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To: af_vet_rr; onyx; penelopesire; maggief; hoosiermama; SE Mom; Fred Nerks; Red Steel; seekthetruth; ..
This is our reality. If this amateur isn't a narcississtic sociopath, he sure gives a good impersonation of one.

Given all we've learned since Sunday, and the rumors (and they're just rumors: that the O was overridden by Panetta and Clinton on this operation) how stunning is it that -- at probably THE MOST momentous event of his term -- our CIC, commander of our ENTIRE military, leader of the free world, for the takedown of our #1 enemy, had to be DRAGGED off the golf course to engage in his most vital duty ?

See Post #3 above.

Still in golf jacket


Mon May 02 09:50am EDT
The admittedly slight connection of Osama bin Laden and golf

By Jay Busbee

Yes, the connection between Osama bin Laden and golf is a tenuous one indeed. But this is a momentous day, so we figured we'd give you the chance to open up on something other than whether Tiger Woods is coming back or not.

On one hand, you've got President Obama, who golfed Sunday morning, apparently for the fifth weekend in a row. The president cut short his round after nine holes, about two hours before the bin Laden raid took place.

Good thing; that's not the kind of news you want to get while out on the course or relaxing at the 19th hole grill. (Naturally, Obama will be criticized for golfing five weekends in a row, but after nailing bin Laden, the guy probably ought to get comped a round at Augusta.)

On the other end of matters, the compound in which bin Laden was "holed up" -- and oh, there will be a few questions about that, as this certainly doesn't seem to be a cave -- was just a couple miles from the Abottabad Golf Club, as you can see in the diagram above. (The purported location of the compound is the "A" flag.) It's highly unlikely that bin Laden got out for a quick round on the links, of course.

So there you go. Vent your thoughts on this historic day right here, and we'll be back to the golfing business in just a bit.


President Obama golfed hours before Osama bin Laden attack

The President’s greatest day in the White House began in of all places a golf course. Barack Obama spent the early part of Sunday golfing, just hours before he gave the go ahead for a small team of Navy Seals to kill terror mastermind Osama bin Laden. The ASSOCICATED PRESS reports the sporting Commander in Chief had to leave the fairway early to work on the end of Osama.

The president spent part of the day on the golf course, but cut his round short to return to the White House for a meeting where he and top national security aides reviewed final preparations for the raid.


Lord help us, please! And BTW .. on all these weekly golf outings, how do we know who he's meeting and with whom he's conspiring .. on his secured crackberry or in person ?? .

21 posted on 05/04/2011 12:47:31 PM PDT by STARWISE (The overlords are in place .. we are a nation under siege .. pray, go Galt & hunker down)
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22 posted on 05/04/2011 12:51:16 PM PDT by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! (Allen West 2012 Make it happen!)
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I’d like to give the Zero a permanent golf schedule so we can get
a REAL president in the white house!

24 posted on 05/04/2011 1:00:14 PM PDT by luvie (GOP? You need to fight like a GIRL!!~~Sarah Palin)
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To: STARWISE; penelopesire; maggief; hoosiermama

STAR, we pray, because we KNOW this regime is all a show of lies. DRIP. DRIP, DRIP, but maybe. just maybe, some of the media are starting to come to a tiny fraction of their American roots.

Satan is powerful but God is ALMIGHTY.


27 posted on 05/04/2011 1:23:38 PM PDT by onyx (If you truly support Sarah Palin and want to be on her busy ping list, let me know!)
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When the news broke on OBL and the 'preliminary' details were released, personally, I felt something was seriously amiss.

Here we have the most anti- American President in the history of this nation, authorizing, what could be described as a completely American action; that is: raiding and killing one of the most wanted/hated beings on the planet. Does.Not. add up, since all we have seen and witnessed for the past three years is a complete rejection of American ideals and of true Americans overall.

Still, some have been more than willing to give 'Kudos' to the imposter in the WH because....the right decision was made. But it was not made by the imposter in chief. I would almost bet my life on that.

The ba*tard in the WH despises Americans and despises the American military...In other words: he despises 'us'.

Considering the evidence from the past three years, it is more than likely someone stepped up to the plate and told this traitor how this was going to go down and unless he agreed, certain things were going to be revealed.

No way should we believe that the marxist/muslim had a wit to do with the decision on Sunday. He was absolutely compelled to sign the 'kill' order; by someone.

Our men/guys are in great danger now with all the stories surfacing and they will be thrown "under the bus" if it becomes politically expedient

With all these observations, do you (we) really want to give the benefit of doubt to this:

28 posted on 05/04/2011 1:54:46 PM PDT by Outlaw Woman ("...; because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee,... "Hosea 4:6)
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