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Jesus the Jew
March issue, 1995 pages 1-6 [I typed it in.] | Arthur Zamboni----Catholic Digest--condensed from Catholic Update

Posted on 11/06/2001 10:13:10 AM PST by JMJ333

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To: Nephi
>Geez, talk about revisionist history...Name the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel without naming Judah.

The Tribe of Judah was not part of the Northern Kingdom thus was not one of the 10 Lost Tribes.

All 12 Tribes were ISRAELITES, but only the 10 "Lost Tribes" were designated House of Israel

>Not true. The tribe of Judah might not have been lost, but it was part of the House of Israel and was scattered.

Different diaspora. Gotta get your history right, first.

> I'd love to see the contortions you'll need to master in order to disregard David's many references to the House of Israel in Samuel, let alone the many references in Exodus, Leviticus, etc.

You will never understand the Old Testament until you separate the peoples both by tribe and by time. After the Northern Kingdom was gone the OT frequently uses Israel to mean the SOUTHERN Kingdom since they were all that were left. Doesn't change the meaning of the earlier references.

>Lastly, you'll have a hard time convincing people that Jews would worship from a book that clearly shows G_d's preference for the House of Israel over the "House of Judah" (sic).

BOTH HOUSES WERE BAD AND BOTH WERE PUNISHED, but in different ways. You gotta get the promises straight or will never understand this. The House of Israel (Northern Kingdom, Lost Tribes, The Celts, todays Europeans and Americans) received different promises than the House of Judah. It's a whole big additional story, but begins with The House of Israel getting the Inheritance, the Name, and the promise of becoming a nation larger than the "stars of the sky and sand of the sea", and more. The House of Judah did not receive that promise. It received the "right to rule and reign", among others. There is much more...

The book "Missing Links Discovered In Assyrian Tablets" found in my Profile is an excellent and authoritative primer, in addition to your Bible.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not Jews, nor were even the 12 sons including Judah, but they were Hebrews. Some Jews are Hebrews, but not all Hebrews are Jews.


301 posted on 12/13/2001 6:16:40 PM PST by LostTribe
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To: LostTribe
CORRECTION: ALL Jews are Hebrews, but not all Hebrews are Jews.
302 posted on 12/14/2001 8:56:44 PM PST by LostTribe
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To: JMJ333
Dear JMJ

Does anyone, even you or the Gospels know the truth and whole truth? I think not. The historical Jesus and the Mythical Jesus have become so convoluted, the truth is no one knows all the facts for sure for insufficient evidence, or information heard from others, or in modern times known as hearsay, generally not admissible for evidence.

Those going with blind faith and unwilling to look at the limited facts that can or have been documented often run ignorant of many factual events.

The Christian God is the Jewish God.
Both religions are based on monotheistic beliefs.
Some pray directly to God. Some to or through Jesus.
And your comments Jews are cut off; From what?
Do you really believe that those who worship God the same way Jesus did will be cut off from anything? Or that God only loves people who believe Jesus is Christ?

By saying Christians owe "nothing" to the Jews but the truth; The truth is there is much debate about the whole truth.
And Chistians,if truly Christian in the name of Jesus, owe Judaism respect. Not the disrespect propagated through much of the new testament. Else they disrespect Jesus as he was a Jew. And that would be disrespecting your own God and his people.
I feel lucky to have grown up in a "neighborhood" that was primarily Jewish and Roman Catholic and near a city hosting many of our world's religions. I despise bigotry. It is one of the largest roots of evil, terror and war in our international society. In general, I judge people by their respect for others, ethical beliefs and morals, and firmly believe it is wrong for any one group to impose their beliefs on other groups and even more so, those who become intolerant of different people by interfering in their lives through evangelizing.

What is sad is that many Christians are taught to "believe what they are told" rather than to "think for themselves". Anyone who is open minded and can think and not a bigot can see there are many different religions in our world and that that within specific religions there are many different conflicting beliefs. And many of those beliefs are mutually exclusive. So do you really believe God will "cut off"
According to respected sources as the World Christian Encyclopedia as well as national self reported surveys as collected by major census organizations, approximately two thirds of the world population do not follow the Christian religion. Yet many have led fulfilling ethical lives contributing to society. Will all those people be cut off too?

The main points are living an ethically moral life and accepting people no matter where they come from or what their religious beliefs are.

It is unfortunate that religions have been used by political leaders to divide and conquer nations. Much by the propagation of misleading information. If you want to believe such things as "In rejecting Christ, they are cut off", then you are free to. Keep in mind there are many who believe in Jesus in the Christian sense yet they violate the ten commandments and subsequent bodies of law designed to promote morals and good will and yet ask for forgiveness rather than accepting responsibility for their own behaviors.

Just think of this too:
Jews are of the same blood as Jesus.
Many Christians are not.
Jews mainly practice their religion as did Jesus.
Many of the practices within Christianity are taken directly from Judaic practices, although many of those practices have been disguised as Christian practices with the attempt to rewrite the bible as separate from Judaism.

Most historical sources indicate:
Jesus worshiped as Jew, not as a Christian.
In other words, Jesus worshiped as a Jew studying the law of Moses and Torah and more.

He used the Jewish bible and also preached the same.

Many Christian houses of worship do not teach the Judaic roots of Christianity and as such I see many Christians who don't have a clue to the historical roots or their own religion or the real basis for many rituals in the Christian religion.

The Christian bible is full of conflicting verses and can be misleading as it omits many issues which have led to Christians blaming the Jews rather than the Romans for many of the events that took place under Roman Rule and Roman Law.

In fact, I find your two following comments contradictory in itself: "No real Christian can possibly maintain that someone who rejects Christ nevertheless retains the favor of God." In other words, people who see Jesus as a Rabbi/Teacher and Prophet but not God reincarnated do not retain the favor of God, followed by your citing the commandment Love your neighbor as yourself.

All people on this earth are God's children and if you wish to believe that God discriminates against his children for having different beliefs than you've subscribed to the same bigotry that leaders have propagated to divide and conquer nations by the misuse of religion.

I would recommend that all Christians read some books on Christianity and its Judaic roots, of course from respected and validated sources, as it will help you better understand the Christian religion and also lessen the perceived gap between Christianity and other non-Christian Monotheistic religions.
303 posted on 03/29/2005 11:34:09 AM PST by schweitzer (God does not Discriminate - Monotheism is One God.)
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