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FBI search warrant: Hillary Clinton put US at 'exceptionally grave' risk ^ | 12/21/2016 | J. Marsolo

Posted on 12/21/2016 5:14:49 AM PST by rktman

The release of the FBI's warrant, dated October 20, 2016, to seize and search a laptop computer related to Hillary's emails again confirms and reminds us that Hillary put our national security at "exceptionally grave danger" by her use of a private email server to conduct State Department business. Obama knew about her use but did nothing to stop it.

The application for the warrant contains an affidavit of probable cause that details the reasons for the warrant.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; Government; Philosophy
KEYWORDS: abovethelaw; clinton; email; emails; hillary; hillaryemails; unindictable
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Uh, meh. Nothing any prosecutor would find to be indict-ment worthy. Well this ever be addressed? I certainly would if I could.
1 posted on 12/21/2016 5:14:49 AM PST by rktman
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To: rktman

Press whores will ignore this story...

2 posted on 12/21/2016 5:18:08 AM PST by GOPJ (Anyone remember New York Times CRYBULLIES calling for 'moderation' when Obama was elected '08?)
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To: rktman

Hillary can’t complain that this info was released before the election.

3 posted on 12/21/2016 5:19:17 AM PST by Pearls Before Swine
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To: rktman

A House panel grilled FBI Director James Comey two days after he recommended against prosecuting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for an email server scandal. In the hearing, South Carolina Rep.

Trey Gowdy questioned Comey on the definition of intent and how Clinton could possibly evade punishment. ..."

Here’s a full transcript of the exchange:

Gowdy: Good morning, Director Comey.

Secretary Clinton said she never sent or received any classified information over her private e-mail, was that true?

Comey: Our investigation found that there was classified information sent.

Gowdy: It was not true?

Comey: That’s what I said.

Gowdy: OK. Well, I’m looking for a shorter answer so you and I are not here quite as long. Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails sent or received. Was that true?

Comey: That’s not true. There were a small number of portion markings on I think three of the documents.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said “I did not e-mail any classified information to anyone on my e-mail there was no classified material.” That is true?

Comey: There was classified information emailed.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton used one device, was that true?

Comey: She used multiple devices during the four years of her term as Secretary of State.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said all work related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true?

Comey: No. We found work related email, thousands, that were not returned.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said neither she or anyone else deleted work related emails from her personal account.

Comey: That’s a harder one to answer. We found traces of work related emails in — on devices or in space. Whether they were deleted or when a server was changed out something happened to them, there’s no doubt that the work related emails that were removed electronically from the email system.

Gowdy: Secretary Clinton said her lawyers read every one of the emails and were overly inclusive. Did her lawyers read the email content individually?

Comey: No.

Gowdy: Well, in the interest of time and because I have a plane to catch tomorrow afternoon, I’m not going to go through any more of the false statements but I am going to ask you to put on your old hat. Faults exculpatory statements are used for what?

Comey: Well, either for a substantive prosecution or evidence of intent in a criminal prosecution.

Gowdy: Exactly. Intent and consciousness of guilt, right?

Comey: That is right[]

Gowdy: Consciousness of guilt and intent?

In your old job you would prove intent as you referenced by showing the jury evidence of a complex scheme that was designed for the very purpose of concealing the public record and you would be arguing in addition to concealment the destruction that you and i just talked about or certainly the failure to preserve.

You would argue all of that under the heading of content. You would also — intent. You would also be arguing the pervasiveness of the scheme when it started, when it ended and the number of emails whether

They were originally classified or of classified under the heading of intent. You would also, probably, under common scheme or plan, argue the burn bags of daily calendar entries or the missing daily calendar entries as a common scheme or plan to conceal.

Two days ago, Director, you said a reasonable person in her position should have known a private email was no place to send and receive classified information. You’re right. An average person does know not to do that.

This is no average person. This is a former First Lady, a former United States senator, and a former Secretary of State that the president now contends is the most competent, qualified person to be president since Jefferson. He didn’t say that in ‘08 but says it now.

She affirmatively rejected efforts to give her a account, kept the private emails for almost two years and only turned them over to Congress because we found out she had a private email account.

So you have a rogue email system set up before she took the oath of office, thousands of what we now know to be classified emails, some of which were classified at the time. One of her more frequent email comrades was hacked and you don’t know whether or not she was.

And this scheme took place over a long period of time and resulted in the destruction of public records and yet you say there is insufficient evidence of intent. You say she was extremely careless, but not intentionally so.

You and I both know intent is really difficult to prove. Very rarely do defendants announce ‘On this date I intend to break this criminal code section. Just to put everyone on notice, I am going to break the law on this date.’

