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Weekend Talk Show *Preview* for 9/29 - 9/30/07 (not the live thread)
Network and Cable News Shows | 9/30/07 | Network and Cable News

Posted on 09/30/2007 1:46:43 AM PDT by Phsstpok

Preview and Analysis for Weekend of September 29th and 30th, 2007

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows:

NBC's "Meet the Press"
  • Former President Bill Clinton.
  • Dan Balz, the Washington Post
  • Pat Buchanan
  • David Gregory
  • Tavis Smiley

Fox News Sunday

  • Sen. Charles Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.)
  • Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.)
  • David Yepsen, the Des Moines Register
  • James Pindell, the Boston Globe
  • Earl Morse, Honor Flight Founder
  • Brit Hume
  • Mara Liasson
  • Bill Kristol
  • Juan Williams
CBS's "Face the Nation"
  • Presidential candidate Gov. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.)
  • Author Lawrence Wright
  • Robin Wright, The Washington Post
  • Danielle Pletka, the American Enterprise Institute
CNN "Late Edition"
  • Sen. Christopher S. Bond (R-Mo.)
  • Seymour Hersh, New Yorker magazine
  • Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari
  • Elaine Quijano
  • Juan Carlos Lopez
  • Bill Schneider

ABC's "This Week"

  • Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.)
  • Former President Bill Clinton
  • Torie Clarke
  • Donna Brazile
  • George Will
  • Dr. Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Prize Winner

On tap this week, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Burma (or is it Myanmar?), cradle to grave government control of the most intimate areas of our lives, those who wish to rule us tell us what they'll do for us and, if you listen carefully, to us, and Bill Clinton and a few (hundred) close friends decide the fate of the world (at $15,000 per participant).  Orwell would recognize the way things are going, and would only have to adjust his thinking slightly to make over his "Ministry of Truth" into todays Main Stream Media. 

The narrative this week seems complex, but it boils down once again to the old media trying to dictate what issues we are supposed to be thinking about and what we should think about it. 

The merits of turning over our health care to the same folks that run the DMV and Postal System is ignored and instead the politics of how "heartless" Republicans are is pushed to the forefront.  It's the same as the amnesty debate, highlighting the supposed consequences if Republicans actually do what is right, instead of what the media wants them to do.  But this time they're not waiting for the new media to get in gear and actually talk about the issue.  They're not taking any chances and they're rushing this through congress and trying to stampede anyone who thinks about opposing them.

The media has finally woken up to the threat from Iran, a country that has been in a declared stated of war with us for 28 years, yet their elites happily sat down for a friendly dinner with the mad leader of that is killing not only our young people but hundreds of thousands all over the world.  And their interest in Iran as a threat is only in how they can use it to blame bush for going into the wrong country when he invaded Iraq.

On the 50th anniversary of the Little Rock school desegregation (enforced by a Republican president against a Democrat controlled state) the lefts flagship media entity stages a farcical "debate" for Republicans controlled by a minority "journalist" known mostly for his vitriol when describing Republicans as racists.  When all the Democrats refused to attend the Fox News / Congressional Black Caucus debate the narrative was about how bad fox was.  Now the narrative is how racist the Republican front runners are.

And then we have Bill Clinton's "I'm King Of The World" conference, celebrating how great the bent one is and how loved he is by the elitists who want to rule our lives.  When honest historians chronicle this era and the debauched nature of this man and his every act, future generations will be appalled at how far western society culture have fallen.  Ironically, Clinton represents the best argument in the Muslim world against the west, yet it is the self same leftist elites that adore Clinton who are embracing and working so hard on behalf of our worlds worst enemies.  Gerard Baker, one of the journalist guests on CNN Late Edition, has an article I've linked, A quick history lesson: America is no Rome.  He's right in his argument, as stated, in that we aren't an empire and that our overall effect on the world is benevolent, but he may be wrong if he ignores the similarities between Bill Clinton and the most depraved of the Caesars.

Speaking of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus... er, pardon me... William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, NBC's Meet The Press offers up one of TWO appearances of the bent one this Sunday.  Not quite the quintet parlay that Hillary managed last week, but respectable, none the less.  Lil' Timmah Russert played his part well in the New Hampshire debates, pushing Hillary into a corner on some topics, but also setting up her scripted one liners.  It is the one liners that are being replayed by the MSM, particularly the "he's not here" reference to hubby.  No doubt that was part of the plan for Bill to appear on MTP this week.  I'm betting it will be a significant moment in the discussion, with chuckles and appropriate embellishments about Her Thighness being her own woman and standing on her own.  They then move on to their obligatory Republican bashing roundtable, with a select group of journalists whose only qualification seems to be their hatred of George Bush and Republicans in general.  The central theme will be the "insult to minorities" perpetrated by the top Republican presidential candidates for daring to skip Tavis Smiley's PBS minority centric debate.  No such chest beating went on when all of the Dhimmicrats skipped the FOX/Black Caucus debate, but this is different.  Republicans are racists and must be exposed as such.

