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To: DocH

I’m not sure how many times I have to explain this BUT (sigh) here we go again: any legitimate shooter can get a gun in Australia. Sporting shooters, hunters, farmers etc. do not have a problem. The “gun grab” in Australia seems to have been grossly misrepresented by some.

BTW, John Howard is a truly great leader and our best Prime Minister ever.

4 posted on 09/05/2007 5:31:50 AM PDT by Aussie Dasher (The Great Ronald Reagan & John Paul II - Heaven's Dream Team!)
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To: Aussie Dasher
Yes, you CAN own SOME guns, but they are VERY limited in scope, and a license (when a government GRANTS you a license, it can EASILY and QUCKLY be taken away by the whim of government bureaucrats)is required for EACH one. Licensing and registration are ALWAYS the precursors of total bans. The anti-gun nuts KNOW full well that gun-control laws do not work (since the majority of those disregarding the laws, as always, are CRIMINALS), so they KNOW that at some point, these laws will be shown not to work. At that point, instead of admitting they were WRONG, they will demand ever more sweeping and strict, NEW gun control to "fix" the problem (they have skillfully created). That is the nature of gun-grabbers like howard and his anti-gun, anti-freedom ilk. Yes, you can own a properly licensed AIR RIFLE, single shot MUZZLE LOADER, break-open one or two shot shotgun, etc., but you don't have anywhere NEAR the FREEDOM, when it comes to our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS and choice of firearms that we in FREE America do. if you think you do, you are SADLY mistaken. I feel sorry for Australians hankering for the freedoms (and the lower crime rates) they once had.

I bought a video from the NRA depicting what happened to Australia's law-abiding gun owners. It was a sad thing to see and hear all the stories of people who were forced to turn in expensive firearms, historical firearms, self-defense and sporting firearms, and family heirlooms, just because they were on the ban list some anti-gun government wog bureaucrats deemed unworthy for citizens to own. If I had moved there and become a citizen, I would have had to turn in the 1920's-made Browning Auto-5 Sweet Sixteen shotgun my GREAT-grandfather owned, and see it destroyed, just because it is a SEMI-auto, deemed 'evil" by gun-grabber howard and his anti-gun government goons. I would have also had to turn-in, and see DESTROYED, my uncle's Winchester .308 deer rifle and Browning .22 rifle just because they were "evil" semi-autos. Of course, like many proud Australian gun owners decided to do (sort of like a Rosa Parks REFUSING to sit in the back of the bus), I would NOT have turned those family heirlooms, or any other of my firearms in to a government that doesn't respect my GOD-given RIGHT to self-defense and my chosen means to effect such a defense. And if American voters are stupid enough to elect a howard-like gun grabber as president (i.e., RINO-rudy, hillary, etc.), I will NOT turn them in here either. Lead will be the meal-of-the-day for those that come to confiscate my firearms.

Back to Australia, and the massive and Draconian gun-grabbing that has occurred there, with the 'leadership" of scumbag howard, here's a short (of many) story of what has happened there (yes it's from the NRA-ILA, but it cites Australian Bureau of Statistics numbers):

Australia`s Gun Ban, Crime & Video Tape

Between 1980-1995, Australia`s firearm-related death rate was cut nearly in half and its firearm-related homicide rate nearly by two-thirds. (The former decreased 46%, from 4.8 deaths per 100,000 population to 2.6; the latter decreased 63%, from eight per 100,000 to three). In 1995, the annual number of firearm-related deaths fell to its lowest point in the 16-year period.

Despite this real progress over a decade and a half, the demented acts of a lone gunman in Port Arthur, Tasmania, on a Sunday in April 1996 were used to launch a massive campaign against law-abiding Australian gun owners. Rather than acknowledging one man`s insanity, opportunistic gun control activists and scared politicians rushed to blame "loose gun laws." It didn`t matter that those laws required any Tasmanian who wanted to own a firearm or even an air rifle to pass a gun handling course and carry a photo-bearing gun license that had to be produced prior to the purchase of any firearm or ammunition. The end result for all Australians was a government turn-in scheme and the follow-on destruction of more than 640,000 hunting rifles and shotguns.

