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The Cult of B. Hussein Obama ^ | 02/15/08 | Bill Keller

Posted on 02/26/2008 11:10:30 PM PST by DarthVader

The Cult of B. Hussein Obama

(2 Peter 2:1, Lamentations 2:14, Jeremiah 14:14, Matthew 24:24)

NO WE CAN'T! The cult of B. Hussein Obama. Remember I told you there would be a revival in this nation this year. Well, before we see a true spiritual revival that will bring millions to faith in Christ and help lead this nation back to God and Biblical values, there is going to be a "faux revival" led by the latest preacher of false hope, B. Hussein Obama. Obama is running for the Democratic Party's nomination to try and become the next President of the United States. He is preaching a gospel of change and hope. Thousands are flocking to his campaign rallies and becoming emotionally charged as this "political evangelist" preaches about hope and change. The problem is he is a false prophet and no true follower of Christ can follow or support this "false messiah of hope and change!"

Very troubling to me has been watching the "revival-like" atmosphere surrounding B. Hussein Obama's campaign for the Presidency. Like all false prophets, it is a false gospel with lots of smoke and mirrors. I think people would be troubled to know that the flowery rhetoric flowing from Obama isn't coming from his heart, but from a 26-year-old white man named Jon Favreau. Favreau is the author of those flowery and dynamic hope and change messages you hear, not B. Hussein Obama. Obama has even had some input from legendary JFK speechwriter Ted Sorensen who is now 79.

Want another interesting fact about B. Hussein Obama. As someone who has done live TV every night for 5 yrs, if you watch Obama, he only gives those stirring hope and change speeches when he has a teleprompter so he can READ HIS LINES! This man is a complete fraud! When he is without a teleprompter, he resorts back to his typical stump speech on the issues. This "false messiah" of hope so many are clinging to, isn't even the author of his message of false hope and is incapable of delivering those passionate speeches without a teleprompter!

Before I get any further into this Devotional today, sadly I have to stop and address something I have already been accused of just by announcing I would be dealing with Obama today. Anyone who has ready my Devotionals knows that I am not in any way shape or form a racist. You need to go my Devotional archives on the website and search for the Devotionals I have written on racism. The fact is, half of the Board of my Ministry are African-American men. Of the 2.4 million subscribers to the Daily Devotional, there are Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, people of every race in all parts of the world.

In the first 3 years of my ministry when I preached in over 500 churches around the country, I mainly started out preaching in black churches in Chicago where I was based, through doors opened by the men on my Board. One of my dearest friends is the legendary civil rights leader Dr. Clay Evans of Fellowship Baptist Church in Chicago. Dr. Evans has always referred to me as his "white son." He honored me by letting me preach his broadcast service from the "Ship" as it is known on several occasions, one of the only white preachers to have done so.

What I am sharing about Obama today has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. It has everything to do with his stand on the spiritual issues of our day and the fact he takes stands in complete opposition to the Bible and God! That is why a true follower of Christ can't support B. Hussein Obama. You don't need to look any further than his stand on abortion. Forget his weasel rhetoric. The FACT is, B. Hussein Obama supports a woman's right to kill her baby. Obama supports the legalized slaughter of babies. There is really nothing more a true follower of Christ needs to know about this man. But that is not all. B. Hussein Obama also supports redefining God's Holy Institution of Marriage to include people who choose to engage in deviant sexual acts with others of the same sex. How can a true follower of Christ support a man who wants to change God's definition of this most holy union of marriage?

What is most troubling to me is that B. Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian. Only God knows his heart, but Jesus said, "If you love me, you will obey me," not live in rebellion to me. If B. Hussein Obama is truly a follower of Christ, how can he vote to support the legalized slaughter of babies and the redefining of God's Holy Institution of Marriage? Let me dispel an Internet rumor. Obama is NOT a Muslim. However, he did grow up in Muslim culture. Your life experiences shape who you are, so while not being a Muslim, he is no doubt sympathetic to the issues Muslims face.

