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Supreme Court Abortion Case: Media Worry About ‘Devastating Blow’ ^ | Junw 28, 2020 | Katie Yoder

Posted on 06/28/2020 3:39:56 AM PDT by Kaslin

It’s anyone’s guess as to how the Supreme Court justices will decide the current case regarding abortion. The media’s reaction, on the other hand, is an easy prediction.

The Supreme Court is expected to issue its decision shortly on June Medical Services v. Russo. But as each day passes, many in the media, from The New York Times to The Cut, appear more worried that the ruling will block abortion access. The case challenges a 2014 Louisiana law that requires abortionists to obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals so that patients can be easily transferred for emergency care.

Because admitting privileges can be difficult to obtain, abortion supporters argue that this could lead to the closing of abortion clinics not only in Lousiana, but also nationwide. They say that it would place an undue burden on women, when abortion is already a “safe procedure.” Furthermore, they say, this case resembles another case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, in which the court already sided against admitting privileges. 

But that’s not the whole story. 

The pro-life movement stresses the importance of pregnant women’s safety and health. They also point out that abortion providers shouldn’t have “third-party standing,” or the ability to represent patients in a case where their interests and women’s interests might conflict. They also argue that Louisiana physicians at ambulatory surgical centers must obtain the same admitting privileges – and that abortion providers aren’t being singled out here. 

OB-GYNs have come out in support of the bill authored by a woman: Democratic Louisiana state senator Katrina Jackson.

“For those who say, ‘You’re limiting the ability to access abortion,’” she told the National Catholic Register in January, “I would tell them it doesn’t lessen access to an abortion, it lessens access to unsafe abortion, and unsafe, unregulated abortions are not constitutional.”

For their part, many in the media largely gave voice to the concerns of abortion supporters.

During an NPR interview, Nancy Northup, the CEO and president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, commented that “this is actually just an attempt to close the clinics in Louisiana with no benefit for women” on June 20. 

Host Scott Simon simply followed up by asking, “And would the closure of clinics in Louisiana particularly affect women of color?” 

The following day, The New York Times published an opinion piece with the headline reading, “What if the Supreme Court Rules on Abortion and the Country Shrugs?”

“We’re worn down,” wrote Lauren Kelley, a member of the editorial board. “By the pandemic, by racist police violence, by so much else that’s roiled 2020 — but also by years and years of abortion battles just like this one.”

Still, she warned, the “sweeping changes this case could usher in make it all the more depressing that the looming ruling has gotten relatively little attention.”

She called the “Worst-case scenario” a “real possibility” – where abortion clinics may “no longer be able to bring lawsuits on behalf of their patients” in addition to shuttering clinics nationwide.

Another headline, for The Cut, asked, “Will the Supreme Court Strike a Devastating Blow to Abortion Rights?” 

Writer Caitlin Moscatello stressed on June 17 that the decision “will signal to state lawmakers how far they can go in restricting abortion access.”

“How the Court comes down on the case could also serve as an indicator of its willingness to dial back reproductive rights going forward,” she worried.

Likewise, a New York Magazine headline asked, “Is the Constitutional Right to Choose Abortion Doomed?” on June 23.

Political columnist Ed Kilgore stressed that, “the case to wait for with bated breath is June Medical Services LLC v. Russo,” which he called perhaps the “most significant decision on abortion law to come down since the Court reaffirmed the right to choose in 1992’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey.”

Even “if the Court does not hasten the formal demise of the right to choose,” he wrote, “if it gives the green light to Louisiana and Texas and other Republican-controlled states to devise the most pernicious and insincere TRAP [Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers] laws imaginable, it will make abortion rights largely theoretical for many women by making the operation of clinics impractical.”

NBC News promised a one-sided story with its headline, “'Clinics will be forced to close': Abortion rights backers fearful of upcoming Supreme Court ruling” on June 7. 

“When clinics close, pregnant people face significant hurdles, ranging from additional costs, to longer travel and delayed care,” writer Chloe Atkins urged.

More recently, on June 21, ABC News staff shared the story of a Louisiana woman involved with the case, and reported on her difficulties in obtaining an abortion for herself.

For Salon, on June 18, politics writer Amanda Marcotte summarized the case as looking at “whether states can ban abortion through the backdoor method of burying clinics in medically unnecessary regulations that force them out of business.”

But, of course, that’s only one side of the story.

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1 posted on 06/28/2020 3:39:56 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

When a woman has an abortion, she becomes very easy to enslave into their mind control matrix.

Why? Because she must silence any rational or truth-seeking functions in her brain to avoid the terrible reality that she has killed her own child. She builds a wall of denial so strong that truth cannot penetrate.

They give her a mental ‘safe space’ to exist in — a place in which abortion is merely ‘reproductive health’, a ‘clump of cells’, ‘my body’, etc. Any conversations involving the obvious scientific truths of the matter are met with reflexive defensive emotions, sometimes culminating in screaming “NO UTERUS, NO OPINION!”, in an outburst.

The woman’s mind is no longer free. She is a slave on the Democrat plantation. There is no escape, because to escape would require self-condemnation for murder.

Abortion is a diabolical weapon of mind control.

2 posted on 06/28/2020 3:43:42 AM PDT by afchief
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To: Kaslin

If the court does anything against the murder of the unborn, the murderers will burn the building to the ground.

3 posted on 06/28/2020 3:44:54 AM PDT by RetiredArmy (Friends at FR - Are you prepared to meet the LORD??? Do you KNOW Him? Do so today!)
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To: Kaslin

With Roberts doing his dance of spinning further and further Left, I don’t think the baby killers have anything to worry about.