Ban supporters, including gun prohibitionists in the U.S., are actively promoting the legislation`s alleged crime-fighting benefits. Crime statistics, however, contradict them. For example, from 1997-1998, assaults and armed robberies increased in all Australian states. Armed robberies increased from 42% of all robberies in 1997 to 46% in 1998. The number of total violent crimes and the numbers of all individual categories of violent crime, with the exception of murder, increased. In addition, unlawful entries rose 3.3% from 421,569 in 1997 to 435,670 in 1998.

The violent crime statistics shown below were retrieved on March 27, 2000, from the Australia Bureau of Statistics website:









Attempted Murder












Sexual Assault








Armed Robbery




Unarmed Robbery








In a March 22, 2000, letter, Australia`s Attorney General Daryl Williams raised objections to an NRA video ( which asserts that after the Australian government`s confiscation of hunting rifles and shotguns, armed robberies rose, assaults with guns rose, murders with guns rose and home invasions rose. Williams said NRA was using "misleading" statistics to make its case against gun control. He also claimed "the national firearms agreement has succeeded in removing more than 640,000 dangerous weapons from circulation in the community." Would he call it "misleading" to say instead that "the national ban has led to the destruction of 640,000 commonplace semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic and pump shotguns?"

If the Attorney General has a real problem with NRA`s video, his problem is much closer to home than NRA headquarters. The video shows real people protesting their loss of liberty and loss of the right to self-defense. Those people are Australians. And the statistics presented in the NRA video were reported in real newspapers--Australian newspapers. Here are several examples:

"The number of Victorians murdered with firearms has almost trebled since the introduction of tighter gun laws. --Geelong Advertiser, Victoria, Sept. 11, 1997.

"Gun crime is on the rise despite tougher laws imposed after the Port Arthur massacre, but gun control lobbyists maintain Australia is a safer place. . . . The number of robberies involving guns jumped 39% last year to 2183, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and assaults involving guns rose 28% to 806. The number of gun murders, excluding the Port Arthur massacre, increased by 19% to 75." --"Gun Crime Rises Despite Controls," Illawarra Mercury Oct. 28, 1998.

"Crime involving guns is on the rise despite tougher laws. The number of robberies with guns jumped 39% in 1997, while assaults involving guns rose 28% and murders by 19%." --"Gun crime soars," Morning Herald, Sydney, Oct. 28, 1998.

"Murders by firearms have actually increased (in Victoria) since the buyback scheme, which removed 225,000 registered and unregistered firearms from circulation. There were 18 shooting murders in 1996-97, after the buyback scheme had been introduced, compared with only six in 1995-1996 before the scheme started." --"Killings rise in gun hunt," Herald Sun, Melbourne, Dec. 23, 1998.

"Victoria is facing one of its worst murder tolls in a decade and its lowest arrest rate ever." --Herald Sun, Melbourne, Dec. 11, 1999.

"The environment is more violent and dangerous than it was some time ago." --South Australia Police Commissioner Mal Hyde, reported in The Advertiser, Adelaide, Dec. 23, 1999.

Attorney General Williams should look closer to home if he truly objects to "misleading" the public policy debate. In fact, he should look directly at the anti-gun group Gun Control Australia (GCA). When the Sporting Shooters Ass`n of Australia (SSAA) recently ran a TV campaign that promoted the shooting sports as activities for the whole family, GCA spokesman Randy Marshall said: "People should not be fooled by pretty images of family life enjoying shooting--shooting is about practising to kill--that`s why guns are manufactured. Every person who joins SSAA helps destroy the gun laws which protect Australians."

Posted: 3/28/2000 12:00:00 AM

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5 posted on 09/05/2007 7:29:31 AM PDT by DocH (RINO-rudy for BRONX Dog Catcher 2008!!!)
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