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3 December 2001 | PhiKapMom and LarryLied

Posted on 12/03/2001 5:36:09 AM PST by PhiKapMom



TARGET #1 -- Senator Patrick LEAHY (D-VT)!

It is apparent that the DemocRATS headed by Daschle/Clinton and their Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Leahy, are playing politics with President Bush's Judicial nominations as well as some of his other nominations. As Freepers we helped elect President Bush in November 2000, demonstrated during the Florida Fiasco to make sure he became President, passed the Tax Cuts, and now the Bush Administration needs our help again!

Some newspapers and radio talk shows across the Country have started recognizing that Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is holding President Bush's Judicial nominations hostage. If you search enough, most likely you will find daschle/clinton behind this hostage of nominations. It is time Freepers put more pressure on the Obstructionists DemocRAT Senators to get these nominations confirmed. We need to ask our friends/family and the print/radio/TV media to join us in this effort!

Background on Judicial Nominations Held Hostage:

Thomas Jipping of the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative group, reports that four of the 12 full-time positions on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit are empty. He writes, "When President Clinton was in office, Democrats demanded that they all be filled. Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., for example, said in March 1997 that 'the D.C. Circuit needs 12 judges to handle its complex caseload.' Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., now Judiciary Committee chairman, said then that 'numbers do not tell the whole story.'"

Jipping and other court analysts say the D.C. circuit, arguably the most important appeals court because of the case docket it manages, needs only 11 members. So, based on the Democrats' own past analysis, there should be bipartisan agreement that the court needs at least three more members beyond the eight judges already serving. Yet as Jipping said in a recent column, "Democrats who once demanded it be full are blocking two superbly qualified nominees. President Bush nominated John Roberts and Miguel Estrada to fill two of these vacancies more than six months ago. Neither has even received a hearing."

Of Bush's 64 nominees for district and circuit courts, only 27 have received a hearing, and only 18 have been confirmed. Here's what's unprecedented, Jipping said: "The Senate confirms an average of 72 percent of a new president's first-year nominees in the first year. This year, the Senate has confirmed just 28 percent." Both the delayed D.C. appeals judges have outstanding legal experience. Even the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on the Judiciary, infamous for knifing conservative nominees during the administrations of Ronald Reagan and the elder George Bush, found both Estrada and Roberts "well qualified" for the court.

The delay in consideration of these two nominees is deliberate and, as Jipping notes, "These are just two of the many outstanding nominees President Bush has sent to the Senate. Democrats who once whined about vacancies, crying that 'judges delayed is justice denied,' should do their constitutional duty and confirm them." From The Daily Oklahoman editorial, 30 November 2001


Today marks the beginning of our Freeper activism threads to get these Judicial nominations moving and we need all of your HELP.

Our first Senatorial TARGET is Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chairman of the Judiciary and one-time Chairman of the Intelligence Committee from which he was removed from in the mid 80's after leaking classified information to a reporter. Not exactly someone who should be heading the Judiciary Committee, but thanks to Jeffords he is now the Chairman. Below you will find information on Leahy:

Excerpts from his website at:

In his fifth term in the Senate, Patrick Leahy remains the only Democrat elected to this office from Vermont and the youngest Senator ever to be elected from the Green Mountain State. Leahy has crusaded for the protection of privacy rights, copyright protections and freedom of speech on the Internet.

Always ranked among the top environmental legislators by the nation's foremost conservation organizations, Leahy successfully opposed attempts to allow oil and gas exploration in wildlife refuges in the United States, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. He played a crucial role in enactment and implementation of the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact. End of excerpt from Biography!

Here is a quote from his Press Release of 14 November 2001 -- "There has been no formal declaration of war, and in the meantime, our civilian courts remain open and available to try suspected terrorists. All this raises questions about whether the President can lawfully authorize the use of military commissions to try persons arrested here."

