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Posting the address of for those FReepers who can no longer stomach FR

Posted on 07/10/2012 2:39:24 PM PDT by Jim Robinson

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To: Jim Robinson; rogue yam
Moles/trolls are zot on sight.

YeeHaw! 'Bout damn time you zotted that pest!

101 posted on 07/10/2012 3:54:11 PM PDT by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)
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To: Ronin

I registered my FR screen name there to prevent the very thing that happened to you.

102 posted on 07/10/2012 3:57:08 PM PDT by Rebelbase (The most transparent administration ever is clear as mud.)
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To: MountainDad; Jim Robinson

God bless and keep you and your precious family, dearest MountainDad.

You’re right, there’s no other forum, like FR. We pray together for one another and for our family members and for our brave troops, and we pray faithfully and sincerely from our hearts. We truly believe there is no greater power on God’s earth than prayer and we’ve seen His miracles and His abundant blessings.

I f folks are more at home on the web elsewhere, then don’t go ehad and leave, but please LEAVE and don’t come back or bother tracking, monitoring or slamming and lying about us.

Just get LOST and do their own thing. Get help for obsessions about us and the wonderful forum they left behind or were forced to leave behind by very bad behavior.

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To: Williams

There are a few pro-choice Republicans who recognize that while they find themselves outside the party’s mainstream, the rest of their values are coherent with the party, so they remain. They are wise if they keep their pro-choice sentiments to themselves in polite Republican company.

Analagously, there can be some pro-Romney Conservatives on FR. They aren’t in the mainstream. They oughtn’t consume JR’s valuable realestate, goodwill and electrons with opinions offensive to the host and many / most thorough conservatives. That’s an argument best taken elsewhere.

We’ll all bumble through this election finding our common ground of Conservatism where we can. Some can support Mitt. Some cannot. I’m with the latter. I understand the former.

I just can’t vote for my next Socialist Slavemaster (see RomneyCare.)

104 posted on 07/10/2012 3:58:37 PM PDT by Uncle Miltie (Individual Liberty, R.I.P, 6/28/2012)
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To: cripplecreek

“I’m not voting for Romney.”

Your choice, of course, and I can respect that...a ‘not voting for Romney’ is at least half a vote for Obama, any way you slice it. PERIOD. :)

105 posted on 07/10/2012 4:02:53 PM PDT by GGpaX4DumpedTea (I am a Tea Party descendant...steeped in the Constitutional Republic given to us by the Founders.)
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To: APatientMan

I am opposed to any attempt to expel Romney supporters from this website. I think we should look beyond this election and it remains my hope that, after Romney loses in November, we will all be able to unify around common goals.

Most of the Romney supporters are good people and, when the election is behind us, will try to reconcile themselves to conservative values. I hear them say that they are so terrified of the future that they honestly believe Romney can and will protect them. They sincerely believe that they need Mitt Romney.

Most of them seem like good people and I think they deserve our patience.
I think we should try to encourage them to learn to take care of themselves rather than to seek comfort in the illusory promise of protection from a liberal presidential candidate. They really just need more self-confidence right now. After the election, they will learn that they can survive without Mitt Romney.

106 posted on 07/10/2012 4:04:26 PM PDT by Tau Food (Tom Hoefling for President - 2012)
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To: Windflier
Having missed Rush' pontification today, I'd suggest he was talking to the leftwingtards and not us.

BTW, his theory that you can ever go to the middle is totally wrong.

There is no middle. The political array is that of a bi-modal saddle with a thin fringe surrounding the two major nodes. After all, human beings are three and four dimensional critters. That simplistic left right thing that started on one side with hereditary kings and ended up on the other side with nomadic hunter-gatherers, just doesn't describe the modern world ~ besides that was put together by Frenchies to provide safe seating for members of Parliament.

What a mistake.

Romney and the Mittbots, the GOP-e, the Texas Republican Party, and hundreds of other political groups in rough orbit near the Republican party are simply factions in a coalition. Free Republic is a different sort of faction since, in reality, it is a coalition of disparate elements who would not normally be found in the same place most of the time. This is thanks to the genius of the founders and the long term supporters who think its better to counsel together than to set fire to paper bags filled with dog doodoo sitting on the neighbor's porch!

We could even get together with Romney if he was able to get out of that isolation box he put himself into so long ago. At the moment he is a lost cause!

