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How DJT Lost the White House
DeepCapture ^ | 1/24/21 | Patrick Byrne

Posted on 01/25/2021 3:57:36 PM PST by Lucas McCain

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To: Captainpaintball

I guess we can forget about President Trump going 90-to-nothing to keep from getting thrown out of office by the coup plotters. Did you forget about Russia-Gate and the Special Counsel?

41 posted on 01/25/2021 4:50:20 PM PST by Bryan24 (When in doubt, move to the right..........)
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To: Lucas McCain

With universal mail in voting we will never win another national election. Why ??? Think about polling. Democrats always come out way on top of every “registered voter” poll and we always discount those results because they are not likely voters. With universal mail in voting and the long time periods for submitting mail in ballots, basically every registered voter is now much more a likely voter.

People that were too lazy or disengaged previously, now have an easy way to cast a ballot and in some cases, they have party operatives who make sure they get it in the mail. The less engaged/informed you are with issues and candidates, the more liberal you tend to be. In the past many of these people just did not vote, now however they have cast ballots in record numbers and that does not bode well for conservatism or small government.

42 posted on 01/25/2021 4:54:03 PM PST by XRdsRev (Justice for Bernell Trammell, Trump supporter, murdered in 2020)
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To: stanne
"Maybe women don’t get what resistance and defense is?"

Plenty of us do, Sister! :)

43 posted on 01/25/2021 5:02:45 PM PST by Diana in Wisconsin (I don't have 'Hobbies.' I'm developing a robust post-Apocalyptic skill set. )
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To: alloysteel

LOL - he’s not exactly visible these last few days so I bet he’s meeting with folks about some things.

44 posted on 01/25/2021 5:03:09 PM PST by SkyDancer (Remember Ashli Babbitt!)
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To: Tejas Rob

“Texas doesn’t have standing...”

No one does the way this felony was rigged.

45 posted on 01/25/2021 5:03:23 PM PST by Bonemaker (invictus maneo)
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To: albie

FYI.... the BIG GUY posted a thread yesterday with respect to language and other assorted concerns.

46 posted on 01/25/2021 5:04:15 PM PST by LastDayz (A blunt and brazen Texan. I will not be assimilated.)
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To: Diana in Wisconsin

“ “Maybe women don’t get what resistance and defense is?”
Plenty of us do, Sister! :)”

Well as I said I’m a girl so...


47 posted on 01/25/2021 5:06:49 PM PST by stanne
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To: Lucas McCain
Sounds good, but Patrick Byrne always sounds good.

He has broken his story into sections, as he did with his Maria Butina story.

Patrick, we are not in the mood for delays. Skip ahead to the part where you introduce us to the individuals who put this scam into effect. Let's hear their stories from them directly, preferably under oath.

48 posted on 01/25/2021 5:12:12 PM PST by TChad (The MSM, having nuked its own credibility, is now bombing the rubble.)
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To: White Lives Matter

Notably the election fraud investigation and solutions was assigned to... Mike Pence.

There is much to learn about Mike Pence’s role as a fly on the wall in the removal of Trump.

As in deposition about Pence and Ryan’s efforts to prevent Trump being the candidate. Pence thought as he had been a governor— it should have been him. But there is quite a LOT more about the alliance/leverage that Rosenstein had on Pence from his days in Congress. Very unsavory and surveillance in nature— as in yet another abuse of FISA warrants on Pence.

It is not small matter, and is what Lin Wood is presenting today to the Mercer Law School and the Board of Regents in a public format, and the whistleblower has a lawsuit against Rosenstein and includes Justice Roberts— and Sharyl Atkisson the reporter and the abuse of her laptop entrapping her husband in.... false paedophilia. Rosenstein is scum.

Leahy should withdraw— but then he IS part of this same cabal— and Schumer— off the page part of it with his affiliation with Weiner the peter picture pimper.

49 posted on 01/25/2021 5:15:23 PM PST by John S Mosby (Sic Semper Tyrannis)
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To: albie

If you don’t already know who Byrne is, you are not worth educating.

50 posted on 01/25/2021 5:20:16 PM PST by old curmudgeon
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To: TChad

> Patrick, we are not in the mood for delays

That’s why he’s releasing it in draft form.

51 posted on 01/25/2021 5:22:39 PM PST by old-ager (anti-new-ager)
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To: old-ager

© Copyright 2011-2020 Deep Capture LLC

Patrick Byrne
A concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy and Deep State since 2004.
How DJT Lost the White House, Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was (1.1)
January 24, 2021 6 min read

(Warning to reader: this introduction is choppy. I am just trying to accommodate the public by getting blocks of my narrative up quickly. When I finally weave them all into one story I will improve the writing, add more links etc.).