No mention is made of Judicial nominations/US Attorney nominationson his website but he does attack President Bush and his use of military tribunals for non-US citizen terrorists. Now is the time for two questions to Senator Leahy:

1. Ask him why he is holding up these nominations!

2. Ask him how he can possibly talk of trying terrorists in civil court when he won't approve President Bush's Judicial nominations!


Quote from Senator Leahy: I am always interested in knowing what Vermonters have to say about major issues and federal legislation. Contact me at any of my three offices, or send an email or letter to my Washington office.

(202) 224-4242

Since Senator Leahy is quoted as saying he wants Vermonters to let him know what they think, then as Chairman of the Judiciary, he should be interested in what ALL Americans have to say!


224 Dirksen Building, Washington, DC 20510
ph:(202) 224-7703; fax:(202) 224-9516

Following is a list of nominations scheduled to be heard on December 5th by the Committee:

Wednesday, December 5, 2001
10:00 a.m., Senate Dirksen Building, Room 226

Callie V. Granade to be U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Alabama; Marcia S. Krieger to be U.S. District Court Judge for the District of Colorado; James C. Mahan to be U.S. District Court Judge for the District of Nevada; Philip R. Martinez to be U.S. District Court Judge for the Western District of Texas; C. Ashley Royal to be U.S. District Court Judge for the Middle District of Georgia

Mauricio J. Tamargo to be Chair of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States

NOTE: Five hearings scheduled for nominated judges each month seem to be the standard for Leahy's Judicial Committee! That leaves many nominations that have had no hearings and none are scheduled. Ironically Leahy has found the time to criticize the President on military tribunals and hold hearings. Now Leahy needs to be reminded by all of us that one of his primary jobs is to schedule hearings to confirm the President of the United States' Judicial nominations without regard to political ideology.




1-877-762-8762 or 1-800-648-3516



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Larry Lied and I are asking for your help! We will be highlighting different Senators for you to contact and some will be repeated as we keep the pressure on!

Please join us in this fight to get President Bush's nominations confirmed so take time today and contact Sen Leahy!

If any of you have editorials/letters from your papers, please post them to these threads or provide a link. Working together we can make this happen!

Thanks for your support!

To Quote President Bush --


1 posted on 12/03/2001 5:36:09 AM PST by PhiKapMom (
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To: LarryLied; Brandonmark; Alex P. Keaton; MrChips; Miss Marple; deport; Howlin; Lady In Blue...
Freepers -- we really need all of your help on this one! Time to tell Leahy and the DemocRATS to stop holding the nominations hostage!

NOTE: If anyone wants to be added or removed from this bump list which is for the support of the Bush Administration, please freep mail me! Thanks!

2 posted on 12/03/2001 5:43:15 AM PST by PhiKapMom
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To: PhiKapMom
3 posted on 12/03/2001 5:45:24 AM PST by VRWC_minion
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To: PhiKapMom
Hi. Couldn't get through on the "Leahey" site. Maybe they don't want us to.
4 posted on 12/03/2001 5:48:06 AM PST by Bahbah
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To: PhiKapMom
Thanks for a great post. I just sent Leahy an email and encourage all to do so.
5 posted on 12/03/2001 5:55:04 AM PST by maeng
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To: PhiKapMom
Have done it several times, will do it again....just because you asked!
6 posted on 12/03/2001 5:55:54 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: anniegetyourgun; PhiKapMom
It looks like we have a lot of work to do between now and November, 2002, to kick out any Democratic Senator we can, so that we can have a less-obstructionist senate. I would like to have 60 pubbies so that the dems could not filibuster, but I don't know if that's do-able. But it should at least be our goal.
7 posted on 12/03/2001 6:02:32 AM PST by Real Cynic No More
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To: Bahbah
The last time during Countdown to Tax Cuts, some of the offices put their phones on hold so all anyone got was a busy signal!
8 posted on 12/03/2001 6:03:36 AM PST by PhiKapMom
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To: anniegetyourgun
Much appreciated! We decided to try and do a concerted effort so we can bombard their offices with our disgusts at their obstructionists tactics!
9 posted on 12/03/2001 6:05:02 AM PST by PhiKapMom
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To: PhiKapMom; TroutStalker; KC_Conspirator; rface; SunTzu2000; kcpopps; Free State Four; LSAggie
Late last night I saw a little of Daschle on Meet the Press. Russert was talking about Daschle going on a fundraising trip starting Dec 10th. Russert was reading a memo or oress release of some kind. One of the places mentioned was Kansas City.