CBS Face The Nation continues their quest for the great leftist hope, this week settling on Bill Richardson because of his lonely but solid commitment to surrender at any cost in Iraq.  Their journalist guest list is far more interesting than Bill Clinton's former appeaser in chief, with two very interesting folks in Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower, and Danielle Pletka of AEI.    Wright, for my money, is someone I want to hear from.  His book Looming Tower has been highly recommended by lots of folks I follow and I want to know more about his perspective on what's going on.

Fox News Sunday serves up the first course of the Dhimmicrats red meat for this week, the S-CHIP kerfuffle, with compassionate liberals and heartless conservatives fighting over whether to let poor children suffer and die.  Of course the liberals definition of "children" that we should be forced to provide "free" healthcare for range up to age 25, includes those making over $80,000 per year and illegal aliens as well, but that won't be a significant part of the debate.  Chucky Schumer, he of the identity theft scheme hatched in his DSCC offices against Michael Steele, is out railing against the Republicans "culture of corruption" and their heartless attitude towards the "chilren."  To counter Chucky we have Ol' man compromised, Trent "I was KKK when I was a dem" Lott.  And all he wants to talk about is how we have to "all get along."  Oh joy.  They then move on to the traditional first primary/caucus contests, Iowa and New Hampshire, with local political pundits in their quadrennial glory.  The classic panel is on board, with Brit, Mara, Juan and Bill.  This week it is likely that there will be no cause for a Juan smackdown as he is most likely to be heavily embroiled in the faux scandal generated by the George Soros / Team Clinton operation Media Matter for America, attacking Bill for supposed "racist" comments stemming from his visit to a Harlem restaurant with Reverand Al Sharpton.  CNN and MSNBC have jumped ugle all over this pseudo story in hopes of generating an "Imus moment" for the blow hard BOR, who is trashing them in the ratings.  Unfortunately they're doing so on the basis of really lame "evidence."  I'm certainly not a BOR fan, in fact I find him a buffoon.  But when both Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson come out in defense of the bombastic erstwhile weatherman, you know the leftist media is in deep kimshi.  Brit may have an opportunity for smack down, but I doubt it will be on Juan.

CNN Late Edition offers up the usual cast of thousands, with emphasis on Iraq, Iran and, of all things, Sudan.   I guess Ted Turner has hopes of impaling George Bush the way Gordon was impaled at Khartoum.  Above all, this show is heavy on the Soros centric worldview with favorites like Seymour Hersh in the forefront.  After all, we must remember the true nature of the American empire and the evil that we have become.  Kit Bond is on to agree with Ron Wyden on how righteous SCHIP is (and, by extension, how evil those who oppose it are) and Hoshyar Zebari, FM of Iraq, is laid bare as the embodiment of evil inherent in the Iraqi government and, ironically, Lam Akol, FM of Sudan, is taken seriously as a "partner for peace" in this cockeyed world.   Beyond that it's almost exclusively a self congratulatory pantheon of old media monarchs proclaiming how smart they are and how dumb we are.  Ho Hum.

ABC This Week rounds out the Sunday shows here in my market with a repeat of the Clinton/Gingrich road show, this time with Bill instead of last weeks Hill.  Like last week's Hillaryfest appearance Newt will probably provide cover for the Clintons, but he's now stated that he's not running this cycle, so who knows?  Incurious George Steponallofus will no doubt do his old boss proud and provide all of the requisite sound bite opportunities that have been planned well in advance.  I wonder how much rehearsal has gone into this performance?

The Saturday shows (long over as I finish this) are as to be expected.  The Beltway Boys regurgitate the conventional wisdom from the cocktail circuit in D.C.  Did you know that we might be moving towards a war with Iran?  Who knew?  I think CNBCs Tim Russert Show is a repeat, but I'm not certain.  Regardless, it's a clash of the titans with the question of God's very existence up for discussion.  I wonder what God will think if they decide He doesn't exist?  Fox News Watch actually dares to ignore the tabloid and consider the real questions of life and death raised this last week, but as usual they submerge the important for the peripheral.  They are far more concerned with how the media is perceived in their treatment of Ahmanutjob than in the actual genocidal substance of his reality which is almost a parody of megalomaniacal excess.  No biggie, so long as Katie Couric's ratings pick up.  And you know they won't mention George Soros or Media Matters organized assault on those evil dissident voices that don't toe the Party line.  The Journal Editorial Report also takes on Iran's fearless leader and his road show tour of Turtle Bay.  Millennium from now the obscene nature of the kabuki dance that has been done with this evil regime will shock civilized people, if we survive.

So, the world is on the verge of epochal events, and our mass media is mired in corrupt political gamesmanship.  What a shock!  I guess we'll just have to do like we always do and just keep on keepin' on.  Despite what Katie Couric, Ol' Bob, Little Timmah and Incurious George Steponallofus may think, we will probably do much better than their worst nightmares (or even their most fevered desires).  At least they've begun to notice the bigger baddies wandering around the neighborhood for a change.