Let me be blunt. Islam is a false religion of hate and death, a 1400 year old lie dreamed up by a murdering pedophile named Mohammed. They have a very real goal of destroying this nation and all who live here who refuse to convert to their false religion. While those who seek to make Islam more acceptable and mainstream talk about peace, the fact is, ALL Muslims are guided by the same book of fantasies Mohammed inspired, the Qu'ran. Their book clearly calls for the DEATH of all infidels, and that means all Christians and anyone else who won't convert. They routinely execute Christians in other parts of the world, and would do so here in a heartbeat if they could get away with it. While B. Hussein Obama is NOT a Muslim, due to his life experiences, he is clearly sympathetic to Muslims, the ones who want to see this nation destroyed and all who live here who won't convert to their false religion dead!

B. Hussein Obama is part of this new movement I have warned you about, the Religious Left. In case you have been sleeping, there is a new group of people in our nation who call themselves the "religious left." This is a relatively new term so you may not be familiar with it. That is why I felt it was so critical to take the time today to insure you not only understood what it means, but who actually makes up this new group of people. Forty years ago, this group didn't even exist. They have actually evolved and grown tremendously over the past decade.

The "religious left" is made up of people who identify themselves as Christians and hold strong religious beliefs as well as sharing left-wing ideals. Obviously, this group has risen up in opposition to those who have been tagged the "religious right" or the "Christian right." The "Christian right" is that group of Bible-believing Christians who are politically active and seek to elect to office those candidates who hold to Biblical values on the key spiritual issues of our day that are also political issues.

These would be issues like abortion and life related matters, gay marriage, family issues, the proliferation of the pornography industry, and the drive to remove God from the public square. Those in the "religious left" actually take an anti-Biblical position on these issues and are also heavily involved in the ecumenical movement, environmental issues, opposing war for any reason, world hunger, and social issues like healthcare, welfare, and education.

Interesting that B. Hussein Obama's first bill as a United States Senator was a world hunger relief bill that they are trying to ramrod through as we speak. This would force the United States to pay apx. $900 billion MORE than we already spend on world hunger. While we have to do our best to feed the hungry, I guess Obama never read where Jesus said, "The poor you will have with you always."

There is nothing wrong with pursuing these noble social issues, Believers should be more involved on those fronts. The problem with this group is their anti-Biblical position on the key spiritual issues of our day and their involvement in these ecumenical movements that require you to set aside the Absolute Truths of the Bible. However, they support the legalized slaughter of babies, redefining marriage to include men with men and women with women, perverting the family by brining children into homes with homosexual parents, and embrace ecumenical fellowships with all of the cults and false religions of the world. They deny the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, have rejected God's Word for the Absolute Truth it represents, and have bought into the lie of the world that there are "many roads that lead to God." These are the people who make up the "religious left!"

B. Hussein Obama's church is the liberal Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, pastored by the racist Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Wright preaches a message of black separatism and is a racist in every sense of the word. The UCC is one of the most liberal denominations there is. They ordain practicing homosexuals, support slaughtering babies, and preach the social Gospel of the religious left, having abandoned the inspiration of the Word and preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The queen of the New Age witches, Oprah, also calls Trinity UCC her church.

A modern day foe of God, Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is ordained thru this liberal and ungodly denomination. Lynn has made it his life's work to try and silence and destroy true works of God, and last year came after Liveprayer for my stand on satanic cult member Mitt Romney, by trying to get the IRS to take away our tax-exempt status. His efforts failed because we did nothing wrong. The fact is, Lynn has tried to get the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of over 70 churches and ministries over the years, and has failed to be successful even once!

