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To: Lazlo in PA

Which part of the Regime? Obama and the Dems or the GOP establishment? In terms of “up the sleeve”, if this latest story proves true then Cain has to be the biggest horse’s behind of 21st century politics. After the demise of both Dems and Republicans in recent years concerning a multitidue of sexual adventures, how could anyone running for President in 2011 believe they could keep this kind of stuff under wraps? Whether it is a lover scorned or political enemies, this stuff always comes to the surface. This is a list from just the past 5 years and I’m sure I’ve missed some:

David Wu (D-OR)
Anthony Weiner (D-NY)
Chris Lee, Representative (R-NY)
Mark Souder, (R-IN)
Eric Massa (D-NY)
Chip Pickering, (R-MS)
John Ensign Senator (R-NV)
John Edwards, Senator (D-NC)
Vito Fossella, Representative (R-NY)
Tim Mahoney, Representative (D-FL)
David Vitter, Senator (R-LA)
Larry Craig, Senator (R-ID)
Mark Foley, Representative (R-FL)

25 posted on 11/28/2011 3:29:39 PM PST by littleharbour
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To: littleharbour

Maybe he never really thought he would go anywhere. He may have been planning on selling a lot of books, getting a bunch of name recognition, and adding to the debate. Then a funny thing happened.

68 posted on 11/28/2011 3:48:14 PM PST by Hugin ("Most time a man'll tell you his bad intentions if you listen and let yourself hear"--Open Range)
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To: littleharbour

Eliot Spitzer D (NY)

272 posted on 11/28/2011 10:46:19 PM PST by presently no screen name (If it's not in God's Word, don't pass it off as truth! That's satan's job)
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To: littleharbour
What about their liberal idols JFK, and Bill Clinton who are known to have done much worse, and who most importantly had political views that were bad for America, and it's people. Not to mention the career politician establishment candidate, Gingrich, who's in the lead is admittedly guilty of these things, but his inconsistent political history, and status quo pro-illegal immigration stance, and personal insult to Conservative Republicans on this out of control political issue that's literally destroying our nation is why he doesn't deserve to be supported over a real Conservative outsider who is better on Conservative political issues, and would simply make a tremendously better President, Herman Cain.

This is just a bunch of irrelevant crap, that has no political value. These things don't change Herman Cain's political stances that have been the best of our nominees. This doesn't change the career establishment politicians like Gingrich's who taken a soft pro-amnesty illegal immigration policy that is completely unacceptable by real Conservatives, and called alternatives to his crap plan “inhumane”.

Lets talk about these liberal histories, and the unpopular illegal immigration issues of establishment Republicans who just continue, election after election, to defy us on this issue. They will not side with American citizens over the illegal immigrant no matter what. It's just perplexing, arrogant, anti-American, and completely unacceptable. It must stop at some point. It has to end for the sake of our nations survival.

Establishment Republicans have always been eager to crumble, and submit to the desire of liberal democrats, but they have backbone and courage when it comes to fighting the Conservatives in their Republican party who they despise more than the liberal democrats they have more in common with. Conservative Republicans have been sickened for years with the spineless establishment who must be constantly pressured just to delay their inevitable capitulation.

Us Conservatives have already showed that the liberal Democrats, and unprincipled career establishment politicians in our party, cannot just manipulate and control us like puppets when it comes to who we support, or don't support, with tactics that have no relevance to the political stances of the candidates. They want nothing to do with that. They don't won't to get involved with the actual political issues, and actions they would take as President, because those are losing issues for them.

They just throw one unproven personal issue out there after another thinking several unsubstantiated lies add up to something. You can't keep adding zero's together and expect to eventually get something other than a zero out of it. In fact their biased slander should be putting them in the hole. It's just ridiculous at this point, and should be rally points for donations, and volunteer work for the Cain campaign.

Herman Cain's sound standing in the polls have shown they haven't been the effective puppet masters they use to be, who can bypass the most serious issues for the personal destruction of a Conservative, and not have to compare differences on the issues to the public who they know will mostly reject their side. It's the majority that consider themselves Conservatives, and who want a Conservative like Cain, and who will not act like the cowards in our parties leadership. We are those Conservative Republicans who will not be controlled by the liberal media, who will jump at any accusation made by anyone on Conservatives like Herman Cain, without any proof. It's turning on them now that people have alternatives to get the real story. That's why Cain's State polling numbers are holding up, and it's why people are getting sick of the hypocrisy, and continuous lie the liberal media makes about being unbiased. Can they not see we have all the news now, and we know what they report, and what they decide is not news worthy if it hurts their political views, and candidates?

Herman Cain has made it clear he's not giving up, and his supporters have made it clear they are not going to be manipulated or persuaded, by liberals who care nothing about our views or interest. They see us as enemies just like those establishment Republicans who share that view with liberal democrats, and have nothing beneficial or good for the Conservatives in the party who don't obey the leadership who dictates which candidate can be supported, and which candidate can not be supported.

They will show they have the spine for retaliation against those who ignore party seniority, and support the Conservative Republican newcomer, that they lack when facing democrats. Conservative Republicans aren't the establishment Republicans who will fold that easily when being told a candidate is not acceptable to support. We have what they don't have when facing liberals, but have plenty of when facing TEA party Conservative Republican politicians who don't walk the line, which is a spine. We also have something they have never had, and never will, Conservative principle.

Herman Cain is making the right move by not discussing these issues anymore than he wants. He will talk political issues, and how they compare to the other candidates instead of making the mistake of others who let their enemies dictate what's talked about when nothing they say can change that person's view, or stop the same questions be asked. They are interested in nothing more than destroying them, along with the hope of their superior Conservative stances being heard, and hurting the morale of their supporters. You reply the way you want, and then you go right back to telling the people what you will do as President, and how it will be different, and better, for the nation than the other candidates.

Herman Cain is scaring these people who thought they would have already had him out of the way by this time. He's showing great poise in not letting his campaign turn into nothing more than what the liberals want it to be, and has vowed to stick to the issues. He's showing a lot more resilience than he was suppose to, and so are those supporting him who aren't blind to the liberal ploy, and aren't going to play into their anti-Conservative attempt to shift Conservative support with their interference. That's why we are sticking with Cain for his Conservatism in defiance of these out of control hypocrites who dare to pretend they are unbiased.

I am going to visit Cain's website right now to donate $50, because I'm not going to only not allow their ridiculous ploy to work on me, but I'm going to go do the opposite of what they want me to do. I'm going to help Cain's campaign, and I am going to go after them for ignoring all the actual political issues, in their hysterical opposition, and obvious fear of the Conservative Herman Cain.

Cain Attacked by Accuser; Will Not Stop His Effort to Renew America

Donate Now

Newest Cain Accuser Has History of Financial Trouble

299 posted on 11/29/2011 3:08:29 AM PST by ThermoNuclearWarrior (Support Herman Cain in the Republican Primary! Donate and Campaign for Herman Cain!)
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