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Floyd attorneys blast claim that he died of overdose ^ | Sep 11th 2020 | CRYSTAL HILL

Posted on 09/12/2020 2:09:39 AM PDT by MarvinStinson

Attorneys for George Floyd’s family refuted defense claims that Floyd died of a drug overdose while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers.

Attorney Ben Crump said it was the four criminally charged former officers who caused Floyd’s death.

“They are trying to say that the knee on [Floyd’s] neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds was reasonable,” Crump said. “They are trying to claim some asinine theory about an overdose. America saw what happened. And so, who are you going to believe, your eyes or these killer cops?”

Floyd died in police custody after officers responded to a report of a counterfeit $20 bill used at a convenience store. Video showed a handcuffed Floyd being restrained on the ground by Chauvin. Floyd repeatedly told the officers he couldn’t breathe, according to the video.

Attorneys for officers Chauvin, Lane, Kueng and Thao all appeared in court Friday, seeking separate trials for their clients as each tries to distance himself from his co-defendants and Floyd’s death.

Attorney Thomas Plunkett, who represents Kueng, argued last month that Floyd had fentanyl in his system at the time of his death and had recently taken methamphetamine. The drugs, coupled with Floyd’s health issues, caused his death, Plunkett argued, citing toxicology reports.

The claims that Floyd contributed to his own death more than the actions of the officers did outraged Floyd’s family and his supporters.

“It’s really a desperate defense,” Chicago attorney Antonio Romanucci, Crump’s co-counsel, said. “They want to coincidentally say that whatever drugs were in his system killed him at the same time that the knee on the neck and the pressure on his back killed him. When you look at this from a legal perspective, those drugs did nothing to him because we know that he had situational awareness. He was cooperative.”

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TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Government
KEYWORDS: bencrump; chauvin; floyd; georgefloyd; lane; overdose
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To: shelterguy

And America will burn.

21 posted on 09/12/2020 4:50:35 AM PDT by DownInFlames (Gals)
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To: DownInFlames

The four cops are innocent. They are not responsible for what rioters do.

22 posted on 09/12/2020 4:51:56 AM PDT by shelterguy
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To: MarvinStinson

Crump was the guy who brought in the fake witness during the saint Skittles trial. He should have been disbarred.

23 posted on 09/12/2020 5:10:52 AM PDT by Fido969 (In!)
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To: ronnie raygun

George Floyd, hero of the community.

And that’s the best they can do?

24 posted on 09/12/2020 5:21:01 AM PDT by .44 Special (Tiamid Buacach!)
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To: shelterguy

I didn’t say they were responsible for what rioters do. I’m saying the result of their walking of the charges will result in children acting like children. We must be prepared for the worst.

25 posted on 09/12/2020 5:21:44 AM PDT by DownInFlames (Gals)
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To: DownInFlames

They were rioting and looting here in Minneapolistan a few weeks ago because a black guy committed suicide.

The four cops will walk free as they should. If the BurnLootMurder crowd wants to burn down the town then so it goes.

26 posted on 09/12/2020 5:23:34 AM PDT by shelterguy
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To: .44 Special

George Floyd was a drugged out black criminal.

He was therefore a pillar of the black community, an man to be looked up to. By resisting arrest he was serving as a mature example of what a black man should and black youth criminals should emulate

Floyd is the reason for black inequality. He was unequal and could not exist in American society

27 posted on 09/12/2020 5:28:17 AM PDT by bert ( (KE. NP. N.C. +12) Progressives are existential American enemies.....all of them)
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To: MarvinStinson

If only George was not high as a kite trying to pass fake $20’s......

28 posted on 09/12/2020 5:48:45 AM PDT by Steven Tyler
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To: MarvinStinson

I had no idea we had this many police officers on FR.

29 posted on 09/12/2020 5:49:22 AM PDT by .30Carbine (George Floyd was murdered on camera.)
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To: MarvinStinson

Why isn’t Crump rotting in Prison for the FRAUD he committed in Saint Skittles case?? see the Trayvon Hoax

30 posted on 09/12/2020 5:52:20 AM PDT by eyeamok
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To: MarvinStinson

Obviously the attorney did not die of an overdoes since he is the one giving the interview.

I guess grammar has also fallen victim to the BLM

31 posted on 09/12/2020 5:53:07 AM PDT by KosmicKitty (Who stole my tagline? It was here yesterday.)
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To: teeman8r
Toxology reports are science

The left never cares about science, just feelings.

32 posted on 09/12/2020 6:00:18 AM PDT by palmer (Democracy Dies Six Ways from Sunday)
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To: Revolutionary
4 times the lethal dose of fentynal

Unlike Jeffery Epstein, George Floyd DID kill himself.

