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Classified Hillary e-mail contained embassy security issues, sensitive diplomatic discussions
Hotair ^ | 08/25/2015 | Ed Morrissey

Posted on 08/25/2015 7:10:54 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

We already got a hint of this last week, when Fox News identified some of the subject matter in now-redacted e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s secret server — the part of the cache she shared, anyway. Two of the e-mails that got retroactively classified dealt with security issues in Benghazi and military intelligence on Libyan troop movements. The classification codes on those redactions from State suggest that, despite Hillary’s disclaimers, those materials were classified at the time those e-mails were sent.

The Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood took a deeper look at the redactions from State, and discovered that these were no fluke. The redactions involve high-level diplomatic discussions, embassy security issues, and even one about the travels of Jim Webb, who is now her opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination. Furthermore, Westwood notes that Hillary wrote some of those e-mails herself:

Despite her campaign’s claims that Clinton was simply a “passive recipient” of classified information, a review of her emails indicates she wrote messages that are now classified.

For example, in July 2009, she discussed relations with Russia and Afghanistan with then-Deputy Secretary William Burns in an email that has been partially classified. She also discussed her travel plans with Burns over the private network.

Another exchange drips with irony. Eric Boswell ended up as a scapegoat for the failure of State to adequately protect the consulate in Benghazi, thanks in large part to the so-called Accountability Review Board that magically decided that no one at the political appointment level should be accountable for this failure. Boswell had raised security issues at other embassies in a meeting three years earlier, raising the kind of vulnerabilities that State would not want out in public. And yet, Huma Abedin passed them along through an unencrypted, unsecured server to Hillary:

Huma Abedin, Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff, forwarded a summary of a high-level Sept. 2009 meeting to Clinton in which she detailed the “embassy security issues” that were discussed.

The issues had been raised by Eric Boswell, a diplomatic security official who was later forced to resign in the wake of the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi.

Here’s the classification note added to the page under the redactions:


Declassification dates are set for 10 years after material is first classified. The e-mail was created and sent by Daniel Smith to Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan on September 21, 2009, and forwarded two minutes later by Abedin to Hillary Clinton. The declassify date of 9/21/2019 shows that State considered this information classified at that time — as well it should, since it disclosed embassy security gaps and vulnerabilities. Only an idiot would send something like that in the open, and yet that’s exactly what happened.

The exchange noted by Westwood where Hillary sent classified data is perhaps a bit more comical. Now-retired Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns sent Hillary an e-mail with data that was classified during the review of her cache. Burns apparently sent it on a web-based e-mail service, because the footer has an ad for Free Credit Report. An Excellent Credit Score is 750. See Yours in Just 2 Easy Steps! Clearly, this is not a secure method of communications, and yet Hillary replies to it while also tossing in sensitive information, now classified, as an afterthought at the end of the reply.

There is no other way to describe this than willful disregard of laws and protocols pertaining to national security protections. The materials exposed here might be more sensitive and potentially dangerous than some of the Wikileaks material exposed by Bradley Manning, especially for diplomatic security. And yet, Hillary Clinton wants to run for the office which carries the ultimate responsibility for enforcing those laws and securing the nation’s sensitive data.

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1 posted on 08/25/2015 7:10:54 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind


2 posted on 08/25/2015 7:13:54 AM PDT by seawolf101
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To: seawolf101

Huma takes the fall. Kills herself ala Vince Foster.

3 posted on 08/25/2015 7:16:03 AM PDT by massgopguy (I owe everything to George Bailey)
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To: All

Hillary’s top aides-—Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills-—used their privileged tax-paid positions at the State Dept to cash-in-—they romped all over the State Dept looking for money-making opportunities it was their private playground.

Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon details how Cheryl Mills, another one of Hillary Clinton’s longtime underlings, apparently collected a paycheck from New York University at the same time she was serving as Chief of Staff of the State Department.

According to the article: After joining the State Department in the beginning of 2009, Mills continued to serve as general counsel for New York University for several months. She also sat on the board of the “NYU in Abu Dhabi Corporation,” the fundraising arm for the university’s UAE satellite campus. The school is bankrolled by the Abu Dhabi government and has been criticized by NYU professors and human rights activists for alleged labor abuses.

The UAE is a major funder of the Clinton Foundation, on whose board Mills sat. The article quotes NLPC Chairman Ken Boehm:

“Federal of conflict interest statutes are very strict, and they want to ensure that federal employees, especially very senior special employees like Cheryl Mills, do not have any conflicts of interest in any matter that they have a hand in,” said Boehm. “Given her position, the dual position of counselor and chief of staff, presumably she would have access to almost any decision of importance that came out of the State Department.”