I'm way behind on this, having more problems with the eyes this weekend than in awhile, so I'm just going to close this off without too much more clever repartee.  As if anything I do is ever that clever to being with.  Bottom line, Big Brother (and his Big Sister) are out to rule us and the Big Bad Mullahs are aiming to chop off our heads.  Pretty much par for the course, but at least we're beginning to talk about the relevant issues.

This should be cross posted to my blog at later today.

This thread exists primarily as a heads up for who is on the weekend talks shows, what they've been invited on to push (based on their recent pronouncements) and the spin (meme) the DBM is likely trying to push based on that information. All of this is prep work for the weekly Sunday Morning Talk Show thread posted by Alas Babylon!. That thread provides a live commentary and analysis of the Sunday talking head shows, with valuable insight and exceptional fact checking. we are the Jedi Council of FreeRepublic, at least in regards to these DBM gabfests. You wanna know what was said and what it meant, as well as where they messed up? Read that thread!

Mark Kilmer has posted his excellent preview of the Sunday shows over at Redstate.COM.

Politico.COM has their Sunday Talk Show Tip Sheet

TOPICS: Extended News; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: clinton; iran; iraq; talkshows

Show by Show Preview

Below are the topics and guests announced for these programs, along with my take on the "memes" that the shows are trying to push.  With each guest's name are a series of links that I found in a web search that helped me get a handle on who they are and what their likely positions will be when they are interviewed.

Saturday Shows For

The Beltway Boys (Mort Kondrake, Fred Barnes)

CNBC's Tim Russert Show (Tim Russert)

Fox News Watch (Eric Burns)

Journal Editorial Report (Paul Gigot) - FNC show page

NBC Meet The Press (Tim Russert)

CBS Face The Nation (Bob Schieffer)

* Semi obscure reference of the week

Fox News Sunday (Chris Wallace)

CNN Late Edition (Wolf Blitzer)

ABC This Week (George Stephanopoulos)

1 posted on 09/30/2007 1:46:54 AM PDT by Phsstpok
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To: A.Hun; Bahbah; Txsleuth; MNJohnnie; eeevil conservative; Alas Babylon!; Seattle Conservative; ...

The Weekend Talk Show Preview is up

It is also cross posted to my blog at

Here's a sample of  my usually witty commentary...

... On tap this week, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Burma (or is it Myanmar?), cradle to grave government control of the most intimate areas of our lives, those who wish to rule us tell us what they'll do for us and, if you listen carefully, to us, and Bill Clinton and a few (hundred) close friends decide the fate of the world (at $15,000 per participant). Orwell would recognize the way things are going, and would only have to adjust his thinking slightly to make over his "Ministry of Truth" into todays Main Stream Media.

The narrative this week seems complex, but it boils down once again to the old media trying to dictate what issues we are supposed to be thinking about and what we should think about it.  ...

2 posted on 09/30/2007 1:49:04 AM PDT by Phsstpok (When you don't know where you are, but you don't care, you're not lost, you're exploring!)
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To: Phsstpok
Seymour Hersh, New Yorker magazine

What is this senile old lunatic doing ANY where near a supposed "news" show? This is the same clown that ran around all during the summer of 2005 screaming "Bush is going to nuke Iran". That he is still treated as a serious "Journalists" indicates just how politically corrupted and utterly uncredible the "News Media" in the USA has become these days. This guy is as much a fraud as Dan Rather was at the end. Past time for the "Journalists" to clean up their own house if they want to be taken seriously.

3 posted on 09/30/2007 2:59:21 AM PDT by MNJohnnie ( vrs the "Worse than Watergate Congress")
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To: Phsstpok
What a great job "P"! ,P> Every time I think you can't possibly do a better job than you have already done on this pre thread---you do.

Three leftists types who hate Bush and one fascist who hate him more. Now that's fair and balanced

Just one of your sentences of wisdom and there are so many more.

You are the king of analysis,no doubt.

4 posted on 09/30/2007 4:59:13 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Support The New media, Ticket the Drive-bys, --America-The land of the Free because of the Brave-)
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To: Phsstpok

Debate a series of hits, misses (Baltimore Sun - Sep 29, 2007) [from your NBC: Tavis Smiley points]


This article by Gregory Kane is the best review of the debate that I have read. Kane’s articles are the ONLY column worth reading in the Sun. I checked the comments to it and it seems that 14 of the 16 comments are from Ron Paul supporters. They were also the loudest group in the auditorium.

5 posted on 09/30/2007 5:10:11 AM PDT by maica (America will be a hyperpower that's all hype and no power -- if we do not prevail in Iraq)
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To: Phsstpok

Standing “O”! Great analysis again!

6 posted on 09/30/2007 7:55:48 AM PDT by JDoutrider
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