I love you and care about you so much. Revival is currently sweeping the land, however, it is not the spiritual revival that will be coming very soon. This current revival is a political one that has transcended into an emotional charged movement of false hope and promises. The leader of this cult-like movement is B. Hussein Obama. He is no more the next savior of this nation than I am the next great heart surgeon, and I hate blood! I am not even going to talk about his inexperience and the great peril all Americans will be in with this "child" at the helm in today's complex and dangerous world of terror and global economics. I'm not even going to talk about the fact he is the most liberal of the 50 United States Senators and what his Presidency would do to this nation. I am most concerned with people who know the Lord getting caught up in and becoming part of this movement of hype and false hope.

My friend, the only true hope is Jesus. The only true answers are found in the Word of God. God gave us in black and white in the Bible, specifically how to deal with all of the issues in our lives and in this world. More troubling than anything is that Obama won't even speak in specifics, only flowery platitudes. Once you tear away the hype, the smoke and mirrors, all you are left with is empty rhetoric that inspires people and makes them feel good, but leads them nowhere. However, it is empty since it doesn't give them any real direction. Hope is the greatest gift one person can give to another, however, if that hope is in anything else but the Lord and His Word it is false hope.

What we do know about B. Hussein Obama is that he supports the slaughtering of innocent babies and trying to redefine God's Holy Institution of Marriage to include those who choose to engage in deviant forms of sex. Both positions clearly in rebellion to the Lord and to the Bible. Obama, like each follower of Christ has to heed the words of Jesus and decide which master he is going to serve. You can only serve one. I am challenging you today to decide who YOU are going to follow, B. Hussein Obama, the most recent false messiah, or Jesus Christ, the true Messiah!!!

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The unadulterated spiritual truth about the Obamination. Have fun with it, Freepers.
1 posted on 02/26/2008 11:10:32 PM PST by DarthVader
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To: DarthVader
2 posted on 02/26/2008 11:12:45 PM PST by Squidpup ("Fight the Good Fight")
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To: DarthVader
Let me dispel an Internet rumor. Obama is NOT a Muslim.

Let me dispell the lie: Baraq Husayn ibn Mahomet is an APOSTATE Muslim. As such, he will be the first US President with a Fatwah upon his head.

3 posted on 02/26/2008 11:19:10 PM PST by Old Sarge (CTHULHU '08 - I won't settle for a lesser evil any longer!)
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To: DarthVader
What a croc.

The cult is an army of burger flippers. No sarcasm there. No joke.

It is an army of all kids in their first job, bottom of wage earners, anyone earning less than enough to pay income taxes.

I only looked at a couple of pages of his ObaManifesto. But it was easy to see what is going on.

He is the first politician I have ever seen reference the "payroll tax" as a target of tax rebates.

Do not be foolish enough to slough off his income tax cuts for the poorest. "He's talking about people who don't pay income taxes as it is."

Baloney. His $500 or $1000 cuts would be on the first $1000 of "payroll tax."

Every teenie bopper earning a buck pays Social Security. This is where his army comes from. Everyone with a part time job going to school.

Of course, it would never pass Congress, but it will do him well in the general election.

This won't come up until after the national conventions when the general election campaign begins. In the meantime, Hussein the COMMUNEity organizer has his cannon fodder army on the front lines.


4 posted on 02/26/2008 11:34:45 PM PST by bruinbirdman ("Those who control language control minds. - Ayn Rand")
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To: DarthVader

I’ll give the devil his due.... Obama is an inspiring speaker. He knows how to get the young folks fired up. Never mind that they don’t know what they’re getting fired up over. Never mind that probably half of them are stoned on pot. That is beside the point. The question is whether or not they will turn out for him at the polls in November. Me? I couldn’t say. I wish I knew. I also wish I knew how many Republicans were crossing over to vote for him out of spite for Hillary. I know there are some, I just don’t know how many.

5 posted on 02/26/2008 11:40:37 PM PST by squidly
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To: DarthVader
The Trinity United Church of Christ, headed by Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, was founded on the teachings of Black Liberation Theology, a Marxist ideology that incorporates racist concepts.

