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My Traitor's Heart - Jonathan Pollard
Sierra Time ^ | 06. 21. 02 | Anthony C. LoBaido

Posted on 08/07/2002 1:21:10 PM PDT by robowombat

My Traitor's Heart - Jonathan Pollard By Anthony C. LoBaido Published 06. 21. 02 at 21:34 Sierra Time

The Politically Incorrect Spy: Time to send him home to Israel.

Jonathan Pollard was a very naughty boy - not only did he spy for Israel, one of America's staunchest allies -- he dared to stand on the side of almost every politically incorrect issue of the mid 1980s.

Now as Pollard languishes in a North Carolina prison in failing health, it would behoove American patriots to reexamine the case -- free of the media spin provided by Wolf Blitzer, Seymour Hersh and CBS news. We must ask ourselves -- and President Bush Jr. -- if it is not indeed time for Mr. Pollard to go home to Israel.

When I first analyzed the case of Jonathan Pollard I had no idea how closely Pollard's life and interests mirrored my own. In fact, I became obsessed with every detail of his case -- reading, studying and writing about Pollard for up to 18 hours per day.

Before long I felt a certain kinship with Pollard. The reasons are legion and find connecting points with Stanford University, South African intelligence, the CIA, Israel and Iraq.

For example, Pollard attended Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. I was recruited by Standford to play football and baseball, but did not have the grades to gain admission. Instead I eventually had to settle on a full scholarship to Baylor University in Waco, Texas -- the university which first sent me to Apartheid South Africa.

Pollard also grew up reading books about the state of Israel, its history and religious genesis. I too read similar books of a similar vein -- gorging myself on Hal Lindsey's books, actually memorizing every single one. The premise of these books revolves around the belief that the God of Abraham will bless those who bless the Jews and Israel, and curse those who curse the Jews.

Whether this is true or not, by looking down through the corridors of history, we can see that ancient Babylon, the Pharaoh, Spanish Empire, Soviets and Nazis all persecuted the Jews -- and all were ground into the dust. How they treated the Jews had no small part in their demise. Such is the belief system of the so-called "Amen Corner" in Congress.

And those who believe as those in the Amen Corner do, in the Hal Lindsey view of Israel, its history and place in so called "End Times" prophecy are considered a danger to America. Janet Reno has told us so. Around the turn of the millennium, the Mossad told us so as Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land were grilled while passing through immigration.

In fact Christians in general are now relegated to second class status as were the Jews in Nazi Germany. Make no mistake, if the Clintons and their ilk acted consistently with their belief system, they would round us all up and put us in camps. Remember how they burned down that compound in Waco? As such, those residing in the Amen Corner must ask themselves this question: Can we assist or hurt Jonathan Pollard in his quest for clemency just by our mere existence and beliefs?

Jonathan Pollard was into defending America's traditional allies against both Communism and the Islamic Jihad. In fact, while working for Naval Intelligence, Pollard was given permission to open a back channel with the former anti-Communist, pro-West and Christian government of South Africa. Of course that would constitute a pro-Apartheid smear on Pollard's record.

So what if Jonathan was in contact with South Africa? South Africa helped Israel build her nuclear arsenal -- and it's hard for the liberals in the U.S. to call the Afrikaners "Nazis" when they are busy giving Jews the Atomic bomb, right? Remember the Hal Lindsey view: "I will bless those who bless you." For a time, back in the 1960s and 70s, South Africa was among the richest nations in the world, with a gold backed currency worth more than the U.S. dollar.

South Africa did more than just help Israel. South Africa armed El Salvador to fight against the Cuban and Soviet-led revolution in that nation when the Carter administration was busy betraying Iran, Nicaragua, Rhodesia and other nations to Islamic Jihad and Marxism. South Africa also attempted to drive out the Cubans and Russians from Angola. South Africa helped Taiwan and Chile during the Cold War as well. In fact, South Africa, Chile, Israel, El Salvador and Taiwan had their own little form of NATO, since they really couldn't trust the liberals in the U.S. State Department not to betray them.

