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It's Time for the Big Guns - 2018 Election
Yanke Academy, LLC ^ | 10/4/2018 | Patrick Yanke

Posted on 10/05/2018 5:48:18 AM PDT by pgyanke

I don’t have to tell you how important this election is for the protection of human life in the womb—and for American culture as a whole. As great as our individual and collective efforts may be, they may not be enough. We need the big guns.

There is one group who could change the course of history with a word, but they continue a self-imposed silence… the bishops of the Catholic Church. Catholics are demographically ¼ of the voting population nationally and as much as ⅓ in several states… including New York and California. The silence of the bishops has allowed the culture of death to fester and grow for generations. Enough is enough! All that is required to defeat the lies of the world is to stand for truth… all truth. This failing to speak out has condemned generations in complicity with evil.

Below is the text of my last letter to the bishops before this election. I ask your help in spreading the message and encouraging clergy at all levels to take a stand for truth… before it’s too late.


Dear Bishops,

The Church teaches that the state is supreme in temporal matters. However when politics make religious proclamations (such as women have the right to end the life of their unborn babies or men must embrace the sin of homosexuality rather than simply loving the sinner) politics enters into the religious realm and claims supremacy over the human soul. Proclamations against candidates and issues that compete with religion, is not against politics but against counter-religion. Rebuttal has both temporal and eternal consequences for all.

The Democratic Party has been the champion of the culture of death for more than 45 years since Roe v Wade. During this time, the bishops have proclaimed a moral silence on this truth to avoid meddling in politics. Is it any wonder Western Civilization is crumbling in moral decay? When the Church is silent in the face of evil, evil advances. This was the first failing of Adam in the Garden of Eden. He was there by Eve’s side when she faced temptation. His failure to defend his bride with the light of truth led to the fall of man.

“The grave danger today is not religion in politics but politics in religion.” — Venerable Abp Fulton Sheen

Objection: “The Church advocates for the protection of human life in all stages, including for the poor and vulnerable, immigrants and refugees, and those suffering on the margins of society.” What is the best way go about each of these? There are ways that encourage the dignity of men and those that do not.

On each of the issues above, we can have discussions about how best to accomplish the goals of caring for the poor, immigrants, and those on the margins of society. In fact, these are discussions of political policy. There can be no discussion on abortion and homosexual marriage—both are always wrong in all ways. We must stand against them in the truth of the teachings of the Church. Both are priorities of the Democratic Party codified in their platforms at all levels of government. The “seamless garment” advocating for the equal weighting of all issues of the human condition misses this greater truth and confuses the faithful. Catholics should stand together as one Faith in one Truth, but we are divided by lies and confusion. You have the ability and the duty to repair these rifts caused by politicians and a politically-motivated media.

Objection: “The Church does not intend to tell people for whom they should vote, or which party deserves our allegiance, but to propose that the message of the Gospel and promotion of the sanctity of human life should provide a moral roadmap for our nation and the world.”

I don’t want the Church involved in politics. She should absolutely not tell people for whom they should vote nor endorse any political party. However, when a political party stands for intrinsic evil as part of their mission outlined in their party platforms… it deserves condemnation from the bishops. That political party has stepped into your realm of authority. You are not talking politics—they are talking human life and dignity. Given the strength of the Catholic vote, such a condemnation should be electorally fatal. Any political party wanting power would have to cease supporting intrinsic evil in order to recover from such a sanction. Do you want to end State-sponsored abortion in this country? This is how you do it. Are there pro-life Democratic candidates for office? Yes… and their first vote will be to elect their leadership to control Congress. The Democratic Party platform will then be implemented. This is a problem larger than individual candidates.

I assume you watched the Supreme Court nomination process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats announced their opposition before he was even named. Why? They oppose President Trump’s picks for the Supreme Court because he has committed to appointing pro-life judges. All of the other noise aside… isn’t that an extreme pro-death position worthy of condemnation by the Church? The culture of death has been advanced through the courts because it can’t be advanced through the legislative process. Americans don’t support it. It has been imposed through dictatorial fiat and lies. It is a process diametrically opposed to democratic ideals. If the Democrats lose the courts, the culture of death will falter. They are fighting tooth and nail to prevent it. How hard are we fighting to restore respect for human life and dignity?