<><> Mills rejoined the board of the Clinton Foundation in 2013, after Hillary exited State.

<><> Mills currently runs the BlackIvy Group, a consulting firm that focuses on dirt-poor Sub-Saharan Africa.





<><> Did Hillary’s State Dept grant Cheryl Mill’s BlackIvy Group tax monies?

<><> did any of the Sub-Sahara groups receive foreign aid grants from Hillary’s State dept?

<><>Did any of the Sub-Sahara countries listed below donate to the Clinton Foundation

<><> Did Mill’s BlackIvy Group donate to The Clinton Foundation?

<><> Did the Clinton Foundation partner w/ BlackIvy Group in sub-Sahara projects?

SUB SAHARAN AFRICA—— African Union Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Cameroon Congo (Brazzaville) Congo (DRC-Kinshasa) Ethiopia Ghana Guinea Ivory Coast Kenya Lesotho Madagascar Malawi Mauritius Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Rwanda Senegal Sierra Leone South Africa Swaziland Tanzania Togo Uganda Zambia.

NOTE: Sub-Sahara Africans are streaming into the US at an alarming rate-—calculatedly being located in states to give Dems a voting bloc. All of it being subsidized by struggling US taxpayers.

4 posted on 08/25/2015 7:16:19 AM PDT by Liz
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To: SeekAndFind

Screamin here,folks this is the tip only
There is a 2nd server

5 posted on 08/25/2015 7:17:06 AM PDT by advertising guy (some things never change......Bill Cosby just offered Ashley Madison a drink)
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To: All

A shady aspect of top Hillary aide, Huma Abdein’s, unusual State Department career: she founded a private company called “Zain Endeavors LLC” eleven days before she left Hillary’s employ (named for her infant son).......

BGRND Abedin worked as a full-time staffer to Hillary Clinton January 2009-June 2012; she was then given a “special government employee” designation designed to allow individuals who fill “an unmet government need for rare or unique expertise” to retain their private-sector positions while receiving compensation from the government.

Judiciary Chair, Sen Charles Grassley, has been pressing the State Department to answer questions over Abedin’s lucrative govt job arrangement. Grassley wrote in a June 13 letter, “It appears that Teneo Strategies may have been compensating Ms. Abedin for gathering information from government sources for the purpose of informing investment decisions of her consulting clients - or in other words, political intelligence.

Sen Grassley observed: “This raises important questions about whether Abedin’s dual role was adequately disclosed to government officials who may have provided her information without realizing that she was being paid by private investors to gather information.”

Grassley’s letter recounted:

<><> Abedin allegedly sent or received more than 7,000 emails on her US government account that involved Teneo’s Doug Band, a close confidante and travel companion of the globe-trotting, buck-raking Bill Clinton;

<><> one email exchange involved Teneo’s Doug Band pressuring Abedin to encourage her State Department boss, Hillary Clinton, to facilitate a White House appointment for one of his clients. Judith Rodin, then-president of the Rockefeller Foundation, “donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation,” Mr. Band allegedly noted in his email to Ms. Abedin.

<><> email evidence allegedly suggests that Ms. Abedin and another Hillary aide, Cheryl Mills, colluded to find a way to ensure the US govt paid for Ms. Abedin’s travel to and from New York.”

<><> Abedin apparently falsifed govt financial documents to get $33,000 tax dollars for paid State Department leave she said she hadn’t used.

<><> yet, multiple allegations received by Grassley’s Judiciary Committee indicated Abedin had actually taken leave during her time as a govt employee, casting doubt on whether Abedin should have received $33,000 in taxpayer money.

<><> allegations surfaced that the State Dept personnel rule was quietly bent to permit Abedin to collect her government paycheck while wielding her influence to the benefit of her other employers.

<><> Hillary Clinton jetted to Ireland with Abedin at her side for her last official trip before exiting the State Dept, during which Hillary attended an event hosted by a major Clinton Foundation donor that had been promoted by Teneo (for which Abedin then-served as a “consultant”)

<><> Abedin’s special employment status gave her heavy influence over Hillary Clinton’s State Dept daily schedule and travel plans at the same time Abedin served as a senior adviser at Teneo, and performed other duties at the Clinton Foundation.

<><> Abedin using information about Hillary’s travel schedule in discussions w/ her clients, could be a serious breach of US ntl security, since even the calendar amd travel plans of the Secy of State is considered classified information.

<><> Abedin was among several key aides to Hillary Clinton that hosted email accounts on a private server in the 2016 presidential candidate’s Chappaqua, New York home, in violation of federal records laws.