On the last day of July, 2020 a dear friend of mine from Montana, a stolid, Native American fellow some several years my junior, visited me at my home in Utah. A few days earlier I had had surgery on my spinal chord, and he was checking in. He told me that there was a group of people, some ex-federal some not, some cyber-experts and some of various other expertise, who were organizing on the subject of election fraud. My friend was adamant that I get involved and help them. My friend was quite a squared-away individual, and I took his advice and requests seriously. The next day, August 1, my friend died in a plane crash: though the coincidence is troubling, I looked into it personally (I am a multi-engine instrument land and seaplane pilot), and it does seem to me to have been the error of his instructor (who flew the plane into a box canyon without the power to climb out).

At my friend’s funeral I met some of the people he had described. A sober, quiet man with a FEMA background and a deep knowledge of biowarfare; a retired Army Colonel with a background in Military Intelligence including psyops; other men and women with backgrounds in everything from law enforcement to cyberwarfare in military context and in support of law enforcement, to (most recently) operating against human trafficking in the Southwest to…. the reverse-engineering of mass scale election fraud. An industrial scale election fraud. It turned out that there had been some irregularities in the Dallas 2018 election that had spawned a network of enthusiasts on election fraud, and that had spawned this broader network. Soon some key players were dropping through and seeing me in Utah, and I, recovering from surgery, was moving around to meet them elsewhere.

I am now going to write of, “white hat hackers”. I should make clear that I am referring to people who not only follow the law, they generally operate under authority and direction of law enforcement, or under contract with law enforcement at state and federal levels. There is a certification for working in the field of cyber-forensics, a certification that means you maintain proper chain of title and image hard drives and swear out affidavits and produce work that is admissible in court. Sometimes they are used by law enforcement in offensive cybermissions: taking down a child trafficking/porn ring, for example. The “white hat hackers” of whom I now speak are those kind of hackers.

Over the next couple months I sat through lectures by these “white hat hackers” on the security vulnerabilities of the technology used in election equipment. Vulnerabilities such as slots in the motherboard that should be soldered shut but which are open (meaning anyone who can slip a chip into that slot for a few seconds has compromised the machine forever). R232 ports giving any technician who plugs in) root level access without a password (thus again compromising the machine forever). Strange violations of good computer science practice, such as a oddly architected triple databases within the machine, without integrity among the layers. Audit logs that were editable by users (making them not”audit logs” at all), and lacking in fixed numbering systems that could reveal tapering. I asked the white hat hackers involved who were walking me through these points of porous security to me to rate the security, on a scale of 1-10, of these systems. Their considered answer: “2, maybe a 1”.

Beyond those kinds of hacks, they began to introduce me to other “hacks” understood in a broader sense. The extraordinary privileges enjoyed by precinct administrators (a point which was confirmed by simple examination of the operating handbook). More explanations were given me of the reason for spikes in offshore packet traffic to certain locations during elections, though the full reasons for that were not yet fully understood. One technique that was explained before the election, ended up being the subject of a Gateway Pundit video after the election:

As the weeks tickedby I became increasingly conversant with these characters who were convinced we were on the edge of a massive election steal. They had meetings arranged with DHS in their state, and their briefings were taken at least twice in September by DHS and propelled up the chain of command…. only to be killed from Washington. In particular, a portion of DHS called CISA (“Cybsecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency”) put the kibosh on further meetings. This was odd because election security is within their mandate: one might have thought they might be interested. And let me remind the reader, these were not just a ragtag bunch of misfits: these were people with extensive federal backgrounds, with all kinds of experiences and certifications in matters cyber.

Then November 3, the night of the election, everything they had been predicting to me would happen, happened. I am not going to make this essay a full account of the steal: I want to get on with the history. So for fuller research one shold go read Sidney Powell’s four briefs to SCOTUS, which come with all sorts of appended material and affadavits. For now, let me confine myself to a brief gloss of what seemed off and worthy of fuller investigations.

Ask your local political science professor to explain why it is the case that to steal the national election one does not need, “widespread election fraud”. If the professor is honest, you will hear, “Because instead of widespread election fraud, it only takes deep election fraud in five cities, to flip the states they are in, to thereby flip the electoral college, and to thereby steal the election nationally. Those cities are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Phoenix.”

And what do you, know, on November 3, election night, those five cites experienced unprecedented “shutting down” of vote counting in the middle of night. Some of those cities saw goons muscling observers away from vote counting centers on various trumped up reasons, while others taped pizza boxes across windows to block poll observers from being able to observe. In Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, a “water main break” forcing the evacuation of the vote counting area of and in the few hours when the courting was “closed”, hundreds of thousands of votes were pushed through the system, often showing 99.4% and even 100% runs for Biden, thousands of ballots in a row. In some places, security cameras caught workers in these windows grabbing cases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while counting was stopped for spurious reasons.

