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Edward R. Murrow brought Herbert Marcuse to the US to Corrupt 3 Generations of College Classrooms
American Thinker ^ | May 10, 2009 | James Simpson

Posted on 08/02/2014 9:10:52 PM PDT by CharlesOConnell

Hate Crime Legislation - Back Door to Censorship

By James Simpson
An extension of the Hate Crimes law recently passed the House of Representatives which will essentially codify into national law the "speech codes" that are smothering academic freedom on college campuses today. This law is the back door method Obama and his fellow socialists will use to stifle free speech in this country, as explained in an informative article by Jerry Kane at American Daughter.

To heck with the "Fairness Doctrine." Who needs to limit censorship to the airwaves? This legislation will silence anyone who disagrees with them.

Hate crimes legislation has its roots in the communist-inspired, so-called Frankfurt School founded in Frankfurt, Germany by Bolsheviks in the 1920s. Its goal was to implement communism in the West quietly by gradually subverting popular culture -- a movement known as Cultural Marxism. One of its leading lights, Herbert Marcuse, opined that the prevailing Western social order is repressive by definition and discriminates against minorities simply by existing.

This creates a phenomenon he called "repressive tolerance" because even though other views are allowed within Western culture -- you know, by that insignificant little old thing called the First Amendment -- the Capitalist view is still permitted. It goes without saying that Marcuse considered that to be unacceptable.

Instead, he proposed what he called "partisan tolerance," i.e. tolerating the views of those "repressed minorities" only -- who Marcuse assumes share his partisan hatred for everything noncommunist -- while actively muzzling the views of the majority.

So now we have a word for Democrats' eye-popping hypocrisy when they wrap themselves in the mantle of free speech while simultaneously attempting to suppress non-Leftist ideas. We have a word for the Left's double standard in championing "repressed minorities" only when those minorities share their politics, while savaging principled, accomplished minorities like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell or Janice Rogers Brown. We have an explanation for why so many college campuses, supposedly the society's heart of open-minded intellectual inquiry, actively, even violently intimidate conservative speakers -- when they let them onto campus at all.

They have been practicing "partisan tolerance." That is, tolerance of the extreme Left and virulent intolerance of anything else.

Marcuse, among other Frankfurt School advocates, was brought to the U.S. in the 1930s by Edward R. Murrow who at the time headed a program to resettle intellectuals facing Nazi repression. According to Wikipedia, Marcuse worked at the OSS, the State Department and taught at Columbia, Harvard and Brandeis. Now doesn't that tell you something? He has been called the "Father of the New Left" and inspired many of the 1960s' young radicals, who now have tenured teaching positions at colleges throughout the U.S. It is easy to see his Frankfurt School influence in university speech codes - indeed it is largely the reason they exist.

In fact the New School, currently run by former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, counts the Frankfurt School as one of its main influences. Barack Obama has an indirect connection to the school, in that his father was offered a scholarship there. According to Wikipedia:

In the early 1960s, the New School offered the father of the US President, Barack Obama, a generous scholarship package that would have paid for his immediate family (including wife Ann Dunham and son, the future President; then residents of Hawaii) to join him in New York City, where he would complete his PhD. He declined and instead abandoned his family and departed for Harvard University, where he had a less-generous scholarship with no family allowance.

The Frankfurt School was dedicated to the destruction of the West. One of its founders, Willi Munzenberg, stated explicitly that its goal was to:

...organise the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilisation stink [sic]. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.

According to an article by Timothy Matthews in Catholic Insight, key strategies to achieve this goal were:

1.  The creation of racism offences.
2.  Continual change to create confusion.
3.  The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
4.  The undermining of schools' and teachers' authority.
5.  Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6.  The promotion of excessive drinking.
7.  Emptying of churches.
8.  An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime.
9.  Dependency on the state or state benefits.
10. Control and dumbing down of media.
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

Munzenberg stated flatly, "We will make the West so corrupt it stinks."

Today, his mission appears to have been largely accomplished. Assisted by American public education advocates, Frankfurt School proponents aggressively worked their way into our public education system to the point that today their priorities virtually define it. Their influence explains most of today's sick popular culture.

So this is the last piece in the Manufactured Crisis puzzle. It seems apparent that "Hate Crimes" legislation is the vehicle by which free speech will be permanently silenced in America. And after that, the thugs will be firmly in charge.

You need look no further for proof that Marcuse's "cultural Marxists" are in charge in Washington now. Since it is their intention to destroy this country, intellectual appeals to them will fall on deaf ears. The only recourse is to lobby Senate Republicans and those few remaining Democrats with a shred of integrity, if indeed there are any.

We are witnessing the death of our country.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: communism; cultural; frankfurt; school

Neo-Stalinist Media Megalopoly

If there were a devil, he would want to be unknown, in fact, his anonymity would be essential for him to further his purpose.

The news media have become an unregulated supra-governmental force, without checks and balances required for a functioning democratic republic to continue. The truth about their activities is hidden behind a tissue of illusion, like wheels within wheels, because if their great power to obfuscate and spin delusions were publicized, it would fail.