(Note: The disgusting actions of Apartheid killers Eugene De Kock and Dr. Basson should not cloud our judgment of the Afrikaners. These evil lunatics are but a few grains of wickedness in the sand. South Africa is still the best country in the world with the best people, Indians, Zulus, English, Afrikaners, Boers etc.).

The State Department has betrayed all of our allies since World War II, (so has Great Britain for that matter). These allies include the Hmong of Laos, Karen of Burma, Montagnards of Vietnam, Kampas of Tibet, Kurds, Afrikaners, UNITA in Angola and the Rhodesians. The few allies remaining hang by a thread. They include Thailand (overrun by the YaBaa drug), Israel (pressed to make land concessions), Taiwan (left at the mercy of Communist China) and the post-Christian, morally debased Anglophile Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, (dying from abortion and massive Third World and Islamic immigration).

But never fear: Bangladesh says they are an ally and India likes us now. Turkey likes America too, but they have an alliance with both Israel and Communist China. You see, it's hard to keep up with the new world order.

How big of a deal is it that Pollard interacted with the South Africans? The South Africans recruited anyone they could get their hands on. My cat Mittens could have been a South African agent for all I know.

In 1995, South African Intelligence asked this writer to get a list of American intelligence agents who had been posted to South Africa during the Bush Sr. Presidency. They knew that one of my former girlfriends had worked for the CIA and had access to certain information. They offered to pay me with plane tickets and Krugerands. "We want to get back at the Americans who betrayed us to the hell of rape, murder and anarchy that South Africa has become," they told me. I understood their anger. After all, South Africa was one of the staunchest allies America, Great Britain and Israel will ever have.

But, of course, I once again refused their requests.

The reason is this: As an anti-Communist Christian, I identified with the Afrikaners, while deploring the crimes of Apartheid. Some of these crimes were so terrible, that I would have joined the ANC had I known about them. However, these days the ANC is losing most of its members, as a black middle class in South Africa is fed up with excuses about "old racism" and wants action taken against crime and government corruption right now.

Yet by 1995, South Africa had already fallen to Marxism and globalism. Moreover, I could never betray my country or fellow citizens - even when I disagreed with its foreign policy decisions. I am a red blooded patriotic American and had to draw my own line in the sand over my race, culture and religion.

Jonathan Pollard drew a different sort of line in the sand.

Pollard also has been accused of trying to broker an arms deal to help the Mujahadeen drive out the Russians from Afghanistan. Well, hello! Didn't Reagan's cowboys arm the Muslims in that war with stinger missiles, and then forget to collect those toys when the war ended? Where did you think the Taliban and Osama bin Laden came from -- kindergarten? We recruited, armed and trained his posse, then wonder why they didn't want to stop playing once the Afghani Super Bowl was over. What did we think they would do - sit around and eat fried leaves all day? But of course, this is all just another blight on Pollard's score sheet.

Another feel good element about Jonathan Pollard was his pro-active fear of Saddam Hussein. We know the genesis of that story. Saddam was recruited by the CIA in Cairo in 1957, given a list of communists inside Iraq to take out and then armed with biological and nuclear weapons before and during the Iran-Iraq and Gulf Wars by western transnational corporations. Jonathan tried to warn Israel about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.

In my own simple way, and through my travels in the Middle East in 2000, I also have tried to warn America and the West about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction -- which have been moved into Sudan, Algeria and Libya. Oops! Why have we bombing Iraq every day for the past ten years? Because of Saddam's nuclear and biological weapons, right? But many of those weapons -- in fact entire factories have been smuggled out of Iraq now! And what about those 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five who have died over the past decade because of the U.N./Albright embargo? "Well it was worth it," Albright told the world. Worth what?! -- allowing Saddam's biological weapons and military industrial complex to help the Arab government of Sudan kill 2 million black Christians over the past 8 years?

But this is why we give the National Security Agency a budget 8 times bigger than the CIA, right?