It was Pope Benedict XVI who fought the infiltration of Marxists promoting Liberation Theology in the church. In "Liberation Theology" he wrote:

"...where the Marxist ideology of liberation had been consistently applied, a total lack of freedom had developed, whose horrors were now laid bare before the eyes of the entire world. Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes not divine, but demonic."

Obama concept of “change” without specifics is a red flag that says deception. His deception hides the communists behind the scenes in the Shadow Party that David Horrowitz has described in his book, The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party. Marxist change has been carefully hidden from the ignorant masses supporting Bo Obama (I call him “Bo” after Heaven’s Gate founder Marshall Herff Applewhite).

Thank you for your good research. It is interesting how the Obama’s have adopted the spiritual tone of a cult leader. They are appealing to a voter without religion who is hungry for spirituality even if that spirituality is a fraudulent manipulation. These are the same type of people that Jim Jones persuaded to take that trip to Jonestown, Guyana. These are the same New Age cultist, Marshall Appelwhite and Justin Spaid, who convinced their followers of Heaven’s Gate to take a walk down the Santa Monica Pier to catch a ride on the mother ship.

If "Bo" is elected, America will have taken the suicide pill that our grandchildren will suffer from mightily. In tonight's debate "Bo" said his biggest mistake was voting to help save Terri Schiavo. "Bo" Obama is now sounding like Hitler. In 1941 Hitler's Ufa, the Nazi film agency used Liebeniener's film Ich klage an! (I Accuse) to convince the German people that it was essential to eliminate "all worthless lives." This euthanasia program was directed at handicapped and mentally ill children and adults. It is estimated that 70,000 German citizens were euthanized in mental institutions and killing centers.

The idea that keeping seriously ill or "worthless" people alive as against the basic principles of nature, paved the way for the ultimate euthanasia program: the genocide of the Jewish people.

6 posted on 02/26/2008 11:45:39 PM PST by jonrick46
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To: DarthVader

“A modern day foe of God, Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is ordained thru this liberal and ungodly denomination.”

Barry Lynn has caused true Christians so much heartache. Under the guise of protecting faith, he has worked tirelessly to drive it from the public square and make this a godless country, like those of Europe.

I did not know he was ordained through Obama’s denomination.

7 posted on 02/26/2008 11:52:39 PM PST by I still care ("Remember... for it is the doom of men that they forget" - Merlin, from Excalibur)
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To: DarthVader

No blood for foreign oil... but blood for “change” and “wars on poverty” at home on the rich American.

This is the hypocrisy of an incestuous pedophile left.

Obama plays good cop, Hillary bad cop, and their army is one of betrayal.

8 posted on 02/27/2008 12:20:25 AM PST by JudgemAll (control freaks, their world & their problem with my gun and my protecting my private party)
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To: DarthVader

and I might add that Obama and Hillary’s message is: “all you poor who think you own your rich, all your rich are belong to me”.

9 posted on 02/27/2008 12:22:39 AM PST by JudgemAll (control freaks, their world & their problem with my gun and my protecting my private party)
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To: DarthVader


10 posted on 02/27/2008 12:24:02 AM PST by GOP Poet
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To: DarthVader

"For who now is your father if it is not me? I am the well spring, from which you flow. When I am gone, you will have never been. What would your world be, without me?"

11 posted on 02/27/2008 12:31:15 AM PST by Names Ash Housewares
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To: Names Ash Housewares

I will contemplate this on the “Tree of Woe”.

12 posted on 02/27/2008 12:59:44 AM PST by The Duke (I have met the enemy, and he is named 'Apathy'!)
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To: DarthVader

John McCain disavows the title of this thread. It’s just not fair.

13 posted on 02/27/2008 1:02:50 AM PST by Lancey Howard
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To: jonrick46

God bless Pope Benedict XVI, I love my German shepherd!