Our liberal Catholic neighbors don’t listen to us. They listen to the biased Press and the lying politicians. In the absence of truth coming from the bishops, they are acting on those lies. They have been taught to form their own consciences and the USCCB’s voting guide has been written vaguely enough to give cover to any position and rationale. Buried in the middle of your guide is the statement, “Abortion, the deliberate killing of a human being before birth, is never morally acceptable and must always be opposed.” This should be in the front of your guide as the first hurdle any candidate or party must cross before soliciting Catholic votes. Your readers should only go past page one for any political party not supporting abortion and other intrinsic evils. The Democratic Party is the greatest advocate for abortion outside of China and they should be opposed by Catholic voters according to your own guide. It’s time we preach this simple truth and protect human life.

This may seem like the wrong time to be on this message with the Church in crisis… but I believe these issues are related. I have only heard one homily applauded during Mass. In the Fall of 2016, a local priest gave a homily where he laid out the issues in my book and named the Democratic Party as the sponsors of these evils. The congregation stood up and applauded. Why? We know the truth. It shouldn’t be so Earth-shaking to hear it… but it is. The Church’s moral authority has been hurt by silence. The lies and coverups are only another manifestation of this silence. The faithful long for truth (especially the painful truths) from the Church. Where else can we turn? The Church failing to stand for truth (all truth) is a scandal of its own.

Unless bishops speak out forcefully, ½ of American Catholics will continue to support the sponsors of the culture of death with the blessing of their consciences… to the eternal peril of their souls.

The Supreme Court is changing… and that is good. How bad will it be for the Church, though, to not be seen as relevant as Donald Trump in standing for human life in America? In my mind, it isn’t enough that abortion is narrowly defeated in its next Supreme Court challenge. The challenges will simply continue until the court is sympathetic again. The sponsors of the culture of death must know that the Church will stand against them as long as they promote abortion and other intrinsic evils. They must know this will doom any campaign. This is a lasting testimony to them and any other party seeking power. That is a pro-life legacy for generations.

We don’t need councils and synods. We need bishops with courage to stand and proclaim the truth—even if alone. I encourage you to speak out while there is still time and will pray for you and your brother bishops. 

Sincerely and respectfully,

Patrick Yanke
Speaker and Author of Defeating the Culture of Death: The Pro-Life Vote

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1 posted on 10/05/2018 5:48:18 AM PDT by pgyanke
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To: pgyanke

The bishops will not benefit from your “big guns” as long as they are seen as an evil enemy of goodness.

2 posted on 10/05/2018 5:50:35 AM PDT by Rapscallion (Iran must get American justice...soon.)
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To: Rapscallion

The bishops’ moral authority has been hurt by failing to stand for truth... all truth. Their silence on this issue is one manifestation and their coverups of abuse is another. The only way forward is for them to embrace truth and heal the rifts they have created.

3 posted on 10/05/2018 6:00:37 AM PDT by pgyanke (Republicans get in trouble when not living up to their principles. Democrats... when they do.)
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To: pgyanke

Sure, they’ll get right on it. Would they even read the letter beyond the first few sentences? Doubtful.

4 posted on 10/05/2018 6:01:36 AM PDT by JPG (MAGA)
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I can only do my part and pray for the rest. This letter is going to all 458 bishops in America. I pray it touches even one of them... and he will start a movement.

5 posted on 10/05/2018 6:03:11 AM PDT by pgyanke (Republicans get in trouble when not living up to their principles. Democrats... when they do.)
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To: pgyanke

We can bypass bishops by praying intensivly for brother Brett and Donald.

6 posted on 10/05/2018 6:05:52 AM PDT by Leo Carpathian (FReeeeepeesssssed)
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To: Leo Carpathian
We can bypass bishops by praying intensively for brother Brett and Donald.

I am praying for them. Consider how badly their image has been damaged by the media, though. Nearly half of our country isn't just opposed to them... they think they are evil incarnate.

The Catholic vote is split almost perfectly down the middle which means Catholics are irrelevant. As long as we stay divided, no one cares what we think. If we can move the needle even 10%, it would cause an electoral earthquake. I'm praying for that.

7 posted on 10/05/2018 6:13:14 AM PDT by pgyanke (Republicans get in trouble when not living up to their principles. Democrats... when they do.)
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To: Salvation; nickcarraway; NYer; ELS; Pyro7480; livius; ArrogantBustard; Catholicguy; RobbyS; ...

For your ping-lists.

8 posted on 10/05/2018 6:16:56 AM PDT by pgyanke (Republicans get in trouble when not living up to their principles. Democrats... when they do.)
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To: pgyanke

Don’t count on the Catholic Church doing the right thing any more. It’s gone full blown leftist and is infested top to bottom with activist homosexuals. Best thing would be for it to completely disband and start over.

9 posted on 10/05/2018 7:24:55 AM PDT by KyCats
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