Do we need Wen Ho Lee, a native of China, handling our nuclear warhead designs? Do we need men like Pollard -- who because of religious and cultural feelings towards the Jews and Israel -- may want to warn Israel about the true extent of Saddam's war machine and potential machinations about eliminating the State of Israel from the map? It's called an "unnecessary risk." But hey, we are talking about the "intelligence community" here.

Remind me not to move there.

The next argument against Pollard is that he should rot in jail because of the damage he has done to American intelligence. Well, that may be true. Have you kept up with what a joke the intelligence arms of Canada and the UK have become over the past decade?

The intelligence community in the Western World is a complete disaster. Laptops are stolen daily. You want to talk about an intelligence meltdown? Look at how many countries were betrayed by the West! Look at how many Western enemies have been armed by the West!

In 1993, while a student at Texas A&M, I applied to the CIA and was told by the top Dallas recruiter, Enrique Gonzales, that I was one of the best candidates they had ever had at their field office. When Clinton took power on my birthday in 1993 however, my application was terminated and Mr. Gonzales could only offer his sadness and shame for how the best candidates were being rooted out of the CIA pipeline.

Meanwhile, Pollard HAS rotted now since the mid 1980's in jail. For almost a decade he was in solitary confinement. Now Joe Six Pack might say, "Good, let him rot."

Well, then let's apply that same standard to -- let's say -- William Jefferson Clinton. He put Wen Ho Lee in that lab in New Mexico -- then burned down that same lab to cover up the nuclear warhead design evidence trail. Clinton gave the Communist dictators in China vital and sensitive missile and satellite technology via the Loral Corporation in exchange for campaign cash.

Then, in an act of unmitigated derangement, Clinton campaigned in 1996 on the premise that "No more Chinese missiles are pointed at our cities." He made this statement over 100 times, and was chastised for it by Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma in a public speech. Of course Clinton's statements about Russia, China and their nuclear arsenals were a bold faced lie. Clinton lobbied hard to call China a "Strategic Partner." Well, now we know why. In the case of Pollard, we tend to forget that Israel is a real strategic partner. Israel's agents and military go places that America cannot go -- and won't dare go.

You want Jonathan Pollard to rot in jail, Mr. Joe Six Pack? Well then let's put the treasonous Manchurian ex-President in orange coveralls and leg shackles in the same cell. Hillary too.

In fact, why not let Jonathan Pollard out, and put in some abortion doctor mutilating babies at nine months? Clinton vetoed a bill three times that would have stopped abortion at nine months. Clinton vetoed a bill to help the black Christians in South Sudan too. Clinton sold out America to the WTO, NAFTA and even the NAMBLA sodomites, who should be rotting in prison instead of meeting with the ACLU in public libraries plotting their takeover of the Boy Scouts.

But Joe Six Pack has other complaints against Jonathan Pollard. "Pollard gave the Mossad/LAKAM the NSA's RASIN code book, and they passed it on to the Soviets in exchange for elite Jewish scientists -- Refusinkis -- trapped inside Russia!" Joe Six Pack will cry. Well, the KGB has gone on record saying that they received nothing from Pollard. Remember, Russia is America's friend now, Clinton told us, and well, why not just take the KGB's word for it?

Incidentally, the CIA agents assassinated in the Soviet Union during the 1980s -- which was blamed on Pollard -- has been be proven to be the work of another super spy named Aldrich Ames.

The fact is, other men who have spied for America's allies and former allies, and committed similar offenses to Pollard have been either pardoned or received very light sentences in comparison to Jonathan. Of course, Clinton issued the most recent round of pardons, which is like letting a ravenous dog loose in a butcher shop. No wonder Pollard wasn't released, Clinton probably figured he would have to take his place in jail.

The Joe Six Packs will never pressure President Bush Jr. to release Pollard until both the truths and the lies told about Pollard's actions are laid bare once again before the America people -- this time free of media spin.

