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[George Will]:If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House
Washington Compost ^ | 29 April 2016 | George Will

Posted on 04/29/2016 8:41:16 PM PDT by Fractal Trader

Donald Trump’s damage to the Republican Party, although already extensive, has barely begun. Republican quislings will multiply, slinking into support of the most anti-conservative presidential aspirant in their party’s history. These collaborationists will render themselves ineligible to participate in the party’s reconstruction.

Ted Cruz’s announcement of his preferred running mate has enhanced the nomination process by giving voters pertinent information. They already know the only important thing about Trump’s choice: His running mate will be unqualified for high office because he or she will think Trump is qualified.

Hillary Clinton’s optimal running mate might be Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, a pro-labor populist whose selection would be balm for the bruised feelings of Bernie Sanders’s legions. Running mates rarely matter as electoral factors: In 2000, Al Gore got 43.2 percent of the North Carolina vote. In 2004, John Kerry, trying to improve upon Gore’s total there, ran with North Carolina Sen. John Edwards but received 43.6 percent. If, however, Brown were to help deliver Ohio for Clinton, the Republican path to 270 electoral votes would be narrower than a needle’s eye. [SNIP]

Trump would be the most unpopular nominee ever, unable to even come close to Mitt Romney’s insufficient support among women, minorities and young people. In losing disastrously, Trump probably would create down-ballot carnage sufficient to end even Republican control of the House. Ticket splitting is becoming rare in polarized America: In 2012, only 5.7 percent of voters supported a presidential candidate and a congressional candidate of opposite parties.

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To: bushwon

I truly think Rush isn’t far behind bitter old Georgie.

101 posted on 04/29/2016 9:28:26 PM PDT by Shortstop7
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To: lee martell

“George Will is going to will himself totally irrelevant by Convention time.”

Notice that all the voices that used to calm us unwashed masses (those that “do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community.”) with their wise soothing words into accepting that they knew what was best for us are now terrified that their voices are no longer being heeded. The elites can not stand that normal everyday patriots now have a chance of calling the shots again. It won’t be easy for us to gain the hill and it will be even more difficult to hold it but at least, finally, after many years, there is a steely determination that has been awakened that is no longer distracted by the liberal play book. I thank God for that.

102 posted on 04/29/2016 9:28:55 PM PDT by Shark24 (.)
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To: Shortstop7
What is the Establishment so worried about?

Think about it

What is Donald Trump most famous for?

The phrase “Your Fired!”

The American People live to watch Donald Trump point his finger say “YOUR FIRED!!!”

Washington is a town where no one is or even can be fired despite half the town being corrupt and incompetent and deserving to be fired

Thats why Washington is so terrified of Trump - he can to what no other American can do - fire the bums

Bush tried to fire a bunch of Clinton Era crooks and scumbags who were burrowing into the Government like locusts waiting for 7 years to re emerge and destroy the country under Hillary or Obama

Bush got reamed for this

When Trump points his finger and fires the Obama Era losers Americans will cheer Trump on.

The Democrats and Republicans have turned Washington into one big, surreal reality show Under Obama do its fitting that the King of Reality Shows, Donald Trump. Should step up, take charge and say “ your Fired”

103 posted on 04/29/2016 9:31:41 PM PDT by rdcbn ("If what has happened here is not treason, it is its first cousin." Zell Milleraere)
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King George is the epitome of the Crony GOPe—Establishment Elite trying to control the country.

Oh and I wonder who his wife (formerly working for GOPe Scott Walker) is working for now???

104 posted on 04/29/2016 9:32:03 PM PDT by Freedom56v2 (Election is about Liberty versus Tyranny and National Sovereignty versus Globalism!!)
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To: Fractal Trader
I think the old fart needs a Depends adult diaper.

Perhaps the entire republican Establishments needs outfitted with them.

Sure smells like it...

105 posted on 04/29/2016 9:33:59 PM PDT by W. (Screw it. Send in the Marines! NOW!)
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To: JennysCool

A whole bunch of crooked, corrupt and evil people who have been sucking the lifeblood out of Americans for generations ...

Trump is exposing the fact that these blood sucking parasites evidently are willing to see their host killed rather than letting go & dropping off.

106 posted on 04/29/2016 9:34:02 PM PDT by Qiviut (In Islam you have to die for Allah. The God I worship died for me. [Franklin Graham])
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To: Fractal Trader

Can you believe this guy?!?!

“. A convention’s sovereign duty is to choose a plausible nominee who has a reasonable chance to win, not to passively affirm the will of a mere plurality of voters recorded episodically in a protracted process.”

In other words, screw you primary voters who came out in record numbers to vote for Trump.

107 posted on 04/29/2016 9:34:53 PM PDT by Freedom56v2 (Election is about Liberty versus Tyranny and National Sovereignty versus Globalism!!)
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To: Byron_the_Aussie

wow...what a great pic...kind of sums it all up...she gets it for sure

108 posted on 04/29/2016 9:35:35 PM PDT by DEEP_e
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To: Beernoser
Good assessment...except for the Trump vulgarities comment. He is who he is. He won the South. He is winning evangelicals. They seem to be able to handle his 'vulgarities'. Despite what the MSM wants to tell you, Trump is winning the women's vote, educated, less educated...

No candidate has connected with the people like this since Reagan. Yes, it's odd. But our country is odd right now, lol.