It never happens that way. You have to do it with circumstantial evidence or if you’re Congress and you realize how difficult it is prove, specific intent, you will form lathe a statute that allows for gross negligence.

My time is out but this is really important. You mentioned there’s no precedent for criminal prosecution. My fear is there still isn’t. There’s nothing to keep a future Secretary of State or President from this exact same email scheme or their staff.

And my real fear is this, what the chairman touched upon, this double track justice system that is rightly or wrongly perceived in this country. That if you are a private in the Army and email yourself classified information you will be kicked out.

But if you are Hillary Clinton, and you seek a promotion to Commander in Chief, you will not be. So what I hope you can do today is help the average person, the reasonable person you made reference to, the reasonable person understand why she appears to be treated differently than the rest of us would be. With that I would yield back.

(the source of this transcript is closed captioning)

4 posted on 12/21/2016 5:20:10 AM PST by ETL (On the road to America's recovery!)
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To: rktman
From CNN, July 2016...

This was not his first time investigating the Clintons [Comey]

Nor his second. The email server probe marked the third time Comey has investigated Bill or Hillary Clinton.

His first run-in came in the mid-1990s, when he joined the Senate Whitewater Committee as a deputy special counsel. There he dug into allegations that the Clintons took part in a fraud connected to a Arkansas real estate venture gone bust. No charges were ever brought against either Clinton..."

"In 2002, Comey, then a federal prosecutor, took over an investigation into President Bill Clinton's 2001 pardon of financier Marc Rich, who had been indicted on a laundry list of charges before fleeing the country . ..."

"The Whitewater controversy (also known as the Whitewater scandal, or simply Whitewater) began with investigations into the real estate investments of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates, Jim and Susan McDougal, in the Whitewater Development Corporation, a failed business venture in the 1970s and 1980s."

Whitewater Convictions

Jim Guy Tucker: Governor of Arkansas at the time, removed from office (fraud, 3 counts)

John Haley: attorney for Jim Guy Tucker (tax evasion)

William J. Marks, Sr.: Jim Guy Tucker's business partner (conspiracy)

Stephen Smith: former Governor Clinton aide (conspiracy to misapply funds). Bill Clinton pardoned.

Webster Hubbell: Clinton political supporter; Rose Law Firm partner (embezzlement, fraud)

Jim McDougal: banker, Clinton political supporter: (18 felonies, varied)

Susan McDougal: Clinton political supporter (multiple fraud). Bill Clinton pardoned.

David Hale: banker, self-proclaimed Clinton political supporter: (conspiracy, fraud)

Neal Ainley: Perry County Bank president (embezzled bank funds for Clinton campaign)

Chris Wade: Whitewater real estate broker (multiple loan fraud). Bill Clinton pardoned.

Larry Kuca: Madison real estate agent (multiple loan fraud)

Robert W. Palmer: Madison appraiser (conspiracy). Bill Clinton pardoned.

John Latham: Madison Bank CEO (bank fraud)

Eugene Fitzhugh: Whitewater defendant (multiple bribery)

Charles Matthews: Whitewater defendant (bribery)

Ultimately the Clintons were never charged, but 15 other persons were convicted of more than 40 crimes, including Bill Clinton's successor as Governor, who was removed from office.[40]


5 posted on 12/21/2016 5:20:59 AM PST by ETL (On the road to America's recovery!)
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The lack of security on the Hillary server was the intentional delivery courier of paid for secrets. Instead of actually walking the secrets on a disk to a buyer where that was clear evidence of espionage, she just lowered the security and let it be taken. Passive courier delivery agent is still an intentional act of espionage and playing ignorant, ms. clean-it-with-a-cloth, is not going to work.

6 posted on 12/21/2016 5:21:55 AM PST by USCG SimTech
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To: rktman

Oh so this wasn’t “hacked” prior to the election and vital info was kept from the American people which should have further cooked Mrs. Corruption’s goose. My my.

7 posted on 12/21/2016 5:22:29 AM PST by Williams (Stop tolerating the intolerant.)
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To: rktman

She may yet still be indicted, especially given her behavior and public comments post election...

8 posted on 12/21/2016 5:24:06 AM PST by Hotlanta Mike ('You can avoid reality, but you can't avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.")
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Makes you wonder whether Comey is a fixer for the Clintons...

9 posted on 12/21/2016 5:25:55 AM PST by Hotlanta Mike ('You can avoid reality, but you can't avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.")
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To: rktman

Funny how that can be misread as Hillary Clinton In an “exceptional grave.”

Had me thinking, that she had already passed and had designated something quite fancy for her final resting place. Imagining her mound of dirt is covered with cash - cold cash in lieu of flowers.