So in the end, when I think about Jonathan Pollard, I will have to admit that I am more than just a little biased. I can't help but remember that all of my father's customers were very kind and hard working Jewish people living on the North Shore of Long Island. I cannot forget that it was two Israeli commandos who saved me when a taxi driver in Thailand attacked me from behind with a knife.

And when I recently took a walk around New York City, and passed by a group of Jewish children playing outside a Jewish kindergarten, I couldn't help but recall that quite recently a crazed man with a gun opened fire on children in a Synagogue.

Such hatred against Jews is alive and well in America. I think it might grow even worse in coming years. It is growing in Europe, that's for sure.

Liberal Jews who mock Pollard, the kind who embrace the 21st Century Nazi agenda of abortion, eugenics, gay rights, corporate fascism -- those who do nothing while Israel arms the police state of Zimbabwe against the black MDC, Indians and white farmers -- won't make an impact for good in the coming decades.

Instead hey will go to schools like Emery and take their place in the State Department and Wall Street. They will never have to face the choices Jonathan Pollard had to make in defense of Israel. They will never stand on the right side in the war of good vs. evil. They will make it harder for the Orthodox Jews to have a positive impact on American society. But the power of Orthodox Jews is growing in Israel and there is great hope for that nation in the midst of current turmoil and terrorism.

In the end, I realize that unlike Jonathan, I focused my patriotic and religious ideals into my writings and my novels. Yes, Pollard has sinned, but his sin is mostly caused by the fact that he is the politically incorrect Jew, caught as most patriotic American's are, on the wrong side of history. He is an enemy of the state. As are all Americans, especially Christians, men and patriots who oppose globalism, abortion, Marxism in the culture and want to defend America's traditions, morals, values, language and borders.

History already knows the wrongs committed by Jonathan Pollard. Right thinking journalist will have to make sure that 50 years in the future, Jewish school children in America, Israel and the world over have the full story -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Jonathan Pollard has confessed his misdeeds and done his hard time. It's time for him to go back to his spiritual home of Israel. Lets put someone else more deserving in his cell.

Perhaps there is hope that this will happen, as the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 43:19 "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."

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To: DentsRun
The reason Pollard hasn't been let out of jail is that he hasn't yet revealed who else in the U.S. intelligence community was feeding him the ID numbers so he'd know what documents to steal.

Yes, and Pollard was getting paid large amounts of money for his treasonous spying. He's lucky he wasn't hanged. He is an AMERICAN traitor, regardless of any ethnic group, and if we don't hold him responsible, we can't hold anyone to blame. If he really wants out, let him start talking. Maybe offer him some money, that seems to work.

21 posted on 08/07/2002 2:37:34 PM PDT by xJones
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 16 | View Replies]

To: beckett
I didn't make it to the end.
I did, because it actually got nuttier as it went along and was therefore more entertaining. I hope you didn't miss the part where the writer was told by the CIA's top Dallas recruiter "that I was one of the best candidates they had ever had at their field office. When Clinton took power on my birthday in 1993 however, my application was terminated and Mr. Gonzales could only offer his sadness and shame for how the best candidates were being rooted out of the CIA pipeline." It's a hoot.
22 posted on 08/07/2002 2:43:07 PM PDT by drjimmy
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To: robowombat
As far as Im concerned Pollard can spend at least another fifty years in prison. He's lucky that he wasnt executed years ago. If Cap Weinberger, the FBI, and the CIA all to this day say he did tremendous damage to US security then I believe them, not some lying spy. Just because the Russians say that Pollard or the Israelis didnt trade the data doesnt make it true. We still lie, why shouldnt the Russians.

Maybe Pollard should be caged up with Mike Tyson (Islamist)the next time Mike screws up and goes to Federal Prison. Then Pollard can be Mike's "butt" boy. Maybe the two of them can be fed a daily diet of pork. Yeah, maybe then we can give the guy a punishment suitable to his crime.