109 posted on 04/29/2016 9:37:11 PM PDT by Shortstop7
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To: Beernoser
Your analysis is BS. The GOP party had strayed from its path and embraced globalism and military adventurism. These were historic Republican values. The base allowed that because they thought in time these new policies would produce world peace and prosperity.

We got neither.

The GOP base is returning to its roots and is rejecting the globalist and interventionist George Will mutation of the historic GOP party.

110 posted on 04/29/2016 9:38:06 PM PDT by Trumpinator ("Are you Batman?" the boy asked. "I am Batman," Trump said.)
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To: Fractal Trader
The GOPe is in full panic mode.

Yeah, but there are some "conservative leaders" who have crept so far out on the ledge that they can't find a way to come back.

They've developed a sort of cottage industry as NeverTrump commentators and writers.

They'll continue that and resist unification, and Trump even acknowledged that in California. But he also sort of dismissed it... which will infuriate them even more.

To think I once sort of admired George Will. To my credit, I always recognized Bill Kristol as a twit.

111 posted on 04/29/2016 9:38:10 PM PDT by TontoKowalski (You can call me "Dick.")
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Every time I see George Will he has a puss on him like he just smelled wicked crap,too bad it is not Permanent.

112 posted on 04/29/2016 9:38:26 PM PDT by samantha (keep up the fight....)
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To: The Continental Op
he (Will) may bring on total war, with Trump supporters attempting to turn out republicans up for election.

He's not that important. The only person George Will's nonsense will hurt is George. He'll join all the other RINOs no one listens to anymore in exile on PBS or MSNBC.

Come to think of it at this point Fox isn't much better.

113 posted on 04/29/2016 9:38:32 PM PDT by MaxFlint
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To: Beernoser

CORRECTION: The GOP party had strayed from its path and embraced globalism and military adventurism. These were historic anti-Republican values is what I wanted to write. The GOP was the pro tariff welding and non interventionist party.

114 posted on 04/29/2016 9:40:25 PM PDT by Trumpinator ("Are you Batman?" the boy asked. "I am Batman," Trump said.)
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To: BigEdLB

I’d go for deported. Sen. Will and Kristol to Saudi Arabia, where things are as they think they should be.

115 posted on 04/29/2016 9:41:02 PM PDT by Scott from the Left Coast
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To: MaxFlint

“He’s not that important.”

He is less than a mosquito. I’m not exaggerating. Pick any mosquito, George Will’s column will have less of an impact.

116 posted on 04/29/2016 9:41:21 PM PDT by TTFX
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To: magna carta
Yes, "conservative" now means a lying cheating candidate, open borders, resettlement of millions of Syrian, Somali and Sudanese Muslims into the USA; an immediate increase in H1B workers (the STEM, good jobs) by 500,000; TPA, TPP which finish the job of moving all our jobs offshore and the ones that can't be moved can then be filled by Chinese and Indians; conservative means the end of SOVEREIGNTY for the USA with the coming of Ted and Heidi's NORTH AMERICAN UNION; conservative means no more budgets, just OMNIBUS SPENDING BILLS, with Republicans giving the president, as it just did Obama, trillions of dollars to make every liberal fantasy come true. Oh, and conservative means OBAMACARE, because Cruz, McConnell, Priebus and every Republican in 2014 VOWED to repeal Obamacare if the voter gave the GOP the Senate. We gave them the senate; we still have Obamacare and in worse shape than it ever was.

THIS is what "conservative" means now to the self-identified conservatives.

Totally secure borders, rebuilding the military, not letting Muslims in, supporting the 2nd amendment, take care of wounded warriors, repeal Obamacare, stop Iran from getting the Nuke; void the Obama treaty with Iran, finish off ISIS fast and final---the positions of Trump---the conservatives now say are NOT conservative.

Let me make it simple: This year and for the forseeable future, the elections are about GLOBALISM versus PATRIOTISM. With no borders, no constitution, we have no country. Patriots must stand for the only patriot running, Donald J. Trump. Cruz is a Bush/Romney Globalist, selling out our jobs, security and sovereignty to crony capitalists and leaving the rest of us living in 3rd world conditions, while THEY, the ELITE, live like the top 1/10th of 1%.

GLOBALISM or PATRIOTISM? Freedom and sovereignty, or a corrupt Washington Political Class living off of our money.

117 posted on 04/29/2016 9:42:47 PM PDT by gg188 (Ted Cruz, R - Goldman Sachs)
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To: TontoKowalski
To my credit, I always recognized Bill Kristol as a twit.

I hope you have other credits :-)

118 posted on 04/29/2016 9:43:06 PM PDT by dr_lew
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To: Fractal Trader


119 posted on 04/29/2016 9:45:28 PM PDT by Chaguito
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To: rdcbn; All
Well, that makes some sense. But DC people shouldn't be terrified of Trump firing Obama era losers from the last 7 years.

George Will, Kristol, Lowry and others shouldn't even be terrified of Trump cleaning out the leftovers from the Clinton Era.

The fear in DC goes much deeper than that. There is no way in the world this is all about Obama or Bush.

Has to be the 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' thing going on in DC...between both parties...and the DC pundits are in on it...all at the expense of the American taxpayers.

120 posted on 04/29/2016 9:45:35 PM PDT by Shortstop7
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