14 posted on 02/27/2008 1:11:25 AM PST by informavoracious ("Help me, Obama-Wan Kenyabi, you're my only hope!")
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To: DarthVader

15 posted on 02/27/2008 1:22:48 AM PST by Lancey Howard
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To: bruinbirdman
And that army of burger flippers, many of whom grew up with either no religious background or a social-justice-earth-goddess-kumbaya bastardization of Christianity, would follow this seductive man into the mosque with nary a second thought, collecting paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.

"Let me dispell the lie: Baraq Husayn ibn Mahomet is an APOSTATE Muslim. As such, he will be the first US President with a Fatwah upon his head"

Dream on. Obama has the support of American and foreign Moslems, who will run a guilt trip on him as soon as he is in office pressuring him to return to ISLAM, just like they do with Americanized Moslems who return to their native lands. There is a lot of money flowing into the Obama campaign and it's not coming from college kids. Wouldn't surprise me if the Saudi's et al Quaeda were funneling money in for the cause. As for the burger flippers, all religions are equally valid, right? Isn't that what they've been taught?

Wake up, peeps.

16 posted on 02/27/2008 1:24:55 AM PST by informavoracious ("Help me, Obama-Wan Kenyabi, you're my only hope!")
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To: Old Sarge
Good Morning Sarge, could I get your view on the following profession of faith from Obama?

"I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life. But most importantly, I believe in the example that Jesus set by feeding the hungry and healing the sick and always prioritizing the least of these over the powerful. I didn't 'fall out in church' as they say, but there was a very strong awakening in me of the importance of these issues in my life. I didn't want to walk alone on this journey. Accepting Jesus Christ in my life has been a powerful guide for my conduct and my values and my ideals."
- Barack Obama, 23 Jan 2008 in Christianity Today

I'm not sure but I think I've been p*ssing people off by citing the above quote, but if Obama has at any time in his past been a follower of Islam be it by choice or by coercion as a child growing up, you are 100 percent correct in pointing out that he is viewed as an apostate and would be subject to execution by said fatwah you've mentioned.

I'm not at all about to vote for Obama, but I am inclined to accept his Christian statement of faith until he is proven to have lied about it, what say you?



PS - Note my tagline, you're bloody famous! LOL
17 posted on 02/27/2008 1:25:17 AM PST by mkjessup (Attention! I'm with Old Sarge! -- "CTHULHU '08 - we won't settle for a lesser evil any longer!")
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To: informavoracious
"As for the burger flippers, all religions are equally valid, right? Isn't that what they've been taught? "

It has been acknowledged for a long time that Social Security will be reformed when enough young people vote to refuse to pay it.

We know that most of them never expect to receive a nickle of SS.

Obamanifesto says the time is now for young people to quit paying SS. His tax reduction to everyone starts with those who pay no income tax but pay "payroll tax".

Bingo, instant vote from all kids, part timers, students, low wage earners who pay no income tax.

How do you give tax breaks to "workers" (Hussein's favorite word, it is in almost every paragraph of his Obamanifesto; not "taxpayer", not "resident", not "American") who pay no income tax?


18 posted on 02/27/2008 1:50:52 AM PST by bruinbirdman ("Those who control language control minds. - Ayn Rand")
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To: DarthVader

Obama was recently asked who would be best to play him in a movie of his life.He replied,”Will Smith.”

Perfect,the film could be accurately called,”The Fresh Prince of Platitudes.”

Political Correctness is going to make this man the first socialist Dictator of the United States since FDR.

19 posted on 02/27/2008 2:18:45 AM PST by Happy Rain
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To: Old Sarge

“Let me dispell the lie: Baraq Husayn ibn Mahomet is an APOSTATE Muslim. As such, he will be the first US President with a Fatwah upon his head.”

Let us define that further: Barack Obama is an apostate muslim to the extremist fanatical muslims we are in conflict with. In the grand traditions of Judaeo-Christianity, I consider that faith is not hereditary - we all stand before God by ourselves, and our relationship to Him is a matter between the individual and God.

Don’t let the islamists define the issue.

20 posted on 02/27/2008 2:30:47 AM PST by Vanders9
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