4 posted on 06/28/2020 3:47:33 AM PDT by Avalon Memories (Fight the Left - the communists - not our own.)
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To: Kaslin
Requiring admitting privileges is a problem for “pro-choice” advocates? Why, because it would eliminate back-alley, wire-hangar operators? One thing the left is really good at doing is revealing how everything they say they stand for is BS. Pro-choice is pro-killing; apparently that includes the women, too.
5 posted on 06/28/2020 3:58:12 AM PDT by liberalh8ter (The only difference between flash mob 'urban yutes' and U.S. politicians is the hoodies.)
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To: Avalon Memories
"With Roberts doing his dance of spinning further and further Left, I don’t think the baby killers have anything to worry about."

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
Ephesians 6:12-13


6 posted on 06/28/2020 4:03:02 AM PDT by Psalm 73
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To: Avalon Memories

If the left has something on Roberts, I wish someone on our side would find out what it is and make it public. I know that’s playing like the Democrats, but so be it.

America ceased to be the America I grew up in the moment this !@(#* decided “oh, the government can make you buy health insurance and just call it a tax! Wheeee! I found a way to help the socialists! I found a way to help the socialists!”.

7 posted on 06/28/2020 4:06:51 AM PDT by Pravious
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To: Psalm 73

Didn’t NYS do this for WuFlu?

Require admitting privileges, I mean. No Trump pills for you, elderly WuFlu patient, outside a hospital setting.

If it’s good enough for WuFlu, why not abortion?

Thanks, Cuomo, for doing right-to-lifers a solid!

8 posted on 06/28/2020 4:11:34 AM PDT by mewzilla (Break out the mustard seeds.)
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To: Kaslin

Leftist democrats murder babies. That is all you need to know about anyone who votes for any democrat.


9 posted on 06/28/2020 4:26:30 AM PDT by joma89 (Buy weapons and ammo, folks.)
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To: mewzilla
"Thanks, Cuomo, for doing right-to-lifers a solid!"

The pro-life war is being waged, and won, on the spiritual field of battle.

We want complete victory here, now. But our ways are not God's ways - our part is to stay engaged in the political part and pray.

10 posted on 06/28/2020 4:31:45 AM PDT by Psalm 73
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To: Kaslin would place an undue burden...

Strange how this argument vanishes when limits gun rights are discussed...

11 posted on 06/28/2020 4:32:18 AM PDT by jeffc (I'm a Patriot, and the media are our enemy)
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To: Pravious

It’s been known for years that Roberts’ adoption of his two children from Ireland through Mexico was wholly illegal. But the gutless wonders of the RINO GOPe won’t ever bring it up, just like with Hussein O’s inelegibilty to be president. This US government of this country has been blatantly lawless for many years. It didn’t start with Roberts.

12 posted on 06/28/2020 4:57:03 AM PDT by DrPretorius
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To: Avalon Memories

And the conservative gorsch.

13 posted on 06/28/2020 5:33:11 AM PDT by momincombatboots (Ephesians 6... who you are really at war with)
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To: Kaslin

I’m glad we are fighting back. But couldn’t they just call 911 if they have a problem? What do other medical clinics do? Close all abortion clinics down of course. This just seems weird.

14 posted on 06/28/2020 5:36:16 AM PDT by napscoordinator (Trump/Hunter, jr for President/Vice President 2016)
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To: joma89

The author of the bill is a pro-life DEM from a heavy-DEM district.

15 posted on 06/28/2020 5:46:55 AM PDT by campaignPete R-CT (Committee to Re-Elect the President ( CREEP ))
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To: Kaslin

In abortion....It’s automatic....Someone dies...Nothing safe about that. Not even a tiny little bit safe.

16 posted on 06/28/2020 6:03:17 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: Avalon Memories

“With Roberts doing his dance of spinning further and further Left, I don’t think the baby killers have anything to worry about.”

No kidding. Roberts is the David Souter of this court.

17 posted on 06/28/2020 6:04:49 AM PDT by ought-six (Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)
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To: Kaslin

This whole year has been a symbolic abortion comparison. 1. Impeachment-ending something before its term, Then the virus which attacks the lungs and makes it hard to breathe, along with masks that also stifle breath and speaking, (silent scream). We are confined to our little space,,like in a womb, unable to express ourselves, unable to connect or to “get out”. Thirdly we witness one person take away the breath of another human who actually CALLS OUT to his mother and says “I can’t breathe” along with “....lives matter”...(ALL lives) both could be a slogan for prolife. In addition when a woman gives birth she is told, “breathe, breathe”.

Are the riots, outrage and anger an acting out of unconscious collective guilt? It may sound strange, but it feels to me that God is speaking to us and giving us the same helpless feeling of the unborn and that maybe this won’t stop until we speak for those who are unable to protest the premature ending of their life before it begins. This all came to me all at once yesterday when I was not even pondering any of this. It all seems to have a sort of theme to it.

18 posted on 06/28/2020 6:07:05 AM PDT by Anima Mundi (Breathes there a man with soul so dead...)
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To: napscoordinator

Other medical clinics HAVE to have admitting privileges. It makes sense if women’s health is their goal - which it isn’t!

19 posted on 06/28/2020 6:50:47 AM PDT by RebelTXRose (Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us! PRAY THE ROSARY!)
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To: RebelTXRose

Thanks. Sounds reasonable.

20 posted on 06/28/2020 6:57:44 AM PDT by napscoordinator (Trump/Hunter, jr for President/Vice President 2016)
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