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Watchdog Uncovers (448 pages of) New Evidence of Quid Pro Quo at Hillary State Dept.
Liberty Headlines ^ | July 16, 2017

Posted on 07/17/2017 11:21:15 AM PDT by Zakeet

Judicial Watch released 448 pages of documents Friday showing further incidences of Huma Abedin, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff in the State Department, allocating special treatment to Clinton Foundation donors while Clinton served as Secretary of State.

... The latest batch of documents released Friday arrived long after the conservative legal watchdog organization filed its lawsuit in May 2015 requesting "all emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from January 1, 2009 through February 1, 2013 using a" email address."

The 448 pages Judicial Watch released Friday included six email exchanges that Clinton had failed to turn over to the State Department and brought the total number of known emails that Clinton didn’t turn over to 439. Although Clinton submitted roughly 55,000 pages of emails during the course of the probe into her private email server, these additional emails appear to contradict here statement that "as far as she knew" she had turned over all of her government email exchanges.

"I’m not sure how much more evidence of pay for play, classified information mishandling, and influence peddling from Clinton’s email server one would need to show a serious criminal investigation is required," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement Friday.

The newly released documents reveal multiple instances of Clinton Foundation donors receiving favors from the State Department.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: email; hillary; scandal; statedepartment

1 posted on 07/17/2017 11:21:15 AM PDT by Zakeet
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To: Zakeet

Sessions what in the hell are you waiting for. You can still request a grand jury investigation.

2 posted on 07/17/2017 11:27:33 AM PDT by Logical me
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To: Zakeet

Dismantle the Clinton (Criminal) Foundation and put their illegal gains into the US Treasury so Bill can live in the poverty he and Hillary have earned. They are no better than Bernard Madoff. In fact, WORSE.

Let “Preet Brouhaha” or whatever his name is, act like an American patriot and prosecute the Clintons’ financial crimes against the people, for once.

3 posted on 07/17/2017 11:27:45 AM PDT by Rapscallion (Democrats are suffering Soros psychosis.)
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To: Logical me

ATTN: General Sessions get busy.

4 posted on 07/17/2017 11:28:43 AM PDT by Rapscallion (Democrats are suffering Soros psychosis.)
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To: Rapscallion
cclinton foundation
5 posted on 07/17/2017 11:32:11 AM PDT by timestax (American Media = Domestic Enemy)
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To: All
It'd be a shocker if it's discovered greedy Hillary's State Dept --- subsidized w/ our tax dollars----ever did anything for America or Americans. Hillary had so many State Dept slush funds, billions went missing without hearing a peep from anybody.


Huma and Hillary were most generous w/ our tax dollars w/ family members. One Huma cousin (one that we know of) made out like a bandit at the State Dept.....becoming a multi-millionaire sucking up our tax dollars, and getting favored appointments.

Pervey Anthony was out of a job.......but Huma had a lot of help paying their pricey 12,000 monthly rental.....w/ her cut of the cousins' millions.


As you may have read---the divorce is off and Anthony's moving back in. Huma needs to keep Anthony close-by to keep his mouth zipped (not his pants). Anthony might spill the beans about Huma's endless line of cousins dipping into the State Dept's numerous slush funds......replenished w / our tax dollars.


REFERENCE----This'll give you nightmares, people.....counting up the endless line of Huma's cousins w/ their greedy Muslim hands in the State Dept cookie jar.

UNDER HOUSE ARREST---This smirking creep is Huma's first cousin AKA a serial swindler
He subsidized businesses w/ our tax dollars looted from Hillary's State Dept. He made six million dollars vanish.

EXCERPT--“Thanks for getting in touch. Would love to arrange a meeting,” Huma Abedin replied in a June 23, 2009, email to her cousin Omar Amanat and Shamil Idriss, who heads New York-based Soliya Inc.

In May 2010, then-Secy Clinton helped Soliya get access to U.N. funding by making the U.S. a participant in a U.N. high-tech media initiative called the Alliance of Civilizations. Then in October 2010, the State Department directly awarded Soliya $1.25 million for a media technology project. “Huma helped Omar make KIT appear more valuable because of its association with the Alliance of Civilizations, which was approved by Hillary and funded in part by U.S. grants (tax dollars),” said an attorney familiar with the case.

“This helped Omar raise money for KIT, which he and his brother misappropriated for other purposes. Approximately $6 million has vanished.”

Amanat took KIT Digital public in August 2009. At the time, Amanat, known as a “serial swindler,” was in personal bankruptcy and being sued by other investors. Despite his reputation, he still managed to gain special access to US government tax dollars thanks to his ties to his well-positioned cousin and the Clinton Foundation.

