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A freeper's observation: The high stakes in the upcoming elections

Posted on 11/01/2001 1:51:28 PM PST by E.G.C.


There is an awful lot at stake not just in the upcoming guvernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, but also in the upcoming 2002 elections.

What is namely at stake here is the very existence of conservatives, christians and people of faith in their respective communities.

So who would fit in this group you ask? Well, it's most likely that T.V. meteorologist who you watch every night whose extensive knowledge of the weather becomes vital and even more valuable during hazardous weather situations. It's most likely the doctor you visit whose extensive medical expertise becomes more valuable when your life is on the line. Most likely it's that next door neighbor who contributes to the local economy by shopping at all the local businesses in your hometown and sometimes he donates to local charities and so fourth. And most likely it's someone who is involved in his or her community who performs vital functions and participates in community activities like going to high school football and basketball games and so fourth.

So the question here is this. Do you think the quality of your life will be any better if these people are not around? If they are rounded up and dragged out of their communities and put into internment camps simply because their political and/or religious beliefs cause certain groups of people disconfort? Unfortunately some people seem to think so. The very people who do not know you or know what life is like for you or have ever been in your shoes. Unfortunately some of these people are among us.

Recently, another freeper mentioned that someone on one of his message boards said that if he were elected president, he would round up all dissenters and send them off to Alaska labor camps. It was also so revealed just recently that the Democrat candidate for govenor of Virginia cosiders conservatives and christians threats to this country. THESE ARE THE VERY PEOPLE WE ARE UP AGAINST and if given the authority of goverment, they would gladly and unapologetically abuse and missuse this authority to round up and imprision all those whose political and relgious beliefs and ideas cause disconfort to certain groups of people.


Everyday, I would talk to people in chat rooms who have children and family of their own and they are as nervous as heck about where this country is going. And when they see people on message boards advocating this kind of a speech and thought police state, they get very shook up because they know that if it were to become a reality, it would mean that they would most likely be hauled off and their families would end up without anyone to support them. This is why people of this kind scare me to death when they refer to conservatives and christians as a threat to this country.

This is why these elecions are so vitally important. Because as you can see, our very freedoms of existence in our own communities as conservatives ad christians are at stake. I would implore upon each and everyone of you to study up on the candidates running for office in your area. Find out where they stand on issues and especially what's more important to them, their political agenda or the welfare and health of your community.

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We must not allow those who look at conservatives and christians as threats to this country to gain any kind of authority of goverment because if we do, it will be we and not the real criminals who will end up facing the heavy hand of goverment and many many communties like here in Southwest Oklahoma that depend on the extensive knowledge and expertise of conservatives and christians in a number of vital fields will end up suffering greatly. we are really going to have to be very careful about who we vote for in the upcoming elections.

Remember it was the failed policies of the previous administration which led up to the events of September 11th. We just simply cannot afford to make anymore of those mistakes again.

1 posted on 11/01/2001 1:51:28 PM PST by E.G.C.
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To: E.G.C.
We must not allow those who look at conservatives and christians as threats to this country to gain any kind of authority of goverment...

Yeah, just think how they'll use those powers in the Patriot Act signed last Friday to persecute their political opponets. That act is the perfect tool to use to 1) declare your enemy a suspected terrorist and 2) throw him in jail until he can prove otherwise (which will be very difficult considering the govt now has the authority to confiscate all your assets while you remain under suspicion of being or aiding a terrorist.)

2 posted on 11/01/2001 2:00:34 PM PST by joeyman
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To: E.G.C.
I can assure you that the silent majority is alive and well in Pennsylvania. Anywhere else?
3 posted on 11/01/2001 2:01:08 PM PST by layman
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To: E.G.C.
What is namely at stake here is the very existence of conservatives, christians and people of faith in their respective communities

The religious contest was lost when they kicked God out of schools. It matters little who is elected in New Jersey or Virginia. This nation is already an Atheist nation in all but name.

What happens in the United States depends on the people. If a high percentage of the population were Christian and only voted for Christians and Christian beliefs, within 10 years the lords prayer would be manitory to start each school day. YOur problem is never with government. It is the people. If a solid majority of the people agreed wiht you, the government would do exactly what you want. The people don't agree with you so the govnerment does what the people want.

The 2002 election outcome will be predicated on the status of the war and the status of the economy. If they are good, the Republicans will likely win. If they are bad the Democrats will win.

But by 2004, the odds are very good that both the war will be over and the economy will be booming. That says a big Republican win on national races in 2004 is likely.

For congress and governorships, the most likeable candidate wins. Most people don't have a core set of beliefs. That is why teaching a core set of beliefs in our schools is illegal.

People voted for Reagan in 1980 because the liked him. They liked Jimmy Carter far less. The People liked Bill Clinton. He got away with lots of stuff because people liked him. Democrats go to great lengths to paint Republicans as unlikeable. What do you think all the mean spirited stuff was about.

Republicans get out their and pound on the issues. That is not were campaigns are won or lost. It is in getting people to like your candidate. Candidates who fail, fail because they are liked less than their opponent. We are in the second generation of "non judgemental eductation". Hell the president of ABC news doesn't know if the WTC was morally wrong.

Until you make the people believe in Christianity, and support Christian and moral beliefs that will not be the deciding factor in any election.

If you want to win today, the voters have to like you.

It trumps nearly all else.
4 posted on 11/01/2001 2:11:35 PM PST by Common Tator
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Thanks very much for the comments here on this thread. I ill now address ech comment one by one since there were only three.

POST #2, With regards to the patriot act. I can assure you that regardless of who's in charge if any harm comes to any conservative or christian, I'll be the first to sream in protest about it. Regardless of whether it's Bush or X42, They need to answer for any abuse of authority that happens. I still doubt very seriously that'll happen with our current administration though.

POST #3, The silent majority is indeed alive and well here in Southwest Oklahoma too and I intend to keep it that way by not revealing the town where I live. We do not want carpetbaggers in our goverment. POST #4's points are well taken. What happens with this war and a number of other things will most certasinly determine the outcomes of these elections. That's why we're hoping for the best.


5 posted on 11/02/2001 2:47:07 AM PST by E.G.C.
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