Now I know from experience there are those who say coyly, “But how you you know that cheating occurred?” I don’t have time for such people. Five cites play a special role in being able to flip five swing states; those five cities say bizarre unprecedented activity on voting night, up to and including the shutting down of vote counting; the water pipes knew just which cities to break in, oddly; in each case a huge spike of Biden votes followed in windows where counting had ceased and observers had been cut out…. It is just an insult to our intelligence. It clearly reaches and reasonable person’s threshold for, “That’s suspcious enough it warrants further investigation.”

Within days a self-organized digital army sprung into existence. Networks of networks of volunteers. People willing to research any question we needed answered, people willing to track down others and record their experiences; precinct voters who had experienced some of the techniques of the fraud first-hand, at a retail level; precinct workers describing extraordinarily lax enforcement of standards; freight drivers who had realized they were moving hundreds of thousands of fake ballots from one state to another. Lawyers who were able to mobilize and gather sworn statements. It became clear that the problem was not going to be turning up facts of the crime, it was going to be in managing the firehouse of facts that were pouring in, so many hundreds and then thousands of Americans were stepping forward with details of things they had experienced or witnessed on Election Day. These networks began finding each other and then finding me, as I quickly organized a team of people who could handle the volume. The cyberteam collecting and processing data, the affidavits coming in by the dozens, and then hundreds (ultimately I heard that 50,000 Americans signed affidavits) concerning their experiences.

We had much more than a rough idea of the various forms of election fraud that had occurred, in various permutations, on retail, wholesale, and industrial scale. We knew that nailing things down definitely would require examining hard drives and doing other computer forensics, but the rough outline of the steal was child’s play to see, and the mountains of new statements and affidavits that surfaced daily all just filled in points of confirmation within the greater theory. Mathematicians started pouring on with their analysis that confirmed what we were seeing empirically.

By a week after the election I was in Washington, DC. The cyber-sleuths and investigators with me already had things perhaps 50% sorted out. They had the strategy behind the theft: pick those five cities to cheat like hell, flip their states, thus flip the electoral college and the nation (though more refined versions of the strategy evolved over subsequent weeks: we found, for example, that whoever was doing the stealing would also target heavily red counties and shave a few percentage points in each). Reams of data showing machines processing votes in those special windows at 3X or more their actual capacity; statistical outliers showing up in results in those special windows that were of astronomical impossibilities, rivers of affidavits gushing in where people reported experiences precisely consistent with what our team had predicted was happening under the table.

Approximately one week after the election I walked into an office building in suburban Virginia, just outside DC. That is to say, a week after this election, my colleagues and cyberexperts walked in with a still-fragmented but still highly compelling reconstruction of what had happened on November 3 and the days immediately following it. We had the crime more than half-solved, and what was remaining was almost a mechanical matter: dig here, compare this with that, the answers will spit out. We can see they were doing this this and this, but we also need to look at that. I and my cybersleuth colleagues walked into that building to take a meeting with America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, Esq. (esteemed lawyer for Michael Flynn, the “Peoples’ General”).

And that, dear reader, is where our story really begins.

52 posted on 01/25/2021 5:25:18 PM PST by old-ager (anti-new-ager)
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To: Lucas McCain

Patrick Byrne is an interesting character.

Mike Adams I believe was saying he is like the Forest Gump of recent events, he is everywhere.

53 posted on 01/25/2021 5:32:57 PM PST by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: XRdsRev

I disagree about never winning another election.

I registered 6 undesirable transient type people before the 2020 election.

Only three of them showed up to fill out their VBM ballots,(I live in Oregon) so I tossed the other ballots.

In 2024 everyone of those ballots will be fill out for:

Donald J Trump

54 posted on 01/25/2021 5:33:04 PM PST by unclebankster (Globalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel)
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To: Lucas McCain

Election 2020 - bump for later....

55 posted on 01/25/2021 5:49:07 PM PST by indthkr
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To: Captainpaintball

“He wasted time and his 4 years”

I’m gonna second this. Regarding election fraud. And Spy Gate, e-mail-Gate, the whole 2-tiered justice system thing, Weiner’s laptop, etc.

56 posted on 01/25/2021 6:01:05 PM PST by ReaganGeneration2
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To: stanne

You are correct. They are wrong.

57 posted on 01/25/2021 6:02:29 PM PST by Jan_Sobieski (Sanctification)
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To: old-ager

When do we get the 2nd installment?

58 posted on 01/25/2021 6:46:37 PM PST by old curmudgeon
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To: reasonisfaith
It doesn't matter. There is no scenario where this injustice will be righted.

Contrary to all this FR speculation.

59 posted on 01/25/2021 6:51:36 PM PST by LouAvul (The wheels of America are coming off and the media have stolen the lug nuts.)
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To: stanne

I still have women telling me they voted for him but ‘he lost the election with his big mouth’

Tell those women to shut their ignorant pie holes and get back in the kitchen!

60 posted on 01/25/2021 6:58:39 PM PST by Dawgreg
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