10 posted on 12/21/2016 5:26:32 AM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies ('45 will be the best ever.)
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To: Pearls Before Swine

She dare not complain at all. Her best course is to flee to dubai

11 posted on 12/21/2016 5:28:19 AM PST by bert (K.E.; N.P.; GOPc;WASP .... Macroagression melts snowflakes)
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Bump to come back to.

12 posted on 12/21/2016 5:28:39 AM PST by Freedom of Speech Wins
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To: Hotlanta Mike

I’m well past the “wondering” stage.

13 posted on 12/21/2016 5:28:59 AM PST by ETL (On the road to America's recovery!)
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14 posted on 12/21/2016 5:37:48 AM PST by Robert A Cook PE (I can only donate monthly, but socialists' ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: rktman

What that particular phrase means is the definition of TOP SECRET information, BTW.

15 posted on 12/21/2016 5:38:08 AM PST by Gaffer
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To: rktman

Indict her... Convict her... Imprison her for one day... Commute her sentence but let her CONVICTION stand... This is the ONLY fair stake that will end her lust for power and potential danger to this democratic republic.

16 posted on 12/21/2016 5:40:21 AM PST by RedEyeJack (What was the basis for the restriction?)
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To: Jane Long; GOPJ; RitaOK; DollyCali; Tennessee Nana; sickoflibs; TADSLOS; AuntB; jsanders2001; ...

The deluded inbred Clinton types acted like US ntl security and the safety and security of American was inconsequential.

“Mundane” matters like US ntl security didn’t make the A-list of “Things To Do Until Hillary Is In The Oval Office.”

They were too busy measuring the drapes for a (gag) Hillary presidency. .....and thinking up ways to feather their own nests.

There is something so intrinsically troubling about the self-absorbed mindset of the Clintonites....John Podesta, Jennifer Palmeri, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and the rest. Their concerns are limited by “I, my, me, mine.” They can’t see past their own needs and desires.

A truly fruity bunch. That they are still in our midst as we type is extremely worrisome.

17 posted on 12/21/2016 5:42:03 AM PST by Liz (W W W W W W w w w w w)
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To: rktman
Paragraph 21 of the affidavit states that the U.S. government concluded that the unauthorized disclosure of the 2,028 "confidential" emails could cause "damage" to national security, unauthorized disclosure of the 65 "secret" level emails could cause "serious damage" to national security, and unauthorized disclosure of the 22 "top secret" emails could cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security.

Thank goodness the Russians never hacked her server!

18 posted on 12/21/2016 5:43:54 AM PST by GreenHornet
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To: All
Hillary's campaign chair, John Podesta, needs to be under intense scrutiny.....he bears some responsibility for the Hillary team's shirking of duty.

(a) Podesta has carpel-tunnel syndrome, (b) several govt pensions, (c) is cashing scads of govt checks, (d) is a fixer for the rich and powerful.

Podesta has been close to power for years, effortlessly getting numerous top level, high-powered govt jobs, and he even controls the media.

Podesta got rich trading on insider info, and is paid off for his powerful positions, (a) receiving valuable stocks in a Russian-connected energy company. (b) the Saudi Royal Court paid the Podesta Group $200,000 for a month-long project to provide “public relations services”. (verified to date).


<><> Podesta chaired Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

<><> Podesta is 2016 Hillary Clinton's campaign Chair.

<><> Podesta was President Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff 1998-2001.

<><> Podesta owns the Podesta Group with his brother Tony, a major lobbying firm (has a website).

<><> Podesta is Chair of the Center for American Progress, a Washington DC-based think tank.

<><> Podesta headed Obama’s transition team in fall 2008.

<><> Podesta once served as Counselor to Obama.

<><> Podesta once worked at Hillary's State Dept.

<><> Podesta serves as the Clinton Foundation decision-maker.

<><> Podesta had been tapped for Hillary's COS, if elected.

<><> Podesta founded Progressive Media w/ CNN, HuffPo, MediaMatters, WaPo, Dem SPAC’s, etc.


Podesta as Clinton's COS.

Podesta as Counsellor to Obama.

Podesta as Hillary's campaign manager

19 posted on 12/21/2016 5:46:20 AM PST by Liz (W W W W W W w w w w w)
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Why can’t we have Gowdy for prez.. or something like doj? I have watched him and Cruz during the Benghazi inquiries and he is a master. Just listening to how fast his wheels turn is fascinating. Sessions is third runner up.

20 posted on 12/21/2016 5:46:37 AM PST by momincombatboots (Pray for Sky, 20, two gunshots to abdomen, college student, hostess, easy prey n transformed US)
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