Anyone else hear this or have any details. If he comes here we HAVE to give him a KC welcome. The little rat can't be given a free ride.

10 posted on 12/03/2001 6:06:21 AM PST by barker
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To: PhiKapMom
Heard a rumor that the GOP leadership is hoping for a grass roots movement and is watching with interest. We know from the recount rallies last year that few things terrify Democrats more than activist conservatives. They thought they had a monopoly on activism.

Thanks for the good work. I know you spent hours writing this.

11 posted on 12/03/2001 6:06:26 AM PST by LarryLied
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To: PhiKapMom
There you go stirring up trouble again.

Bookmarked for later review and ACTION!!! Let 'er rip PKM--I'm with you all the way on this one.

12 posted on 12/03/2001 6:07:09 AM PST by be-baw
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To: maeng
Telephone calls are far more effective than E-Mails. I've been calling congress for the past 7 years and IMHO the telephone calls do the trick. When the calls come in one after another it really gets to the help and they in turn let the bosses know whats going on!
13 posted on 12/03/2001 6:08:43 AM PST by Patriotic Bostonian
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To: PhiKapMom; cyn
Just posted a link to this thread on the Florida Freeper page. Be helpful if others would do the same on their state page.
14 posted on 12/03/2001 6:14:38 AM PST by LarryLied
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To: LarryLied
Congress appears poised to skip the normal formal adjournment this month, taking just a recess while lawmakers return home. It's something the House and Senate used to do in times of national and global trouble.

With America is at war in Afghanistan, lawmakers say they want to be able to meet on a moment's notice. Some Republicans, however, see another motive.

Without a formal adjournment, President Bush will not have the power to make ''recess'' appointments that bypass the need for confirmation by a Democratic-controlled Senate.

''That may be what's behind this, trying to make it tough on the president so he can't run the country well,'' said Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

''There are a lot of games being played to try and embarrass this president so they can win seats next year. To me it's abysmal, abominable and downright cheap, but that's the way it is.''

Rest of article Here

15 posted on 12/03/2001 6:16:11 AM PST by Native American Female Vet
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To: PhiKapMom
Thanks for all your efforts....appreciate it

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16 posted on 12/03/2001 6:26:14 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen
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To: PhiKapMom; LarryLied
Just sent my email to Senator leahy and decided that I had better copy Senator Hatch who is the Ranking Republican on this Committee so that he knows that Leahy is getting emails. I also copied my own Senator Nickles since he is the Senior Senator from OK and a member of the Senate Leaderhip!

The email for Senator Hatch is

17 posted on 12/03/2001 6:26:29 AM PST by PhiKapMom
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To: barker
Late last night I saw a little of Daschle on Meet the Press.

You saw a little dasshole on meat the presstitutes? har, har

18 posted on 12/03/2001 6:30:05 AM PST by Looking4Truth
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To: be-baw
LOL! You're right -- I am at it again!

Just in case someone doesn't know their contact information for their own Senators, all contact information for Senators can be found at:

19 posted on 12/03/2001 6:30:43 AM PST by PhiKapMom
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To: PhiKapMom
Let's Roll is right! Thanks for the info and just Emailed "my dear senator Leahy" with copies to friends in hopes they will do the same. My past experience has been for their offices to return the Emails and ask that they be put in writing but at this time, there is no regular mail so we'll see what happens with, hopefully, all of the thousands of Email thanks to you.
20 posted on 12/03/2001 6:35:39 AM PST by TatieBug
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