on earth. And Joseph has recruited one who is surnamed Trump for the job. Way funny. Eisav HaRasha is in a death spiral because of the combined forces of Joseph and a "defector" who knows all Eisav's tactics. It's like those Russian Cold War defectors - you knew by their actions that they were of a different soul and spirit than their corrupt comrades.

And not to leave Jews out of the equation. Trump surrounds himself with Jews. And they aren't the ones named Weiner, Sanders, or Wasserman-Schultz.

What is that about the final takedown of Eisav, that it can only be accomplished by the descendants of Rachel? (Radak on Obadiah 1:18) It sure looks to be happening right now in plain sight, regardless of who "wins" the election. The plot is the plot. It will be the ultimate flipped over story. Purim is forever. Amalek is headed toward the gallows he constructed for We the People (Jews, Joseph, and the defectors from his own camp)

Rachel died on the way to Ephratah; that is, on the way to fruitfulness. Where David was born - Bethlehem, the house of bread, the bakery as it were, the place where the wheat harvest goes to be made into the staff of life.

What did Rachel see in the dudaim ("mandrakes") during the time of the wheat harvest? The simple meaning: two beloveds, two Davids. Keen vision = beautiful eyes. An eye on the birthright through Joseph and the scepter through Judah (patrilineal descent), seeing ahead whose right it is, and who is his mother.

Dudaim: David + alef + dual plural ending (which is also the abbreviation for Jerusalem). Two Davids in one (the alef joins heaven and earth - yud/vav/yud)

The narrative of Rachel and Leah and the Dudaim parallels the incident with Jacob and Eisav and the birthright.

Noone should wonder why Jacob and Rachel were the perfect match, and what was so special about Joseph.

Gen 30

22. And God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her, and opened her womb:
23. And she conceived, and bore a son; and said, God has taken away my reproach:
24. And she called his name Joseph; and said, The Lord shall add to me another son:

It has taken a few thousand years to work out the genealogies, the roots and offsprings and souls of nations, and to set the stage for all these needed rectifications. David <-> Shavuot (wheat harvest) <-> Matan Torah. No loose ends in this script.

Where is America in Bible prophecy? Anyone who needs to ask is about to be fired. There goes the prophecy house of merchandise. Not one stone will be left upon another. As far as Trump's hair, there's a word play for that too.

Mount Seir.


12 posted on 10/16/2016 4:14:26 PM PDT by Ezekiel (All who mourn the destruction of America merit the celebration of her rebirth.)
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To: Ezekiel

>> “Where is America in Bible prophecy?” <<

Jacob’s prophecy over the sons of Joseph, Genesis 48.

14 posted on 10/16/2016 4:36:06 PM PDT by editor-surveyor (Freepers: Not as smart as I'd hoped they'd be)
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To: Ezekiel

Sod much to think about. Fascinating parallels indeed.

Chag here, but a quick note on doubles...Machpelah means “doubled” in Hebrew.

That which was in the beginning is embedded in the end.

17 posted on 10/16/2016 5:26:42 PM PDT by Mr. M.J.B.
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