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To: JediJones

I’ll relist CD 4 according to the voter guide:


CD 4 (Vote for 4)

Wingert, Lisa [ROMNEY]

Gerow, Charlie [GINGRICH]

Hoffman, Eric [GINGRICH]

Gillispie, Marilyn (2008 delegate) [SANTORUM]

Roberts, Elizabeth [PAUL]

Zentmeyer, Deborah [ROMNEY]


Wingert, Kenneth (2004 delegate) [ROMNEY]

Keys, Deborah [ROMNEY]

Brown, Emily [GINGRICH]

Matthias, G [SANTORUM]



Stewart, Dick (2008 delegate) [UNCOMMITTED, LONGTIME RNC MEMBER]

Doller, Suzanne (2008 alternate) [UNCOMMITTED, LIKES PRO-LIFE CANDIDATES]

Bair, Barbara [NO RESPONSE]

Parsley, Thomas [NO RESPONSE]



4 posted on 04/20/2012 9:26:16 PM PDT by JediJones (From the makers of Romney, Bloomberg/Schwarzenegger 2016. Because the GOP can never go too far left.)
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To: JediJones

On April 24th 2012
If Santorum is on your primary ballot
Vote for the man and his delegates who fought it
Not for the man who brought it
OBMACARE is a 1.76 Trillion $ Hydra
A 9 headed Serpent whose heads must be decapitated all at once with a Firebrand otherwise they grow back and devour everything in sight
by L.J .Keslin /
Note this article will print out on 1 page at 60% setting
While the ex governor of the only state with mandatory state run health insurance (which is in trouble ) was busy buying up state primary elections Of the three GOP candidates remaining opposing him only one man, Sen Rick Santorum, had the courage to take on a what they call a third rail of the heads on that 9 headed snake called obamacare.. and Santorum had his character asassinated for it... Rick has been pummeled from both sides Called , a women hater ,, a religious nut, and ..a one trick pony. Santorum spends an hour discussing oil and the economy then 10 seconds comenting about pornography but guess what MSM and Santorum detractors will talk about... certainly not ,what’s really in the 1.76 trillion dolllar wonder called Obamacare ,,...!;

Population control,.Death panels., Private presidential armys..requiring US to pay for birth control pills and abortions and all that goes in those 2400 pages of rules, laws,and regulations and with it. cost, 1.76 trillion and rising ..

To pay off a 16 trillion dollar national debt at $16.00 a second would take 31,668 years*. .. Not including interest.There is no way to “fix” Obamacare..Part of that debt is a 1.7 trillion dollar secret Xmas eve gift that was delivered in March 09 that must be returned by someone determined to do so not just exchanged .I’ts doubtfull the man in the Etch a Sketch suit will do it. Mitt has yet to explain how his “Romneycare “is working” A trillion seconds of time =31668 years

Two groups late in the last century led in Eugenic development. The Nazis and the Communists. Few know or remember how the Nazis began. First citing “health risk” “nicht rauchen” baning cigarette smoking, Then terminating Down Syndrome children, and then on to mentally defective children and adults,. then on to besides murdering opponents, races. All done to make the German Reich healthy and last a thousand years

. So you go to the MSM (Main Stream Media) the so called “gate keepers” for information about these things and you find closed gates .. The sorcerers in the media magically reduce a 2000 page Hydra , a Greek legendary nine headed venomous serpent that must be slain by a firebrand ,and morph it into the mourning after pill and a “womans health care issue.”

The “gatekeepers” never tell you that Obamacare bill creators and the Amish are exempt from being in Obamacare. The drafters are on record actually calling it population control and demanding Catholic bishops support it.* Their statements are out there .But not mentioned by the so called gate-keepers but by the AM the alternate media, meaning radio talk shows like Limbaugh’s and websites like Britebart’s Government . Places Obama wants to shut down and will once re-elected *Joel Pollak Britebart Government .

When Santorum talks about freedom he warns women surrender their rights when they buy into this monstrosity . That is what’s in Obamacare which is deceptively titled “The Affordable Health Care Act” .Yet Obamacom tzars who hail from that foreign land, the deep swamp of Acadamica are all preaching the utopian wonders of Eugenics. Why it’s the final solution (remember him ?) population control. Which is part of the Obamacare package.

Fortunately Santorum has not shyed away from this issue miss characterized as only a social issued. It is both a social and financial issue $ 1.75 trillion is in no way a minor expenditure. One of this hydra heads Population control affects US from the cradle to the grave. .but Santorum can not speakout and act against this despicable movement ? Particularly when that is being shoved on religious groups by the Demo-Coms . Especially when they are ignoring constitutional rights...

Private job creation projects rejected by the socialists controlling new demo-com party should send a signal to the Republican bleeding heart establishment . “Bi-partisanship” doesn’t exist with the socialists who have taken over the democrat party and to the GOP leading presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mr Romney should start realizing Obama is a “socialist”.. Everyone including the monthly liberal magazine Newsweek knows he is but Mr Romney just can’t seem to get around to saying it . Preventing an iron mine in Wisconsin for a desperate area in need of jobs or preventing the Keystone pipeline transfering oil from Canada to American refineries decisions which would have provided employment to thousands and reduced gas prices. was not on the new demo-com agenda.which has taken over. Common good is not their concern but their welfare is.. not ours .
Thank You

5 posted on 04/20/2012 9:49:21 PM PDT by mosesdapoet (The best way to punish a - country is let professors run it. Fredrick the Great p/p)
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To: JediJones

Thanks for the post. I’m in the reformulated PA4. This is a very important service. BTTT.

11 posted on 04/20/2012 10:21:19 PM PDT by PA Engineer (Time to beat the swords of government tyranny into the plowshares of freedom.)
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To: JediJones; All

This is the best update I have found, and there is an email address for even later updates.. HOPE this helps...

A Message for PA Voters!

Vote for Newt on Tuesday and vote for the delegates that have political goals and views that are most closely aligned with Newt. Most of all, the delegates that you vote for must be publicly willing to support and fight for Newt (I’ve listed some of these delegates in PA Districts below, but this is a working list). There are many candidates who are undeclared, so if you... don’t know whether they are willing to consider Newt, you are NOT obliged to vote for them. You are NOT even obliged to vote for more than one delegate on Tuesday. I will send an updated list on the delegates in a few days.

If you would like to write me, please contact me at: with the subject line heading: “NEWT”. I believe in the American people and that’s why I’m writing you today. Please join me in defending our conservative principles, please be WITH Newt. Thank you.

PA Delegates
4th District: Charlie Gerow
Eric Hoffman
8th District: John Merritt
12th District: Stephen Laporta
14th District: Joshua Wander
15th District: Michael Metrick
18th District Charles Steeber - Spot 1

Combining all the info together, we have this list:

PA Delegates

1st District:

2nd District:

3rd District:

4th District: Charlie Gerow; Eric Hoffman

5th District:

6th District: Schroder, Curt (State Rep.)

7th District:

8th District: John Merritt; McCabe, Daniel; Puig, Ana

9th District:

10th District:

11th District:

12th District: Stephen Laporta

13th District:

14th District: Joshua Wander

15th District: Michael Metrick

16th District:

17th District:

18th District Charles Steeber - Spot 1

Still Need Districts: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 17

Please update as you find more info, and I will also...

24 posted on 04/22/2012 10:55:16 AM PDT by true believer forever (GO NEWT! On to Tampa - hang tight - we can do this!!)
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