107 posted on 07/10/2012 4:06:05 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: JRandomFreeper
and I get jumped for 'helping to elect Obama'.

Lots of us in that boat, Johnny.

108 posted on 07/10/2012 4:08:13 PM PDT by j_tull (Massachusetts once lead the American Revolution. Under Mitt Romney, it lead the demise.)
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To: Jim Robinson

My heart , loyalty and fidelity belong to FR and all the nice folks here ,,,, nuff said !!!

109 posted on 07/10/2012 4:08:29 PM PDT by Lionheartusa1 (-: Socialism is the equal distribution of misery :-)
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To: Rebelbase

Good idea! Now, unfortunately, I have my screen name in the “Stats” section until someone else registers....

110 posted on 07/10/2012 4:11:26 PM PDT by Cyber Liberty (Obama considers the Third World morally superior to the United States.)
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To: Rebelbase

Too late for that, I guess. Nor do I have the time or energy to go around registering at all the places that dislike FR just to keep them from using my screen name.

I’ll just assume, as I do, that the people who matter know darn good and well that I am not the author of whatever is posted over there.

111 posted on 07/10/2012 4:11:33 PM PDT by Ronin (Dumb, dependent and Democrat is no way to go through life - Rep. L. Gohmert, Tex)
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To: j_tull
It just happened again, on another thread. I'll be glad when the crazy season is over.


112 posted on 07/10/2012 4:12:25 PM PDT by JRandomFreeper (Gone Galt)
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To: GSWarrior; Jim Robinson; John Robinson
One of the best things about FR is the sheer simplicity of reading the site. I don't have to negotiate frames, avatars, intrusive sidebars, screened text, etc.

I agree. There is no other site where I participate in commentary, although I read articles in a few other places. FR was my introduction to life online (found a link from, and I have been completely ruined for any other software.

113 posted on 07/10/2012 4:13:48 PM PDT by Tax-chick (And I'm like, "So we die. Whatever.")
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To: Jim Robinson

Thanks JR, but I’ll stick around here ;)
Went to that site a couple of months back (a link in one of the threads here) and had to shower to wash all of the slime off :/

114 posted on 07/10/2012 4:16:04 PM PDT by Bikkuri (Choose, a communist, socialist or Patriot)
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To: Jim Robinson

Blue Rinos..that sounds about right, true?

115 posted on 07/10/2012 4:17:01 PM PDT by Leep (Enemy of the StatistI)
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To: Jim Robinson

I looked. I even created an account to see what it was about.

Don’t have an account there any more.

Glad to be here and see no reason to go anywhere else.

God bless you and keep up the good work, Jim.

116 posted on 07/10/2012 4:17:31 PM PDT by AZ .44 MAG (If there were three candidates - Romney, Øbama, and Satan, Øbama would come in third.)
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To: Jim Robinson
I had never heard of those folks before now, but now that I have, FK them and their progressive, liberal, and socialist B/S. Screw the whole damn “can't we all just get along” line of shit. By definition this country is a Constitutionally guided REPUBLIC and the Constitution is NOT a living document. (SNORT) assh*les. find another country to live in, try Hugo Chavez's Utopia.
117 posted on 07/10/2012 4:18:00 PM PDT by mongo141 (Revolution ver. 2.0, just a matter of when, not a matter of if!)
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To: Tax-chick; jenbean; John Robinson; Jim Robinson
I introduced my new wife of 2 years to FR in 2010. She has it as her default home page and Drudge. There is NOTHING that compares to FR when you need a quick look-see on news around the world. NOTHING. In fact, when I was in MIOBC, MICCC, CI school in Fort Huachuca, my fellow officers would always ask where and how I got such good OSINT so quick.


Literally, I was minutes to even hours before we heard news on commercial TV/radio stations. FR even beat SIPERNET Board on many issues.

118 posted on 07/10/2012 4:20:14 PM PDT by DCBryan1 (I'll take over the Mormon over the Moron any day!)
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To: Jim Robinson
No one appreciates moles. Filthy animals.

Love that line!
119 posted on 07/10/2012 4:22:13 PM PDT by SoConPubbie (Mitt and Obama: They're the same poison, just a different potency.)
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To: cripplecreek

I suddenly feel calm and at peace.

120 posted on 07/10/2012 4:22:58 PM PDT by Leep (Enemy of the StatistI)
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