It’s essential for the news media to achieve their purpose, that they blend into the background, in fact, achieve invisibility. A succinct, accurate label for the media is needed, toward the goal of neutralizing the consciousness-limiting effects of newspeak.

Neo-Stalinist Media Megalopoly is a term very dense, if not obscure, but I need to use it to convey a lot of background.

Neo-Stalinist refers to the fact that historical dictatorships have regarded achieving absolute control of their media image as key to regulating their subjects’ thought patterns, their most important long-term goal after taking the essential, more immediate step of the liquidating the intelligentsia and the priests.

The rulers of a megalopoly are the undisputed dominant elite of an all-inclusive, inescapable geographic domain–a hegemony beyond the furthest that anyone can run or hide. Consider the adamantine resolve of the population-controllers and sexual-radicals that no nation, people or group shall escape compulsory, abortion-on-demand.

The current reign of disinformation has exceeded the wildest dreams of Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

The American media are poised to escape their slavish obedience to the current administration, and take their place as our undisputed masters. They only temporarily lack the coherence to achieve this, but they have all the instruments of control already within their grasp.

The criterion of success:

American media consumers–Joe People Magazine and Sally Entertainment Tonight–must never suspect that their opinions are carefully and completely programmed.

Subjects of the old Soviet Union knew the official press was completely regulated and filled with lies, but they still paid attention to its pronouncements because hidden between the lines in Pravda, there were messages regarding underground currents and trends in the politics of the ruling elite.

No such wrinkle is allowed to disturb the surface of the Neo-Stalinist Media Megaloply’s “news” offerings.

“…they were either politicians or reporters, which, of course, comes to the same thing.” – Ford Madox Ford, “The Good Soldier

Among the disinformational elite, the graduates of Columbia Journalism School and other top training institutions, the holy grail of journalistic achievement is to make or break governments. An example of this type of thing, a difference of degree rather than kind, is [an unnamed intelligence service]’s involvement in the downfall of [an unnamed] government in the 1970s. (Intelligence services and news media actually have a large overlap in operations.)

This list of successful American media coups is short but significant:

Perhaps most remarkable among the true superlatives of American history—richest-ever nation, most freedom, millions still want to come here—is the fact that the American media have achieved the most successful regime of thought-control in world history, unmatched in the wildest dreams of the great dictators.

It’s all so big, they just haven’t yet figured out what to do with it.

A disgraced Catholic Priest, who prefers not to be mentioned, once remarked that in the dregs of society where there is no room for illusions—among the drug addicts and prostitutes—there is no doubt that the devil is real.

1 posted on 08/02/2014 9:10:52 PM PDT by CharlesOConnell
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To: CharlesOConnell

I wonder why so many are expatriating?

2 posted on 08/02/2014 9:14:24 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself.)
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To: CharlesOConnell
All very interesting, but why is this being posted now? It mentions a law that "recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives," but this occurred in 2009.

Is there a peg to recent events that was omitted?

3 posted on 08/02/2014 9:38:37 PM PDT by SamuraiScot
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To: CharlesOConnell

Edward R. Murrow was a commie. He was also a pathological liar. His real name was actually Egbert. He also lied about his age to get a job at Columbia (now CBS). His fellow criminal traitor, Fred Friendly also was a liar. His real name was Ferdinand Wachenheimer. These two evil men, along with their treasonous boss, William Paley, used the power of a leftist media to tarnish the reputation of War Hero and Patriot Senator Joseph McCarthy. But history now shows that Senator McCarthy was absolutely right about the commie menace. Murrow, Wachenheimer, Paley and the latter era fifth columnists, Dan Rather and Scott Pelley, are wrong.

4 posted on 08/02/2014 9:44:48 PM PDT by re_nortex (DP - that's what I like about Texas)
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To: CharlesOConnell

bump for later

5 posted on 08/02/2014 10:16:31 PM PDT by Albion Wilde ("The commenters are plenty but the thinkers are few." -- Walid Shoebat)
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To: SamuraiScot
To: CharlesOConnell
All very interesting, but why is this being posted now? It mentions a law that "recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives," but this occurred in 2009.

Is there a peg to recent events that was omitted?

3 posted on 8/2/2014, 9:38:37 PM by SamuraiScot


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The Media Controls What America Sees ^ | August 2, 2014 | Terry Paulson

To: CharlesOConnell
It was Murrow who brought to this country, Herbert Marcuse of the heretical branch of Marxism, the Frankfurt School (cultural communism). Marcuse was architect of the radicalization of three generations of American college classrooms.

I'd like to know more about this, as it was my impression that it was Roosevelt's administration that installed the Frankfurt School in American universities (including Fromm, Adorno, and Maslow). Got a source?

18 posted on 8/2/2014, 10:00:20 AM by Carry_Okie (Grovelnator Shwarzenkaiser: fasionable fascism one charade at a time.)


6 posted on 08/02/2014 10:23:56 PM PDT by CharlesOConnell (CharlesOConnell)
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To: CharlesOConnell


7 posted on 08/02/2014 10:32:54 PM PDT by TChad (The Obamacare motto: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.)
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