33 posted on 09/12/2020 6:01:08 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Unlike Jeffery Epstein, George Floyd DID kill himself.)
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To: MarvinStinson

Blast the claim all you want. Toxicology is in. George killed himself.

34 posted on 09/12/2020 6:05:19 AM PDT by Delta 21
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To: shelterguy; Revolutionary

Me too. This was my first reaction to this article.

If the numbers I saw were correct, it was actually a little under 4x, but close enough to call it 4.

Unless I’m mistaken, I think Floyd was 47.

The autopsy also found no trauma to the neck area, which means the cop DID NOT put enough weight on saint floyd’s “neck” to cause bruising. If I saw it correctly, the knee was also not on his neck, but at the base of the neck, around where the shoulder blades are. This is what they are trained to do, since it’s unlikely the person will choke due to weight at that position. It serves to hold a person in place without much pressure needed at all. You can hold a person down with one finger that way, if their hands are tied behind their back. Put your finger just below the shirt collar, against the spine, the person cannot get up.

Same can be done face up with a hair from a horse’s tail. One horesehair, held on the bridge of the nose, you cannot get up.

And what the cops did was proper procedure for an overdose situation. If someone had had the presence of mind to turn Jimi Hendrix on his stomach and turn his head to the side, same position saint floyd was in, Hendrix might be still alive and playing guitar today. He choked on his own puke, because he ws on his back, allowing gravity to do what it always does. He was vomiting and nobody realized he needed to be turned over so it could drain out.

Then again, it’s also entirely possible Hendrix would have OD’d again and died anyway, he was doing the “roller coaster” thing a lot of people did. Amphetamines to keep the long hours and demands of touring, barbituates to sleep a little. Then when he got to England, he didn’t realize the barbs he got there were stronger than those he had been getting in the states. Took the same 2 pills, or whatever, but it had a much more pronounced effect. Next thing he knew he was passed out...I think he had been drinking too, not a good combination either, barbituates and alcohol is what killed Hank Williams. And I think Hendrix was getting pharmaceuticals, not street drugs. He was also doing them at separate times, not a “speedball” combination of both at once.

Bottom line though, same situation as saint floyd. but floyd was doing a much more deadly drug, fentanyl, and in this case combined with methamphetamines, called a speedball. (Same thing that killed John Belushi, meth and heroin speedballs) The police had him in that positoion because they recognized drug use, he had also complained about not being able to breathe. They had him face down, head turned, so if he started puking, he wouldn’t choke on it, and waited for the ambulance they had already called.

I can’t breathe -

In saint floyd’s case, this is also a known symptom of fentanyl. The muscles in the chest become stiff and inflexible, making it difficult to breathe, a condition called “wooden chest”. I can’t remember the medical term. This is known to be associated with fentanyl and meth/fentanyl speedballs. So when he complained he couldn’t breathe, it was a symptom of fentanyl overdose. I don’t know if the police involved were aware of this though. As far as I know, it has never been stated in any of the articles I’ve read.

The autopsy report also did not state asphyxiation as cause of death, the listed cause was heart attack.

35 posted on 09/12/2020 6:06:34 AM PDT by Paleo Pete (I smile because you are family. I laugh because you can do nothing about it...)
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To: Gnome1949

Just think. The trial could have been about using an alleged counterfeit 20 dollar bill. I still don’t know why they just didn’t give him a summons. He probably wouldn’t have shown up but things would have turned out differently.

36 posted on 09/12/2020 6:19:05 AM PDT by napscoordinator (Trump/Hunter, jr for President/Vice President 2016)
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To: ronnie raygun

“I cant breathe was uttered when they put him in the patrol car”

A fatal dose of fentanyl will cause respiratory depression and death.

37 posted on 09/12/2020 6:32:59 AM PDT by cpdiii (cane cutter, deckhand, roughhneck, geologist, pilot, pharmacist, old man, CONSTITUTION TO DIE FOR)
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To: cpdiii

What idiot school gave Ben Crump a law degree?

38 posted on 09/12/2020 6:39:27 AM PDT by Colo9250
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To: MarvinStinson

Excited Delirium

39 posted on 09/12/2020 6:42:34 AM PDT by Tommy Revolts
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To: Paleo Pete

“I can’t breathe -”

I believe that’s SOP now to get the police to let up them so they can make a break.

40 posted on 09/12/2020 6:43:04 AM PDT by PLMerite ("They say that we were Cold Warriors. Yes, and a bloody good show, too." - Robert Conquest)
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