<><> Abedin is currently vice-chair of Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign committee.

6 posted on 08/25/2015 7:18:18 AM PDT by Liz
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To: SeekAndFind

Criminal negligence? Involuntary manslaughter?
Nope. Criminal and tax laws only apply to us peasants.

7 posted on 08/25/2015 7:19:35 AM PDT by tumblindice (America's founding fathers: all armed conservatives.)
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To: massgopguy

With rug fibers and all?

8 posted on 08/25/2015 7:20:19 AM PDT by ExTexasRedhead
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To: massgopguy
Huma takes the fall. Kills herself ala Vince Foster.

As soon as it becomes apparent to her that Hillary is setting her up for the fall, I think Huma will flee to the Middle East.

9 posted on 08/25/2015 7:23:30 AM PDT by GreenHornet
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To: SeekAndFind

She’s burned.
I checked the links.
All but one worked.

10 posted on 08/25/2015 7:29:08 AM PDT by onyx (PLEASE Support FR - GO MONTHLY - Join CLUB 300 - God bless FR's Donors!)
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To: advertising guy

Of course there is. How can Hill continue to show her face? More importantly, how can anyone show up to hear more lies?

11 posted on 08/25/2015 7:35:39 AM PDT by sarasota
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To: GreenHornet

Huma has already lawyered up.

12 posted on 08/25/2015 7:36:43 AM PDT by sarasota
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To: sarasota

so, how do you think Anthony Weiner is gonna like living in Saudi Arabia?

13 posted on 08/25/2015 7:38:51 AM PDT by Buckeye McFrog
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To: Buckeye McFrog
so, how do you think Anthony Weiner is gonna like living in Saudi Arabia?

The way they treat women and children?

He'll love it!

14 posted on 08/25/2015 7:42:13 AM PDT by null and void (Send them all back!)
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To: sarasota

Just imagine the families receiving their loved ones at the airport hanger in flag draped caskets

15 posted on 08/25/2015 7:43:27 AM PDT by advertising guy (some things never change......Bill Cosby just offered Ashley Madison a drink)
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To: Liz

The Dept of Homeland Security claims Hillary Clinton’s server and email production was never compliant with the 2010 requirement to, every 30 days, turn over to them the vulnerabilities and configuration of her devices and server.

It is becoming a pile on! The DHS enforced this 2010 requirement as an answer to the obvious and increasing risks of hacking our secrets. Hillary is ultimately responsible for this concealment of her own computer, but it is getting no coverage.

They must be building a devastating case against her to break later, and to break her campaign in a hurry up fashion. She has to be DONE with all this becoming known even to the “little people”— us.

16 posted on 08/25/2015 7:47:40 AM PDT by RitaOK ( VIVA CRISTO REY / Public education is the farm team for more Marxists coming)
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To: SeekAndFind

Look at Hillary’s campaign events.

Does she look like she’s on fire to be President?

She looks like someone going through the paces.

She is still running a campaign so that she can brand every investigation into her actions as “political”.

Hillary is a lawyer. She knows what the penalties could be for her actions.

She’s fighting a delaying action to stall and save money.

Make her spend a lot of her money and see what will happen.

Where’s that HUGE Hillary campaign machine?

She’s old and sick and scared of the consequences of her actions.

17 posted on 08/25/2015 7:59:31 AM PDT by blueunicorn6 ("A crack shot and a good dancer")
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To: SeekAndFind

jail. she should be in it.

espionage. she should be charged with it.

18 posted on 08/25/2015 8:20:20 AM PDT by sten (fighting tyranny never goes out of style)
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To: RitaOK
...with all this becoming known even to the “little people”— us.

I think that is why they have to do the drip-drip-drip of leaks concerning Hillary's malfeasance, possibly Biden candidacy, praising Joe, etc.

In a similar way, this is why there is zero show of support from the 0bama Regime for Hillary. They have to get Hillary's supporters accustomed to the idea that she may not be the nominee.

In doing so, they have to present the case, via leaks at first, laying out her paranoid secrecy, national security recklessness, arrogance and her general gross stupidity as evidenced by getting caught.

Slick Willie she ain't

19 posted on 08/25/2015 8:26:05 AM PDT by citizen (America is-or was-The Great Melting Pot. JEB won't even speak American in his own home. NO Bush!!)
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To: blueunicorn6

‘She is still running a campaign so that she can brand every investigation into her actions as “political”.’

Nailed it

20 posted on 08/25/2015 8:51:16 AM PDT by ReaganGeneration2
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