THE MONEY LAUNDRY Records show that Omar Amanat and several other Abedin family members and related charities have together donated as much as $1.2 million to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, as well as the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Omar Amanat, Abedin's cousin, who personally contributed as much as $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation, was appointed to the Council on Foreign Relations during the time that Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state.

While the FBI has apparently closed its espionage investigation into Clinton’s unsecured private email server (the House has reopened it), its public corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation remains open.

It’s not clear if this still-active probe overlaps with the Amanat fraud investigation. However, investigators reportedly continue to look into alleged “pay-for-play” schemes involving the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation and its wealthy donors, as well as entities that paid the Clintons millions of dollars in speaking fees.

Judicial Watch and other government watchdog groups have charged that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-for-play operation that rewarded its benefactors with State Department favors. And tax dollars....all you could possibly want.


6 posted on 07/17/2017 11:32:35 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Zakeet

7 posted on 07/17/2017 11:37:01 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Logical me

"Sessions what in the hell are you waiting for"
I've given up on Sessions, he is on the other side.
8 posted on 07/17/2017 11:40:24 AM PDT by Souled_Out (Our hope is in the power of God working through the hearts of people.)
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To: All

Earlier emails show Abedin, longtime Clinton confidant, slavishly served as a conduit between Clinton Foundation donors and Hillary Clinton while Clinton served as secretary of state....Huma was employed by the US govt at the State Dept AND the Clinton Foundation AT THE SAME TIME.

Circa 2016, in more than a dozen email exchanges, Abedin provided expedited, direct access to Clinton for donors who had contributed from $25,000 to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

In many instances, Clinton Foundation top executive Doug Band, who worked with the Foundation throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, coordinated closely with Abedin.

In Abedin’s June 2016 deposition to Judicial Watch, she conceded that part of her job at the State Department was taking care of “ Clinton family matters.”

One Abedin-Band exchange revealed that Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain requested a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton, but was forced to go through the Clinton Foundation for an appointment. Abedin advised Band that when she went through “normal channels” at State, Clinton declined to meet.

Band intervened and the meeting was set up within forty-eight hours. According to the Clinton Foundation website, in 2005, Prince Salman committed to establishing the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) for the Clinton Global Initiative. And by 2010, it had contributed $32 million to CGI.

The Kingdom of Bahrain reportedly gave between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. And Bahrain Petroleum also gave an additional $25,000 to $50,000.

9 posted on 07/17/2017 11:40:50 AM PDT by Liz
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To: All
SHOCKER --- Newly released pages raise troubling questions about Huma Abedin's own jihadist connections.
July 20, 2016, Joseph Klein

The 28 classified pages of the “Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001” (“Report”) have been finally de-classified and released, with some redactions, to the public. --SNIP--

The information in the Report details the activities of these Saudi individuals and related groups, including in the United States. There is a network of links to Saudi government entities, Saudi-funded front groups espousing radical Islam and jihad on the Wahhabist model, and terrorist organizations or individuals.

A study of organizations in this network, with the Saudi government agencies or front groups at its hub, is very instructive in itself. But it reveals something else, highly relevant to this year’s presidential election.

There are direct links of Islamic organizations in the network to those to which Hillary Clinton’s top aide and confidante Huma Abedin has belonged. To be clear, Huma Abedin is not named in the Report. However, her associations with groups linked to what is referenced in the Report is highly troubling, to say the least.

<><> The Muslim Student Association was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. It spreads radical Islamist propaganda. FrontPage Magazine has documented the MSA’s indoctrination activities on U.S. campuses in an essay entitled “The Muslim Students Association and the Jihad Network.”

<><> The MSA has had close ties with the Muslim World League (MWL), an organization with ties to jihadist terrorist groups, including Hamas and al Qaeda. MWL was founded by members of the Saudi government. The MSA also has close ties with WAMY, one of the organizations mentioned specifically in the Report and which is the youth wing of the Muslim World League.

The Report referenced the FBI’s account of the connections of Osama bin Laden’s half-brother, Abdullah Bin Laden, to terrorist organizations. Mentioned specifically was the fact that he was “the President and Director of the World Arab Muslim Youth Association (WAMY) and the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Science in America.”

A cable released by WikiLeaks under then-Secy of State Hillary Clinton’s name stated that, according to intelligence, the Muslim World League and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth “continue to send money overseas and, at times, fund extremism overseas.”

<><> Abdullah Omar Naseef, a former secretary-general of the Muslim World League, founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) in Saudi Arabia and recruited Huma Abedin’s father to take an active leadership role. This included serving as the managing editor of IMMA’s in-house publication, the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.

<><> Huma’s mother took over editorial duties there after her father passed away. Huma Abedin also worked at the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs as the assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.

<><> The idea behind the “Muslim Minorities Agenda,” in which the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs and its journal have played an important part, is to encourage Muslim migration to non-Muslim countries.