23 posted on 08/07/2002 3:01:15 PM PDT by Dave S
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To: robowombat
LoBaido neglects to mention that Pollard accepted money for his betrayal of America and tries to present the story as if Pollard did this all out of ideology. Had Pollard never accepted a dime for his betrayal I could admire his committment to Israel - but I would still want him imprisoned for betraying his nation.
24 posted on 08/07/2002 3:39:39 PM PDT by waxhaw
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To: robowombat
maybe we can work out a trade - we give Pollard to Israel, and Israel gives us all the politicians, generals, patrol boat commanders and pilots involved in the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in 1968. They can serve the balance of Pollard's sentence (life).
25 posted on 08/07/2002 5:06:44 PM PDT by scotiamor
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To: LenS
Let's not forget that Pollard's motivation was money, not love of Israel. He shopped his services around. In one sense, we were lucky that Israel won the bidding war and not China or Russia.

I'm not sure some of the secrets Pollard stole didn't get to China and Russia anyway. Pollard was a very confused and selfish lad and I don't even know why Israel wants him (unless it's to demonstrate to that country's other spies that, should they get caught, Israel will never stop trying to free them.) I know the U.S. government always maintained, as you do, that his motive was greed (that might be true, given that he stole a lot of documents having nothing to do Israel's security needs). On the other hand, Wolf Blitzer, who at the time was Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, wrote a book about Pollard in which he concluded that Pollard's "primary loyalty was to [Israel]. He saw information he felt Israel needed, and he decided to make it available. . . " I think Blitzer is right here. Pollard put tribal loyalties above his duties to his fellow Americans. Furthermore, he did it gladly.

One thing I've always wondered. Blitzer's book was tremendously exciting. It involves everything: Israeli war heroes, rogue handlers, the White House, Pentagon, the rise and fall of Bobby Inman (a great story right there), Casper Weinberger, a former U.S. Supreme Court justice, William Safire, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill Clinton, Saddam Hussein, the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor, dramatic chases, and a bright, arrogant and wonderfully contemptable central character that we can all happily hate.

Spielberg's done some great stuff on WWII. Maybe he ought to flip the page and do the Cold War, as brought to you by Jonathan Pollard.

26 posted on 08/07/2002 5:22:31 PM PDT by DentsRun
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To: allend
I agree! Bill & Hitlary in the same cell is sufficient punishment for that diabloical pair of commies!
27 posted on 08/07/2002 7:28:17 PM PDT by CARepubGal
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 13 | View Replies]

To: robowombat
Some defenders of Pollard make is seem like Pollard was an Israeli citizen spying for his own country. This is not true. Pollard is an American citizen who betrayed his own country. Pollard is not a "spy" but a traitor.

It also has nothing to do with Pollard being Jewish. Pollard could be a Baptist, or a Jehovah's Witness for crying out loud, and he'd still be sitting in jail today for what he has done. The bastard worked for the U.S. government and smuggled thousands of confidential and secret documents out of his workplace. This is a very grave act of treason and Pollard should consider himself fortunate that he was not executed.

28 posted on 08/07/2002 7:40:43 PM PDT by SamAdams76
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To: LenS
Let's not forget that Pollard's motivation was money, not love of Israel. He shopped his services around. In one sense, we were lucky that Israel won the bidding war and not China or Russia.

I do not believe that is the case. From what I have read about the case, Pollard actively sought out an Israeli Air Force Major who happened to be studying in the United States and offered his services free of charge. In fact, the Israelis had to pressure Pollard to take some money (so that he could be blackmailed into staying loyal).

That said, I am not defending Pollard in any way, just trying to set the record straight. Any U.S. citizen who betrays our country and reveals our secrets to foreign nations should get no less than life and preferably death.

29 posted on 08/07/2002 7:46:48 PM PDT by SamAdams76
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To: CatoRenasci
What you said as well, and far more articulately than LoBaido.

LoBaido changes sympathies like conscientious people change underwear.

30 posted on 08/07/2002 10:58:20 PM PDT by happygrl
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