<><>As described in a Discoverthenetworks article on the subject, the maintenance of the Muslim migrants’ collective separate Muslim identity would be reinforced by Islamic centers, educational programs, mosques, and organizations like the Muslim Student Association, established to “prevent Muslims from assimilating into the cultures of their non-Muslim host nations.”

<><> As reported by Breitbart News, the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs just happens to be in the same London office location as the Muslim World League and WAMY. This was not just some sort of bizarre coincidence.

<><> Citing the work of Walid Shoebat, who at one time had belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, Andrew McCarthy wrote back in 2012 that “the IMMA was operated under the management of one of the MWL's most significant organizations, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.”


HUMA'S BIO---In the late 1990’s, while Huma Abedin was interning in the Bill Clinton White House and began her long association with Hillary Clinton, she served as an executive board member of George Washington University's Muslim Students Association. Huma Abedin also worked at the aforementioned Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.

Huma Abedin, who was raised in Saudi Arabia during her formative years and was exposed to Saudi Wahhabist ideology, gravitated to Islamist organizations with ties to radical Saudi entities when she returned to the United States as a young adult.

Years later, with the prospect of an influential White House position side by side with her patron Hillary Clinton in sight, Huma Abedin still puts Islamist interests first. Evidence that the “Muslim Minority Agenda” espoused by the journal she once worked for is still her key priority is a video of Huma Abedin advocating unlimited admission of Syrian refugees into the United States. She said that “we cannot turn these people away.”

Huma Abedin has operated within the same network revealed in the Congressional Joint Inquiry Report. She will be a carrier of “civilization jihad” into the inner circle of the White House if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

10 posted on 07/17/2017 11:43:54 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Logical me

Justice has not been served. And, a double-standard of how law is enforced shown. Enough already, get a prosecutor on this - not some congressional peacock session for the cameras.

11 posted on 07/17/2017 11:48:15 AM PDT by Made In The USA (Next thing you know, 'ol Jed's a millionaire)
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To: Zakeet

Come on man,
The clintons have had how many offed and no one does squat.

12 posted on 07/17/2017 11:56:18 AM PDT by Joe Boucher (President Trump makes obammy look like the punk he is.)
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But but but hellary had no intent to be a lying corrupt scumbag crook....Comey defense.....

13 posted on 07/17/2017 12:00:36 PM PDT by TnTnTn
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To: Zakeet
The Clinton Crime Family: Escaping the criminal justice system since 1985...
14 posted on 07/17/2017 12:03:36 PM PDT by Gritty (Islam is king on a field of corpses - Mark Steyn)
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To: Zakeet

And Elusive Jeff Sessions cowers under his desk.

Please, Mr. President, remove Sessions and replace him with Jay Sekulow, or a fighter of his caliber.

15 posted on 07/17/2017 12:06:06 PM PDT by MayflowerMadam ("Negative people make healthy people sick." - Roger Ailes)
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To: MayflowerMadam

OK, since the AG will not do anything, do we have an attorney who is competent with the Qui Tam provisions of the fraud statutes. Bring the suit thereby giving the DOJ the opportunity to pursue it, if not, it becomes a by stander. This is organized corruption on a grand scale. Surely there is a record of false statements, mail fraud, obstruction violations abound for the suit.

16 posted on 07/17/2017 12:12:17 PM PDT by Mouton (The MSM is a clear and present danger to the republic.)
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To: MayflowerMadam

Or Tom Fitton, since he’s already done much of the work.

17 posted on 07/17/2017 12:57:57 PM PDT by Two Kids' Dad (((( The "Russia collusion" clowns make the worst birthers look perfectly reasonable. ))))
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To: Two Kids' Dad

Yes. Fitton has been doing great work. He’d be excellent, too.

18 posted on 07/17/2017 1:40:07 PM PDT by MayflowerMadam ("Negative people make healthy people sick." - Roger Ailes)
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To: Zakeet

Clinton submitted 55,000 PRINTED PAPER copies of emails to obfuscated and delay the investigation.

It is nearly impossible to go through that many paper emails by hand and try to make any correlations.

Not only that, but a PAPER COPY does not contain the hidden meta-data that is stored within each email that gives very useful information about where the mail came from. So when she was subpoenaed for emails, she has NOT complied- an email is the ENTIRE email in electronic form.

And do you know how long it would take to print that many pages? A ream of paper in a laser printer is 500 sheets. They went through 110 of them. And I wonder how many printer cartridges.

Now we know what she was doing for the 6 weeks she went missing the beginning of last year. They were sanitizing the email servers as best they could.

She learned nothing in law school better than she learned how to avoid prosecution.

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To: Zakeet

Why not both?

I am confident they will find nothing on Trump, but there is plenty to find on the Clintons’

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